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Calling all NCIS fans! Look back at the defining fifth year of the show, and fill out details for these episodes. You can do so by adding screen captures/photos, detailed episode recaps, funny moments, trivia, insight/development of characters.

Season 5

Season 5 Highlights

Season 5 premiered on Tuesday, September 25, 2007. It was a season of "answers" per Executive Producer Shane Brennan. Season 5 saw NCIS get it's highest ratings so far!!!

Check out the episode guides and fill in the blanks! You can begin with the season opener "Bury Your Dead."

Season 5 had a total of 18 episodes due to the writer's strike. Season 6 made up for the shortened season with 28 episodes!!!
  • Season 5 began and we saw Tony nearly killed in the season opener "Bury Your Dead."
  • Tony nursed a broken heart when things ended on a sour note with Jeanne when it was revealed he had been undercover, using her to get to her father, La Grenouille.
  • We had a shortened season of 18 episodes due to the writers' strike.
  • Bent on revenge, Jeanne tried to frame Tony for her father's death. It was later revealed to be Jenny although only she and Gibbs know the truth.
  • The two hour season finale left us with the not-so-shocking death of NCIS Director Jenny Shepard. However, it was the last 2 minutes that left our jaws on the floor and angry when Tony and McGee were reassigned, Ziva sent packing to return home and Gibbs handed files on his three new team members. It left us all hating Jenny's replacement, Leon Vance.
  • Link to Blog Entry: Favorite Episodes of Season 5

5.01 - Bury Your Dead
5.07 - Requiem
5.13 - Dog Tags
5.02 - Family5.08 - Designated Target5.14 - Internal Affairs
5.03 - Ex-File5.09 - Lost and Found5.15 - In the Zone
5.04 - Identity Crisis5.10 - Corporal Punishment5.16 - Recoil
5.05 - Leap Of Faith 5.11 - Tribes5.17 - About Face
5.06 - Chimera5.12 - Stakeout5.18 - Judgement Day

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JosephMesh Vance Shredded Document Update 14 Nov 21 2008, 2:12 PM EST by Scorpio-lady
Thread started: Nov 14 2008, 9:57 AM EST  Watch
Ok, so I was bored a few minutes ago and the Vance shredded document thing was bugging me. I decided to go frame by frame and get every bit of information off the document from his file that I could, and wrote it all up. Maybe together we can now finally figure out what the heck this thing is about. Anything underlined is unknown (couldn't be read) and extra lines indicate divisions (tables). Any lines left out were completely illegible.

______ 31 October 1994___

Naval Criminal Investigative Service Field Officer

___________medal and two letters of commendation ________
________ Pensacola

_______city, Mother was a member of New York City Board (END OF LINE)
_______ a real estate appraiser. Attended Harvard ____
_______Harvard Law school, but left after one year to enter officer (END OF LINE)
_______Graduated from Annapolis Class 1993. (END OF PARAGRAPH)

_____deck ____________ running at flank speed and
_____Starter with ______ able initiative and ___

Let's sort out this mystery a little more until they really tell us what happened there.
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zivadavid Whos leaving (page: 1 2) 29 May 5 2008, 9:18 AM EDT by Kulsini
Thread started: Apr 30 2008, 8:34 AM EDT  Watch
I know that Gibbs is not leaving but Jenny could have a medical problem.i also know that it can not be ziva ore tony cause they are in the final episodes.
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SilverStar48 Episode 514 = Judgement Day 11 Mar 28 2008, 5:33 AM EDT by SilverStar48
Thread started: Mar 25 2008, 6:55 AM EDT  Watch
Ok, I just checked on the new episodes for April, and the one for April 15th is called "Judgement Day". Anybody know anything about it?
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