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There is a life threatening decision to make. A kidnapper has you and all of the NCIS members (shown on the photo above) as hostages. He asks you to choose one person to save as well as yourself.
Who would you save?
Say the name of the character and why you would save them.
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Because she is my fave character, the show wouldn't be the same without her and I look up to her.

Let Ziva and Abby go and i would stay.

Coz I can't choose between them and i would be willing to sacrifice myself for my fave 2 pplz :)
Gibbs OR Ziva

Well If Gibbs got free, he wouldn't stop trying until he killed the kidnapper or saved the rest of his 'Family'.
Ziva because she is my fav character in the show.
Abby and then Ziva instead of me

Because they are the best characters on the show. :)
Tony and Ziva

I wouldn't let looks like that go to waste!!!
they are also my favs as well as Abby!!!
Somebody's got my family??!! Give me a machine gun and some room and I'll get that party started. No one comes between me and my family. Let me at 'em! Let me at 'em!!!

Why? What about everyone else?!

I'd take Abby because she's like the little sister in the family. Everyone protects her. Then I would get enough machine guns for everyone else and sneak back in, giving each NCIS member a gun(maybe even 2 for Ziva). Then we shoot our way outta there! Cuz there's no way I'm letting ANYONE mess with my team!


Gibbs and Ziva are trained in combat situations and can handle themselves without getting hurt. Gibbs will just kick your butt while Ziva will show us how to kill someone 18 different ways with one paperclip. Tony is a scrapper and could hold his own too, although they would tire of his smart-alleck intellect. McGee would find a way to hack in to their computers (if they had them) and alert someone to their location. Abby is just Abby and everyone would go to her rescue in a heartbeat.


Once he gets free, he will find SOME way to save all of them... like he always does!♥



He's the 'heart' of the group and would somehow figure out how to get Gibbs and Ziva the distraction they'd need to get away. And he's not much of a fighter but is a schemer.


cause she is so cool, and she can save all the others.
GOING WITH MY HEAD I would stay and then let Jenny and Gibbs out

Cuz Gibbs wouldn't rest until he saved us and Jenny cuz she's the director and has friends in high places - which would help her and Gibbs save us!
GOING WITH MY HEART I would save me and Ziva

cuz she's mii fave character of all time =D

since he's my favorite character and I'm practically in love with him,
but then we would go contact the FBI's hostage rescue team and they could come in and kill the kidnappers and save everyone else.
Tony, Ducky, Mcgee, Abby and Ziva

Because if Gibbs got loose and got away, i would sacrifice my life save them because they are a team.

Gibbs -

because he would know what to do for the others.
If I could stay and someone else go, I'd let Ziva take my place. She and Gibbs are the best duo when it would come to this sort of situation...his brains and her ability to kick butt.

Because everyone else has proven themselves that they can fight to save themselves expect for Ducky who only can talk to himself out of things and that's about it. Also everyone can gang up and save each other and kill the kidnappers then get out of live.

Tony and Ziva-

As soon as they let Ziva go, she'd kick their butts, and Tony would get everyone else out. I'd be the one shooting the crud out of the people who would hurt my family(:

Tiva (Tony and Ziva)

Well I need the stronger team members to get the bad guys and Gibbs is magical remember? He can easily get out with every one else well he will get Abby out because he loves Abby! and Don't worry Tim ily (I love you) to! But Gibbs will get you our eventually

Because, a) if he got free he'd come up with a plan, in a split second to set everyone free. Even if there are 20+ bad guys, Gibbs would never leave without his "family". especially Abby. and b) because if he couldn't;t come up with a plan he wouldn't sleep until his family is back and safe. And we all know what Gibbs is like when he doesn't sleep. Much like he is when he doesn't have his morning coffee. (nudge nudge Kate Todd) lols.

Ducky and Abby -I would stay

They are so innocent and have so much to offer to the world.

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