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You know you are seriously addicted to NCIS when (cont...) :
You have to connect to this Wiki even when you're on holiday anywhere in the world
  • Or, even when you're sick and need somebody to give you a helping hand to connect
  • You just get crazy trying to find Season 5 (or any other season) dvds in cheap selling stores
  • You sometimes search (or for things from NCIS and wish you could buy them or actually buy them
  • You wait for you dad to teach you how to fire a gun that NCIS uses (my dad says that we're gonna do it next time... :D)
  • You find yourself looking for 'How to Write Fiction' books just to be like McGee
  • You think of your course in college to do criminology or computer engineering, etc.
  • You wish you had more pics of NCIS so that you can make lots and lots of icons to share
  • You want to learn how to type so fast (like Abby and McGee) (GUILTY!!-NCISchicarock!!)
  • Sometimes you see yourself asking things about computers even though you're so good at it (the obvious questions... like 'What does this cord thingy do?' something like that. xD)
  • You wish more people would put more things here
  • You add your name to the NCIS Addicts Anonymous page, i.e. formally declaring yourself to be an addict :-)
  • You demand complete silence in your house when NCIS is about to start, and usually start an argument if someone is still watching TV when very soon NCIS should be on the screen (: - That's the usual procedure in my house!
  • You think NCIS when you wake up, when you go bed, while you work/study
  • You copy the mannerisms of the characters
  • You defy anyone to find fault with the series
  • You squeal with delight when you find someone other than yourself who loves NCIS
  • You convert everyone you know and don't know to the series
  • You contact with fans from other countries on this site, in any one of a number of languages
  • You learn foreign languages so you can watch NCIS on your travels around the world
  • You start watching Magnum PI's episodes just cause Tony likes them.
  • You try to think of witty things for the caption images
  • You add your bit to the 'add a line' stories even though you're not Shakespeare
  • You yell "Don't go in there!" to a character even though you've seen the episode a million times.
  • You get kicked out of the lounge room by disgruntled family members because you keep saying the lines in perfect time with the characters.
  • You know exactly when to hit the pause button so you can say "Now look here, it is so obvious that..."
  • You drive other people sitting at your maths table absolutely NUTS talking about NCIS and DiNozzo and recapping various episodes all lesson with your friend (guilty. Very guilty).
  • When someone yells at you for slapping them on the back of the head, you reply saying "A slap across the face is embarrassing. A slap across the head is a wake-up call!"
  • When the teacher refuses to up your exam mark, you give them the dreaded Gibbs' stare
  • When you and your friends/co-workers are doing team work and they ask you why you aren't helping you answer I'm supervising, when you teacher/boss comes to see what work your group has done you take the nearest sheet of paper and start reading!
  • You rout the web for a smidgen of info on the series, the characters, the cast, etc., ad infinitum 'coz you never have enough info
  • If you hear anybody criticising the series, characters, cast, etc., you take it as a personal affront. ("You just personally insulted me beyond belief! I will now stare at you whenever I see you and constantly threaten you with crazy ninja skills or having contacts in forensic science, paper clips or a certain assassination agency in Israel!")
  • You asked for an NCIS cap for Christmas
  • You then received an NCIS cap for Christmas (although not the exact one, but still pretty cool!)
  • You bore your friends silly reciting an entire episode imitating the different voices
  • Your friends decide to become NCIS addicts and watch the real McCoy rather than listen to your imitations (pretty sneaky recruitment method, huh?!)
  • You name a pet after your favorite character, or know someone who has. (A friend of mine named her dogs Jethro and Kate, and another pet is Tony. LOL. ~abbysciuto77)
  • You get a Daschund and name it Mercury, or decide to get a German Shepherd so you can name it Jethro/Jenny.
  • You get really peeved when reviewers for TV guides refer to Ziva as an NCIS agent. She's a Mossad officer, dammit!
  • You've considered filling out an application for NCIS
  • (for Goths) You switch your outfit during commercials because you realize you have that color or skirt and want to wear it now
  • You switch to all black coffee
  • You learn ASL to understand Gibbs and Abby signing (Note: There is a page called "Guess-tures" for the ASL-fluent fans to translate for the rest of us.)
  • You and your friends rival with your German Shepherds about whether Jethro or Rex is the better of the two - Rex being a police dog fights clean, but Jethro like his homonym uses any means to win the fight, which he does.
  • Your friends start reciting, 'never say your sorry, its a sign of weakness', just because its what you've told them too many times to count!!
  • You make sure you always have a knife on you -- or for retail workers, a box cutter while at work. (guilty!)
  • You start to follow Gibbs' rules without even noticing
  • You watch the episode that's on that night in the afternoon on dvd first!!!!!
  • You talk about it so often that you're friends think they actually know the team from hearing about it so much.
  • You call your puppets with the names, codename or nicknames of the characters.
  • All you want for Christmas and birthday gifts is NCIS on dvd, or anything NCIS related if you already have all the dvds.
  • You have already received everything NCIS-related possible for gifts and decide to make your own after that....
  • sell on the NCIS wiki to the rest of us here!
  • You try to replicate the artwork in Abby's lab.
  • Another member tells you where you can get loads of NCIS photos/icons
  • You learn the Marine's Hymn just because Gibbs was a Marine and you want to honor him. ( The Marine's Hymn: From the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli, we fight our country's battles in the air, on land, and sea. First to fight for right and freedom and to keep our honor clean, we are proud to claim the title of United States Marines! )
  • (NOTE: Anyone on can download whole ZIP files of screencaps from all eps of seasons 1-5. Just go join *this community* and surf the "Caps Archive" page. Scroll down to TV: NCIS, click it, then search for the desired episode. Season 6 not screencapped yet, as it's just begun. If you need help, drop me a line! ~ abbysciuto77, 9/30/08)
  • You know the obvious answer to "Why are you touching dead naked people?"
  • You really really like cup cakes!
  • You search for hours on eBay to find a charm for your Pandora bracelet that reminds you of NCIS.
  • You slap YOURSELF upside the head when you make a mistake and then say, "sorry, boss"! (again, GUILTY!!-NCISchicaRock)
  • You count the hours, down to the EXACT minute AND second, to the next new episode and remind EVERYONE in the house of the time it comes on in your area!!!
  • Missing out on the first six seconds drives you into a rage powerful enough to make your family grateful they haven't given you a gun... yet.
  • You hate it when people talk in the middle of the theme song.
  • You get extremely angry when someone tells you they think Tony is ugly.
  • You can quote entire scenes almost perfectly and record them onto your computer/cell phone/tape recoder/whathaveyou...
  • You start an NCIS: The Next Generation RPG and are still working on the details to get it just right...
  • You start snoring. LOUDLY.
  • You faithfully watch repeats, no matter what hour they're on TV and how many times you've seen them.
  • You dress up as Abby (or another character, but she's the only one I think you can dress up as unless you're coming straight home from work/uniform school) for Halloween or a Costume party.
  • You demand some form of caffine before doing anything.
  • You start wearing your hair in pigtails, even though the last time you did that, you were addicted to Barney.
  • You start to wish you could hit the Emergency Stop lever in your work/school elevator without sounding the alarm.
  • You have pictures of your very attractive coworker in swimwear on your computer.
  • You get all your good ideas from movies.
  • You call your coworker/classmate by a new nickname, time you refer to them.
  • You get kicked out of your workplace harrassment seminar by licking someone.
  • At the same seminar, you ask "But what about the people who work in autopsy?"
  • You do a research project for school on NCIS or Mossad.
  • You begin to pay attention in Hebrew school
  • Suddenly, you wish you hadn't skipped the two-week ASL program.
  • You build boats (Model or Real) and name them after your boyfriends/girlfriends wives/husbands and when they become exes, you burn their boat.
  • You have added a point to this page of the wiki.

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SometimesYoureWrong Totally addicted 0 Jan 29 2011, 11:57 AM EST by SometimesYoureWrong
Thread started: Jan 29 2011, 11:57 AM EST  Watch
Haha, once I went to bed and pretended I was sleeping for 2 hours just to trick my mum so I could get up and watch NCIS at 2.30 in the morning ;) It was maybe 4 months ago, and now i'm planning on doing it again pretty soon to watch the same episode (the very fist one)!
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thedreamistomeetyou 100% addiction read this 4 May 10 2010, 4:38 PM EDT by felismargarita
Thread started: Mar 7 2009, 10:21 PM EST  Watch
You aretotally addicted when...
1. You have a crush on 1 or more of the characters
2. You buy the same jewlery as the characters
3. Your heart and stomach go nuts when you hearbanfharacters name or the theme song
4. You call a computer whiz McGeek
5. You go around your neighborhood acting like a character trying to solve something
6. You act like a ninja when you turn a corner acting like you have a gun or another weapon
7. You start driving like Ziva
8. Your friends/teachers/wokers/ bosses tell you to shut up about ncis
9. You cut or file your nails with a knife like Ziva
10. You only watch t.v for ncis
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jsullivan3 Addiction relief 0 May 7 2009, 8:04 PM EDT by jsullivan3
Thread started: May 7 2009, 8:04 PM EDT  Watch
I am so relieved to know this site exists and other people only watch TV for NCIS! I'm hooked and I did squeel with joy when I found out a friend also loves NCIS. I believe Ziva is pregnant in real life.....anyone else notice. Her face has gotten so much fuller and then I noticed they never filmed her without a file folder in front of her or another person, etc. I sure hope she doesn't leave the series!
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