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Shannon Gibbs is played by Darby Stanchfield.
Young Shannon was played by Aviva Farber.

Occupation / Title:
Gibbs' beloved first wife
Personality Type:
Friendly, self-confident
Signature Look:
Long red hair
Endearing Trait(s):
Her rules
Annoying Trait(s):

Life before His Eyes - Shannon

Joann Fielding, mother
Mac (father, divorced Joann a few years after Shannon's death)
Leroy Jethro Gibbs

Pedro Hernandez
Stillwater, PA

  • We don't really know much about Shannon in the first two seasons, but there are tantalizing hints. For example, Gibbs sudden burst of rage over the Navy commander's plot to have his wife and daughter kidnapped (2.01 See No Evil) seems out of character at the time, but makes complete sense when we later learn about his loss of Shannon and Kelly.

  • In 3.02 Kill Ari (Part II), Gibbs makes a brief mention of his (unnamed) first wife and daughter (asking Ziva if she had read about them in the dossier Mossad had assembled about Gibbs). Ziva did know, which makes her the first person on the NCIS team to have been aware of Shannon.

  • We first learn Shannon's name at the end of 3.08 Under Covers. The episode closes with a scene of Gibbs alone at the end of the day in the squadroom. He pulls out a flask (with a bullet hole) that is inscribed "Love, Shannon and Kelly". He looks down at the flask and says, "I miss you guys. Semper Fi," (and takes a swig).

  • We finally learn more about Shannon Gibbs in 3.23 Hiatus (Part I) and 3.24 Hiatus (Part II). Shortly before Gibbs returned home from a deployment to Kuwait, Shannon witnessed the murder of a marine by Pedro Hernandez and was determined to testify. Hernandez killed the NIS agent that had been assigned to protect Shannon; the agent was driving a van carrying Shannon and daughter Kelly at the time. Shannon and Kelly were killed in the subsequent crash.

  • Gibbs and Shannon were married in 1982, and Kelly was born in 1984.

  • After Shannon and Gibbs had been married for several years (probably in 1989 or 1990), Gibbs was transferred to Camp Pendleton (just north of San Diego) as an MP, then deployed to Kuwait as part of Operation Desert Storm. It was in the town of Oceanside (just outside Pendleton's main gate) that Shannon was killed on "February 29, 1991".

  • Mike Franks was the NIS agent assigned to investigate the Pedro Hernandez case and Shannon's death.

  • Gibbs briefly mentions Shannon in a few episodes, such as when he apologizes to Ducky for not having told him about Shannon.

  • Shannon briefly appears in 5,07 Requiem, an episode that involved Kelly's childhood friend. We learn that the family had been living in the Washington DC area (in Gibbs' current home) before being reassigned to California.

  • The closing scenes of 6.04 Heartland show Gibbs and Shannon meeting for the first time (in the summer of 1976) as they both wait for a train to take them away from their home town of Stillwater. Shannon had worked in a store in town (we see her adjusting a window display), but they hadn't really met until this day. She decides that she will call him "Gibbs". Shannon also explains that she has created a personal code, a set of rules, to guide her life and gives Gibbs an example. ("Never date a lumberjack. That's either rule 1 or 3.")

  • Shannon is seen again in 7.16 Mother's Day when the naval officer to whom her mother is engaged is killed. We see that Shannon's mother was very upset about the Gibbs family relocating to California.

  • The closing episode of season 7, 7.24 Rule Fifty-One, gives us more insight into the ways that Shannon deeply affected Gibbs' approach to life. We see Shannon amused by Gibbs adoption of her own philosophy of personal rules. We see that Gibbs has kept his list of rules on small scraps of paper in a tin box stored in the closet of an unused bedroom. He also keeps a few mementos of Shannon and Kelly in the box.


  • In 9.08 Engaged, Gibbs' subconscious speaks to him with Shannon's voice. While dreaming, Gibbs tells Shannon that he'd like to remain in bed with her for the entire day. Shannon looks at him and says, "How are you going to get what you need if you don't let me go?"

  • The "let go" motif is clearly emphasized in the series's 200th episode, 9.14 Life Before His Eyes. In this episode, Shannon clearly explains to Gibbs that he must stop living in the past, longing for what may never be. She tells him that they never would have had a future: if Shannon hadn't have been killed, then Gibbs would have died in action in Kuwait. She also shows him the positive side of her death - his joining NIS, becoming an agent and helping many lives by bringing closure to the cases he has solved.





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