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The Bad Guys - NCIS

Some of the villains the special agents face are worse than all the others. Record whatever details of the main bad guys that's known, and help fill out the backstories for each and how their lives intersected with the members of the NCIS team.

Lieutenant Commander Voss, aka Amanda Reed

The Bad Guys - NCISPlayed by: Jamie Luner.
Seasons appeared: Season 1
Episode #/Name: 1.19 Dead Man Talking

Who he is:

Lieutenant Commander Voss stole $12million and "died" in a car crash. but instead he changed his identity, to a woman (Amanda Reed) later on, NCIS Special Agent Pacci found a lead to him.

Damage he inflicted:
  • He shot and disemboweled NCIS Special Agent Christopher Pacci.
  • Psychologically scars Tony by inducing Tony to tongue kiss him, before Tony learns that she is a he.
  • Makes Gibbs hate himself for not giving Pacci the time and attention that Pacci sought on this cold case, as Gibbs might have prevented the death if Pacci hadn't had to work alone: Gibbs feels too guilty to speak at Pacci's funeral.
  • Getting Tony and McGee restrained by a bar full of men.

Commander Voss-Amanda Reed aka Jamie Luner

His Fate:

He (he hadn't had the WHOLE change yet) was shot in the head at close blank range by NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

Mamoun Sharif

Played by: Enzo Cilenti Mamoun sharif aka Enzo Cilenti_01
Seasons appeared: Season 4
Episode #/Name: 4.07 Sandblast, 4.13 Sharif Returns

Who he is:
Worked as an informant for the CIA and is a wanted terrorist

Damage he inflicted:
Obtained 10 kg of BZ gas, a highly toxic chemical weapon and mixed it with DMSO. Poisoned a marine major (who went insane because of the BZ gas and tore out and ate his own eyeball before dying).Poisoned 6 members of the public with a chemically altered version of the BZ gas which didn't kill them. Poisoned Special Agent Gibbs, with the DMSO mixed BZ gas, which almost killed Gibbs. Poisoned 6 members of the public, who survived. He also was nicknamed "The Mad Bomber" by DiNozzo in season 4 because he blew up a golf course at the Army Navy club killing a Colonel and injuring the colonel's son. He also played the CIA and nearly got team Gibbs blown up. Ziva disarms the bomb and then disarms another backpack bomb later in the episode. In that episode he gets away, but is caught later in the season.

Mamoun sharif aka Enzo Cilenti_02

His Fate
Was shot dead by Lt. Col. Hollis Mann.

Yoon Dawson-North Korean Spy: the good villain

Played by: Esther ChaeYoon Dawson aka Esther Chae_01
Seasons appeared: Season 3 US airdate 31 Jan 2006
Episode #/Name: 3.14 Light Sleeper

Who she is
Sleeper cell member planted by North Korea

Damage inflicted:
Kills off the other members of the sleeper cell in order to prevent a bombing. Pursues the head of the sleeper cell. Defuses the bomb.

Twist in the tale:
She marries a US Marine for her cover story but turns out that she truly loves him, has a baby with him, became as American as she could and wants to protect her baby's world. She attacks her own spy team to save lives, but is still a spy and thus a criminal. Catch 22.

Yoon Dawson aka Esther Chae_02

Her Fate:

we do not know. She may end up advising on North Korean intelligence systems and be adopted as a helper to CIA instead of being prosecuted as a criminal. But she murdered her accomplices (bad) yet they were planning a bombing (preventing that is good). But we know her husband is going to stand by her and wait for her: true love.

D.I. Agent Fred Rinnert

Played by: John Mallory AsherFred Rinnert aka John Mallory Asher
Seasons appeared: Season 5
Episode #/Name: 5.03 The Ex-File

Who he is
Lab assistant to Abby. Supposedly was ordered there by the DIA, but it is revealed that he requested the job. Irritant to Abby, although they figured out some of the clues together and there was some implied chemistry. Subtle rival of McGee, as he takes his place in helping Abby. The two have a Caf-Pow! drink-off, though we do not know who the winner is.

Damage he inflicted:

  • He deleted everything on a laptop in the evidence room, including the back-up copy.
  • He then implied that Abby had been negligent and had left the evidence bag open (she had not).
  • Caused Abby stress, and then charmed her with his rat-like ways.
  • Stole top-secret information and sold it overseas.
  • Oh, right, he also killed a marine.
  • Attempted to take McGee's place as Abby-helper.
  • Impersonated a federal officer (he pretended Gibbs was on the phone by calling Abby's lab with his cell, effectively pretending to be Gibbs).
  • Attempted to flee the country.Attempted to broker a deal where he would rat if he walked.

The McGee and Rinnert Caf-Pow! drink-off

His fate:

Unknown, but assumed to be jail. We last saw him when Abby punched him in the nose and he was lead away in handcuffs.

Michelle Lee: The reluctant "villain"

Played by: Liza Lapira The Bad Guys - NCIS
Seasons appeared: 4 and 6
Episode #/Name: 4.01 Shalom, 4.02 Escaped, 4.05 Dead and Unburied, 4.08 Once a Hero, 4.10 Smoked, 4.15 Friends & Lovers, 4.24 Angel of Death, 6.01 Last Man Standing, 6.07 Collateral Damage, 6.08 Cloak, 6.09 Dagger

Who she is: A lawyer who was part of Tony's team when he was team leader. Once Gibbs returned she was placed in the legal department. She sometimes assisted in cases and often delivered warrents. She was part of Gibbs new team in season 6 when he was searching for a mole. She killed 2 men making it look like one of them was the mole, when actually it was her. "They" kidnapped her younger sister and were forcing her to betray her country.

Damage inflicted:
  • Killed Agent Langer and Petty Officer Stephen Vargo
  • She betrayed her country
  • Made Gibbs doubt himself (over Agent Langer)
Her fate: Gibbs killed her when she was being held at gun point by the bad guy. She gave the order for him to shoot her thus killing both her and the bad guy.

Blog Entry: Least Favorite NCIS Villains

The Bad Guys - NCIS

Ted Bankston: Alias "The Weatherman"

Played by:
David Eigenburg
Seasons appeared:
Episode #/Name:
6.09 Dagger
Who is he:
A former security analyst for the NSA. Forced to leave the agency amid
accusations of "mishandling classified information.

Damage Inflicted:

  • Kidnapped Amanda Lee, the sister/surrogate daughter of Special Agent Michelle Lee, in order to force her into passing secret information.
  • Murdered his own wife, so that if caught he could claim he was being blackmailed also.
  • Murdered his own co-kidnapper to silence him when the need arose
  • Nearly blew up Tony, Ziva and Amanda Lee with a booby trap.
  • Fired indiscriminantly on a bus, killing one of the passengers, after being revealed to be "The Weatherman".
His fate: Using Michelle Lee as a human shield on the bus, Gibbs killed him with the same three bullets that killed her, when she gave Gibbs permission to shoot through her.

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