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Season 3, Episode 1: Kill Ari: Part 1 Original Air Date: 20 September 2005
Ziva arrives to the bullpen looking for Gibbs and finds Tony. “Having phone sex?” the first famous words that Ziva utters. While Tony was having a “sexual fantasy” about Kate, Ziva looks at Kate’s desk before she asks the question, she knows he is lying right away. Tony finally admits he was thinking about his partner naked and Ziva admits women do it to and undresses him with her eyes. Then she tells Tony she is there to stop Gibbs from killing Ari. Tony says he wants him dead too.
Ziva tells Tony his own background “You are from a wealthy family, born and raised on the east coast, New England boarding school, spent some time in the Midwest and Philadelphia.” She makes it sound like she is reading him versus that she did a dossier on him.
Ziva does show emotion in her eyes when talking to Ari. Tony is told to keep on Ziva’s ass, he starts to say she is not his type when Gibbs says she has been in contact with Ari.

Kill Ari P 2

Season 3, Episode 2: Kill Ari: Part 2 Original Air Date: 27 September 2005

Start with Tony watching Ziva do laps at the Embasera hotel and Kate taunting him that Ziva intimidates him. Tony is outside the hotel and Ziva brings him espresso. She reminds him he has a piece of pizza left (yes it is pepperoni very non kosher) and they talk about her sister who died in a Hamas suicide bombing. Tony uses a few Italian sayings to go with the few Hebrew sayings Ziva uses.
Tony is discussing The Peacemaker with Ziva she is getting a little miffed. Ziva is then told Deputy Director David is on teleconference. Tony starts to tease her asking if that is her Daddy, she ignores him.
Start of Zivaism “you’re a broken tape Gibbs” Komemiute anyone know what this is? I can not find anything related to Mossad regarding this. Ziva is fighting tears back after shooting her brother.

Season 3, Episode 3: Mind Games Original Air Date: 4 October 2005

Ziva is not in the episode.

Season 3, Episode 4: Silver War Original Air Date: 11 October 2005

Tony comes into to work talking to his self. Ziva is sitting at Kate’s desk waiting to start work. She teases him about his hair. Tony offers Ziva his GSM magazine; she pulls out the Israeli version. She states she likes the article on Page 57 it works every time. She is playing Tony’s game showing him she is not afraid of anything he does. She is not Kate.
Ziva starts confiding in Tony right away saying Gibbs is a tough one to read. Then teases Tony saying that he wants to do page 57 with her. Tony give a small smile of embarrassment, then appears to get a straight face like a child caught with their hand in a cookie jar.
Ziva driving away from the crime scene the boys learn quickly not to let her drive. Ziva says it’s better to talk about things than keep them inside, then when McGee asks about her father she goes faster. Tony does not seem to push the issue of her father and does not want to talk about his.
Ziva is behind Tony “observing” him. Tony is a little concerned at her sneaking up on him. Again she talks with Tony about Gibbs. She is trying to gain Tony’s trust. She is taunted by Tony about his burrito; she steals it and takes a bite. He lets her have his burrito. She sits at his desk and talks to him and appears to be teasing him as Gibbs and the director watch them. Then when camera closes in on them at the desk she tells him most men do not mind her germs. Ziva seems to be leading Tony on but he is back peddling.
Tony has Ziva go through a trash bin to look for evidence. It has been a month since Kate and Ari’s death per McGee. Ziva is given her weapons back she barely makes it to the elevator before the doors close and you can see Tony smiling. Tony tells Ziva about his job at the Civil War re-enactments. She listens intently. Ziva apprehends the bad guys Tony tells Gibbs “remind me not to piss her off”

Season 3, Episode 5: Switch Original Air Date: 18 October 2005

Ziva is late for work she got off the wrong bus stop, Tony comments the area of town she got off at was tough. Tony and Ziva have a small 'I am right and you are wrong' moment when discussing how the sailor was killed.
Tony says that "investigators do not assume" to Ziva. You can see them both wanting to be right. Ziva asks McGee “Is he always this juvenile?” concerning Tony. McGee replies “Only on days of the week ending with the word day.”
They are at the fake Smith’s apartment and Tony is happy to find a Magnum PI shirt. Ziva calls Tom Selleck a “hot sexy American man of adventure.” Then Tony gets a little jealous and rambles on about taking away all of Magnum’s things and he is not so much that. As Ziva is fixing McGee’s shirt Tony is watching her carefully.
Is that a gleam of jealousy? Ziva asking Tony about getting on Gibbs' good side again she has a pull to him she does not go to McGee who was also there.

Season 3, Episode 6: The Voyeur's Web Original Air Date: 25 October 2005

Tony is in the bedroom and is apparently trying to turn off a vibrator. Ziva comes and tells him how to turn it off before he can hurt himself.
When he teases McGee about having a girlfriend, he looks to Ziva, who gives him a 'so what?' kind of face.
Ziva sits at Tony’s desk eating Chinese. Ziva talks to Tony about the ways he entertains himself. They are computer solitaire, paper airplanes, last week's rubber band war.
Tony goes up to Ziva at her desk asking her if she has a problem. She was mad at the computer. He had a more flirting tone to his voice. Ziva and Tony are walking and a beautiful lady walks by Tony give a slight whistle and Ziva says bluntly nice ass. Then he looks at Ziva’s and says something like that.
Ziva asks Tony why he is not going to his Birthday dinner. He says she was married (his date). Ziva then offers to go to dinner with him her treat. He starts to grab the La Perla lingerie and she says “you will not be needing that.” He looks a little disappointed. Ziva is smiling.

Season 3, Episode 7: Honor Code Original Air Date: 1 November 2005

Probie comes in and talks to Tony about showing Ziva the best routes to work. Tony questions why she did not ask him. He appears hurt. Then she sneaks up on him and teases him.
Ziva is watching Tony saying goodbye to a lady at the elevator. She looks a little jealous. She then teases him about kids not liking him. Tony asks Ziva if she would rather be with McGee since they seem close. She assures Tony she has his back.
Tony questions Ziva about leaving McGee an apple. He then steals McGee’s apple and eats it. IMHO it’s to keep McGee from knowing Ziva gave him an apple, maybe he is jealous.


Season 3, Episode 8: Under Covers Original Air Date: 8 November 2005

Ok Start with Tony and Ziva at a very fine Hotel and Ziva pulls Tony over to the bed and the kissing starts and the clothes go. They are on an undercover mission as paid married assassins.
This is the episode that we get the lovely nicknames 'sweetcheeks' for Ziva and 'my little hairy butt' for Tony. Tony was hesitant when he is told him and Ziva will need to spend the night together to keep their cover. We learn that Ziva snores like a drunken sailor, she sleeps with her gun, though we are not sure if she also does this at home. Ziva states Tony snores. However we never hear him snore.
Ziva tells Tony that the FBI lady in the maids outfit is not his type. She seems jealous that he is looking at another woman.
Ziva keeps very focused on cleaning her gun and Tony talks about imagining she is pregnant she tells him don’t. However there is no change in her voice or emotion. Ziva tells Tony that Sofie knew she was pregnant when Tony tells her maybe Sofie did not know. Tony appears to be looking intently at Ziva trying to read her.
Ziva and Tony are tied together back to back in chairs by another assassin team. Ziva becomes quiet and appears to show no emotion. Tony is more talkative and sarcastic. Though Ziva is sweating after Tony has been struck several times, her face is still void of emotion. You hear a hint of concern when she says if she leaves he will likely be killed. Ziva is very concerned for Tony.
Ziva is able to calm Tony with gentle words and her touch when he is kicking the assassin on the floor in the hotel room.
Back at NCIS headquarters, Ziva announces that Tony was hit seven times with concern in her voice. When Tony almost falls Ziva grabs him around the waist and helps him walk. Abby also tries to help him however Tony puts his arm around Ziva and leans in toward her almost like instinct. Ziva gently rubs his tummy as they walk toward the elevator. They seem like a couple more at the end. Though Tony was scared a little when Ziva said she would drive him home. Maybe that was cause he was afraid of what might happen more than her driving.

Season 3, Episode 9: Frame Up Original Air Date: 22 November 2005

Tony is looking at a website for Judge my tush.com. Probie pulls up his jacket and Ziva gives it a 4 out of 5. Then Tony asks her about his she gives it a 2. Then as they leave Tony questions her about a 2 and she says she took 3 off for excessive hair. He is happy then that it is a 5.
Tony accuses Ziva of setting this up when it comes to the finger print. She says she might have done it but she did not.
Ziva’s voice sounds a little surprised when she says “another girlfriend” then she questions him about Monica and the personnel in evidence garage. “Women do not appreciate being called baggy bunnies” she is saying it in the same tone as the girlfriend comment.
Ziva looks like a lost puppy when asking what can she do to help Tony, her eyes show she is scared.
She appears concerned. This is the first time she lets her concern for Tony show openly.

Season 3, Episode 10: Probie Original Air Date: 29 November 2005

This episode starts with Ziva questioning him about selling his sperm. Was this in his dossier also? She is searching in the way she questions him to get more information. Gibbs reprimands Ziva for thinking that McGee might have lied, Tony looks at her with sympathy.
Ziva teases Tony again about the sperm donation. Tony and Ziva have a discussion about McGee.
Tony tells Ziva he does not think McGee would have shot someone without making sure he followed proper protocol. Ziva walks off a little miffed.
Ziva sneaks up on Tony as he is calling the sperm bank. She laughs at him when he talks about one of his offspring may need an organ. She reminds him he does not share anything.
Unlike the previous episode Ziva is not as supportive or concerned with helping McGee as she was with Tony.
Tony asks Ziva if she misses the spy game. She teases him that there was a lot of sex. Then she tricks him into getting Tony to tell her no one wanted his sperm. She appears happy that there are no little DiNozzo’s running around.

Season 3, Episode 11: Model Behaviour Original Air Date: 13 December 2005

Ziva tells Tony she is not attracted to blonds after saying she would love to and has stayed at Paris, Hilton. She winks at Tony when she says she is not attracted to blonds letting him know she understood that they were laughing at her inference that she slept with Paris Hilton instead of talking about Paris the city.
Tony and Ziva are watching a rebroadcast of the news. She laughs when they realize the jacket is McGee’s not Tony’s.
As they are leaving Ziva asks Tony "isn’t your family wealthy?" He tells her he was cut off at age 12 and had to earn his dates the old fashion way. As the elevator closes she says by begging. He gives her a hurt look as the doors close.
Ziva is jealous of Tony talking about the models. Tony teases Ziva she will get addicted to TV, she points out that McGee hardly watches TV and Tony then explains that is because he plays an elf lord on computer game instead.
This is Ziva’s first interrogation without using violence. Then she uses violence because the marine was high on pcp and out of control.
Ziva asks Tony “you really find her attractive?” “Yeah, ohhh, yeah” “Well I want to shoot her”
boxed in
Season 3, Episode 12: Boxed In Original Air Date: 10 January 2006

Tony is talking about female mud wrestling and she brings up that McGee and Palmer were at her house and she was too busy with them to care. As of this time Tony has not been to her place.
Ziva pushes Tony out of the way in time for him not to be shot.
Ziva says she does not panic she gets mad. Tony says he likes tight dark places. Ziva then comes back "unless it insists on some type of commitment". There seems to be some hidden tension.
She jumps on Tony to protect him from the bullet she fired. The comfort that was in undercover is not there, instead it is replaced with awkwardness.
Tony while defusing the bomb tells Ziva “You life would have had more meaning if you’d slept with me.” Ziva “If you had anything else on your mind, perhaps I would have.” Tony “Really?” Ziva “no” Then they open the container and find money.
Tony played piano as a child who hit him with a ruler every time he made a mistake. Ziva asks if he was any good and he says yes she was.
According to Tony Best dating movie Tom Jones (1963) Best Sex Movie Body Heat (1981)
T “I like the whole sweaty chair through glass doors thing.”
Z “Yeah. I prefer the air conditioner on. And if anybody threw a chair though my door. I would probably shoot them.”
T ”Did you just reveal something about your sex life?”
Z “Obliquely”
Tony tries to get Ziva to reveal something about herself and she laughs till he says the first time you realized Daddy was not perfect. Ziva becomes very quiet and then when Tony offers info on his past she says we are not sharing. Then the container they are in gets lifted.
Ziva corrects Tony on her hair thing being called a scrunchy Tony wonders why Ziva has friction burns on her knees. She tells him only if they were dying would he know.
While they are being shot at Tony pulls Ziva into him placing his head over hers. She does not object and leans into him also. When they get back to NCIS Ziva announces she is taking him home with her and making dinner. Tony does not hesitate at going home with Ziva this time.

Season 3, Episode 13: Deception Original Air Date: 17 January 2006

It is a Sunday morning at NCIS and Ziva arrives to the office apparently just called in to work. Tony makes the comment to Ziva the reason he likes being called into work on a Sunday is to see a glimpse into the private lives of our co-workers. Ziva says she has no interest in his life. Tony then goes on to tell Ziva he was playing football. He goes to show her what he was doing at the game.
T: “My butt starts to vibrate”
Z: “I’ve seen this on TV. There was a guy behind you."
T: “No, it wasn’t the quarterback. It was my phone.”
Z: “So you keep it in your pants at all times?"
She uses a very seductive voice and look when she makes this comment. Tony drops the subject about the game and turns the tables to find out what Ziva was doing. He asks if she was doing Pilates? (Remember Kate did Pilates) Ziva says sure. However then goes to take bloody wraps off her feet and hands. Tony gets kind of a ewww look and helps her take off one foot wrap. Then she asks if pilates is one of their American kickboxing things.
Tony and Ziva arrive at the missing Lt. Commanders house. They have a little banter about looking for a key and Ziva picks the lock to get into the house as Tony searches for a key. They make sure the house is clear and then we have another great conversation
T: Nice job with the lock, by the way.
Z: Thank you. It was a very simple pin-and-tumbler design.
T: So are handcuffs, but I bet you couldn’t get out of a pair of those.
Z: Are you saying you’d like to handcuff me, Tony?
T: It’s not really my thing, Ziva.
Z: I see. {She then goes up to Tony and says} You’re the one who likes to be handcuffed, then, huh?”
They both look at each other and Tony drops the subject. Score one for Ziva.
Tony refers to Ziva as Houdini and ask if she can pick a computer password. Ziva and Tony are handcuffed together by an overzealous security guy and Ziva then demonstrates how quickly she can get out of handcuffs and takes the security guy down.
Ziva is driving in a parking garage and Tony gives her a lecture on Chick cars. Mustang is a guy’s car per Tony. Mini cooper and Acura he mentions after talking about cars that can go both ways.
Ziva shows Tony up again by breaking into the car in no time as Tony struggles with a device to unlock the door.
Little side note Abby has a jealous look as she watches Ziva talking computers with McGee.
Ziva and Tony are reviewing footage from an ATM machine. Ziva gets jealous and makes a comment to Tony about him looking at a women’s cleavage from the camera. They both get a smack from Gibbs.
Ziva hates clowns.
Ziva and Tony go looking for the car and find a couple teenage boys. Ziva grabs one of the boys phone and says “Oh, my God, don’t touch me there. He’s gonna have to call you back.” Then she hangs up the teenage boy’s phone. Poor kid is going to lose his girlfriend.
Ziva and Tony interrogate the two teens together.

Season 3, Episode 14: Light Sleeper Original Air Date: 31 January 2006

Tony and Ziva are heading to a sensitivity class with McGee. Tony says maybe if he was ill, trying to get out of the class. Ziva tries to help him by grabbing the pressure point on his wrist. Tony goes to his knees. She lets go and he stands.
Gibbs tells them they have a double homicide and both Tony and Ziva say “Yes” no training today. Tony and Ziva watch Gibbs interrogate the husband of one of the killed wives.
Tony and Ziva and McGee talk about the three wives and suspects. Ziva tells Tony if this was one of his movies he would be better looking. This is the limit to any teasing in the scene. Tony and Ziva are together chasing after Yoon the third wife that found the two dead wives.
Tony asks McGee if Ziva was serious when she makes a comment Tony could stand to lose a few pounds.

Season 3, Episode 15: Head Case Original Air Date: 7 February 2006

Tony asks Ziva if this is her first severed head. He starts to share about the first one he saw. Then she interrupts him
Z: Trust me, It is far worse when you know the person.
T: You knew someone who was beheaded?
Z: A friend. He umm infiltrated a Hamas cell in Ramallah. They sent his head overnight express.
T: I’m sorry. I didn’t—
Z: That’s when I decided I’d... I’d never be captured alive.
Ziva is trying hard to keep her emotions under control. Tony looks very concerned and worried about her.
They are back at the office and Ziva is peering over Tony’s shoulder asking him about Naomi and states she did not know his nickname was 'honeybuns'. Tony and Ziva go to a lawyer’s office. Ziva gets jealous of the way Tony looks at the lawyer. Her voice is very matter of fact. She taunts Tony with 'I hate lawyers' as they leave the office. Ziva makes a proposition for Tony to sleep with the lawyer since they seem to like each other.
Gibbs and Ziva both admit they have slept with people as an interrogation technique.
Tony finds out that Ziva’s secret contact is Jenny Shepard. Jenny then says we had a saying in Europe that 'whatever Gibbs does not know can’t hurt us'. (So did Ziva know Gibbs prior to Kill Ari?)
Gibbs tells Ziva to thank the director for the information she got. Ziva says in the start of the show she does not want to be cremated then at the end makes the comment she does not want to be buried.

Season 3, Episode 16: Family Secret Original Air Date: 28 February 2006

Tony is on McGee’s computer, trying to pretend to be McGee IMing Agent Larsen trying to convince her to go out with him. Ziva comments that Agent Larsen threatened him with Sexual harassment charges if he talked to her again. Ziva alerts DiNozzo that Gibbs is coming thus causing them both to get Gibbs slapped. Tony taunts Ziva asking her to say he was right.

Season 3, Episode 17: Ravenous Original Air Date: 7 March 2006

Dog tags discovered in the Shenandoah’s send the team on a search for a missing Marine and his girlfriend.
It is Abby’s birthday. Tony gets Ziva a breakfast burrito.
Ziva shows she knows some movies. Makes comment about Pulp Fiction in reference to the country diner.
Ziva goes up to Tony says going back to the park gives him a chance to see the cute Park Ranger when he comments to her that it will be nice, she turns the tables and says 'I was talking about me getting to see him'.
Tony and Ziva compare getting dates and getting the rangers cards. Ziva said she told him not tonight so she did not look sleazy. Tony says 'easy' she says 'what’s the difference?' Tony breaks it off with the Ranger when he sees she does not shave.
Later he is looking at Ziva and asks her if she shaves.

Season 3, Episode 18: Bait Original Air Date: 14 March 2006

A teenager at a Quantico base high school takes a classroom hostage.
This episode showed Ziva thinking more as Mossad.
Ziva and Tony work together to get a teen with a bomb out of a class room.
Ziva looks at the case of just taking the kid out with a head shot and Tony is more concerned with ending it with no one getting hurt. Ziva pushes Tony to make decisions in the episode.

Season 3, Episode 19: Iced Original Air Date: 4 April 2006

When Tony and Ziva are in the elevator to go to the ice pond she winks at him. She and Tony tease Probie about his sexual orientation. No other interaction of Ziva and Tony.

Season 3, Episode 20: Untouchable Original Air Date: 18 April 2006

Start with Tony and Ziva going to interview a naval officer about a leak in the pentagon.
Ziva teases Tony when he is scared by a cat.
Z: Don’t tell me your afraid of a little pussy… cat Tony?
Tony makes the comment that the Naval officers bedroom does not look like a super secret hard agent chick. Ziva then says she had stuffed animals and takes the one Tony has and plays with it. Then she comments ok “so I was 12.” Tony is left holding the cat in the carrier and Ziva come up behind him and meows.
Tony and Ziva are talking as the probies are taking the furniture out of the dead Officer's living room. Tony comments that his neighbor complains every time he brings a date over, he asks if she wants to know why. Ziva says because of the “shouting that no means no.” He says “that is a good one but not even close.” She says she was kidding and then says she has the same problem. He asks if she also has a surround sound. Tony is looking a little nervous now. Ziva then makes the comment "I am what you Americans like to call a screamer". She smiles as she says this seeing that she has the interest of more than Tony and seeing that he looks jealous again. The phone starts to ring; the look on Tony’s face right before is a questioning one. Ziva has a smirk on her face the entire time like she enjoying teasing him in front of the probies that are removing the furniture.

Ziva and Tony are watching a interrogation and eating pizza and talking about super gluing McGee‘s fingers to his keyboard. Ziva and Tony and the team are searching the dead officer’s house for a memory chip. After much searching McGee falls asleep in a chair and Ziva is leaning against Tony on a wall and both are asleep. It appears she is holding his arm while sleeping. They are looking very comfortable together.
Ziva and Tony go to question a suspect from the Venezuela embassy. Ziva is talking to Tony in the car and brings up when they were locked in the container and he told her about taking piano lessons, she suggest he start again and she could help him. She realizes he appears asleep and comments he would make a lousy student. She is drinking some bottled water and starts to pour it on him when he says she shouldn’t do that. He claims he was mediating she asks about what and he says when she said she was screamer did she mean… she says yes I did and then points out a guard is coming up to the car. Ziva comments about Tony needing a shower, giving a ukky look on her face. Tony asks Ziva if he really smells, she says no she was just kidding, then he passes some gas and she threatens to kill him.
Ziva and Tony are at his desk, she is begging him to take the blame for the wrecked car. He takes his shirt off and she is looking at him with interest. Ziva gets mad then calms down. Tony asks what she wants she gets up in and in Tony’s face and then Gibb’s walks in and they separate. Though there was a lot of sexual tension was happening right before Gibbs showed up between Ziva and Tony.

Season 3, Episode 21: Bloodbath Original Air Date: 25 April 2006

Tony shows up in the directors office as Ziva and the director are helping Abby with a decision on clothing for a court trial. Ziva smiles at Tony with a very happy warm smile. Then he says he is there to get her and hands her , her gun. Tony carries her back pack along with his till they reach the elevator when he hands it to her. They seem to be very cozy in this scene.

Season 3, Episode 22: Jeopardy Original Air Date: 2 May 2006

Ducky asks Tony how Ziva is, his tone of voice gets soft and you can hear concern in it. Tony looks over at Ziva with lots of concern. Tony teases Ziva asking her to show him her Ninja moves she is getting mad, then they get interrupted. Tony offers support to Ziva in this episode with several looks of concern.

Season 3, Episode 23: Hiatus: Part 1 Original Air Date: 9 May 2006

Ziva, Tony and McGee are sitting in the car and Tony is talking about movies. Ziva comments Tony’s dying words will be "I've seen this film". Ziva and Tony are talking about who takes the Captain in and who sees Gibbs. Ziva says she will take the Captain in and Tony looks surprised that she did not want to go see Gibbs. She offers the explanation "you don't speak Turkish".

Season 3, Episode 24: Hiatus: Part 2 Original Air Date: 16 May 2006

Ziva pushes Tony to take the lead. There is no relationship growth for Tony and Ziva. Ziva and Tony’s roles were all team related.

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