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You know you are seriously addicted to NCIS when (cont...) :

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  • We are on page 5 of "Signs of Serious NCIS Addiction"
  • This site has gained nearly 1000 members in a month
  • The numbers of people who now have fan art pages here
  • The numbers of members joining the NCIS - satellite sites
  • When during the commercial break of the episode you go online to find out what other fans are thinking about the episode
  • You compare your opinions with other fans about the episode after it's finished
  • Fans living outside the US try to view it online to stay up-to-date
  • You use NCIS quotes like Tony uses movie Quotes
  • You view anyone called Trent (Kort) with a degree of suspicion
  • All you eat at McDonalds is a happy meal. (Abby: somebody needs a happy meal)
  • You start watching Bones because the band that wrote their theme song had a song in an episode (during the basketball scene in Family Secret, a song by Crystal Method is playing)
  • You feel the need to name your teeth, and out of respect, name one Frank. Then to remember past team members we miss so dearly, you also name some Kate, Jenny, and Paula (cassidy)
  • You want the "short version" and you say "Give me the Gibbs version."
  • You want to learn sign language
  • Your friend's get into NCIS just so they'll understand your quotes (but then you get their whole family into it)
  • You randomly come up with great ideas for fanfic
  • You're up at 12:00 pm reading five pages of points of addiction and laughing outrageously at how many signs you have!
  • You giggle and the fond memory that comes up everytime you see/hear/use the word outrageous (guilty guilty guilty!)
  • You feel like smacking and smashing your PC when it takes more than 10 minutes to load the sign up page(guilty)
  • Your facebook profile is loaded with NCIS humour clips...and you still can find a billion more to add (guilty)
  • When you have to really urge yourself not to call the Mass spec, Major Mass Spec when in the analytical lab at uni!!
  • You set your watch, ipod and phone to 24-hour time.
  • You prefer to date women named Abby, Jenny, Kate, Paula and Ziva.
  • When you buy a TV guide from 2 weeks ago, just because it says NCIS on it and has a picture of Michael Weatherly on the cover.
  • You add to this list in more than one language version (i.e. Spanish + English in my case!)
  • You watch repeats of the series in more than one language version (i.e. Spanish + English in my case!)
  • You watch repeats of the series in another language, that you don't speak, and still understand it
  • You're proud of your friends for watching NCIS
  • You take it as a compliment when people say you look like one of the charcters
  • When the teacher says that one assignment is making, various, ads you ask if they can be on NCIS and your whole class groans
  • Your time management skills on a Tuesday are watch NCIS and do everything else later
  • You enjoy watching "Shalom" even though at like 28mins 30seconds you can see a camera guy.
  • You ask your friends what last nights episode was about, and when they say they didn't watch it, you tell them to meet you in the parking lot at sundown... SPLAT! Ooopppsss... did I say parking lot, I meant to say alley, but... ummm... RUN!!!!!!!
  • In Indo you ask your teacher whether they wrote pera-NCIS or perancis (meaning France)
  • Perancis becomes your new favourite word
  • You have bought a "Bert" and you love him with all your heart.
  • You're surprised when your plush animals don't make a farting sound
  • You don't trust people who own black SUV's
  • At your work, you've changed the name on your nametag to your NCIS persona.
  • While engaged in online video gaming, you begin to realize you're constantly referring to members of the other team as 'dirtbags'.
  • You shed a tear everytime you watch 'Aliyah' (no spoilers)
  • You get Meat-pie all over your hands as your trying to eat dinner while one handedly navigate to this very page....
  • You begin drawing NCIS characters
  • When you can figure out what November Charlie India Seirre means but not figure out html codes
  • You find the earge to buy a farting hippo stuff animal
  • You start talking Ziva-ism
  • When you start buying NCIS merchindise
  • You start wearin clothes like Ziva, Gibbs, DiNozzo, McGee, Abby, Ducky and everyone else
  • When you talk to the characters during the show, as if they were real and could hear you...Ex: When watching "Eye Spy," S1E11, you see Tony trying to lift weights to impress a girl, and you talk to the TV screen saying, "Oh, Tony, you're gonna be hurting so much tomorrow." ... (so totally guilty!)
  • You try to figure out how to create your own farting stuffed animals.
  • You find NCIS connections in a movie like "Seven Pounds." (A guy named Tim from MIT.)
  • You watch The Proposal because it has Michael Nouri, Eli David, in it
  • When you have free time at school you look at this site and make your friends guess which things you wrote
  • You start picking understanding different languages fromwatching the DVDs
  • You seriously consider plugging your portable DVD player into the dash to "watch" NCIS on the commute to work.
  • You refer to your spouse's hat as a "cover" and require they remove it when they enter the house.
  • You cite Gibbs's rules during meetings at work.
  • When your boss receives junk mail for your company's non-existent Biomedical Engineer, you tell him you know one.
  • You start creating folders for screen caps by season and episode number, or at least by title.
  • You bought a pair of lederhosesns.
  • You told your best friends/boyfriend to change their names to Abby/Ziva/Tony/McGee.
  • You slide on the carpet with your socks on with a bowl of caramel popcorn so you have a reason to say "Friction makes us static" at Christmas parties.
  • As you are too cheap to buy a proper Bert off eBay, you buy a hippo toy, give it a studded collar, cut it open, and put a whoopee cushion in it (and it costs more than buying the Bert)
  • You compile songs you've heard on NCIS and put them on your iPod, and if you already have on that's on a new episode you start screaming.
  • You start answering your phone by your last name or by saying, "Shalom."
  • You wonder day and night is Cote de Pablo is really pregnant.
  • When you don't just "watch" NCIS anymore, now you seriously "dissect" every episode.
  • When you answer your phone and say "Yeah, Gibbs".
  • When, like Gibbs, you disconnect your phone without saying "Goodbye".
  • You mourn the loss of every episode from after the rerun plays and the episode is taken down from the site. :'-(
  • While in Bermuda, you see a little statue souvineir that says "Gibbs Hill, Bermuda" and you scream and almost knock over some VERY expensive souvineers... and the sign says "You break, you buy."

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