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Calling all NCIS fans! Look back at the first year of the show, and fill out details for these episodes. You can do so by adding screen captures/photos, detailed episode recaps, funny moments, trivia, insight/development of characters.

Season 1

Season 1 Highlights

Though NCIS began as a spin-off from JAG, it quickly set itself apart by adding a liberal dose of humor to every episode. The team found its footing in this season, beginning with "Yankee White," which premiered on September 23, 2003.
  • Kate joined the NCIS team as did Jimmy Palmer. McGee starred in a few episodes but wasn't officially part of the team till "See no Evil": the first episode of season 2. We first meet McGee in "Sub Rosa".
  • We found out Gibbs had been married 3 times and divorced as many, we still didn't know about Shannon and Kelly.
  • We learned Tony was a rich boy who'd been cut off by his family.
  • Gibbs likes to headslap Tony.
  • We start learning about Gibbs rules.
  • Terrorist Ari Haswari is introduced in episode 1.16.

1.01 - Yankee White
1.09 - Marine Down
1.16 - Bete Noire
1.02 - Hung Out to Dry1.10 - Left for Dead1.17 - The Truth is Out There
1.03 - Seadog1.11 - Eye Spy1.18 - UnSEALed
1.04 - The Immortals1.12 - My Other Left Foot1.19 - Dead Man Talking
1.05 - The Curse1.13 - One Shot, One Kill1.20 - Missing
1.06 - High Seas1.14 - The Good Samaritan 1.21 - Split Decision
1.07 - Sub Rosa 1.15 - Enigma1.22 - A Weak Link
1.08 - Minimum Security

1.23 - Reveille

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Disco58 Pilot/Season 1Kate's intro 3 Feb 17 2011, 1:02 PM EST by sueKay87
Thread started: Feb 17 2011, 12:40 PM EST  Watch
"...Ari Haswari was introduced and so was Sasha Alexander's Character Kate Todd (if you watched the jag episodes)"..

Because I was a JAG fan I vaguely remember seeing the NCIS two part pilot, but I would have sworn Sasha Alexander was already part of the team as Kate. However, in watching 'Yankee White' (Ep1.1) last night I see she hadn't even met Gibbs and crew yet. I also found where the scene came from in 'A Man walks into a bar' (8.14) came from. Interesting to say the least. I would have sworn I'd seen all these, but so far, the first episodes of season 1 have been new to me.
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