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Mrs. Victoria Mallard was played by the late Nina Foch

Occupation/Title: Ducky's mother!

Personality type:

Signature look: Big hats and dresses

Endearing trait(s):

Annoying trait(s):
"Who are you?"

Mrs. Mallard and Bert


Family members: Donald (son); Gloria (sister); Carkin (brother)

Romance(s): Oh she does rather like Gibbs!

Friends: Bert, her corgis

Enemies: Tony

Character Backstory:

Season 1
Season 2

  • Mrs. Mallard appears in the episode 2.13 The Meat Puzzle. When Ducky is threatened, the team is assigned to protect Mrs. Mallard as well and the extent of her age-related memory loss is evident.
Season 3

  • In 3.15 Head Case, Ducky reveals that her favorite television program is WWE wrestling, though he hasn't the heart to tell her it is fake.

  • Mrs. Mallard appears in the episode 3.20 Untouchable

  • In 3.23 Hiatus (Part 1), Ducky reveals that she has a brother named Carkin where they visited him in the town of Clagolaky.
Season 4

  • In 4.11 Driven, Ducky had to take his mother to the hospital when she cut herself shaving. Palmer calls her "Victoria", thus we learn her name.
Season 5
Season 6

  • In 6.11 Silent Night, Ducky says she was driving some nurses crazy.

  • In 6.13 Broken Bird we learn that she has been moved into a assisted living home. Ducky remains living in her house in the suburbs.
Season 7

  • In 7.09 Child's Play we learn that she is still in a Nursing Home and she is doing well. However, she no longer recognizes her son when he visits.

  • In 7.12 Flesh and Blood we learn that she is slipping away from reality, and on one occasion thought a clock was ticking backwards.

  • In 7.17 Double Identity, it is revealed that she had passed away. Her birth year was 1912, and she died around February 2010. Ducky chose not to hold a service as all her friends had predeceased her. Ducky also kept her death away from the team until Abby found out.

  • This is Ducky's 95 year old mother, who is still concerned about her son not being married and not having children. She divorced Ducky's father at a time when this kind of thing was frowned upon. She's a little bit eccentric/senile depending on how you look at it. She keeps several Welsh corgis, which Tony once had to groom when he was on protective detail.. Mrs. Mallard thought Tony might be a gigolo because of his Italian name (see music video using footage on YouTube), and when it was Kate's turn at protection detail, Mrs M demanded to see Kate's knickers to assess her character. On one occasion when Ducky brought her to autopsy lab because her carer had let him down, she flirted with Gibbs whom she kept calling 'Matthew'. We haven't seen her again since Season 3 but appears to be alive and kicking, which would make her 99 now.

  • We know that she hates her sister for attempting to sleep with Mr Mallard (while he was still alive...the mind boggles at the alternative scenario).

  • CREEPY - Mrs Mallard says that Abby reminds her of her sister Gloria. Abby's mother's name is Gloria. (insert dramatic music here)

  • We know that she loves a drink (and pulls bottles out of the autopsy fridge thinking that it is cocktail time).

  • We know that she only wears Chanel when she goes to bed: unfortunately, it is Chanel perfume not Chanel nightwear.

  • We know that she has swum with hippos in Kenya and she is delighted by Bert the Hippo. See the scene on YouTube.

  • We know that Ducky takes after his mother, in that he thinks Ziva's approach to assassination would be fascinating dinner conversation that would entertain his mother.

  • We know that she was used to having servants and tends to mistake Palmer for a servant.

  • We also know her name is Victoria (in her appearance in Season 3, watching the DVD with the subtitles for the hearing impaired. It says her name when she is in Autopsy).

  • In 2010, she passed away. On the headstone where she was buried it shows she was born in 1912. This however would make her 93 in 2.13 The Meat Puzzle, not 96 as said in the episode.

  • Nina Foch, the actress that portrayed Mrs. Mallard, passed away December 5, 2008 while Season 6 was being filmed. This then led to the story line about Mrs. Mallard moving to an assisted living home and finally passing away in Season 7.


  • (After asking Tony for his name) "That's Italian! You're a gigolo. You move furniture!"


  • Banging on the entrance to MTAC causing a security breach.

  • Wandering outside at night to see a barking dog on the lawn, which distracts Kate from her mission of watching over Ducky, which then allows the bad guys to kidnap Ducky.

Gigolo at the door
2.13 The Meat Puzzle
Who are you?
2.13 The Meat Puzzle
The knife from her brassiere
2.13 The Meat Puzzle
The gigolo's going to shot me!
2.13 The Meat Puzzle
Here for a visit
3.20 Untouchable
3.20 Untouchable

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