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Abby's career as a detective has blossomed in the Case of the Missing Cupcake. What other situations would suit Abby's unique ability to ferret out the truth?

1. Assuming that the night janitor did not steal Abby's cupcake, why has he put on weight?
2. Remembering how Tony stole the apple that Ziva gave to McGee, why didn't Tony steal the cupcake?
3. What is the secret of Sister Rosita's bowling success?
4. How come Gibbs apparently survives on coffee day in day out?
5. How is Gibbs going to get that boat out of his basement with minimal structure damage to the basement?
6. Were Tony and Ziva really faking in Under Covers?
7. Is there actually a movie that Tony hasn't seen?
8. Did Jethro the dog have any influence over Vance's decision to keep McGee in DC?
9. How many dates has Tony been on in his entire life?
10. Just how does Ziva kill someone with a paperclip?
11. Why does Gibbs always wear so many layers of clothes?
12. What was the real reason for Tony being disinherited?
13. Where was Kate's tatt?
14. Why does Gibbs still have such a blindspot when it comes to redheads?
15. Whose grave is that in the photo behind Gibbs' desk? (We can still only guess.)
16. Who is McGee using for inspiration for his next book?
17. What was Kate's tatt?
18. Why does Ducky talk to the corpses?
19. What really happened in Paris?
20. What, according to Tony, did Ziva 'leave behind' in Israel?
21. How did Ziva get those carpet burns?
22. Why didn't Ziva invite Tony to her dinner party?
23. What has become of the engraved bracelet Jeanne gave to Tony?
24. How did that toe end up in the guy's stomach?
25. What's really on the bracelet that Gibbs always wears?
26. What were the papers that Director Vance shreaded?
27. Does Gibbs have any tatts?
28. Assuming Ziva really can kill with a paperclip, can she kill with Post-It! Notes or copier ink refills?
29. Did Tony and Ziva ever get around to watching Koch Koch Hota Hi?
30. Where is Ziva's tattoo?
31. What is Ziva's tattoo?
32. Who was the redhead Gibbs was seen driving away with in that awsome car in seasons 1- 3?
33. What happened to her? Where did she go?
34. What happened after Ziva took Tony out to dinner after his date bailed on him?

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ashnaonline Where was Kate's tatt? 1 Jun 5 2011, 12:12 AM EDT by Ziva0101
Thread started: Jun 20 2009, 5:13 PM EDT  Watch
Kates tatto was on her bum,
she reveals this in Kill Ari Part 1, because she died and abby is fantazising about her, and shes worrying because Ducky is doing the autopsy on Kate and kate says, Oh my gosh duckys going to see my tatto on my butt! and Kate is says affter great im dead, and im worrying!"
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Appreciator A movie Tony hasn't seen 13 Jan 8 2009, 8:54 AM EST by le_bibliothecaire
Thread started: Oct 10 2008, 4:50 AM EDT  Watch
Yes, Gibbs sent to Tony to a Club to check out a clue.. Gibbs referred to the movie Shane... Tony asked "Who is Shane".
Gotcha Tony!!!
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