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ncisfreaks13's fanficThis is a featured page
Santa Clause is Coming to town...

Chapter 1: Dead Marine
it was a cold, rainy December 23. As if the train conductors day wasnt bad enough, he realized that he didn't do his daily inspection. Passangers whining to leave the station, as he checks every wheel on the train. Then, he gasps as he sees blood drops on the ground. He walks around to the back of the train, only to find a dead body, pale from decay, hanging from the top of the train. at the first sight of dog tags, he calls NCIS...

Chapter 2: Cancel all Plans
Early in the morning at NCIS hq, the elevator pings cheerfully as DiNozzo walks out on his phone. Saying out loud his plans for Christmas, he sits down at his desk. Only to be discouraged by Gibbs saying
"cancel all plans. we got a dead marine." under his breath, tony mumbles
"first halloween, then thanksgiving, now christmas! i'll be dead before i have any time." Ruining his train of thought, Gibbs replies
"well, i could always fire ya dinozzo. you'll have all the time in the world!" at sheer fear of being fired, tony says
" sorry boss." As DiNozzo gets his gear, Ziva walks in, hurrying to her desk. As she sits down, tony asks her
"any Christmas plans, Probie?" only to be sarcastically replied with
"i'm Jewish you witnit!"
"it's nitwit , and i meant are you going home?" Tony corrected. Ziva is on fire with the remarks as she says
"Well, lets look into that. My father tried to kill me 3 times, twice with an assassin, and i don't have a boyfriend to visit, (fake cough) Tony."
"i said i was sorry!" tony replied with a hint of irritation in his voice.
"anyway, no. i'm not doing anything. Ducky offered me Christmas at his house if nothing came up. you?" Ziva said, unusually gingerly. almost as if she was saying sorry for what she said before about the "going home" thing. "HEY! are you waiting for an invitation? or shall i personally send an invite to your front door?" Gibbs snapped, him and McGee in the elevator. Tony and Ziva ran to join their team in the elevator.

Chapter 3: At the Crime Scene

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