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If being a Monday was not bad enough especially after having to come in on Sunday, the heavy rain that beat on her windshield was rubbing salt in the wound.
She was normally an overly perky person by nature. But not today. She growled at traffic snarls and shook her fist at a slow driver ahead of her. The root cause for this behavior was that for the second time in her career as a forensic technician at the Naval Criminal Investigative Service "NCIS", Abigail Sciuto dreaded to go to work. The only other time she felt this way was due to nervousness on her second day on the job. That time the feeling was due to the fact that she felt she had not done her best work that first day. Today was different. She pulled her classic cherry red roadster into the parking garage and sat there for a few minutes collecting herself. She was startled when there was rapping on the driver's side window. She looked around to see Special Agent Timothy McGee standing there. She opened the door and McGee said, "You okay Abby? I saw you come in as I was getting on the elevator a few minutes ago. I got to the office and realized I left my cellphone in the car so I came back for it, and you're still sitting here." Abby swung the door wider and got out. "Yeah I'm okay Timmy. I guess I'm just in a funk this morning." McGee raised his eyebrows and said, "You? In a funk? Are you sure you are alright? Is there anything I can do?" She put her head against his chest and said, "I'm sorry I worried you. It's this nasty weather I guess. I'll be okay." With that she picked up her purse which today looked curiously like a large version of a shrunken head and headed for the elevator walking like a condemned prisoner walking the "last mile". McGee stepped ahead of her and pushed the up button. As the door opened, Abby wailed, "I don't want to go up there Timmy! What if he is the same as yesterday?" "Who?" McGee asked. "Is someone bothering you? Has Tony said something to upset you? If he has I'll---" Abby stopped him saying, "No it's not Tony, it's no one really. Forget it."

The elevator door opened and she peered outside before stepping out. Special Agent Anthony (Tony) DiNozzo was at his desk and she scurried over to him and asked, "Is he here yet? Gibbs, I mean." Tony looked up from his monitor and said, "Not yet why?" "I'm worried about him is all. Who in their right mind, would put him on a no caffeine diet? He yelled at me yesterday Tony! He's never done that before. Not like that anyway." Tony stood and put his hand on her shoulder saying, "He is going through a tough time right now Abby. Don't take it personally. The Boss is like a ticking time bomb. He's okay one minute, and then the next, BOOM! he explodes. You were just in the line of fire yesterday, that's all." Abby sighed and said, "I know, it's just that Gibbs is so---" Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs stormed into the room at that point and said, "Is so what?" Abby jumped as if someone had jabbed her with a pin and quickly said, "So busy! With all these cases, and right now, I am going to to the lab and get busy being busier, busy, yes sir that's me busy---" Her voice trailed off as she turned on a platform heel and left the squad room. "What's everyone staring at?!" Gibbs asked. McGee said, "The cup boss, you're not supposed to---" Gibbs finished his sentence. "To be drinking coffee? Well I'm not. It's orange juice, but at least it's in a cup that smells like coffee."

Down in autopsy, Gibbs said, "You wanted to see me Duck?" Doctor Donald (Ducky) Mallard was examining the body of a young female lieutenant that had been brought in the night before. He looked up and said, "How are you feeling this morning Jethro?" Gibbs made a face and said, "Aside from some guy beating a drum inside my head, not too bad I guess." "As with any other drug, caffeine withdrawal is rarely pleasant," Ducky replied. "Before I get to this unfortunate young lady's analysis, I must say, I think you should apologize to Abigail. You upset her terribly yesterday, when you got in her face and yelled at her like she was a boot camp recruit." Gibbs rubbed his temples and said, "My head was splitting and she dropped that tray making all that racket. She knows I didn't mean it." Ducky looked up at his friend and colleague and said, "I am sure she does, but she needs to hear it from you. That girl idolizes you, and you wounded her to the quick. McGee told me she was actually afraid to come to work this morning. Afraid that you might do it again." Gibbs let that sink in then said, "I'll talk to her, but right now, I need to know what you think caused Lt. Bizzell's death. Ducky replied, "She was stabbed repeatedly but only one wound was fatal and that was to the heart. The wounds indicate something along the order of a knitting needle or the like." Gibbs thought a moment. "Could it have been an ice pick?" Ducky shook his head. "The entry wounds are too large for it to have been an ice pick, a conventional one at any rate. You knew the lieutenant didn't you Jethro?" Gibbs looked at the still eyes staring at nothing. "She was an up and coming attorney with JAG. We met a couple of months ago when she defended an ensign who was accused of tossing a home made bomb through his CO's window." Ducky picked up a report and said, "One thing I found odd, was that just before she died, she was exposed to quite a bit of sawdust. She had minute particles of it in her lungs." Gibbs said, "It's someplace to start Duck, thanks."

About an hour later, Gibbs entered the lab where he found Abby working very hard at pretending she did not know he was there. He stood beside her and said, "Abby, I'm sorry I acted like a horses rear yesterday. I haven't told anyone yet, but the reason Dr. Zeimer has me on this no caffeine diet, is I have an ulcer. Apparently, I've had it for some time. What's worse, he said no alcohol too. I apologize. Forgive me?" Abby threw her arms around his waist and hugged him saying, "Of course I forgive you. I couldn't stay mad at you long anyway. Does Ducky think this will help?" "Ducky agrees that this is what I need to do at least for the time being. He says after I get over the withdrawal thing, I should lose the headaches. He has me on something called tramadol because some of the other pain relievers could aggravate the ulcer." Abby said, "So no coffee, no booze, and you probably have to change what you eat too. Who knows, maybe you will come out of this healthier." Gibbs grinned and said, "Yeah, if it doesn't kill me first."

Peace made with Abby, Gibbs and his team made their way to the deceased Lieutenants' home in the Foggy Bottom section of the city. The single dwelling home was built in the mid 1800's and still retained much of it's original look. Modern appliances had of course replaced the wood burning ones, and a gas heat pump heated and cooled the structure but the hardwood floors and cabinetry were all original. Tony DiNozzo was checking out the back yard when he opened the door to an outbuilding. "Hey Boss!" he called to Gibbs. "Take a look at this. I think I know where the sawdust came from." Gibbs stepped into a beautifully equipped wood working shop. Some of the tools looked as old as the house, but were still functional. In a box in the corner was sawdust that had apparently been swept from the floor by someone. Special Agent Timothy McGee began snapping photos while Ziva, Tony, and Gibbs himself set about bagging and tagging tools and items of interest. One of which was an awl with a long point and wooden handle.

(Scene: Abby's lab) "Gibbs!" Abby gushed. You are just in time! The tool--awl actually, hey that sounds like something we would say in New Orleans, you know, Welcome you awl!" Gibbs said, "Get to the point Abby." She said, "Ooh--Good one!--Anyway the handle matched the bruises around the puncture wounds exactly. This is without question, the murder weapon. And it gets better." "Do tell," Gibbs said. Abby turned to her computer and clicked away at the keys. "AFIS came back with a match of the prints I lifted from the handle. They belong to one Jack Beamon. Guess who he is?" Gibbs said, "Boyfriend?" "Bingo!" Abby replied, "Well, actually former boyfriend, and one she had a restraining order out on." Gibbs started to speak. "Got an--" "Address," Abby finished.
You bet. He lives in Rosedale, just off 15th street." She handed him the address. On his way to the elevator he dialed his cell phone. Tony DiNozzo answered. After hanging up, Tony turned to McGee. "Probie! grab your gear. We're meeting the boss in the garage."

Three days later, a cooperative Jack Beamon was in custody. A stakeout had been placed in an abandoned row house across the street. When Beamon returned home, he had surrendered without a struggle and admitted to stabbing Lt. Beverly Bizzell to death. "I thought she had cheated on me," he stated. "I got to her place, and found another man's shoes in the living room, and toiletries in the bath. She must have heard me banging around out back, and came out to the shop. When she saw me, she told me to leave, or she would call the cops. I said I knew there was another man, then I just lost it...." His voice trailed off there. Then almost at a whisper he said, "Just before she died, she said the other guy was her brother, not a lover. I knew somebody would figure it out and come after me, so I went fishing one more time. You guys came quicker than I thought you would."

After canvassing the area, the brother's identity was learned and he was contacted. He was a pilot, and when he unexpectedly drew the flight to DC, he had decided to surprise her with a short visit. After arriving he had gotten a call telling him he had to make another short hop, and was planning to stay for a few days on his return. That's why his extra shoes, and toiletries were there. He collected his sister's remains and thanked the team for finding her killer.

Back at NCIS headquarters, Gibbs went back down to the lab. In his right hand he had a huge Caf-Pow. In the other a steaming cup of coffee from Starbucks. "Gibbs!" Abby cried, "You are not supposed to be drinking that! Your ulcer!" He handed her the Caf-Pow, which she took gratefully, then taking a big swallow of the hot liquid said, "Hell, you gotta die from something!" Anthony DiNozzo had just entered the room and heard that last remark and said, "Glad you're back to normal Boss, you really had us walking on eggs there for a while. We didn't know what you were going to do next." Gibbs walked past him and gently cuffed him on the back of the head and said with a sly grin, "You still don't know, DiNozzo, you still don't know." Gibbs disappeared into the elevator and DiNozzo heard a loud slurping noise as Abby got to the bottom of the Caf-Pow and said, "What can I do for ya Tony?


This one was kind of short. Another one soon.


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