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SWAK Shower
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When Kate died.
When Leon Vance became the new director.
When Jenny died.
When Gibbs was blown up.
In SWAK during the shower scene when Gibbs tells them about honey dust and what it's used for.
When Ziva decided to stay in Israel.
When Gibbs quit, and when Tony became new team leader.
When Director Shepard believed that her father was still alive.
When Gibbs returned to NCIS, and once again was team leader!!!!!!
When Ziva was left behind by Gibbs.
When Gibbs gets the car off his dad and puts the pedal to the metal!
When Tony is framed for murder by Abby's assistant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I believe that the episode of which you speak is "Frame Up".
When we saw Ziva being held captive at the end of season six!
When Ari shot Gerald in Bete Noire.
When Tony was being a jerk to Ziva in Recoil. He's never that much of a jerk.
When Vance split the team up at the end of season 5.
When agent Lee was the real traitor.
When Fornell hangs himself on being a suspect mole for the Italian mafia.
When Tony's car blows up.
When we learn that Ari was Ziva's half-brother.
When McGee gets attacked by the dog.
In Bounce when Gibbs speaks several paragraphs. He never talks that much!
When Vance said, "Take Ms. Sciuto into custody." and they take her to interrogation.
When they showed Tony being held captive at the start of season 7
Gibbs not signing Ziva's application form at the end of Reunion
When Franks asked Jenny if she had told Gibbs & she thought he was talking about her still loving him... & then when Franks said "I was talking about you being sick.." still sad all the same
Judgement Day in general
In Cloak when Abby was "discovered" to be a traitor (Well not really surprising as saddening even though we all knew it was all a scam)
In "BloodBath," when Abby is at Timmy's house in nothing but an oversized button-up shirt (which is unbuttoned, I might add), and underwear (Which was skeletal-looking).
When Gibbs got shot in season 1, and then it turned out all to be fake
When Dr. Mallard turned himself in to the Embassay for war crimes. (Broken Bird)
When Fornell "apprarently" hanged himself [not sure what episode]
When Ziva apologized to Tony for killing Michael Rivkin and kissed him on the cheek
In "Patriot Down" when the dead burnt body was that of Special Agent Macy! from NCIS LA.
Last few episodes of Season 7 when Gibbs past (killing Pedro Hernandez) came back to haunt him.
At the end of "Last Man Standing" when Ziva returned to NCIS and Gibbs hugged her - first time Gibbs ever hugged somebody besides Abby and that was a long hug :D I was surprised that Gibbs hugged Ziva but glad too.
In the last moments of S10 when Gibbs was about to snipe someone.

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