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NCIS: The Spider and the Fly
Airdate: September 28, 2010
Recap Author: callerbear

Previously on NCIS:
* Abby's trip to Mexico, tricked into investigating the death of Pedro Hernandez
* Her discovery that Gibbs was Hernandez' killer
* Allison Hart telling Director Vance that Col. Merton Bell was after Gibbs
* Hart telling Gibbs that Bell was in Mexico
* Gibbs warning Mike Franks that trouble was coming
* Gibbs finding a dead body on the beach near Franks' burned-out home
* Jason Paul Dean telling Gibbs that the dead body was Col. Bell
* Paloma Reynosa telling Gibbs that Bell was killed on her orders
* Gibbs learning that Paloma Reynosa and Alejandro Rivera are siblings
* Allison Hart showing Gibbs that she has a copy of Abby's report on Hernandez's death
* Mike Franks confronting DiNozzo in Mexico
* Paloma Reynosa threatening to personally kill Gibbs' father

In his store, Jackson Gibbs is loading home-made candy into a jar for sale. The bell over the door rings as a smiling Paloma Reynosa enters the store. She carefully closes the door, then switches the sign on the door from "Open" to "Closed". "Can I help you?" asks the senior Gibbs. "Yes, Mr. Gibbs, I believe you can." Paloma responds. She slowly approaches. Jackson pulls out the shotgun from beneath the counter, and we see that Paloma has a revolver tucked in the waistband of her pants. "You're just like your son," she says. "No ma'am, he's just like me." As Paloma reaches for her gun, Jackson fires a warning shot. Guns aimed at one another, they stare at each other and Paloma backs down. She slips out the front door and gives orders to two men outside. They draw machine guns and pepper the store, destroying the storefront and damaging much of the merchandise. The three of them re-enter the store, but can't find Jackson's body. Police sirens approach, and Paloma realizes that the elder Gibbs has escaped.

Roll the opening credits.

In Gibbs' home, Jackson serves breakfast to Jethro. Jackson had hidden in a storm cellar during the attack, and has been staying with Jethro for months while being protected by NCIS agents. He wants to go home. He asks Jethro to join him in Stillwater for a while and help re-open the store, but Gibbs declines -- he has work to do.

In the squadroom, DiNozzo is watching a set of video surveillance recordings yet again. He sees Alejandro Rivera give a signal by tugging on his ear, gunshots ring out disrupting the scene, and Rivera jumps into a waiting SUV and escapes. Vance appears. He's just received a phone call from SecNav, wondering why NCIS can't successfully organize a manhunt for a single female drug dealer. DEA wants to step in, but Vance wants to keep the case. Ziva is following a lead in Miami, and McGee is waiting at the Canadian border. Vance frets that the case is impacting their workload, and that Paloma could be anywhere in the world. He hands Gibbs a note, telling him "Dead reservist. Check it." Gibbs and DiNozzo gear up and head out to West Virginia.

A helicopter has crash-landed in in a park-like location. At 2 AM, the pilot reported mechanical trouble and landed, but his gunshot wounds imply that his troubles really happened after landing. A second man lies dead nearby, also shot. Two different caliber shells are found. It looks like passengers shot at the pilot and he shot back, killing one. The helicopter has a video camera recording the cockpit. It shows Paloma Reynosa and her two henchmen. They've apparently killed the pilot to prevent him from talking to the police.

In the squadroom, Gibbs tells DiNozzo to get Ziva back from Miami and to talk with McGee. On an MTAC video call, we see McGee dressed for cold weather, surrounded by crisply uniformed Mounties and their horses. One particular horse keeps nudging his shoulder as DiNozzo teases him unmercifully. Gibbs enters and asks if there would be any reason that Paloma would be flying north. McGee reports that the DEA and the RCMP Narcotics division had recently shut down a border exchange with potential ties to the Reynosa cartel. "Boss, can I please come home?" McGee asks. Gibbs just smiles and says "Nice horse, Tim!" He leaves.

In Autopsy, Ducky reminisces about large insects, prompted by the significant bug bites on Estaban Lopez, one of Paloma's henchmen. Between the different types of insect bites and the contents of Lopez's stomach, Ducky believes they can work out the locations that Paloma has recently been at.

Late at night in the squadroom, DiNozzo gets an instant message from his father, but Tony doesn't have time to chat with him right then. Ziva walks in, suntanned and wearing a beach hat. While she was in Miami, a local informant told of a drug shipment that had arrived from the Reynosa cartel, and Alejandro Rivera had been in town to make a personal visit to the mayor of Miami.

In Gibbs' home, Jackson has observed changes in the behavior of the protective agents and that Jethro has been distracted. He guesses that something is up, and Gibbs tells him that Paloma is in the area. While they're talking, the back door creaks open and closed. Gibbs draws his weapon and stalks towards the kitchen. It's Mike Franks with a bag in hand. "Mind if I make myself at home?" Gibbs looks at him. "What took you so long, cowboy?" Phoof!

Down in the basement, Franks and Gibbs are sharing bourbon and talking. Franks was hurt in the gunfight and hid in a nearby convent while he healed. With Gibbs' warning call, Franks was able to defend himself against Col. Bell's men, but he lost most of his trigger finger in the fight. Gibbs thanks him for coming, but Franks says there wasn't an option. "Sweet little Paloma has got a hornet up her skirt, and her sights are set on revenge. Think I'd miss that?" "Dangerous," Gibbs says. Franks: "Do what you have to do for family." "What rule is that?" Gibbs asks. "The unspoken one," Franks smiles at him. They both chuckle.

In Forensics, Abby holds up two dog collars to her protective agent. "This one, or this one?" Gibbs walks in. Apparently the agent has been guarding her for four months, and she says she has come to value his quiet opinion.

Based the contents of Lopez's GI tract, Abby has determined that Paloma had recently been traveling from Mississippi to the Florida panhandle. By analyzing the healing stages of his bug bites, she was able to track his location for the past four months. It looks like Paloma entered the US in Texas, then worked her way along the coastline around the Gulf of Mexico, then up the eastern coast to West Virginia. Abby is worried about Paloma, though, and thinks that there ought to be a plan for dealing with her. "Yeah, I got one, Abs" Gibbs says as he leaves. Abby watches him depart, wishing she knew what the plan was.

In the squadroom, McGee is happy to be back. He notices Ziva. "Why are you so tan?" "Why are you so white?" she shoots back. "Because I've always been like this?" "Becomes you," she says. He nods. "You're lying." "Through my teeth," she agrees. Gibbs walks in. He shows the team Paloma's travels. They believe she's been solidifying her drug pipeline and, having finished that, is coming for Gibbs. DiNozzo gets a call from the DEA -- another dead body, a drug dealer in Maryland. DiNozzo and McGee are dispatched to investigate.

In Director Vance's office, Vance warns Gibbs that Paloma may be sending him a message by killing the drug dealer. Vance wants to move the two Gibbs into a safe house, but Gibbs believes they're safe where they are now. Vance disagrees, having thought exactly the same thing about his home just before an assassin captured his wife. He hopes that Mike Franks won't make matters worse. Gibbs walks out, cheerily assuring Vance that things can't get any worse. Musing to himself, Vance hopes that he's right.

On their way to investigate the dead drug dealer, Tony continues to tease Tim about his time in Canada. The execution-style shooting occurred in a butcher shop, leaving the dead man lying face down in a large tray of hamburger. A Hispanic woman in her mid-thirties (Paloma?) was seen leaving the store after the gunshots. The butcher was claimed to be "going clean", but the local police suspect that the shop was a drug distribution center. Tony suspects that the butcher's truck is missing. "What better way to cross state lines than a no-frills meat truck?"

In Gibbs' basement, Jackson is working on his own woodworking project, a doll house. Franks is impatient, pacing, talking. He's a man of action, unused to waiting for trouble to come his way. "If this Reynosa woman wants trouble, come on, bring it on!" Gibbs comes down the stairs and disagrees with Franks. "Hard to take a guy seriously that keeps getting body parts blown off." But Jackson feels the same way as Franks. "Let's end this. Not just for me, for everyone."

In the squadroom, Ziva is laughing about an email she's just received from a man she met in Miami. DiNozzo gets a call, realizes that he has to warn the Director. Vance appears at his shoulder, and Tony tells him that someone is coming to meet him. He nods towards the elevator. It's Alejandro Rivera, Paloma's brother. "I thought we should talk," says Rivera. Phoof!

Vance is not pleased to see Rivera, who declares that his sister's actions have no bearing on his ability to represent the Mexican government. "What do you want?" Vance asks. "Diplomacy" is the simple answer. Rivera offers to provide details on Paloma's new drug pipeline that would cripple her operation. In exchange, he'd like to have her extradited to Mexico to be tried by the Mexican government. He says that Mexico recognizes the trouble that she has caused. As Vance walks towards the office door and momentarily has his back turned, Rivera sticks a listening device to the bottom of his chair. He continues to talk as Vance politely escorts him out the door.

In the squadroom, the team is wondering what might be discussed above. As Vance and Rivera walk down the stairs, McGee is surprised. "Is Rivera smiling?" he asks. Gibbs agrees. "Saw a cat smile like that once," he says. Rivera pays his respects to Gibbs. Abby happens to walk in, and Rivera says that he came to see her. He says that he never received a copy of Abby's report, and she tells him that it was sent. He presses her a little on the point, but finishes by saying "You know, I'm terribly disappointed with how things turned out. But look at me rambling. It's late, and you should get home. Be careful, the roads can get dangerous at night!"

Gibbs immediately steps up. "What did you just say?" He gets face to face with Rivera. "You want to threaten someone? You can threaten me. But not the people I work with." Rivera turns and tells Director Vance that his team can be hot-headed and reactionary. Vance steps in close and tells him that he'll do Rivera a favor by having someone escort him out before he gets hurt. "By who?" Rivera asks. "By me," Vance tells him. Rivera now has two strong men facing him down, surrounded by their people. He backs down.

That night, as Gibbs escorts Abby to her car, Abby is nervous. Rivera has upset her. Ducky runs up, holding a Mexican "Day of the Dead" doll that he found on his car. There's one on Abby's windshield as well. Gibbs phone rings. It's Paloma, who softly tells him "Don't look forward to the day that you stop suffering, Gibbs, because when it comes you'll be dead." She's quoting Tennessee Williams again. "You know how much I enjoy his work, Gibbs. I hope you're enjoying mine." She hangs up.

Gibbs immediately calls McGee to trace his last incoming call. He firmly tells Darren (Abby's protective guard) to stay with Abby and Ducky as Gibbs starts walking towards his car. McGee finds the location of the call -- it was right outside Gibbs' home. "Get ahold of the agents detailed to my dad" he orders McGee and breaks into a run. The protective agents don't answer their phones. "Get DiNozzo, get Ziva, get them there now. GO!" Gibbs jumps in his car and races away.

At the home, the front door is standing open and the house is very quiet. Gun drawn, Gibbs works his way through the house. He hears a noise and whirls -- startling Jackson and Franks coming up from the basement. Ziva hurtles in via the back door, gun drawn. One of the agents is dead, the other injured. Paramedics are on the way, and they've put out a BOLO on Paloma. "You mean she was here?" Jackson is surprised. There's yet another Day of the Dead doll on the bookcase. "Why didn't she just finish the job?" Jackson asks. "Because she's not done yet," says Gibbs.

Outside a local steakhouse, Rivera is standing on the sidewalk. Gibbs' car screeches to a halt, and Vance and Gibbs jump out to confront him. Gibbs is furious. Rivera calls the Mexican ambassador, but Vance hangs up the phone and tells Gibbs to back down. They leave. Rivera moves around the corner and slides into a car next to his sister. "It's time to avenge our father's death," Paloma tells him. Phoof!

Back at Gibbs' home, Gibbs puts a black band around his badge, acknowledging the death of an agent. He rolls his head backwards. "Dad, I can stop this, but I need your help." "Whatever it takes," Jackson assures him. "OK. Let's go fishing."

In the Director's office, Vance tells DiNozzo that Gibbs and his father are moving to a particular safe house, and assigns Tony to lead the protective detail.

In MTAC, McGee and Ziva are tracing Rivera's cell phone. "Call Gibbs, and tell him 'the Eagle has landed'"

In Gibbs' home, Gibbs hands Mike Franks a shotgun and keeps one for himself. "Let's go." Together with Jackson, they head out to the car. "Sure this is going to work, Probie?" "No."

In NCIS, Director Vance is leaning against the upper railing, looking out at nothing while he thinks about something. He comes to a conclusion, pulls out his cell phone, dials a number. "Senor Rivera. I'd like to discuss a diplomatic compromise."

In Forensics, Ducky and Abby are having tea. Ducky tells Abby about the first time that he and Gibbs worked together. He tells the story of two sailors whose boat had capsized. Rather than watch his friend slowly die, one of the sailors stabbed the other, claiming that it was more humane. "Ducky, what if this doesn't work? What's going to happen to Gibbs?" Ducky relates the story of when Winston Churchill calmly spoke to the nation as England waited for the first German bombs to fall on London. He quotes Churchill's radio address: "Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves that if the British empire and its Commonwealth lasts for a thousand years, men will still say 'This was their finest hour'." He continues. "The hour is upon us, Abby. All we can do is wait and see."

In Vance's office, Rivera is pleased with the bargain he's just reached with Vance. DiNozzo interrupts and passes in a note. Vance glances at it, puts it face down on his papers and closes the folder. "Details?" he asks. "Confirmed," says DiNozzo. "Gibbs?" "He's OK, but going to spend the night in the safe house." Vance excuses himself and leaves, followed by DiNozzo, closing the door behind them. Rivera opens the folder and looks at the note. "Paloma Reynosa killed" is all it says. Rivera is shaken.

In MTAC, Vance is leaning over McGee. "Anything?" McGee reports that Rivera saw the note and is trying to call Paloma. McGee is blocking the phone calls and text messages. Paloma is heading for the safe house. "Gibbs' plan to catch her may actually work" notes DiNozzo.

In the dark, Rivera pulls up to a rural home. He gets out of his car and takes a deep breath. He approaches the house with a machine gun drawn, and fires wildly into the house. DiNozzo and Ziva pull up in a car and jump out; they capture him. "I did this for my sister!" Rivera says as they handcuff him on the ground, "To finish what she started."

Another car approaches and we see someone else walk up. One of the Day of the Dead dolls is dropped by Rivera's face. They pull Rivera to his feet, and he sees Gibbs standing in front of him. Rivera is confused. Gibbs tells him that no-one said Gibbs was in this safe house, and he walks towards the door. "Who?" Rivera asks, "Someone was in there. Who?" They escort him to the house. Gibbs walks in, and we see Paloma Reynosa on the floor, dying, shot by her own brother. Rivera walks in and kneels at her side, mourning. Paloma struggles to catch her breath, and speaks. "'Will you walk into my parlor, said the spider to the fly.' Do you know that poem, Gibbs?" she gasps. Ambulance sirens approach, and Gibbs simply turns away.

Mike Franks walks into Director Vance's office. "Layla and Amira are waiting for you," Vance says, "Don't miss your flight." Franks nods. "Much obliged, Director." He leaves.

In Jackson's store, Jackson is sweeping up the mess while Gibbs tears the temporary boarding off the front of the store. "Thanks for staying to help me," Jackson says, "You sure you have the time?" Gibbs nods. "You do what you have to do for family," he tells his father. Jackson just smiles up at him. "Ain't that the truth."

In the evidence locker, Director Vance walks up to a specific box and inserts Abby's forensics report on Pedro Hernandez. He crisply straightens the box on the shelf, adjusts his tie and jacket with an air of finishing a task. As he walks away, his phone chirps with a text message. "Found him" says the message. It's signed "Eli". Phoof!

Roll the closing credits.

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