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Sarah McGee is played by Troian Avery Bellisario

Occupation/Title: University student

Personality type: Studious, though more outgoing than McGee

Signature look: Pretty

Endearing trait(s):

Annoying trait(s):

Without Permission


Family members: Timothy McGee (brother)



Enemies: Those cheerleaders

Character Backstory:

Season 2: 2x01 See No Evil: McGee implies his little sister is a slob Kate: Because she’s a little girl, McGee. They’re not typically slobs.
McGee (under breath): Remind me to introduce you to my little sister

2x20 Red Cell Tony and Kate go to collect McGee at his apartment and interrupt him playing a MMORPG. After they all leave a women, Sarah, comes in from the other room wearing an MIT t-shirt of McGee’s. She wonders where Tim is and realizing he isn’t there takes over his role in the game. She is not identified and you are left to think she is a girlfriend. This is a misconception they continue in…
Season 3: 3x16 Family Secret Tony is going through McGee’s iPod photos and brings up a series of pictures of an attractive women, Sarah. Tony feels it must be his sister, she is way out of McGee's league. When Gibbs makes him put the photo back up he says McGee has got good taste, so who she is remains a little ambiguous.
Season 4: 4x09 Twisted Sister Sarah arrives at McGee’s door in the middle of the night covered in blood saying “I think I killed someone, Tim.” This episode reveals how close the relationship between McGee and Sarah is. He is willing to sacrifice his career in order to help her. We also see how she teases him and how much they are alike in certain ways. She is very smart, wants to be a writer and often ends up sleeping at the library. However, she seems much more passionate than McGee she threatened to kill her ex-boyfriend once or twice, maybe even three times and painted “*****” on a rivals garage door.

Season 6:


  • Favorite pizza cheeseless w/ pickles, Tabasco and peanut butter (carries a jar in her backpack)
  • English lit major, intends to become a writer
  • She is under 21 however her fake ID says she’s 22
  • Ends up sleeping at the library a lot
Ziva: ah how McGee-ish of her
Tony: must be in the McGeenome.


  • No! I can’t pee in a mug with a picture of Grandma on it
  • Oh, and if you have laryngitis, you can’t call. You’ve been saving that one for a comic book convention.
  • Tim, I didn’t come to a Federal agent! I came to my big brother.
  • I’m actually impressed. This is what you do at work? You know, state the obvious and make pretty pie charts?
  • You know, Tony is much cuter than Tommy.
  • From her blog “These preppy little girls, all skanked up to the nines in their adorable cheerleading uniforms, which had been mistakenly ordered in children’s sizes, were engaged in strangely homoerotic, Adderol-fueled spastic movements that they called dance routines.”



4.09 Twisted Sister.
Tim & Sarah McGee- Twisted Sister.

Twisted Sister


Twisted Sister
in NCIS cap
Twisted Sister

Found in the Library
Twisted Sister
Sarah McGee - NCIS
Twisted Sister

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