GibbsLooking for inspiration...

  • Because it's the best thing since sliced bread (I disagree I would prefer to use the best thing since PIE!)
  • Unanswerable - watch one episode and there's no way out - obsession takes over
  • Because of Michael Weatherly! (MW is only an example please insert name of your fav actor/actress)
  • Because NCIS is the basis of your life - NCIS or homework... NCIS or chores... NCIS or school... NCIS or a life...
  • Because NCIS is like a big tunnel with no exit
  • Because I have the whole wall of NCIS photos
  • Because I think about NCIS 24/7
  • Because we are all a part of NCIS
  • Because we can relate to the characters
  • Because it's not like other crime dramas- it's funny!
  • Because it fills my COD needs :-)
  • Because talking about NCIS can make even the most boring maths lesson fun!
  • Because it gives food for thought so we can have a natter on this site :-))
  • Because Tiva!!! lol! <3 <3
  • Because Tony (Love).....
  • Because it's AMAZING... duhh
  • Just because it's NCIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Because it's just plain awesome!!!! and because of M.W and C.D.P
  • Because I can't stop to make artworks of it!
  • Because it's funny, thrilling, and actually smart. And I have strange obsessions with McGee and Abby. And because of Tiva. And because Jimmy is cool. And because I love to hate on Leon. And... *is headslapped* Ow...
  • Because it's mesmerizing
  • Because it's all I dream about at night
  • Because I can manage to turn any conversation into an hour-long lecture on how that topic reminds me of NCIS
  • Because I know more about the show than I do my best friends
  • Because it's suspenseful
  • Because of its diversities
  • Because it haunts everything I do and I enjoy knowing it's always with me
  • Because, use an acronym, throw in a branch of the military, and voila! (you sound smart and sassy!)
  • Because I can say Naval Criminal Investigative Service (or maybe just NCIS) in more languages than Ziva can speak
  • Because I manipulate the words of songs so they fit with the NCIS storyline
  • Because of the many different ships
  • Because I can't help but think of NCIS when I should be doing homework...oops!
  • Because it's healthy to have obsessions and NCIS helps keep me immune from many sicknesses
  • Because of Mark Harmon!
  • Because it makes you really want to become a federal agent!
  • Because it's the best written show in many a long year with humor, mystery (both the storyline and the character arcs), and multidimensional characters that have character. And because of Mark Harmon & David McCallum. And the rest of the cast too.
  • Because my boyfriend introduced it to me. I watched one episode and now it's an addiction!!!!!!!!!!! I can't miss any new episodes, or even the reruns on USA and ION!!!!!!!!!
  • Because I actually work on homework during school just so I can rush home and read all the posts! (Wetpaint is blocked at school... terrible, isn't it?)
  • Because we all live completly different lives, some of us are going through hard times others not so hard. but the truth is we all need an escape something to prove to us that something is right in the world....what can be more right than Gibbs and all of his wisdom and ways or Abby and Bert and Caf-Pows, because no matter what happens in the world we are all connected....
  • Because when you say NCIS to someone who has never watched it they think your talking about CSI, it's funny to correct them and tell them your right!
  • BERT!
  • Because you compare and call your friends the NCIS Character names. (writingfreak145-Guilty!!!)
  • Because when a new girl came to school I called her Probie and when she asked what it meant I told her it was symbolistic, now after quoting so much NCIS she's now into it YAY!
  • Because of the many Gibbs's slaps, Abby's happy energy, McGee's sweetness, Tony's Charm, Ziva's Kick a$$ personality, & Ducky's stories!!!
  • Because it's unlike any other show. Most crime shows are all about the crime, and NCIS is all about the characters. And of course, the crime... only when it has to do with killing the person who killed one of the family!
  • Well... take a guess... :~)
  • Because my teacher once said to me, 'you'll have to do that tonight, wait NCIS is on tonight isn't it...'
  • Because my mum said, 'maybe you should go to bed early tonight, wait NCIS is on tonight.'
  • Your school has a game thingy where they tell you not to watch television for a whole week and whoever makes it gets a prize. Since NCIS & Ghost Whisperer would be on in that time period, you tell them to screw it!♥
  • I set up my work schedule at my second job so I have NCIS nights off of work when the new season starts.

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