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225. Abby's red car (Episode 5.13 "Dog Tags")
Abby - DogTags226. Abby's "4NSCHIK" license plate ("forensics chick") (Episode 5.13 "Dog Tags")
227. Jethro....the German Shepherd! (Episode 5.13 "Dog Tags")
228. Tony's Hawaiian shirt (In 5.18 "Judgement Day")5.18 Judgement Day229. Ducky and Abby's crisp white lab coats that are always clean
230. The guitar that Tony played on the street corner.
231. The shoes that Palmer drools over, whilst under hypnosis in 5.17 About Face)
232. Tony and Ziva's rental car from Judgement Day
233. McGee's iPhone. (not any iphone, I want McGee's)
234. The video phones in forensics and autopsy
235. Paper clips Ziva uses to kill people with
236. Gibbs' morning coffee
237. NCIS baseball cap, NCIS baseball cap, NCIS baseball cap in America (I got mine! Thanks Mom!)
238. Everything they own props
239.Tony's cover with 2 bullet holes in from Marine down season 1 episodes
240. Abby's lab stuff (especially her cool keyboard!!)
241. The NCIS van
242. One of the awards that Gibbs always gets but Tony keeps locked in his drawer because Gibbs doesn't want them.
243. The Jewish Star of David necklace that Ziva always wears.
244. I would love to have McGee's typewriter. Note: all letters in the word typewriter on top level of keyboard.
245. The tools Gibbs and Ziva use to pick locks. (Just in case I get locked out of my apartment..)
246. Ziva's pink and red shirt worn in the 100th episode. (ohh I do own that specific one, lol)
247. Gibbs' yellow and black sports car (episode 6.04 "Heartland")
248. Gibbs' boat tools that would be awesome
249. Gibbs' eyes (Oh wait a second I do have blue eyes like him)
250. Gibbs' Office chair
251. Mossad training. (To coerce people and become a lie detector)
252. Gibbs' Carhart jackets. (Just like any other, only I imagine they smell like sawdust, which makes the difference!)
253. Iron Fist #14 first appearance of sabre tooth August 1977(the one McGee was reading at the beginning of Corporal Punishment)
254. Ziva (Cote's) earrings in the season 4 dvd extras (I would kill for these...not literally of course)
255. Jeanne's MOTHER!!! (4.21 Brothers in Arms)
256. Abby's wardrobe
257. The team's I-pods
258. Ziva's hair and make up
259. Jenny's sunglasses from Judgement day.
260. A big stuffed bear (Silver Wars)
261. The chessboard used in the episode "Toxic" (6.21)
262. Ziva's dress worn in episode "Last Man Standing" (preferably with ZIva in it)
263. The microphone Ziva used in episode "Last Man Standing" (6.01)
264. Deep Six by Thom E. Gemcity / Timothy McGee (I want to read it so badly! LOL)
265. Abby's mass spectrometer
266. Ziva's whole wardrobe
267. Ziva's Star of David necklace
269. Abby's hair ties
270. Abby's Umbrella seen in "Kill Ari Part 2" Season 3 Episode 2. And again when she comes in late, coming from church
271. Tony's letter opener
272.Ducky's golf clubs that McGee accidentally broke
273. Ziva's massive earrings she was wearing at the end of season 5, coporal punishment
274. The Abby-bat picture Kate drew.
275. The computer screens the other NCIS hq has
276. The red jumpsuits they wear in the evidence garage.
277. The picture Ziva had at the end of Aliyah
278. The scrabble board McGee and Ziva use (I forget the episode)
279. The whole NCIS building with everyone in it
280. Gibbs' pocket knife in episode 3.14 - Light Sleeper.
281. Ziva's gun
282. Ziva's backup
283. Ziva's knife
284. An NCIS visitor's pass.
285. Ziva's letter from Vance saying she was an agent (7.04 Good Cop, Bad Cop)
286. Agent McGee. Full stop.
287. Tony's gunbelt
288. Tony's clothes. All of them.
289. Abby's Music
290. Gibbs' Coffee Cup

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