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Tony & Ziva

Relationship Stats
How they met: Ziva walked into the squadroom to hear Tony talking about picturing Kate in Catholic schoolgirl uniform.
How long were they together: Haven't actually been a couple yet, but have known each other for five years now. It's only a matter of time. Although in season four episode one 'Shalom', we see photos of Tony leaving her house and in another episode Ziva refers to something Ducky says with something about a bear and Tony making her watch a documentary once? (What does this mean?)
Wasn't there also a time, where her dad's Mossad agent informs her that they have seen Tony visit her place...and he basically hinted at a relationship?
In Season 7, Tony and McGee unknowingly rescue Ziva, thinking she was dead. Tony reveals some feelings ("Guess, I just couldn't live without you." and "I'd save her in a heartbeat.") and have a moment in the Men's Bathroom, where Ziva kisses Tony on the cheek.
Tony and Ziva are like cat-and-mouse and are always flirting. Will it stay like this or will they become something more
Type of relationship: At times Brother and Sister other times it becomes flirtatious, sometimes jealousy comes into play in their relationship.
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Relationship Time Line
Season 3
  • This humour between Ziva and Tony has been generally kept throughout every episode. Some argue that they have a brother/sister relationship and others claim that it is a sexual relationship or that it could be.
  • Ziva and Tony have been in some situations, most famously, "Under Covers" where there were some steamy bedroom scenes between Ziva and Tony as they were posing as husband and wife. Neither of them, particularly Tony, minded having to go Under Cover(s). In an interview with Cote and Weatherly. Cote said she thought that they did it and were not faking sex. Then they were trapped in a shipping container in "Boxed In" mere episodes later.
  • In 3.06 when Tony and Ziva are leaving for dinner (Ziva is filling in for Tony's ex Monica) Tony goes back to get the sexy night gown (Also for Tony's ex) and even though Ziva's not looking she says you won't be needing that Tony
Season 4
  • In 4x1 Shalom, we see Ziva being questioned by Mossard about her relationship with Tony DiNozzo. We are shown pictures of the two outside Ziva's house talking and it is revealed that Tony has been visiting Ziva's at least once a week for the last 3-4 months. We still don't know what they were doing.
  • late season 4 we see Ziva's growing concern for Tony as she thinks he has been visiting hospital because of an after effect of his season 2 bout of plague. As she hears conversations between him and his "girlfriend" Jeanne Benoit we see that she is hurt; whether this is a result of her unrequited love for tony or merely friendly concern for him is a question that hasn't yet been answered.
  • Also, we can not forget Ducky's comment in Angel of Death about how Ziva had been treating Tony like a wayward lover...
  • Then again they could be considered good friends. Tony is a flirt and Ziva is around him all the time. The question about the relationship between Tony and Ziva and what it REALLY is, is a question still in the air and everyone is hungry for an answer, there is tension every episode.
Season 5
  • The season starts as a carry-on from the season 4 final. In the start we see Tony's car blow up, and the team is lead to believe that he is dead. It turns out he isn't dead and the rest of the team finds out about his undercover assignment with Jeane.
  • Through the season we see Ziva & Tony getting back to what they used to be before Jeanne. With a high amount of sexual Tension, we are all asking, When will they give in?
  • Ziva is obviously jealous of Nikki and Tonny's sleeping accommodations in Iraq in "In the Zone".
  • Later in the season (Recoil) we see the roles reversed after Ziva's undercover op. When Tony tries to be there for Ziva, she just pushes him away.
  • In the season final (Judgement Day I &II) promo we can see that T & Z are in LA. In the episode we find out that they are on protection detail with Jen. Some great Tiva moments in part 1
  • In Judgement day part II, Tony and Ziva have a long overdue talk, but not what we would like it to be about.
  • Also, we can't let slip the part of their 'talk' where Ziva Says"Nothings Inevitable".
  • In the end of this season Tony is being reassigned to the U.S.S Ronald Reagen as Agent Afloat, and Ziva is being sent back to Israel.
  • Which only leaves 2 questions. How the hell are they getting back? and will they realize their feelings are stronger than they thought & mutual?
Season 6
  • Season 6 starts with Ziva on a Mossad assignment in Morocco and Tony as Agent Afloat on USS Seahawk. In the first episode Zova admits to missing Tony and in the second episode, when visiting Tony on USS Seahawk to help in an investigation, Ziva notices that Tony has pictures of her in her bikini pinned up in his room.
  • In "Nine Lives" Tony shows interest in Ziva's visit to Israel and tells her to have a good trip in Hebrew. He also finds a picture in her desk of a man which is later introduced as Michael Rivkin.
  • In "Cloak" Tony and Ziva are involved in a war game and even though they are told not to engage in a fight, Ziva assaults some most of the guards when she sees Tony being knocked unconscious. This leads to a conversation between Ziva and Tony in the elevator in which they both say they are tired of pretending.
  • In "Dagger" Tony mentions knowing that Ziva has a tattoo (on the inside of her...)
  • In the last four episodes we see Tony being curious or jealous of Ziva's boyfriend Michael Rivkin. Rivkin is involved in a case and Tony starts to check up on him; this leads to increased tension between Tony and Ziva as Ziva does not believe that Michael is working in America on Mossad orders. A confrontation between Tony and Michael leads to Tony killing Michael and Ziva finding them.
  • In the final episode back in Israel it is shown that Ziva did not know of Michael's assignment in America because her father thinks she trusts NCIS more than Mossad, he asks her to give her loyalty completely to Mossad and to accept Michael's old assignment.
  • Tony and Ziva have a final tension-filled conversation outside the Mossad headquarters which leaves things between them strained.
  • Ziva asks Gibbs to change teams as she cannot work with Tony since she does not trust him, Gibbs knowing that Ziva was withholding information decides to leave her in Israel.
  • The final shot shows Ziva as a prisoner in Somalia after having accepted Michael's old assignment.

Season 7
  • Tony plans a mission to Somalia to seek revenge on Saleem for killing Ziva, only to find out she is still alive. Tony, Gibbs, and McGee save Ziva and return with her to Washington D.C.

Season 8

    • "Sometimes I used to picture you naked,"
      Then Ziva is there, simply watching.
      "I'll call you back," said Tony hurriedly as though he was on speaker phone
      Then he stutters various gibberish along the lines of "I was....just.."
      Thus the very first question Ziva asked Tony was "Having phone sex?"
    • Tony: You ever Gibbs Slap me again David and I will slap you back harder.
      Ziva: I was following orders!
    • Ziva: I'm braless.
      Tony: I noticed that earlier. But on a phone, they're bars.
    • Ziva: It was no secret. He's writing about us!
      Tony: Oh come on, it's not about us. I mean the whole part about Liza and her broken heart.
      Ziva: The memento she keeps from a relationship that would never have a chance to happen.
      Tony: Yeah, where’s he getting than? Or the scene between Liza and Tommy where they pour out their hearts to each other and spill their secrets
      Ziva: Haha. When he tries to explain the profound nature of his identity crisis.
      Tony: Yeah! I mean the hidden struggle between ‘who he is?’ and ‘what he’s becoming?’ I don't even know what it is.
      Ziva: Totally unrealistic.
      Tony: Would never happen
    • Tony: I was going to say that your life would have had more meaning if you had slept with me.
      Ziva: If you had anything else on your mind perhaps I would have.
      Tony: Reeeally?
      Ziva: Um, no.
    • Ziva: Gibbs does not accept apologies. But I do.
      Tony: I'm sorry, Ziva, I know you were trying to help.
      Ziva: Did I?
      Tony: Um, I'll get back to you.
    • Ziva: I miss you too, all of you, even Tony.
    • McGee: It’s gonna be tough.
      Ziva: You think it’s hard for us. Image what it feels like to be him.
      McGee: Who him?
      Ziva: Tony! We’re all here and he’s stuck on that ship.
      McGee: Not Tony. I meant…
      Ziva: Completely alone, away from all those who care about him. (pauses) Wait? You weren’t talking about Tony?
      McGee: No.
    • (Ziva gives Tony her long stare.)
      Tony: What?
      Ziva: You seem, um…different.
      Tony: Taller? Hotter?
      Ziva: Older.
      Tony: Well, it’s been over four months.
      Ziva: You still beating yourself up over Jenny?
      Tony: (looks away from Ziva) Not as much as I used to.
      Ziva: Drinking?
      Tony: Not as much as I used to.
      (Ziva touches his shoulder to get him to look at her)
      Ziva: You could have called.
    • Abby (to Tony and Nikki in Iraq over teleconference): I didn't know you guys were sharing a room.
      Ziva: (aside to Abby) They are sharing a room?
      Tony: We're not exactly sharing a room.
      Ziva: Either they're sharing a room or they're not sharing a room. I don't see what is so exact or not exact about it.
    female FBI agent to McGee: We have a whole new respect for NCIS, Agent McGee.
    McGee: We got lucky. It was actually the trained laser on the room that gave you away.
    female FBI agent: I was talking about your agents DiNozzo and David pretending to be married assassins.
    male FBI agent: Very convincing.
    female FBI agent: I don't think anyone in the FBI would actually go all the way just to sell a cover story.
    male FBI agent: I would.
    McGee (smiles): Guys, they were acting.
    male FBI agent: Trust me, I know when someone's acting when they're having sex.
    female FBI agent: It's true, I've met his wife.
    McGee gets up and looks at the plasma which is showing Tony and Ziva laughing in their hotel room.
    McGee: But...Tony and Ziva wouldn't...
    • Ziva jumps on top of Tony to protect him from a ricocheting bullet.
      Tony: Why are you on top of me?
      Ziva: I'm protecting you, Tony.
      Tony: Well don't.
      Ziva: You didn't seem to mind when we were undercover.
      Tony: That might have something to do with the fact that you were naked.
      Ziva: Perhaps if it were warmer in here.
      Tony: Hmm. Let me rephrase the question. Why are you still on top of me?
    • Tony and Ziva are opening a box which may contain unstable explosives.
      Tony: I just want you to know that you're life would have had more meaning if you'd slept with me.
      Ziva: If you'd had anything else on your mind maybe I would have.
      Tony: Reeeeelly?
      Ziva: Umm...No.
    • (Tony and Ziva are bound and beaten in a terrorist cell in Somalia.)
    • Ziva: Why are you here?
    • Tony: Couldn't live without you, I guess.
    • Ziva: You should have just left me alone.
    • Tony: Okay....tried......couldn't...Listen, you should know, I took some kind of truth serum, so if there's any questions you don't want to know the answer to....
    • Ziva: You jeopardized your entire career, and for what?!
    • Tony: For you.
    • Ziva: (to Tony) What matters is that you had my back.That you've always had my back.
    • (Talking about McGee and his new girlfriend.
    • Ziva: It's like they are meant to be.
    • Tony: If you believe in that sort of thing.
    • (They share a look.
    • Tony: It's not just me I'm worried about hurting, Ziva.
    • Ziva: That's because you are a good person.
    • Tony: Something happened in Israel didn't it? You say you don't want to talk about it but your eyes won't shut up.

    Greatest Moments Worst Moments

    • All "Undercovers" scenes

    • Judgement Day- Being re-assigned and terminated

    • All "Boxed In" scenes

    • When Tony was with Jeanne (God that woman is soooo annoying)

    • "Cover Story" - in the elevator

    • Semper Fi/Aliyah - When Tony kills Rivkin and Ziva "hates" him for it

    • "Designated Target" - talking about soulmates and Ziva grabbing Tony in the car.

    • "Judgement Day" - Tony snapping photos of Ziva, their 'talk' and how they dealt with Jenny's death.
    • "Truth or consequences"Tony told Ziva that he couldn't leave with out her.
    • "Reunion" their conversation in the rest room.
    • In "Faith" when Ziva urges Tony to be nice to Daloris and he listens.
    • All "Jet Lag" scenes!

    Defining Episodes
    • Undercovers
    • Aliyah
    • Boxed In
    • Jetlag
    • Judgement Day I & II

    • Truth or Consequences
    • Designated Target
    • Reunion

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    Tony and Ziva - NCIS
    Tony and Ziva -  NCIS
    Tony and Ziva - NCIS

    Tony and Ziva - NCIS
    Tony and Ziva

    Tiva - Dead and Unburied Tiva - Singled Out
    Judgement Day- Tony & Ziva Tony & Ziva
    Tony and Ziva - NCIS tiva
    Tony and Ziva - NCIS Tony and Ziva - NCIS
    Tony and Ziva - NCIS Tony and Ziva - NCIS


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