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Tell us your favourite Gibbs + DiNozzo scene

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Tony saving Gibbs Requiem Season 5
Gibbs saying that Tony is doing him proud Bounce season 6
When Gibbs headslapped Tony and said it was no fun if he knew it was coming The Bone Yard season 2
Gibbs tells Tony "You will not die"
SWAK Season 2
Gibbs swats Tony on the butt
Aliyah Season 6
Tony telling Gibbs "I really liked him", after just Killing Jeffery White. Chained Season 2
Gibbs visits Tony in jail bringing his favorite pizza. Frame-Up - 3.9
Gibbs telling Tony he's coming home. Gotta love Tony's overjoyed reaction, and Gibbs' grin as Tony runs off. Agent Afloat - 6.2
When Gibbs comes back from the hospital after the coma and pretends to forget Tony. Hiatus Part 2 - 3.24
Gibbs' reaction when finding Ton in the car just after he killed Jeffery White Chained - Season 2
Tony saving Gibbs Requiem - Season 5
Tony interrogating himself, Gibbs watching Frame Up - Season 3
Tony's cellphone losing reception while talking to Gibbs, who misunderstands everything Tony says Kill Ari, Part II - Season 3
Tony trying to get Gibbs to admit he missed him Missing - Season 1
Tony's conversation with Gibbs and McGee Last Man Standing - Season 6
The final scene in "Flesh and Blood" in which Gibbs an DiNozzo are eating steak "Cowboy-Stile" at Gobbs' place and DiNozzo Tellingtelling Gibbs why he helped his father
"Flesh and Blood", Season 7, Episode 12

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