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For me, the most fascinating part of NCIS is Leroy Jethro Gibbs. The character is unique in television in having a depth seldom seen outside of reality. Gibbs is strong, yet vulnerable; protective of his family whilst recognising that family consists of bonds that are not just those of blood; intelligent; capable of thinking outside the square; a natural leader and father figure. A positive role model in a world sadly lacking in positive role models. Kudos to Mark Harmon for breathing life into this man. MargyW

Ya Gibbs is a great character. My favorite thing about him is that he is trusting and suspicious at the same time. Also I love how he doesn't know Abby doesn't ''reboot" his cellphone. Duckyfan

How about Palmer he rulz.Hatman34

I agree. palmer is awesome. howdy25

I'm actually a Mark Harmon fan especially in this 'Gibbs' role and I absolutely agree with what MargyW said, but yeah, I have to say Palmer is one of the few actors on the show that cares about his fans, so he is awesome. silmann13

The whole cast gives me something to look forward to each week. Abby with her wonderful clothes, Tony with trivia to one movie usually every episode, McGee with his wonderful knowledge and insight to his fellow workers besides his computer wiz brain. I love when Ziva makes a mistake on our slang (it makes her character have a funny side. When Ducky goes on about his bountiful knowledge. Then there is the boss, Gibbs, who is hard on his people at times only because he cares... Palmer who has a wide-eye approach to everything. Hence my username: Appreciator

Well a litttle obviously for me, ziva is the best part of the show,,, but shes only part of the orange if you get that, ok maybe some explination will help. Well ncis is an 'orange' and there is Gibbs Tony Ziva Ducky McGee Abby Leon and Palmer each of them is a bit of the orange so with out each and every1 of them the NCIS team cant be whole if you...get..that..yeah well it sorta makes sence... well in 2 words to sum that up is NCIS RULZ!!!!
love Luvzivaluvncis

Man, Gibbs is my all time fav i may only be 16 years old but he's so awesome and very good looking for his age I love him I hope that the show stays on forever love him man i can not say that enough Jethrofan45

As "Appreciator" said the whole cast is something to look forward too..everyone with a great personality and a sense of humour...but most of all I think Tony is the best and specially how he keeps annoying Ziva with his trivia to movies and how Ziva gets wrong on what she says. I wish this show could go on forever. AmbTony

Basically this series offers all round entertainment for all the family with ensemble cast of solid actors supported by by well-rounded scripts, not to mention all the other departments involved in making it a success. Another key factor here is that it is not an overnight success, but one which has risen to success slowly and surely consolidating each step along the way. Furthermore, unlike other series currently airing there is no diva-ism among the cast, something which tends to run rife in successful series. The hard work put in by all the members has made this series the success it is today, and hopefully will continue to do so in the future. Sorgiña

I totally agree that it is all round entertainment, and the whole programme is fantastic when you look at some other shows and see how un connected the characters, that is what makes the whole show. The Characters! NCISlover161

I don't understand why people don't like McGee as much as everyone else. I have been a follower of Sean Murray since I was old enough to remember movies, starting with 'Hocus Pocus" in 1993. I think he does an amazing job portraying McGee, and he isn't appreciated enough as a character/Actor. he may not be as experienced at David McCallum, or Mark Harmon, but he holds his own, and I am proud to say that McGee/Sean is my favorite. I wonder why he isn't chosen for more interviews? CatherineYetive

Yes, I find Sean Murray, to be a very good actor too. There aren't enough photos of him either, as well as finding any interviews. He hasn't been in as many movies, but I feel he will do well throughout his acting career. Bellswebster.

I agree Sean Murry is good at what he does. His character McGee is the kind of guy that every girl would love to have he's sweet and caring. If I was apart of the show I would totally would like to be his girlfriend. He's a cutie. ZivaAbbyMedrano8605

I am totaly in love with Michael Weatherly he is so cute. I absolutly love him. I can not say that enough. I have followed him since awhile back i think it was when dark angel was on air. He is the best caracter on the show, he comepletes it with his sense of humor towards the other character. Like i said i absolutly LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!! NCISgal

I am a Fan of the whole cast of NCIS! I will admit that Ziva and Abby are my favourite characters, closely followed by Gibbs! I always LOVE Tiva moments and McAbby moments! I Always make sure to see every new episode and keep updated on any and all spoilers. I can not wait for season 7 to begin!!! NCIS_Lover

I swear the show is totally addicting! One of the best things for me is that if I wanted to, I could use so many aspects of the show to relate to some of the classes I've been taking at the college.Take Ziva's mangling of english for example. I found a video that had some of the "Zivaisms" and I showed the video in a class I was taking about communication in the classroom (I want to be a teacher) and used that to explain that with so much multiculturalism in schools nowadays, there's probably more people like Ziva out there who struggle with our language. Ok probably too much analyzing, but it's something interesting anyway :) ncis_obsessed4602

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