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Tim walked into MTAC and down the ramp only to find a pair of very shapely legs beneath a tweed pencil skirt sticking out from under the console. He stopped to inquire, but found himself at a loss for words. A hand reached up to the top of the console and felt around.

“Could you please hand me the Phillips screwdriver?” the owner of the legs asked.

Tim paused a second then answered, “Um. Sure. Here you go.” He put the screwdriver in the waiting hand and then watched the legs as they rolled from knees-up to their right side. Tim tilted his head and raised an eyebrow as he admired the shape of the behind accentuated by the narrow skirt.

“Have you met Special Agent Brown, Special Agent McGee?” Director Jenny Shepard said in his left ear.

“N-n-no, m'am,” Tim stammered.

“Sandy, I have someone here I want you to meet,” Jenny called.

The owner of the legs, crawled out from under the console and stood. She brushed her hands together then smoothed her skirt and walked over to the director.

“Special Agent Alexandra Brown, this is Special Agent Timothy McGee.”

Agent Brown reached out her hand, “Sandy.”

Tim paused a moment, fascinated by the way that the light played on her red hair. “Tim,” he finally said as he shook her hand.

“Sandy just transferred here from the NCIS office in San Diego.”

“Really?” Tim smiled. “Welcome to D.C.”

“Thanks, I'm happy to be here.”

“Is there anything I can help you with there?” Tim offered.

“I was just replacing a cable. That monitor was wanky,” Sandy replied.

“Wanky?” McGee asked.

“Technical term,” Sandy smiled at him.

McGee smiled back,“I see. Tech services was supposed to fix that last week.”

“Well, it's fixed now,” Sandy moved to pick up her tools and the cable she left on the floor.

“Here, let me get that,” he offered. Tim bent down to pick them up.

Sandy admired the view.

“So, Agent Brown how do you like it here at the home office?” Jenny asked.

“Well, Director, so far it looks good to me,” Sandy replied, smiling.

“Agent McGee?”

Tim's memory crashed into reality. He stood in the hallway outside an exam room. A doctor was examining his girlfriend, who had been assaulted. He was a Federal agent who had hacked the FBI, the CIA, and the Pentagon but none of that mattered at this point. He still felt helpless.

“Agent McGee?” the voice repeated. “I'm Dr. McCaffrey.”

“Doctor, how is she?” Tim asked.

“It does appear that she was sexually assaulted. The assailant used a condom. There is no genetic material. We recovered some hair and blood from her skin, and something that appears to be splinters from her right foot. I'll send my findings and the evidence to Dr. Mallard. Besides the bruises to her face, she has bruises on her hands, arms, and legs, and she has a couple small fractures in her right foot. We've given her a boot, but I don't think she'll need a cast.”

Out of the corner of his eye, Tim saw a nurse wheeling Sandy in a wheelchair toward him. He looked past the doctor and fought the urge to go to Sandy and hold her. She looked tired and pale, especially wearing the bright green running suit that he had pulled from the gym bag she kept in her car. He knew the clothes she had worn would be sent to Ducky as evidence.

“She appears to have been drugged, although these sorts of drugs can't usually be caught on a blood test since they metabolize so quickly,” the doctor continued. “I suspect she'll sleep the rest of the day. Let her sleep as long as she needs to. And don't leave her alone.”

“Don't worry, doctor. I won't.”

* * *

Forensics Specialist Abby Sciuto was a woman on a mission. No one would get away with hurting an NCIS member if she could help it, especially not someone who was dating McGee. Even though she didn't know Special Agent Brown well, she felt an obligation to Tim to do better than her best on this case.

She put a sample from Sandy's drink in Major Mass Spec, her Mass Spectroscopy Unit, and pressed the button. The machinery whirred to life, but she didn't stop to watch. She was already on to the next piece of evidence and didn't have time to waste. The table in the middle of the room was covered in evidence bags that she still needed to process. She hurried back to her computer station and clicked some keys. The windows on her screen slid quickly past.

“What d'ya got, Abs?”

“Major Mass Spec is looking at the drink. I'll have something for you a while. I can tell you that the bullet in the wall was an LE hollow point, the same kind of bullets we use. I found Sandy's prints on the two shell casings found on the floor."

“It was her gun,” Gibbs said.

“I can also tell you that the only prints on the handcuffs were Sandy's.”

“And her own cuffs.”

“Looks like it,” Abby confirmed. “Matter of fact, the only prints I found in the bedroom were Sandy's or McGee's.”

“If he didn't have an alibi, he'd be a suspect.”

Abby nodded, “Yep.”

“What about DNA?” Gibbs asked.

“Still waiting on DNA, but I ran an ABO test on the blood found at the scene. It's O positive. Sandy's is A negative.”

“It's not her blood,” Gibbs surmised.

“Not on the sheets or in the bathroom.

“She shot him.”

“Then, judging by the mess in the bathroom,” Abby brought crime scene pictures up on the screen, “he went there to patch himself up.” Gibbs turned to look at the evidence on the table. “Anything on the laptop?”

“I just copied the disk image to my computer. I'm getting ready to look at it now.” She paused. “I have to say, Gibbs, I don't feel comfortable looking at McGee's girlfriend's computer.”

“Are you saying you can't do it?” Gibbs asked.

“No, just saying that I'm not comfortable about it,” Abby back peddled.

“Good, 'cause I need someone I can trust on this. I don't want anyone looking at the pictures from that laptop besides you and Ducky. You got it?”

“I got it,” then Abby added, “We've gotta catch this guy, Gibbs.”

Gibbs hurried toward the door. “I know. I already promised Sandy we would.”

* * *
Tony and Ziva stood in front of the plasma, supposedly looking at pictures, but talking about other things.

“Did you know that Ma-Gee and Sandy were so . . .serious?” Ziva asked.

“Well, it only makes sense. They are both geeks.”

“Still, they are involved and they do not let that affect their working relationship.” Ziva looked at Tony. “Perhaps Gibbs is wrong. Perhaps co-workers can date.”

“The Boss is never wrong,” Tony quipped.

Ziva felt the sting of rejection. Tony wished he could take back what he said. They stood in silence; Tony shuffled the pictures on the screen.

“Tony, what would you do if the woman you were seeing was sexually assaulted?” Ziva asked. She looked at Tony.

Tony met her gaze. “I'd kill the son-of-a-*****.”

“What do you think Ma-Gee will do?”

“Probably the same thing,” Gibbs said as he rounded the corner from the hallway, “if Sandy didn't beat him to it. DiNozzo!”

Tony pointed the clicker toward the plasma screen. “Metro is investigating six other rapes of Waverly grad students. All of whom were drugged. All of whom were photographed.” He scrolled through the photos of confused, frightened, half-naked women. “Their only link was this guy, Denny Wainwright.” The picture of a boyishly handsome man in his mid-thirties flashed on the screen.

“Link?” Gibbs prodded.

“He dated all the victims,” responded Tony.

“How about Sandy? Did they date?” Gibbs asked, curiously.

“I don't know, Boss,” Tony stammered at Gibbs's glare. “But. . . I'll find out. I'm headed to Waverly as soon as we're done here.”

Ziva took the clicker from Tony. She scrolled through the pictures of the other victims. “Sandy was handcuffed, why? None of the other women were bound.”

“Because she fought back,” Gibbs answered. He looked up to see Director Vance watching from above. Vance turned moved toward his office. Gibbs understood.

“The blood at the scene wasn't Sandy's. Whoever he is Sandy shot him,” Gibbs said as he started for the stairs.

“I will check hospitals for GSVs.” Ziva hurried to her desk.

“And start talking to people in the study group,” he called as he bounded up the stairs, two at a time.

“I'm on it, Boss.”

* * *
Director Vance was seated behind his desk when Gibbs walked into his office. “What do we know?” Vance asked.

“It's still early, Leon,” Gibbs answered. “There are six similar cases of women at Waverly being raped and photographed. We're looking to see if there is a connection.”

“Photographed?” Vance asked.

“The guy takes a picture of his handiwork and uploads it to their computer desktop,” Gibbs explained.

“Agent Brown?” Vance asked.

“Yep. Naked, handcuffed to her bed,” Gibbs replied.

Vance shook his head. “So this doesn't look like it's connected in any way to the operation that Special Agent Brown was working on,” the director stated.

“The two seem to be unrelated,” Gibbs confirmed.

“Anything else I should know?” Vance asked

“She shot the bastard,” Gibbs replied. That got Vance's attention. Vance stood up and walked around his desk. “We found two shell casings from Sandy's SIG Sauer and we removed a bullet from the wall. Judging by the blood at the scene looks like she hit him. Ziva's checking hospitals now.”

“How is she?”

“Broken foot. Banged up. I talked with Tim a couple hours ago. She's at his place, asleep. He said the doctor told him that she should be fine, physically.”

Vance nodded. “How's McGee taking it?”

Gibbs sighed, “I think about the same way any of us would, Leon.”

“That bad, huh? In that case, I think it's a good idea for McGee to take some time off.”

“Would you, if it was Jackie that was assaulted?”

“No, probably not.” Vance admitted.

Gibbs turned toward the door as Vance called after him, “Keep an eye on him, Gibbs.”

Chapter 3

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