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244 Things on NCIS we wish we owned.
Bert the burper, Bart the farter

1. Bert the farting hippo. (Pictured)
2. The red Ferrari bed that belongs to Kid Carson (from Lost and Found, series 5):
Tony: "Does it come in a king size?"Props we covet - NCIS

3. Tony's car (that got blown up) or the one that was stolen and crashed.
4. McGee's manual typewriter
5. Abby's Marilyn Monroe dress.
6. Abby's poodle skirt for when she is bowling with nuns.
7. Ziva's orange beanie (in case we get lost at sea) (pictured).
8. The Director's house. Props we covet - NCIS
9. Ducky's house.
10. Abby's mob cap (from Cover Story...and Marines call hats
their 'cover'...get it?) (pictured)

11. Gibbs' boat.
12. Gibbs' grandfather's pocket watch that horrible ex-wife Diane took in their divorce settlement.
13. McGee's Armani jacket (before Abby cut a huge patch of lOtto - animated by abbysciuto77eather off the arm)
14. Ziva's long silver earrings from Corporal Punishment (which she was wearing to the medals ceremony except Mr Nasty PR Man cancelled it).
15. Agent Lee's bra and pantie set in leopard print (but only if Palmer managed to find the matching set).
16. Jimmy Palmer's steamed-up glasses (that he used when searching for that lingerie...) (Pictured)
17. Otto the Robot car.(pictured)
18. Fornell's umbrella for park bench conversations in the rain with Gibbs (when he advises Gibbs to "Get out of the rain. Go watch a movie" - The Peacemaker, to be specific....).
19. Gibbs' coffee cup and bladder (he never runs to the head/loo - except once when Tony used the men's room as the location for the apology for keeping secrets from the Boss).
20. Ducky's hat. (pictured)
21. The videophones between Abby and Ducky labs.
22. The plasma screen monitors.
23. The sofa in the Director's office.
24. The Director's impossible office view of Washington by night.
25. The view from Gibbs' house of the Capitol building.
26. The red balloon from Honour Code.
27. The bomb from Light Sleeper: Kaboom!
28. The flag from Kate's coffin. (pictured)
29. The (notional) bullet that hit Ari's head.
30. The Frog's yacht.Props we covet - NCIS
31. The super speed computers used by Abby and McGee.
32. McGee's elf lord costume.
33. Tony's platinum bracelet from Jeanne.
34. Gibbs' Sears catalogue.
35. McGee's i-Phone
36. Ziva's crazy camo cargo pants from "Cover Story".
37. An elevator that can have the emergency stop pulled that many times
and still not break down
Props We Covet - NCIS
38. A cool US Federal Agent Badge and ID (with a good-looking Federal
Agent attached, if there is one available please)

39. Abby's entire wardrobe (except the one outfit that made her look like a Japanese tourist from the 1980s)
40. The big NCIS Major Case Team truck with sirens to get through traffic.
41. Jen's impossible high heels which she wore when scuttling off in a huff at the end of Season 4
42. Gibbs' ID bracelet (that he seems to have stopped wearing?)
43. Gibbs' Holland flask, the one with a dedication from Shannon + Kelly and holds some kind of liquor, which we might suppose is bourbon and which has a bullet in it
(obviously saved him from being shot in the gee shucks).

Props we covet - NCIS44. Ducky's enormous pliers used to cut away sternum and rib cage and frighten the odd baddy or two. Snip, snap.
45. Ducky's vintage Morgan (after Ducky has repaired the gearbox which Gerald wrecked by not knowing how to drive a manual car).
46. One of Gibbs' boats
47. Gibbs' lathe
48. Some of Abby's caf-pow for those of us who sometimes have to work all night (pictured)
49. An NCIS cap belonging to any of the Giblets !!!!!!!!! (me it's # 1 want thing :glenndelkins ) (but you cannot have them because NCIS-the-real-agency does not sell/franchise its uniforms)
50. Kate's sketchbook (and that is a really cool rendering of Tony in laid-back mode)
51. Gibbs' dog tags
52. Abby's dog collars (for our dogs, not our daughters)
53. McGee's unlit pipe.
54. McGee's royalties on his books (but not the creepy fanmail from his bookfans)
55. Ziva's winter grey coat with the red lining that she is wearing when Tony confesses that the sperm bank had no one who wanted his spermatozoa. (pictured) Props We Covet - NCIS
56. The cord with which the Director strangled the hairdresser who cut her hair so badly, not long after she started work as Director.
57. Ducky's mother's Chanel perfume (the only thing she wears to bed).
58. Ducky's mother's corgis (the well behaved ones - not the ones running away from Tony in the picture). Props we covet - NCIS
59. Palmer's mother's apple pie (you just know it has to be traditional and nice, with lots of cinnamon and sultanas-actually, she is not traditional and nice at all, but bet she has a housekeeper who is...)
60. Gibbs' sushi-bar owner's set of Japanese kitchen knives (the guy who was not really on Iwo Jima)
61. Ducky's forensic psychology study guide that he gave to Palmer.
62. Kate or Tony's PDA (not the one that Gibbs made Kate shoot during target practice...)
63. Ziva's iPod (on which she listens to Israeli? pop music)
64. Abby's music
65. Ducky's tickets to Giselle (the one he had to miss when a case cropped up...)
66. The Director's car and driver (before the driver got shot)
67. Tony's mighty mouse stapler.
68. Sarah McGee's blog about scanky cheerleaders
69. Tony's Sean Connery impression (should this be on the Coveted Traits list instead? Nah, he does it so often that it is also a prop)
70. Tony's pain meds from "Corporal Punishment"
71. Kate's clearance to fly on Air Force One
72. Abbi's eagle pendant from "Yankee White"
73. Abbi's star pendant from "Hung out to Dry"
74. Abbi's skull & crossbones t-shirt from "Seadog"
75. Autographed copy of book McGee wrote (first edition, with printer's error that makes it more valuable)
76. Jen's evening dress (when she went to the Marine Ball with Ducky)
77. Ziva's evening dress when she and Tony worked Undercovers
78.Ari's swish motorcycle and helmet
79. One of the dolls Abby decapitated looking for a bullet Props we covet - NCIS(as per picture...)
80. Ducky's bow ties and suspenders (No! I mean the ones that hold up trousers, not the ones that women wear! - known as 'braces' in UK English)
81.The contents of Kate's wardrobe, actual and fantasy...although we want the stretch version of the catsuit, please. Props We Covet - NCIS
82. My very own MTAC to call my family with.
83. Gibbs's gum (I hear it's nasty, but Gibbs chews it)
84. The remains of Gibbs's moustache after he shaved it off (because the spirit of Magnum has to live on...).
85. McGee's computer skills (both a prop and a Coveted Trait - 2 for the price of 1!).
86. A red NCIS jumpsuit (those things are HOT...and they also keep you warm)
87. Ziva's Mini Cooper (before it was damaged in the beginning of "Shalom")
88. The "Morph-pro" software to find out what my offspring will look like. (Pictured)
89. Abby's black lipstick
90. Tony's sunglasses (the ones he had to give away to the creepy kid on "Terminal Leave")
91. Gibbs' thick-soled shoes that make not a whisper of noise
92. NCIS flak jacket-bulletproof vest
93. Tony's bullet-holed hat that was later given to Ziva.
94. The book McGee wrote and his 'free writing' notes
95. The GPS-video telephone device installed in NCIS car Gibbs uses
96. The remote that controls the entire house from "Family" (and the house to go with it...but not the baby, thanks)
97. All the Star Wars stuff from the geek's apartment in "Voyeur's Web"
98. The picture of the female pilots in Jenny's office
99. The sexual harassment video and slide show from "Driven", to drive Gibbs nuts.
100. The officer sword we see Ducky swinging around in the opening credits of the series
101. Tony's DVD Collection
102. Kate's hair stylist
103. NCIS' bulletproof cars from "Caught On Tape"
102. Abby's cell phone
103. Abby's court glasses
104. McGee's mysteriously-left-in-his-bathroom-by-someone-other-than-Abby ladybug toothbrush
105. Cynthia's pepper spray from "Bloodbath" that she gives to Abby for Abby to feel safer
106. Director Shepard's brass knuckles from "Bloodbath" that make Gibbs grin when Abby shows them to him
107. Ziva's taser gun from "Bloodbath" that really does the business on the baddie
108. Kate's PDA after Gibbs made her and Tony practise their shooting skills using their favourite possessions as obstacles to avoid hitting (Tony's cap is already on the list).
109. Bullpen plasma screen. (already on the list, but they replace them regularly...we want all of them)
110. Abby's black singlet with the red love heart in "High Seas"
111. Gibbs' reading specs
112. Jen's reading specs, the ones that Gibbs borrows when he cannot find his reading specs.
113. Fornell's hip flask (in which he keeps McCallan 18 year old scotch)
114. Gibbs' red hoodie (sweatshirt-type jacket with hood he was wearing when teaching Mann how to use a baseball bat at the start of series 4 ep Grace Period)
115. The baseball bat Mann was using
116. Tony's specs in "Chained"
117. Tony's prison overall
118. Tony's prison harmonica (the one sent to him by the baddie, but he didn't know that)
119. Fornell's ability to play the prison harmonica (it is also a Coveted Trait, but the actual music was an audio prop in the ep)
120. Fornell's magic hangman's rope that lets you hang without dying
121. Fornell's grin.
122. McGee's mad girlfriend's inheritance and all her boodle from her credit card fraud.
123. Transcripts of Abby's confessions (presumably she attends mass if she bowls with nuns?).
124. The present that Gibbs gave to Abby, that glowed when she opened the box. (what in the world was in that box?!?!)
125. The black roses that Abby bought for Tony to say sorry for her forensics almost landing him in jail in "Frame Up" ("Almost?" cries Tony, "I did go to jail, Abby!")
126. The red studded dog collar that Abby left at the crazy stalker's place and she wanted Gibbs to bring back when he interrogated the crazy stalker ("Bloodbath").
127. Chip's silent shoes, to allow him to be creepy in more ways than one.
128. The bowling trophy that Abby won with the nuns (which was on the table in the drawing room when Abby stayed over at the convent, in "Cover Story")
129. Kelly's time capsule to give to Maddie, for being a faithful friend in "Requiem." (You can get this on the CBS NCIS website, virtually. But we want one we can actually hold, too!)
130. A photo of Maddie when she graduates from university, to give to Gibbs.
131. Gibbs' horse (when he was riding at the beach with S&K)
132. Ducky's diary of his adventures (or the draft of his memoirs..unexpurgated)
133. Ducky's little black book from his 1960's heartthrob days (pictured...oh wow, miaou, oh wow).Ducky in his hearthrob days
134. Ducky's Christmas card list: a who's who of medical examiners around the globe.
135. A photo of Ducky as a member of the Eton cricket XI (even if he was only 12th man)
136. Abby's mother's photo album of Abby's childhood (did she wear black diapers as a baby?)
137. McGee's scout badge collection from his youth.
138. The first draft of McGee's sister's novel.
139. A copy of the tape from when Ziva had to confront her father about what he did to Ari and Ari's mother. (you know that her father secretly records all conversations).
140. A photo of Ziva's baby sister (the one who was killed during the intifada, aged a mere 16, who was "the best of us")
141. Ari's yearbook from Edinburgh medical school
142. The Good Wife's Guide from "The Good Wives Club" episode (so we can make paper dolls from it and string them up around our prison cells where we are incarcerated for head slapping Tony too hard after one of his more sexist remarks)
143. DiNozzo's swimming certificates from childhood and his Guinness Book of Records entry for ability to hold a single breath underwater whilst doing hard work, during "Requiem".
144. Jen's copy of the Stars and Stripes newspaper, so we can read the article about Mann's retirement, at our leisure. (we will pretend not to notice that the text on the left column is repeated in the right hand column)Props we covet - NCIS
145. A student ID for the fake college, Waverly University.
146. Gibbs' white undershirts. ("vest" to UK fans, "singlet" to Australian fans, "T-shirt" to most people)
147. The red and grey letterman jacket Tony wears in season 3, when he and Ziva are startled by a security guard who pretends to radio for backup.
148. AFIS machine and software, to fingerprint anyone remotely suspicious and even little boyscouts who turn out to be someone different from whom they think they are ("Lost and Found").
149. The BDUs Tony wore for the plane-jump practice.
150. All the outdoor survival skills and gear from Carson's dad. (ep 5.9 "Lost and Found")
151. The dog named Tony from "Caught on Tape", after being washed and brushed, complete with pink bow. Props we covet - NCIS
Ziva's black head band. (pictured)
The toy knife Abby has on "Voyeurs Web"
154. Those cool cameras that everyone uses.
155. The huge hoop earrings that Kate had in "The Bone Yard"
156. The scrubs that McGee had to wear in "Dead man Walking" (Aqua Smurf suit).
157. Tony's American Pie mug.
158. Tony's "Man" Clogs. (the ones he was talking about in "Friends and Lovers" )
159. The Boy Scout outfit that McGee wore on "Lost and found"
160. Abby's "Chicky Baby" that she got from her friend for Valentines day.
161. The basketball shirt that Kate was sleeping in in "Minimum Security" Props we covet - NCIS
162. Abby's mass spectrometer, just so I can analyze what the contents of my fridge have turned into while I was away on holidays.
163. Kate's spring-break wet t-shirt competition winner photo that Tony stumbled upon in a bar whilst on a springbreak trip down memory lane with old frat buddies.
164. Abby's Habitat For Humanity construction gear (tools, hardhat, etc...)
165. An autopsy table, to make my new desk out of it. (well, only Gibbs is going to be really comfy sleeping on cold steel with a paper-towel roll as a pillow)
166. Mike Franks' house in Mexico (sans hurricanes)
167. Ziva's Sunset Top (a lot of episodes)
168. Gibbs' ever-lasting coffee
169. The carousel from Honour Code, for our celebration funfair which we mentally held when the WGA strike ended in 2008 and in anticipation of some episodes being made to finish the season or to see us through the anticipated actor's strike.
170. The Mexican music tape that Mike Franks gave Gibbs in Faking It.
171. Abby's tattoo artist's phone number and shop address.
172. The awards Gibbs has every year that Tony keeps in his drawer.
173. McGee's computer screen (the really big one he keeps at home)
174. Gibbs' 'personal' conference room, i.e. the lift where he holds all his private meetings (This is listed above, but he uses it so often that it merits another mention)
175. An NCIS rucksack
176. Shares in the company that supplies all the gloves, gloves and more gloves.Props we covet - NCIS
177. Complete book of all NCIS scripts ever written -- from first drafts to final copy, and any episodes that just didn't make it to filming. (And throw in the scripts for Abby's 2 appearances on "JAG" of course!)
178. Kate's Gothic outfit she had in "Kill Ari" (When Abby was imagining Kate talking to her)
179. Gibbs' gut that always knows the truth (although if truth be known it's probably a permanent ulcer)
180. The really long overcoats Gibbs and Fornell wear over their clothes 'on cold days'
181. Gibbs' corduroy jacket (think there's only one, but if more, then all of them)
182. McGee's elf lord hat and hands/mittens from 'Witch Hunt"
183. Kate's carved bookcase (Left for Dead)
184. Abby's choker necklace (Left for Dead)
185. Abby's lace-up front black top (Left for Dead)
186. Kate's picture of her and the president, "Left for Dead"
187. Gibbs sniper rifle he keeps in his basement
188. Abby's black lipstick
189. Jewellery Kate wears with the Goth outfit
190. Abby's rings
191. A detailed inventory of Abby's (and Pauley's!) tatts.
192. A copy of McGee's latest novel with dedication
193. The sunglasses Tony wore in "Terminal Leave"
194. The chain in "Chained"
195. McGee's giant coffee cup from "Tribes"Giant coffe cup (Pictured)
196. Kate's school uniform in Kill Ari (when Tony was imagining her)
197. Kate's leather outfit in Kill Ari (when McGee was imagining her)
198. Kate's platinum blond wig that went with the Goth outfit
199. The bourbon Gibbs keeps in his basement
200. The Extremely Bright Lights in Autopsy that seem to do all the Censoring for the show by brightening the crotches of the corpses
201. Ducky's teapot
202. Gibbs' house
203. McGee's flat
204. McGee's bookshelves
205. The iguana that frightened the living daylights out of Tony at Gitmo
206. The rat that scares the crap outta DiNozzo on the Chimera
207. Gibbs' green rubber stress ball (The Truth is Out There)
208. Abby's futon over there (*points in direction of futon*)
209. The pick-up from "Chained'
210. Kate's nightgown form "UnSEALed'
211. Abby's pigtails
212. Those funny surgical hats that Abby gives to Kate in order to win a bet with McGee, only to split the money with Kate.
213. Tony's field drug sample kits from Baltimore (High Seas)
214. The cargo pod from "The Curse"
215. Team's special outfits on the Chimera
216. The scalpel Kate was holding in her hand when she had the opportunity to stab Ari but was unable to do so.props - we covet
217. Gibbs' knife (Rule #9: One Shot, One Kill)
218. The stretcher/gurney Ducky and Jimmy use to transport the corpses
219. A body bag
220. The girl wearing the hat wouldn't be bad idea either (please clarify!)
221. An NCIS camera complete with flash attachment
222. The endless supply of latex gloves
223. Flashlights (these are 'torches' for UK English users)
224. The dual Emerson VCR stack on Abby's computer desk...I had two, one broke!
225. An NCIS wind breaker (windcheater for UK English users)
226. McGee's big computer screen in his flat
227. The necklace Abby wears in "Requiem" (season 5) - black ribbon, and silver pendant of what appears to be a wolf's head.
228. Ducky's teapot warmer.
229. Gibbs' black converse he wore when fixing Mike Frank's roof in Mexico.
230. Gibbs' furniture construction tools. Especially the plank bending steamer.
231. Gibbs' red shirt he wore in 4X02 "Escaped".
232. DiNozzo's suit at the beginning of "SWAK".
233. Ari's biker jacket.
234. Gibbs' white undershirts.
235. DiNozzo's blue boxers in "Undercover".
236. The evening dress Jen wore when Ducky accompanied her to an evening event (to see Giselle I think)
237. The decontamination chamber Kate and Tony were put in, when Tony caught a deadly virus. (SWAK -Season 2)
238. Biohazard protection suits, which look like old fashioned diving suits but in bright blue
239. Gibbs' bermudas when he goes to Baja where Franks is.goodmorningdinozzo2.jpg
240. Gibbs' Jesus sandals when goes to Baja where Franks is.
241. The iguana that sneaks into Tony's room in "Minimum Security". (Pictured)---------------------------------->
242. Tony's Wardrobe, magically made big enough to fit my rotundness.
243. Gibbs House and contents
244. McGee cute girlfriend (and some whipped cream) from the episode when he is interrupted playing Red Leader in an online war thingy