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Trent Kort is played by David Dayan Fisher

Occupation/Title: CIA operative

Personality type: Mysterious

Age: 43 (As of Season 7)

Signature look: Bald, unshaven though not always.

Endearing trait(s): He's British, He doesn't believe in the use of torture to gain information. His manners and charm. Loyal to a country not his own. Leans to Democracy rather than Socialism/Communism. He is very intelligent.

Annoying trait(s): Can get out of anything, Constantly lies, doesn't play by Agency rules. Never tell what side he's on or what his true motives are.

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Trent Kort - NCIS


Family members:


Friends: Gibbs, Ducky.

Enemies: Gibbs, Tony, Jenny, Marcin Jerek ("Mr. Pain")

Character Backstory:

Season 4:
Follows La Grenouille on a deep undercover assignment.
"Helps" Jenny.

Season 5:
Blows up Tony's car
Mislaid La Grenouille and goes on a frantic search to find him.
Supposedly Kills La Grenouille

Season 6:
In "Broken Bird" Trent gets information from the CIA to Gibbs about Ducky AND Vance.
Helps NCIS find Jonathan Siravo.
In "Broken Bird" , Marcin Jerek blamed him for "this betrayal" - Marcin being handed over to the Afghani Government.


  • Educated at Oxford, England.
  • Disliked intensely his instructor at Langley known as Marcin Jerek or "Mr. Pain", the man who tortured Ducky. (Broken Bird, Season 6 Episode 13)
  • Once taught by Mr Pain, "Destiny of students to disappoint their masters" (Broken Bird, Season 6 Episode 13)
  • He ran Track at Oxford. (Broken Bird, Season 6 episode 13)
  • Kort is right handed.(Brothers In Arms Season 4 Episode 21--You see Kort doing a crossword puzzle while talking to Jenny, he's doing it with his right hand)
  • Trent Kort is an alias (Brothers In Arms Season 4 Episode 21--After Director Shepard's informant is killed she asks to speak with the CIA, the CIA sends over Fornell as a Liaison and she says she wants to speak to "Trent Kort; alias.")
  • Clayton Webb of the show
  • Born 21st October, 1967
  • His middle name is Thomas
  • Appeared in "Callen, G.", the first season finale of the NCIS spin-off, NCIS: Los Angeles. Once worked with Callen.


  • Bury Your Dead: to Jenny "This will not end well for you."
  • Dead Reckoning to Gibbs: "I respect that you're suspicious. Caution is an asset in our line of work. Trust is elusive at best."
  • "Words are cheap, Actions speak louder. Or to put it in parlement you would understand: Measure twice cut once."--Dead Reckoning to Gibbs
  • "You should really learn to polish the brass."--Broken Bird also to Gibbs.
  • "No Foreplay?" --Trojan Horse to Jenny.
  • Callen, G: to Callen: "You know Callen you're not missing anything. No one ever calls me by my first name." Callen: "That's cause no one likes ya."


  • Bury Your Dead--We learn that Kort doesn't exactly play by Agency rules after supposedly blowing up Tony's car. The Agency didn't sanction it, but Kort didn't say that he, personally, wasn't involved. So it would seem that the hit was personal. Proving Tony's point that Mr. Kort has a very Hairy trigger.

  • Broken Bird--Gibbs asks for a CIA file on Dr. Mallard, Kort doesn't like Gibbs but does it anyways. Saying that it will cost Gibbs. Kort will do anything if it, in the end, benefits him. Being one up on Gibbs in Kort's book must be a good thing. He also gives Gibbs' a file on Vance, which Gibbs did not ask for. Kort noticed that Gibbs didn't want to go through Vance, showing that Gibbs doesn't trust Vance. Kort gave him the goods on him, presumably so that when Kort came to collect on the debt Gibbs' owes him Gibbs wouldn't get in trouble, and also Kort himself wouldn't have to owe him. He tells Gibbs he should learn to "Polish the Brass" meaning suck up to Vance. Gibbs puts the file away for later and doesn't heed Trent's advice.

  • Dead Reckoning--Kort comes to collect his favor. After shooting two of Jonathan Siravo's men at a construction sight two blocks out of Anacostia he calls Gibbs. CIA can not run Op's on American Soil, it's a big no-no, Kort points out that CIA has no legal Jurisdiction, Gibbs points out that it never seems to stop Kort from doing whatever he wants, and Kort says that he (Gibbs) could bring him down legally. Gibbs agrees. In the end, it turns out that Kort was really trying to get back in the starting line-up after being benched by the CIA because he had made enemies overseas (Just by doing his job not for doing anything wrong). Kort brought home $300 million to the CIA, and let NCIS bring down Siravo. Benefiting both Agencies. Again showing Kort's conniving.. Trent Kort never does anything just out of the "Good" of his heart. It may be for good, but it's not because of it. He's always benefiting some how..

  • Brother's in Arms and Trojan Horse--Kort seems to go out of his way to help Jenny, we pick up later on however, that he was misleading her, distracting her from La Grenouille while trying to make it appear that the CIA was helping her. He also gave her leads that would lead her nowhere's (Andre Jones, the Art teacher). Proving how intelligent the man is and also just how untrustworthy he is.


Trent Kort - NCIS
4.23 Angel of Death
Trent Kort - NCIS
4.21 Brothers in Arms

Trent Kort - NCIS
6.20 Dead Reckoning
4.21 Brothers In Arms
4.21 Brothers in Arms.

Episode 6.20 Dead Reckoning
6.20 Dead Reckoning
Trent Kort
4.21 Brothers in Arms

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