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What Episode/Scene of NCIS had your heart pumping or you had
to look away because the scene was too gruesome?
Tell which scene here.

Please do NOT change format

My personal one is Hometown Hero, It freaked me out!
The undertaker's place where the embalmer was going to drain Ducky's blood, can't remember which episode it was though
Requiem where Gibbs is trying to get out of the car after he'd driven it off the quayside
Requiem where Tony was practising CPR on Gibbs and Maddie
Recoil where Ziva got beaten about
The one where Tony got drugged and was kept in a cellar underground, but eventually managed to find his way out through the sewers, I think the episode was Missing
Hiatus where Gibbs got blown up and landed in a coma
The shoot out in Judgement Day
Any of several scenes in Chimera
In Chained at the end where Tony was slumped over the wheel and White was dead in the back seat
The moment when Ari's bullet hit Kate and Tony was sprayed with her blood
When Tony got plague in SWAK.
In Leap of Faith, when Tony almost fell.
In Aliyah when this Israeli man rips the Star of David necklace from someone's neck,and the camera turns and you see Ziva's beat up, swollen face.
In Aliyah when Ziva had pinned Tony down in Israel and had a gun pointed to his chest. I was really scared!!!!!
When McGee was attacked by the Dog in the episode "Dog Tags", I was really worried.
In the episode "Under Covers", when the hit man planned on killing Tony, and then Tony beat him up instead.
In the episode "Hung Out to Dry", when Tony was pushed out of the plane, and then Gibbs said "Good bye DiNozzo!" it was funny and scarey at the same time!
In cover story when the team realizes that Landen is after Abby.
Chimera, the idea of a ghost ship is really really unsettling.
In Sharif Returns, when Gibbs is about to get shot and Mann comes in and shoots Sharif instead
In Bloodbath when Abby's ex shows up at McGee's apartment and chases her, and when we realize it isn't the marshall that is supposed to be taking Abby to court
"Smoked"- when Gibbs says to Fornell, "Why were the toes of victims found in the victim's stomach?" WoW.
"Smoked"- when Wright's smoked body fell out of the chimney and found out that his wife was the serial killer, not him.
"Dagger" - when Gibbs got shot in the hand by Lee's attacker

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