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Timothy McGee is played by Sean Murray

Born: 1977 (age 12 at Christmas, 1989)

Occupation/Title: NCIS Special Agent

Personality type: Started off shy and lacking in confidence but has since grown into a more confident agent in both his work and with colleagues.

Signature look: Button down shirts, suit jacket, some times a tie, loafers. Home/sleep: tee shirts with shorts/boxers, when writing: turtleneck and suit jacket with elbow patches, and pipe.

Endearing trait(s): Loyal, knows what he's good at and goes for it, his cute face, his un-canny computer knowledge, not being able to say no, him being chubby at the beginning but loses weight after a while, was going to go to a party dressed as an elf lord!

Annoying trait(s): Geek speak (for Gibbs and Tony)
, doesn't always stand up for himself.

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Timothy McGee - NCIS


Family members: Sarah (sister)- referred to in Season 2 when replying to Kate's comment about little girls not typically being slobs, "Remind me to introduce you to my little sister". Was the woman in McGee's apartment in the beginning of Red Cell, and then featured as a murder suspect in the Season 4 episode Twisted Sister.
Father - mentioned in season 6 episode 19, when talking about how he was like the kids in the episode, Tony mentioned how "Old man McGee was Navy".

Romance(s): Abby Sciuto (in season 1), the one woman who used all of his credit cards! The cheerleader! Erin Kendall (MIT alum, season 2, ep 14, “Witness”) (in ' The Voyeurs Web' (3x05) he mentions having a current girlfriend who sent him the video which he believed to be a snuff. Tony doesn't believe he has a girlfriend. McGee also mentions in 'Switch' that he had a girlfriend once who dressed up collectible Barbies. In Season 5 he had a girlfriend (nickname: brumby) who was taking out credit cards in his name, opening his mail, etc, to quote "I'm crazy for this girl, but she's...crazy". There was this South African girl who went out with McGee for a while. He finds out that she is one of the bad guys when she pulls a gun on him.


Gibbs- Tim is clearly in awe of his boss, and will literally do anything for him. Gibbs more often gives McGee the pat on the back than he would the rest of the team, this is probably because not only is Tim a genius, but McGee though a very capable field agent, excels at his job even more so than even his peers when he is given praise.
Tony- In the beginning Tony and Tim obviously didn't get along together at all, this partly because Tony was a real jerk in 1st season (then again he didn't have Ziva to put him in his place ;] ) and partly because McGee was such a probie and did not stand up for himself. But years down the road after Tim stopped being a very probie-ish probie, and Tony started warming up to McGee by giving him Mc-names, they are now very good friends and totally like brothers.
Ziva- Tim and Ziva have always been close friends and very much like siblings. Unlike Kate and Tony, who always put McGee down, McGee and Ziva now have the job of putting DiNozzo in his place. :)
Abby- Abby and Tim definitely out of all of the NCIS friendships have the strongest relationship. They share many things in common mainly computers and forensics. Depending purely on the fan you are talking to the majority of the fans agree that Abby and McGee would go together well romantically ( I'm a McAbby fangirl heart and soul :D). Either way its hard to deny the fact that Abby and McGee are best friends.

Enemies: Jethro (the dog) at the start of Dog Tags

Pets: Jethro the German Shepherd

Character Backstory:

Season 1:
  • Your basic probie, he has no stomach for acid covered victims and tends to follow Tony's word on everything, is a genius though which you can see Gibbs likes, especially when he discovers the identity of who is soon to be their worst enemy - Ari Haswari.
  • Thinks Abby is cute and goes out with her, even getting a tattoo saying "MOM" on his butt. Towards the end of the season Abby tells Kate that they were at a coffee house poetry reading thing, and he told Abby he really likes her, and she says "Thanks?" In the finale he sleeps at her house, in her coffin- but he doesn't find out that it was a coffin until the next day.
Season 2:
  • He joins the team in See No Evil. He is often picked on by both Tony and Kate, so still not the gutsiest yet, but seems to be breaking out a bit, especially on his first case in Witness.
  • In Red Cell, Frankel who is called "Urkel" by Tony gets McGee mad because he outsmarted him and almost got him fired and gets back at him by telling him to turn around and Tony slaps the cuffs on him.
Season 3:

  • He has grown up a bit. McGee is able to look at Kate's dead body, something we probably never would have seen in Season 1.
  • Seems to be taking to their newest member, Ziva, nicely as it seems to be another step up from his probie stage. He's gotten confident since he is no longer the newbie.
  • McGee was interrogated for a murder, which he was on the scene of, and is unsure if his shot was the kill shot. Tony and Ziva doubt McGee's liability. As Gibbs tells Ziva when Ziva distrusts McGee: "McGee is not your father and he is not Ari. McGee doesn't know how to lie." McGee shows great remorse and anxiety over the death of the person he potentially murdered. Tony even shows up to McGee's apartment to try to cheer him up.
Season 4:

  • In Season 4 there was definite chemistry between him and Abby. But, in an episode where people are dying in the same ways as characters in his newest novel, we find that Abby cannot/will not marry poor McGee. However, we know that when they first met, they slept together in her "box sofa" bed which McGee later finds out was the coffin that Abby uses for a bed. She points out that he did more than sleep in it. She also used to stay at his place and left behind a toothbrush (I think I am right in saying it wasn't actually Abby's toothbrush? She claims it isn't, if this is the ladybird toothbrush that is featured in the episode where she is being stalked --Miss Lena) (there is only one bed in McGee's apartment). We know that he declared how much he liked her and spooked her (because she tells Kate all about it in season 1 or 2). She wishes that men could just have sex and not want more.
  • Tells Tony off for being too bossy when Gibbs quits the team. Is no longer afraid of him as well. Goes against policy for his little sister which improves on his confidence meter and is becoming very rich and famous which shows in his confidence when we find out about Thom E. Gemcity and Deep Six.
  • Stops wearing ties and we finally see him drive a car.
  • McGee is self-aware at some levels. He had a very traditional form of family, where the kids discussed their day with their parents and hid few things from them. He comments to Ziva, in Series 5 Episode 1, that "My parents raised a gentleman, and yours raised a killer" (thus he will give way to her and answer her question first as per her demand).
  • He is loyal to his family, including his sister. He trusts his sister and puts his job on the line for her, going so far as to quit when the Director pushes him to put the NCIS before his family loyalty. Gibbs challenges him for keeping secrets and not going to Gibbs for help straight away: McGee, in his normal brutally honest fashion, explains that he could not take the risk, even with trusting Gibbs, when his sister's freedom was at stake. This extreme form of loyalty is something Gibbs can understand and so Gibbs accepts McGee's apology . It is a key moment in the development of the relationship, because McGee is not prone to standing up to Gibbs although he is prone to honesty.
Season 5:

  • Gibbs recognizes that, although McGee is very smart, he is not very street savvy and he is not a dominant personality. McGee recognizes this about himself, going so far as to invest in audio lessons in "How To Be An Alpha Male". Gibbs gives McGee tests which he knows McGee will pass, and builds McGee's confidence. But they are real tests where McGee has to exercise real judgement. In one episode, the test is to run a case and make all the decisions. Gibbs is, in effect, teaching McGee to not only trust his brain but to trust his gut instincts.
  • Tony, in his extreme sport of making McGee's life difficult, accuses McGee of being effeminate. McGee goes overboard, trying to be macho. Gibbs warns him that he is "Trying too hard". But even Tony admits, on occasion, that McGee can be intimidating. He rarely gets to interrogate suspects but, when left alone with a school bully, McGee exacts revenge for all the bullying he himself suffered at school. The sincerity of McGee is sufficient to persuade the bully to tell what he knows.
  • McGee genuinely enjoys cerebral activity. He loves to meet clever people and admire their work: in Honor Code, he is excited about the missing Navy Commander's dual PhD and starts to explain the content of the thesis to Gibbs. Gibbs is utterly uninterested and cuts him off. He takes pleasure in his computer work and gets excited firing ideas off alongside Abby.
  • McGee's lack of street smarts shines through on occasion and makes Gibbs blink. When taking on the South American gang that has killed a marine, Gibbs threatens them with terrorist status and a trip to Gitmo. McGee, almost within their hearing, queries how they can get a terrorist charge. Gibbs hustles McGee into the car and tells him to be silent. And remarks, to the world at large, "Unbelievable!" in exasperated tones. In Angel of Death (finale of Series 4), Gibbs has McGee sign a "get out of jail free" letter and then hack into the CIA database and communications system, to find out what the CIA are looking for in relation to Dir Shepard. When Gibbs issues the order to search on Jenny's name, Gibbs has his back to McGee but doesn't have to turn around to know that McGee is standing open mouthed in disbelief: Gibbs says"When you look at me like that, McGee, I get this overwhelming urge to slap you" ...which makes McGee comply with the demand and start hacking the CIA for info about his own Director (i.e. doing something to bring down the wrath of CIA and the wrath of NCIS, if caught)
  • McGee greatest naivete is in his book writing. One of the few times he lies is when he lies to himself about having based his national best selling book, Deep Six, on his colleagues. Even when forced to admit that he has given LJ Tibbs a love interest ("An army Lieutenant....(pause...Gibbs stares at McGee...McGee adds)....Colonel") McGee hesitates to admit the lover has the same rank as Gibbs' new girlfriend, yet he still tries to hide from himself that he has stolen his friends lives and put them in his books. The fictional things he has those friends do in his books tends to offend them even more than his use of real life (Pimmy Jalmer - based on Jimmy Palmer - is described as having sex with dead people, to Palmer's distress - and McGee writing Tony and Ziva's characters -Tommy and Lisa - as hiding feelings for each other is a hilarious cause for fury between the two of them).
  • We know that McGee loves the Harry Potter novels: he is initially delighted when Ziva mentions them ("do you read them too?") and then, when Ziva looks askance, mutters "me neither" in an attempt to hide his interest. He likes science fantasy. He has more imagination than the others give him credit, but it is structured imagination that lets him logic out what happens with fictional characters (oh hey...just like we do on this wiki. Fancy that.)
  • Seems to be the only one unable to accept Tony's death (besides Abby). Probably still guilty from the SWAK episode. Seems to be more of a smart alec now though.
Season 6:

  • Season begins with McGee being called "Boss" by fellow computer geeks in the cyber-crimes unit. This makes McGee feel good about himself yet embarrassed when Gibbs is around. This shows he still has enormous respect for Gibbs the true "Boss". Was given a special assignment by Director Vance which he didn't tell Gibbs about even though he wanted to, shows he has learned to act on his own actions instead of always seeking direction from Gibbs.
  • Misses being with Gibbs and the team as he regularly keeps in touch with them, tells Gibbs he wants to be back working with him and "even Tony".
  • Is able to stick up for himself at the women's prison in the episode "Caged"
  • at the end of "Caged, he tells what the repairman should do to avoid problems and Dinozzo is surprised and Abby likes that time in the slammer changed him.
  • Was 12 years old at Christmas 1989, which makes him born in 1977. "Love & War"
  • Drools over the new technology that OSP has in Los Angeles and really wants one of them so bad.

  • Season 7:

    • In Truth or Consequences (7.01), He goes to Somalia with DiNozzo to find Saleem to confirm that he is there and wound up getting captured, tortured and rescued by Gibbs and the assault teams. Its the first time he traveled outside the country, like he should have volunteered to go to Baghdad with Tony in "In The Zone".
    • In Truth or Consequences he is now on level ground with Tony, being treated like a man, he finally grew a pair.
    • He starts to stand up to Tony and found out that Tony was the one that planted the virus in his computer.
    • Meets a girl and goes out with her, but finds out she is using him to find Kai and is about to shoot McGee, but Kai saves him.
    • Drives Frank's mother-in-law to NCIS for questioning.
    • In "Faith", He tells the Human resources Lady that Tony is her Secret Santa and is grinning with Ziva when Delores calls Tony to tell him to meet her at her office on Christmas eve and is starting to get back at Tony for all the times that he pulled pranks on him.
    • In his second case as team leader, he puts his expertise in jetpacks to the test to solve the murder of a navy pilot when his jetpack exploded and finds the smoking gun that closes the case. His skills as an agent have improved since he arrived in season 1.
    • Doesn't tell Tony that his father is here and wants to surprise him and smiles and laughs in the background.
    • Surprised that his mug shot was not erased from AFIS when he was arrested for breaking into Metro impound.
    • Accompanies Abby to Mexico as protection when she is teaching a class on cold cases and showed signs of jealousy when he saw Rivera with Abby in her lab.

    Season 8:
    • Tim has his identity stolen once again, but this time by his landlords son who racks up $ 10,000 in charges only to teach how to live a little.


    • In Family (5.02), the episode starts with Ziva quizzing McGee as to whether he is still a virgin. In 2.19 Conspiracy Theory, while questioning one of the patients, he tells her that he is not a virgin!.
    • In the episode where Mike Franks' son-that-he-never-knew-he-had is murdered, Abby tells McGee to phone all his previous girlfriends and check that none of them fell pregnant. McGee says this will be very quick (implying he has had few or no girlfriends).
    • In Friends and Lovers, end of Series 4, McGee gets inside a target nightclub by attending as Thom E Gemcity, with 3 glam girls in tow (Abby, Ziva and Agent Lee whose gun is sticking in places where a girl don't want a gun to stick). Gibbs tells McGee via earwig that he is to bring out the suspect they are pursuing: McGee's reaction is to ask how does he do that? Gibbs points out "well, she's a hooker Tim...use your imagination". Our McGee is very naive indeed when it comes to women.
    • But when everyone learns that Tony was undercover with Jeanne (start of series 5), McGee wonders aloud to Ziva why the Director didn't select McGee for the undercover job (making Ziva's eyes widen in wonder at McGee's self-delusion).
    • NICKNAMES: Probie, McGee, Tim, McGeek, Probalicious, Elf Lord, Plucky, Probie Wan Kenobi, McNerd, McGoo, Probie Pan, McGoogle, McGiggle and a host of others. (See McGee's Many Names)
    • He is 6'1"; brown hair, green eyes, left-handed. He has a tattoo on his butt "Mom." Allergic to cats, poison ivy and sawdust, mostly pine." Tends to get seasick. His phobias are: Maggots, heights, being labelled gay.
    • The Bud of the team.
    • Speaks Klingon,although "not fluently" (4.06 - Witch Hunt)


    Ziva David, Mossad Liaison: Someone or something is on the ship, with us. I can feel it.
    NCIS Special Agent Timothy McGee: [peering over DiNozzo's shoulder] Uh, yeah, I can see it.
    [a large rat is eye-level behind DiNozzo. He turns around, sees the live rat, and jumps back in fright. The rat scurries away]
    NCIS Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo: [sighs]
    NCIS Special Agent Timothy McGee: [smiling] Scared much, DiNozzo?

    • McGee (to Tony): Don't be such a girl
    • McGee (to Tony): I've been thinking about buying some tight, red-leather pants. Something that really cradles my butt.
    • McGee (to Director Shepard): Forgive me Director for not putting the integrity of NCIS before my sister.


    • See No Evil
    • Probie
    • Twisted Sister
    • Caged
    • Dog Tags
    • Truth or Consequences
    • Endgame
    • Ignition


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