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You know you are seriously addicted to NCIS when (cont...)
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  • And here we are on our 8th page of Signs of Serious NCIS Addiction, and hopefully these will continue to grow.
  • Buying all the season DVDs as soon as they come out.
  • Watching the special features of the DVDs to find out all there is to know about the show.
  • Watching talk shows you do not normally watch because someone with NCIS is the guest.
  • Your message history contains NCIS information.
  • Your internet browser has gone to all NCIS related sites.
  • Searching feverishly for anything NCIS.
  • Thinking that making a "foof" sound on a microphone is the best thing ever.
  • You want to become friends with anyone who has worked with NCIS.. the show or the actual agency.
  • You look up the requirements to become an NCIS agent.
  • You have filled out an application.
  • When you mention something that happened in NCIS in one of your classes and your teacher elaborates on what you mentioned because he or she also likes the show as much as you do
  • When you can quote Gibbs' Rules practically backwards, forwards upside down and right side up
  • When you had never heard of The Princess Bride until Tony mentioned "new Dread Pirate Roberts" and now you're on an RPG site that has Westley and Buttercup and Inigo Montoya (and you''re the one with the Inigo account) and you post the NCIS quotes about The Princess Bride on the RPG site simply because you're good friends with the person with the Westley account and then you feel really bad cause you can't remember which episode the exchange between Abs and Tony about The Princess Bride was found in
  • This page is in your "Watchlist".
  • Conference room - n. Small room (less than 50 sq. ft.). without furniture, vertically mobile, used to hold private meetings.
  • When you watch NCIS montages you work out which episode the clips are from.
  • You refer to periods of your life as episodes.
  • When watching episodes you constantly say things like: "I read a really good fanfic on this" or "this reminds me of a fanfic I once read".
  • You live in Australia and got sick of waiting for season 7 to be on, so you download all new episodes and watch them, often before some people in the US have seen them
  • Your little sister knows that unless she gets the computer before you do, she won't get it at all because you spend all day on this site searching for updates and gossip
  • You have an account on and all of your sets are about NCIS
  • You changed you Email address to something NCIS related
  • All of your usernames have something to do with NCIS
  • You now cut your sandwiches down the middle just like DiNozzo does... not in a triangle shape :P
  • If you miss an episode for reasons beyond your control, you have an hour of mourning in which you talk constantly about NCIS, and if someone shows signs of happiness, you Gibbs-stare them until they assume a more suitable expression.
  • You are so intent on reading this page fully that you are late for school/work etc.
  • You mimic the characters in the theme song perfectly.
  • You spend hours on websites trying to find a suitable image for your profile picture.
  • Whenever aproaching a house in the dark, you put your hand on your hip as if holding a gun and shout, "Federal agents!"
  • Whenever someone mentions a theme song, you automatically start humming the NCIS theme song.
  • You have the actors' birthdays on your calendar.
  • When doing a newspaper quiz in form assembly and a question that you know only because it was on NCIS is asked you immediately jump out of your seat and yell out the answer (this works especially well if the teacher thinks you're too quiet).
  • When you do something NCIS related your first thought is to post it on here.
  • When you hear one of the character's names, you start grinning and almost walk into someone because you're imagining your favourite scene with that character.
  • The day of a new episode, you remind everyone near you that there is NCIS that night.
  • At school, you're told off for dancing in the middle of the lesson because you're remembering the last episode you watched.
  • Your teacher starts explaining about Wikis and video websites and you can explain how the wiki works because you're nearly always on it adding NCIS updates and you're the only one familiar with the video site mentioned because you use it to catch up on the really old episodes of NCIS
  • You see a street named Gibbs Road, and buy the house which is the same number as you favourite rule
  • In religion class you are asked to relate the church to something in life and you write: church name - NCIS god - Gibbs saints - the Gibblets priest - Ducky nuns - Abby. (you then get an 'F' and are sent home grinning)
  • You relate everything people say to 'the rules' no matter how tenuous the connection, so spend most of the day shouting out rule numbers
  • Your psych text book becomes your new favourite text book because you discover it has a picture of Gibbs and Abby on it.
  • You spend nearly a double in psych complaning you can't make your presentation interesting until you realise that you can make an NCIS scene and just stick their name and details in it.
  • You buy a black, 4-door Dodge Charger.
  • You get to use any theme you want for a project on working with pictures so you pick NCIS and get to use all kinds of methods for editing and working with the pics.
  • you set your aircon to near freezing so that despite the fact that it's currently 40 degrees, you can still wear you NCIS sweat-shirt.
  • you have family over who are going away for a year, but you can't see them because your homework isn't done and NCIS is on in half an hour.
  • When you have a framed picture of the NCIS team next to your bed and the only night that you didn't look at it and say your favourite quote (which is written around the edge of the photo frame) is the ONLY night that you COULD NOT get to sleep
  • You sit in maths and you and your teacher talk about NCIS, until everyone else threatens to throw you out of the class if you don't shut up. Guilty
  • Your ringtone is the NCIS theme and then it rang out in a whole school assembly and everyong looked at you, and it was possibly the worst/best moment of your life. Guilty!! :)
  • You send emails and letters of hate to channel 10 becasue you are so sick of them putting on repeats and not S7
  • On the front of all of your textbooks are pics of the cast relating back to what they do and are good at. (Maths and Science have Abby and McGee, Drama and Sport is Tony, Music and Cooking is Ziva and Gibbs is on English and S+E)
  • When you want something to work, you cross your fingers and tap them like McGee did in "Probie" Guilty!!
  • When you walk around everywhere in a black and white ncis outfit and don't care what others think of you.
  • You just got a new phone, but, the first time it rang, your 5 year old brother yelled that someone was calling you - because of your NCIS ringtone
  • You have a notepad and pen next to you bed so if you think of an addiction sign in the middle of the night you can write it down before you forget
  • Your school organiser is covered in NCIS icons and freeze-frames, and not one person is surprised by it
  • Your friends coin the phrase "all roads lead to crime shows" and it is obviously in relation to you.
  • You get exceedingly hyper because your Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator said that you could be a federal agent.
  • You have dreams in which Sasha Alexander and Cote de Pablo are both main (alive) characters at the same time, and the only weird part is the unicorn... (guilty. There was also a rollercoaster.)
  • Buying the JAG Season 8 DVD just so you can watch the NCIS pilot episodes.
  • You sit through the entirity of Lady Gaga and Beyonce's clip for "Telephone" (despite your utter hatred of the lot) just to get that split-second glimpse of the diner from Judgement Day.
  • You get confused as to why said diner is well-lit and busy, and that there's no dead director of NCIS lying in a pool of her own blood. So when a heap of people die in it, you're actually quite happy.
  • Before NCIS starts, there is complete silence in your house, as your family know that if they make a sound during the theme song, they will be attacked.
  • You start squeaking in excitement when you realise that a laptop in NCIS is the exact same model that you were using to go on this site all afternoon.
  • You make a quiz about NCIS and send it to your dad, just so you can talk to him about it.
  • Your dad gets a high score in the quiz even though he has never watched more than 5 minutes.
  • The first thing you do when you get a new computer/laptop is to change the background to something to do with NCIS.
  • You listen to Frank Sinatra, Zamfir (Master of the Pan Flute), Android Lust and so on just because they were mentioned in NCIS.
  • Your TV has screwed up the colour but you only notice when you see the NCIS/NCIS:LA ad and notice Abby's Caf-Pow! is purple.
  • When watching said TV and realising how badly the colours are screwed up you think of Tony's rants in Truth or Consequences.
  • During a maths test you find an answer cannot be correct and all you can think is "It's not normal, not after this long, it's not normal" (even though you're always really slow in tests and lucky to finish them).
  • During said maths test you *waste* more time thinking about how you will have to post this on the serious signs of addiction page and take time to think about your favourite signs.
  • You gave up your position in a state-side netball team because training was on Tuesday between 7.30pm and 9.30pm and you would miss NCIS (GUILTY!)
  • You give a persuasive speech in English and when you say "today I will be speaking about..." your entire class recites "why NCIS is the best show on television" without you telling them the topic beforehand (GUILTY!)
  • When playing scrabble everyone uses the word "qi".
  • You get really annoyed when people ask you if you're going to watch NCIS.
  • You are extremly dissapointed when Jenny and Jethro and brother and sister in Across Five Aprils
  • When you lose something you say to "put a BOLO out for it.
  • You get a "Gibbs" haircut.
  • you get stuck in your French oral and writing exams but manage to steer the point towards NCIS and get away with an A for it! (and the teacher does not seem remotely suprised!)
  • When you are told to write a computer program that says "Good Morning World" in IT, you immediately replace "World" with "Gibbs".
  • When you are later told to add, "How was your breakfast?", you then replace it with, "How was your coffee?"
  • When you are given an assignment to create a magazine for English, you immediately start thinking about which cast member you will "interview", and then get depressed because you can't actually talk to them.
  • You send "subliminal" messages to persuade your family to watch NCIS with you by saying NCIS loudly in their ear.
  • You are infuriated whenever your French teacher says "'Arry" when talking to your friend, because it reminds you too much of a certain terrorist.
  • You feel ashamed if one of your friends mentions an episode that you haven't seen, as you feel that you are letting the team down.
  • You have a new respect for where you live because it smells like coal/is where the coal comes from in your state.
  • In your "tentang saya" (about me) poster you remeber to put a long live NCIS picture on but you forget pictures of your friends.
  • When your brother comes home, he is not surprised to find you watching NCIS. He then sits down and watches it with you, even though he has important exams in a few days.
  • Your mother does not get angry when you go to bed at midnight because she knows you were watching NCIS and that you would be depressed if you hadn't.
  • Your family are surprised when you want to watch something that isn't NCIS.
  • Your family look at you whenever they hear the words "obsession" or "addiction".
  • You and your friend quote NCIS together at the back of Maths, even though a few months ago, he didn't even know what NCIS was.
  • You shout across the classroom in the middle of a lesson to ask your friend if they had watched NCIS last night. You then begin a conversation with them about the best parts of the episode, ignoring the teacher.
  • You look at your English teacher in disbelief when they tell you that not everybody watches NCIS, and then in disgust when they say that they don't watch it.
  • You describe entire episodes when something that happens reminds you of it, even though nobody is listening, and once you realise this, are ecstatic that you are acting like Ducky.
  • You forget everything that you were doing when someone says NCIS, and start talking about it, and always manage to come up with a new topic even if you've just been talking about it.
  • The book your reading in English has a character called Ziba and for some reason you can never get the name right which annoys not just the teacher but the entire class as you then can't concentrate for the rest of the lesson/day!!
  • "Sasha Alexander plays a member of the audience in one scene in this movie!" "Oh my God! We're watching it."
  • You consider putting your feet in jell-o
  • You do put your feet in jell-o
  • You hope for an NCIS-related question on Jeopardy and when you hear it, you become too tongue-tied to answer!
  • Almost fainting when you find out yourEnglish teacher is from Stillwater Pennsylvania
  • Writing your history assignment on WWII entirely in phonetics
  • You make Fanart almost daily
  • You have constant Tiva fanfic and fan art ideas
  • When you mention to your co-workers that you can't wait until the N.C.I.S. season finale/next episode/etc. and they have never seen the show, you tell them everything about it...mainly Gibbs's rules.
  • You have a list of Gibbs's rules on your bedroom wall!
  • You can quote nearly every episode verbatum, as a result, none of your family or friends can stand to watch it with you.
  • You get a bit unsteady on your feet when you see the season six DVD in a large box with an NCIS cap in JB Hi-Fi, and don't regret for a second waiting to get it, even though it's four dollars more in JB than it was in Target.
  • You wear said cap to school the next day.
  • Your favourite teacher is the teacher that watches NCIS. No contest.
  • You try to redeem teachers by talking rather loudly about NCIS, and seeing if they react positively. If they do, you love them, no matter how badly they teach.
  • You found this whole site when looking for NCIS merchandise OR anything NCIS.
  • You start saying "semper fi" to anyone that's been a Marine. Or anyone else!
  • You tell someone that you "duckied"...meaning you talked too much.
  • You seriously consider taking up a prelude to boatbuilding
  • You have a garage sale to make money for more NCIS DVDs.
  • You wake up at 3 AM with plots, subplots and questions about NCIS buzzing so loudly in your brain, you have to write them down so you won't forget to post them and start new arguments, uh, discussions!
  • Your favourite thing about work experience was that the principal (at a primary school) had the same hair cut as Director Shepard in season 5.
  • Your Dad's friend comes over and knows something's up because you're smiling so much (you just got the DVDs and you don't generally smile much).
  • You're more sad about NCIS going away for the Summer break than you are that your friend's in a different country for a year.
  • When reaching the end of a season on DVD you're still traumatised about what will happen even if you can quote it word-for-word.
  • It's been necessary to continue on page 9 of Signs of Serious NCIS Addiction.

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