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NCIS Episode Recap: Obsession
Original Airdate:May 4 , 2010
Recap Author: #1hotchfan

An ambulance pulls up to the emergency room at the hospital. As the paramedics, doctor and a nurse are removing a heart attack victim from the back of the ambulance, an out of control car comes toward them. The doctor and nurse rush the patient out of harms way and the two paramedics dodge the oncoming car. The car crashes into a vehicle parked beside the ambulance so the two paramedics go up to check on the driver. They discover a naval officer, dead behind the wheel.

Inside the squadroom, Ziva arrives at her desk for the day. McGee peeks his head over his computer monitor and asks her if she remembers Brenda Bittner. He tells her that she befriended Brenda and she's a Barista at Gibbs' coffee shop. McGee is reading her profile online and she posted that she is in a committed relationship with Tony DiNozzo. "Our Tony DiNozzo?" Ziva asks. McGee says it sure looks like him and has Ziva pull up Brenda's home page. As Tony walks in, Ziva asks how long it's been going on. "How long has what been going on?" Tony asks as he sits at his desk. Ziva wants to know when he was going to tell them. Dumbfounded, Tony asks what she's talking about. "That you are on a committed relationship," Ziva says. Tony laughs and says, "With who?" "The ever lovely Brenda Bittner," McGee says. Tony's face drops as he looks at Ziva, who is smirking, then he asks McGee where he heard that. "She posted it, around 7:14am this morning," McGee says. Checking his watch, Tony says he left her place around 7. Ziva asks how long they have been dating. "We're not dating," Tony laughs, "last night was it." McGee says it must've been one helluva night because she cannot wait to tell all of her friends. "How many friends could she possibly have?" Tony asks. "2,412, she is very popular," Ziva replies. Tony pulls up Brenda's profile page and pulls up the photo of the two of them together. "Oh no. Can she post this without my permission?" Tony asks McGee while pointing at his screen. McGee says it depends on his privacy settings. "Well obviously I haven't got them set right. Will you get over here McGeek and make this go away please?" Tony begs. "Tony, you know, you're getting way to old for these one-night stands. Your biological clock is ticking," Ziva tells Tony. "Men don't have biological clocks. When I meet Miss Right, I'll be ready to settle down," Tony says as Gibbs walks up behind him. "Don't ever settle DiNozzo. Dead Lieutenant, Monroe University Hospital, let's go," Gibbs says. "Was he sick long?" McGee asks while grabbing his gun and badge. "Nope, never got admitted," Gibbs replies as he heads out.

At the crime scene, McGee gives Gibbs the information on the victim. The victim's name is Lieutenant Jeffrey Wilton Hutton. His parents are deceased and his next of kin is his sister. McGee is going to try and track down the sister. "So what exactly are you looking for in Miss Right?" Ziva asks Tony as she photographs him. Tony laughs and says, "Well aside from the obvious physical requirements, I don't know, I guess she'd be a, very independent woman, intelligent, successful, professional." Ziva turns to Tony and says she just has one question, "What would this woman possibly see in you?" she asks. Tony looks at Ziva for a minute then walks away.

Ducky walks up to Gibbs and tells him the car crash was not the cause of death. "What was?" Gibbs asks. "I haven't the faintest idea. I mean there were no contusions, no obvious signs of trauma. The poor Lieutenant, I doubt he was here to visit someone but he must have had an egregious ailment. He was in a helluva hurry to get himself to the hospital," Ducky says. "I figured that out myself Duck," Gibbs says, turns and walks towards McGee. McGee tells Gibbs that Lt. Hutton's sister's name is Dana Hutton. The name piques Tony's curiosity and before McGee can finish, Tony tells Gibbs Dana Hutton is a ZNN reporter. Gibbs calls Ziva over. McGee says he just off the phone with Dana's producer who claims Dana is working at home today. Clearly intrigued with the ZNN Reporter, Tony tells Gibbs he'd really like to interview her. "Sure, take Ziva," Gibbs says and walks away.

7.21 ObsessionTony and Ziva pull up outside Dana Hutton's home. Tony goes on about the pieces of news that Dana reported on. Ziva asks what she looks like. Tony gushes about how cute she is and how she looks better in a helmet. His phone rings as Ziva reminds him her brother just died and knocks on Dana's door. Tony looks at his cell phone and sees it's Brenda Bittner calling. "Guess she's seen I changed my dating status," Tony says. "Tony you cannot avoid her forever," Ziva says in frustration. Ziva knocks on the door a second time as Tony walks towards the window. Just as Ziva says she's not home, Tony looks in the french doors and sees the living room has been ransacked. "Looks like we got probably cause," Tony says as they draw their weapons and enter Dana's home. They search the main foyer, then head up to the second floor. As Ziva heads up one more flight of stairs, calling out for Dana, Tony walks over to the piano and picks up a photograph of Dana. Ziva comes down and says "It looks like she's not here." "Well, where is she," Tony asks while staring at the photo.

In the squadroom, Ziva and Tony tells Gibbs about Dana Huttons' home being ransacked. Ziva tells Gibbs that Metro is going over Dana's home and coordinate their investigation with NCIS and she's already put out a BOLO on Dana. "Dana Hutton, she'd be easy to spot, she's pretty well known," Tony says. "Do we assume her disappearance is related to her brother's death," Ziva asks. "We don't assume anything," Gibbs replies. Tony goes over the Huttons background. Jeffrey and Dana Hutton were military brats. Their father was a Marine combat helicopter pilot who died at the age of 42 in a training exercise. They were raised by their mother who died five years ago of pancreatic cancer, Ziva adds. Both Dana and Jeffrey were overachievers. Jeffrey played water polo and LaCrosse at the academy, did a tour at the Pacific, spent a year at the Pentagon before he was transferred to Navy Information Operations Command. "NIOC, secret stuff. Wonder what he was working on," Tony says. Looking at his watch, Gibbs says he'll know in three minutes because he's talking to Hutton's CO in MTAC. Gibbs sits down at his desk and Tony pulls up some photos of Dana on the big screen. "Dana, impressive woman. Won a piano competition when she was 13 year old. Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Georgetown before joining ZNN at the age of 22," Tony says. Ziva watches Tony as he talks about Dana. McGee walks in and tells Gibbs he found nothing at Jeffrey Hutton's residence and dropped off Hutton's laptop with Abby. Gibbs gets a phone call and says he's on his way. He stands up and says, "Let's go McGee." As they leave the squadroom, Tony remains staring at Dana Huttons' photo on the big screen.

Down in autopsy, Jimmy Palmer is sewing up Lt. Jeffrey Hutton's corpse. "Multiple organ failure but no apparent reason," Ducky says. "You seem perplexed Dr. Mallard," Palmer says. Ducky says he is, he was reviewing Lt. Hutton's physical, which was done only 1 week prior to his death, and Hutton was in perfect health. Palmer grabs a few sample jars of blood and tissue and is going to take them up to Abby. He wants to know of Ducky wants her to look for anything specific. Ducky says he has nothing specific to tell her, or Gibbs, when he comes calling, as he undoubtedly will.

In MTAC, Gibbs and McGee are chatting with Hutton's CO, Captain Austin Sears. Sears wants to know if Hutton's death was an accident. "I don't know, what can you tell me about him," Gibbs asks. Sears tells him Hutton was a good officer, hard working, smart, maybe to smart. Sears describes Hutton as a politician, he knew how to work the system and had a master plan, his career wasn't going to end in NIOC. "What was he working on?" Gibbs asks. "Classified project," Sears replies. Gibbs smirks and says, "We've got clearance." Sears says he can't let him know about the program unless he hears from SecNav himself. "I'll make the call," Gibbs says. "I suggest you have your Director do it," Sears says then makes the sign to end the call. "Gee what a sweet guy,"McGee says. Gibbs asks if DiNozzo has a buddy at NIOC.

Tony and Ziva head over to the television station to talk to one of Dana Hutton's boss, Rex Carhartt. Once Rex learns of Dana's brother's death, he tells them an old mentor of Dana's was killed in an accident two weeks ago. Ziva asks if it was unusual for Dana to not come in. He tells them it is and she's been distracted lately as she's the executor of her friend's estate and had to get involved in the sale of the business - an old book store on Dupont Circle. Tony asks if Dana shouldn't be checking in with Rex because he's Dana's boss. "I"m not her boss, I'm her Segment Producer. She's the star, gets to choose her own assignments," Rex replies. With a smirk aimed at Tony, Ziva asks what Dana was working on right then. Dana was working on a story on private military companies but had started researching the old Soviet KGB. Rex told Dana it was yesterday's news. "But you couldn't talk her out of it," Tony says as he walks towards the stage where Dana films her show, then sits down in Dana's chair. Rex says when Dana's passionate about something, she could lose objectivity. Ziva asks Rex about Dana's personal life, but he says he wouldn't know, they were all about work. Tony inquires if Dana had a boyfriend and Rex says he doesn't know. With a flirtatious smile, and getting one in return, Ziva hands Rex her business card and tells him to call if Dana shows up or he hears from her. Tony gets up and tells Rex they'll find their own way out.

In Vance's office, he is sitting at his desk with Gibbs standing by the side of his desk. Across from Vance sits Alejandro Rivera, who is with the Justice Department in Mexico. Alejandro is in town to help set up an international law enforcement task force. "I'm sure you know our country is in the middle of a horrible drug war. We are desperate for help. It is imperative that our countries share techniques and intelligence," Alejandro tells Gibbs. "I'll do what I can do," Gibbs responds. Vance's phone rings, he answers it and tells the caller to send her in. To Gibbs' surprise, in walks M. Allison Hart. Allison greets Gibbs with a huge smile and a hello, but he just looks away. Vance informs Gibbs that the State Department has appointed Ms. Hart as Alejandro's legal counsel. With a chuckle, Gibbs says, "Of course they did." Alejandro says he met Allison in Mexico City and they worked well together. Allison says Alejandro was helpful to her in securing Colonel Bell's release from prison. "Maybe we shouldn't be cooperating Leon," Gibbs says. Allison and Vance smirk while Alejandro looks puzzled. Allison tells Alejandro, "Mr. Gibbs has a strange sense of humor." Gibbs notices a "Temp" NCIS badge clipped to Allison's dress. She tells him that she's going to be spending a lot of time on the project so Vance has kindly given her temporary employee status. Vance just grins but Gibbs does not look amused.

The elevator bell dings, as Palmer exits and then enters Abby's lab. "Abby, how are we doing on Lt. Hutton's tox screen?" he asks. "We? Get in line Palmer.," Abby says then tells him she's ruled out all common viruses, biological, agent, and drugs. She tells him to "go, scram, leave me alone" then vents how McGee is bugging her for the contents of Hutton's laptop. Poor Palmer looks confused as she tells him the laptop is a terabyte and asks if he knows how big that is. The elevator bell goes off again and Palmer is saved from responding when Tony walks in. "She's in a foul mood, again," Palmer tells Tony. "Palmer, I have guns in my ballistics lab and I know how to use them," Abby says. Looking at Palmer, Tony walks up and gives Abby a hug. Palmer looks confused, then Tony steps back and asks Abby about the finger prints lifted from Dana Hutton's condo. Calmly, but frustrated, Abby says she has gotten them but hasn't had a chance to look at them, she will call Tony when she has answers. Tony looks at Palmer, who smiles at the change in Abby's attitude. Suddenly Abby flings her hands in the air and demands both of them get out. When the duo reach the elevator, Palmer congratulate Tony and they do a round-about high five. "For what?" Tony asks. Palmer tells Tony for hooking up with Brenda Bittner, then wants to double date with Tony and his 'girlfriend.' as the elevator doors open, Tony steps in and smiling, Palmer asks Tony if they have plans for Saturday night.

Gibbs and Allison Hart come downstairs from Vance's office. Ziva sees them together and whispers for McGee to look. Allison tells Gibbs, "I'll see you tomorrow Mr. Gibbs. This is going to be fun, at least for me." Gibbs looks at Ziva and McGee then asks if they have anything. McGee had been running a check on Dana Hutton's credit cards but so far there has been no activity. Gibbs wants to know if Tony has made contact with his buddy from NIOC yet. Gibbs asks where Tony is and Ziva says, "I have no idea."

Upstairs in the conference room, Tony is watching footage of Dana Hutton interviewing author, Joshua Drewe, on the laptop. He then flips over to some more footage of her in Afghanistan.

Tony walks into the squadroom and Gibbs wants to know if Tony has spoken with his friend at NIOC. Tony says they've been playing phone tag. Gibbs just stares at Tony. Ziva tells Gibbs that ZNN is going to break the story on Dana Hutton's disappearance. "I'm surprised they held it this long," Gibbs says. Tony walks over to McGee, squats down by his desk and asks McGee to give him a number. "What number?" McGee asks. "Dana Hutton," Tony replies. "Give me the number please," McGee says. "I've been monitoring her cell phone Tony and it's not on," McGee tells him. "Give me the number or I'll Gibbs slap you," Tony threatens McGee. McGee gives in, writes the number down and hands it to Tony. Tony gets up and tells Gibbs that there is a bookstore Dana used to hang out at when she was a kid. "How do you know that?" Ziva demands to know. "It's called research, David" Tony replies. The owner of the bookstore was a friend of Dana's who died in a car accident and Dana is the executor of the estate, trying to sell the store. Tony thinks he should go and check it out. "Friend, killed accidentally. Brother, healthy, dies of unknown causes. She disappears. I think we're setting a record for coincidences," Gibbs replies, then gives Tony the thumb indicate he's to go ahead. Gibbs wants Ziva to get the details on the car accident.

Obsession Recap - NCISDucky heads into autopsy in the morning and turns the lights on. Palmer has Lt. Hutton face down on the examination table. "May I inquire as to what the Lieutenant is doing back on the table Mr. Palmer?" Ducky asks. Palmer stumbles over his words for an excuse, then finally asks if Ducky is upset. "Don't be silly, I admire your initiative," Ducky says. Palmer smiles from ear to ear. Removing his hat and coat, Ducky asks if Palmer found something. Palmer found a 1 inch mark on the Lieutenant's left shoulder in the x-ray films. He noticed a corresponding mark on the exterior of the skin so Ducky wants to find out what it is. Palmer tells Ducky he has prepared all the instruments for him. "No no, this is all yours Mr. Palmer," Ducky says while putting on his exam gloves. "Allow me to assist," Ducky adds while handing Palmer the scalpel. After making a small incision where the mark on the shoulder is, Palmer looks up to ask for the tweezers, just as Ducky hands them to him. Using the tweezers, Palmer reaches into the incision and pulls out a small round, silver ball. "What on earth is that?" Ducky asks.

Looking at the ball on her computer screen, Abby says, "It looks like a teeny tiny bowling ball." Abby doesn't know what it is and Palmer tells her he and Dr. Mallard are baffled to. "Okay, well, I will add this to my to-do list," Abby says dismissing Palmer. He just stands there and smiles until Abby hits the remote, blaring her music across the lab. Palmer grabs his ears then heads out the door just as the elevator bell rings, the doors open and Allison and Alejandro get off the elevator. Allison calls Abby's name a few times, then yells it when she realizes Abby can't hear over the music. Abby turns the music down, then grits her teeth and says, "Oh, Miss Hart." Allison begins to introduce Alejandro but Abby already knows who he is because she read it on the inter-office email. Alejandro tells Abby he's been looking forward to meeting her, she is a legend in forensic science. Abby is pleased and a little embarrassed. Allison was wondering if Abby could give Alejandro a quick tour of her lab. Abby tells him she would love to but she's just way to busy. "Mr. Rivera is on a very tight schedule, he's only going to be in Washington for one more day," Allison says sweetly. Abby glares at Allison and says, "Well maybe next time." Before an argument begins, Alejandro says he Abby is clearly busy and he appreciates her work ethic and wishes he had someone like her on his team. Abby shakes his hand, thanks him and does a little curtsy. She then glares at Allison who just smirks in return. As they leave her lab, Abby turns the volume of the music back up loud.

Tony walks up outside the bookstore and listens to a young man playing his saxophone for music in front of the store. He compliments the man's music, then tosses money into the case. Maggie Reed, the Realtor selling the store, walks up and introduces herself to Tony. Walking inside, Maggie disables the alarm and says, "I hope your not insulted but you don't look like somebody who would be interested in buying a used book store." Tony tells her he's not, he's NCIS while he flashes his badge. She realizes he is there about Dana and tells him he heard about Dana's disappearance and her brother's death on the television that morning. Maggie wonders what is going on. She says she tried to call Dana a few times the day before. "How well do you know them?" Tony asks. Maggie says she didn't know Jeffrey but she was a patron of the book store and had seen Dana in the store over the years. The owner, Charley Basum, was like a father to Dana and she took his death very hard, Maggie tells Tony. Tony points to some photos of a man behind the counter and asks if that's Charlie. Maggie confirms it is. "I understand Dana is handling his estate," Tony says. Maggie says Dana approached her the previous week at Charlie's funeral and asked if she would help with the sale of Charlie's business. Charlie's will instructs that the proceeds from the sale go to a charity promoting literacy for children. "Is this place worth much?" Tony asks. Maggie tells him if he were a potential buyer she'd say yes, but to be honest, there's less than a year left on the lease and everyone's getting electronic readers, books are a dying business. Tony walks into the back room, points to the couch and says, "Dana used to curl up on this couch." "You know her?" Maggie asks. Tony evades the question and heads into the back room to check out the office. He discovers the safe is wide open. He asks Maggie if the safe is always open. Maggie has no idea and
Obsessiondoesn't believe Charlie had much in value to lock up.

In MTAC, McGee and Gibbs hook up with Captain Sears again. "Captain, you hear from SecNav?" Gibbs asks. "Yes," Sears adds reluctantly. "So, what was Lt. Hutton working on?" Gibbs asks. Hutton was working on a report for a very select group of people, the Joint Chiefs. "About????" Gibbs asks. "Private military companies. They got a lot of negative reaction to the Military's contracting out operations. The Lt. was putting it on paper that the Military cease and desist any such arrangements," Sears says. "I'll send you a report by courier," Sears says. "I appreciate it," Gibbs replies. "Now, what can you tell me about Lt. Hutton's death?" Sears asks. McGee whispers in Gibbs ear that they have to go. Sears does not look pleased when Gibbs says, "Got ta go Captain," signs to cut the transmission. McGee points out that Dana Hutton was working on a report on private military companies. "Add it to the list of coincidences," Gibbs says.

Gibbs walks into Abby's lab and she informs him that Lt. Hutton was murdered. "How?" Gibbs asks. They show Gibbs the small silver ball that was embedded in the Lieutenant's shoulder. "What is it?" Gibbs asks while putting on his glasses. "It's a spherical metal pellet," Ducky replies. Abby grabs Gibbs arm to bring him to the big screen and tells him it's 1.5 in in diameter and 2 holes were drilled into the ball. The ball was filled with Ricin, the deadliest toxin known to man. This is an old KGB weapon, Ducky tells Gibbs.

In Vance's office, Gibbs updates him on the cause of Lt. Hutton's death. "KGB? It's been SVR since '91," Vance says. "Well someone's been out there using one of their old tricks," Gibbs replies. Ducky rehashes the infamous umbrella murder of 1978 where Bulgarian dissident Georgi Markov was killed by a poison dart filled with ricin and injected into his system from an umbrella. "How long does it take ricin to kill Duck?" Gibbs asks. Ducky says three or four days, but Hutton wouldn't have known what was wrong with him and even if he'd made it to the hospital they could not have helped him. "There is no antidote," Ducky tells Gibbs and Vance. "Thank you Dr. Mallard," Vance says and dismisses Ducky. After Ducky leaves, Vance sits down and says to Gibbs, "Yesterday morning we were talking a simple car accident, now we're talking KGB assassination." He asks Gibbs if he has been able to connect Lt. Hutton's murder with the disappearance of his sister. Gibbs says, "Maybe. Se was preparing a piece on private military companies. Her brother was preparing a paper recommending to the Joint Chiefs our government cut off contracts with them." "I'll make some calls," Vance replies.

Gibbs is working in his basement when Allison walks downstairs. "It's one o'clock in the morning, what are you doing down here?" she asks Gibbs. "That's none of your business," Gibbs replies. "I thought you were going to start locking your front door," she says as she walks towards Gibbs. "Well if I did that I'd have no social life. What are you doing here M. Allison Hart?" Gibbs asks. "You didn't seem happy with my new status at NCIS," she replies. "Aw, and I thought I covered that so well,
" Gibbs sarcastically replies. She sits down on the sawhorse (the link is purely for reference if you don't know what a sawhorse is) and asks him, "Are we, going to have a problem?" Gibbs finally looks at her and says, "It came from the top, I take orders." She smiles, looks at him and says, "Since when?" "You know what, I need to finish this. You never know when I may need to saw a lady in half," Gibbs says. "I heard you were looking for Dana Hutton," she tells him. "Is that why your here?" he asks. "No," she responds. Gibbs says Allison knew Dana was investigating private military companies like the one owned by her biggest client, Colonel Bell. "Don't go there Mr. Gibbs," she says. "He's the one who pays for your $500 shoes," Gibbs tells her. Allison replies, "I take offense, they cost $1200. I ask because Dana is a friend." Gibbs looks at her and asks, "How close?" Close, is all she'll say. When asked, she tells Gibbs the last time she saw Dana was a week ago. Dana wanted to talk because she'd just broken up with her Producer boyfriend. "And if you want any more out of me, your going to have to ply me with liquor," Allison says.

Tony heads into the ZNN television station and confronts Rex, poking him in the chest, sending him staggering back a few steps. Rex asks him why and Tony responds, "Because there are consequences for misleading federal agents." "What are you talking about?" Rex asks. "Why didn't you tell me you were involved with Dana?" Tony asks back. "I really didn't think it was relevant or any of your business," Rex says. Tony replies, "I'll determine what's relevant. How serious is it?" Rex felt it wasn't that serious because Dana is a Pro, she knows how to work it and use it like the best of them. Grinning, Tony asks, "She use you?" "Yeah, I let her, and enjoyed it. You know she was even more telling off screen..." Rex responds but doesn't get to finish as angrily, Tony grabs Rex by the jacket collar. "What the hell is the matter with you?" Rex asks. Tony just glares at him, lets go of Rex's jacket, then leaves.

Back at NCIS, McGee exits the elevator and Allison Hart is standing there talking on the phone. McGee continues into Abby's lab and watches Alejandro and Abby flirting. Alejandro offers to be Abby's host if she ever visits Mexico. Abby tells him she can't wait as Alejandro picks up Abby's hand and kisses it, then leaves. As he passes McGee, he wishes him a good morning and leaves the lab. McGee walks up to a beaming Abby and asks what that was all about. Abby tells him that Alejandro has invited her to Mexico to speak at a symposium. "Don't you love that word?" she says. "Alejandro?" he asks. "Symposium," Abby replies. "Your not going to go are you?" McGee asks. "Are you kidding? Why wouldn't I go," Abby replies. McGee bets that Alejandro just wants to find out how many tattoos Abby has. "Maybe I have a new one that your never going to see," Abby taunts. McGee finally asks why Abby called him down to her lab. Abby has cracked the encryption on Lieutenant Hutton's hard drive. Lt. Hutton was using his top secret clearance to access old FBI and CIA transcripts. The document Abby pulls up to show McGee is a debriefing of a KGB defector from 1985. "Year of the spy," McGee says. "Spies have their own year?" Abby asks. McGee explains that in 1985, more spies were arrested than any other years so the media dubbed it "Year of the Spy." Abby wonders if the Lt. was accessing secret transcripts as part of his work with NIOC but McGee says the CO, Sears, never mentioned it. "So, he was doing it on his own?" Abby asks.

In the squadroom, Ziva hands Gibbs the autopsy report and file on Charley Bascom. The report says Bascom's death was definitely an accident. A car driving in the opposite direction, blew a tire, crossed the center divider and hit Bascom head on. Bascom was pronounced dead at the scene. "What did you find?" Gibbs asks Ziva. Ziva pulls up information on Bascom on the big screen. Bascom was a naturalized citizen, who immigrated to the U.S. from Canada in 1963. His birth certificate indicates he was born in Hamilton, just outside of Toronto but he died at the age of 3 from Meningitis. Gibbs whispers, "Bogus papers." He hands the autopsy report to
Ziva and tells her to get it to Ducky. Ziva turns around and asks Gibbs if he has talked to Tony that morning. "Late last night," Gibbs says as he leans over his computer keyboard. Ziva tells him that Tony went to ZNN that morning. When she doesn't continue, Gibbs looks at her and asks, "What?". She tells him Tony got physical with Dana's producer. "I think he may be obsessed with this woman," Ziva tells Gibbs.

Tony returns to Dana Hutton's home. He stands in the living room and stares at a framed photograph on the mantel. He calls Dana's cell phone and introduces himself, telling Dana they have been looking for her for two days. He sits down at the piano bench and continues leaving his message saying, "Please trust me. I know this is going to sound crazy but, I feel like I know you. You can call me at this number." He hangs up his phone and begins to play a few notes on the keys when we see the figure of a woman walking through the open front door. When he hears a creak, Tony calls out, "Dana?" Ziva walks in, leans against the wall, "I"m surprised you did not call me Laura. Cop falls for a missing woman, 1944, Gene Tierney, Dana Andrews" "You making a film reference, go figure," Tony replies. "Tony, this is a murder investigation, this is not a movie. Dana Hutton is missing and may be dead like her brother. She's not just going to walk in through that door and into your life," Ziva tells him.
7.21 Obsession
Gibbs heads into autopsy to chat with Ducky about his findings on Charley Bascom. Ducky points to some photos he has spread out on the table and tells Gibbs his esteemed colleague did a thorough and well-documented autopsy on Bascom. Since the cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head, there were a lot of detailed photographs of Bascom's head. Ducky enlarged one photo and asks Gibbs if he notices anything unusual. "Yeah, it's pink," Gibbs replies. Bascom has what is called "pink tooth" - it's caused by the use of an arsenic compound. Ducky says that while Bascom may have emigrated from Canada, he'd stake his reputation that Bascom was born in the Soviet Union.

The team meets with Vance in MTAC and he debriefs them on some information. During the height of the Cold War, there was a legend of a man named Yuri, who was a Mole in the Washington area and operated as "The Banker." He funded KGB Ops in America. Some doubted his existence but most believe he was real and worked up a profile; Charles Bascom fits the profile perfectly. "Used bookstore would be a perfect front," Gibbs says. It's believed kept over $10 million U.S. in a slush fund and once the Berlin wall was torn down, the KGB was disbanded, they believe Bascom was forgotten about in the ensuing chaos, Vance tells them. "Charlie was Yuri when he was a spy. Kinda like Kevin Costner's landlord in the film, "No Way Out," Tony says. "What does that make him Dana Hutton and her brother's handler?" McGee asks. Tony chuckles and says, "Are you suggesting Dana is a spy?" "Look I'm just saying, if I was currently writing a novel, I could not come up with a better cast of characters," McGee responds while Vance and Gibbs listen intently. "You got a navy officer, Lt. Hutton, with top secret clearance," McGee continues. Tony won't believe it so Ziva steps in and reminds Tony Dana is on a first-named basis with the President of the United States. "You two are both way off based," Tony argues. "If Chuck Bascom was Yuri, then what happened to the money after he died in the accident? Leon, maybe that's what this is all about," Gibbs says. Gibbs stands up and tells his team, "Come on, we're going to the bookstore." The team gets up quickly, except for Tony, he hesitates, the finally follows as Vance watches them leave.

Obsession Recap - NCISAt the bookstore, the team unpacks their gear and heads into the store. Tony thanks the Realtor, Maggie, for coming so quickly. She lets them in (doesn't unset the alarm this time) and asks if they've had any word from Dana. "No ma'am, but we'll let you know when we're through," Gibbs replies. Gibbs has McGee check out the vents when Tony's phone rings. Tony looks at his phone, then excuses himself to take the call outside. Gibbs tells Ziva to check behind the books. "There have to be thousands of them," Ziva says as Gibbs head off to look around. After a thorough search, McGee finds nothing in the vents, then asks Ziva where Tony is. "I have not seen him since he got the phone call," Ziva answers. "He's probably talking to his girl, Brenda Bittner," McGee remarks. Ziva laughs and then opens a cabinet to look in it. Gibbs is in the office, looking in the safe. He pulls out his knife and lifts the material on the bottom shelf of the safe and finds a microfiche. Gibbs tries to explain to McGee what it is "it's kinda of a 1070's things like the memory plug you put in the side of the computer". "Oh a flash drive," McGee says. "Yeah, yeah, one of those," Gibbs says.

That night, Tony is waiting by the water when Dana Hutton shows up. "I wasn't sure you were going to show," he tells her. "You were very convincing on the phone. So, um, you said you could hep me?" Dana replies. "Yeah. Where have you been?" Tony asks. "Hiding. I got a panicked phone call from my brother. He told me not to talk to anyone, he was on his way to the hospital but wouldn't say why. I heard on the news that he had died..." she says. Tony tells her her brother died of ricin poisoning, that he was injected with a pellet and probably didn't know it had happened. He tells her it's an old technique developed by the KGB during the cold war. Dana looks upset and leans over the side railing and Tony puts his hand on her back and asks, "Are you alright?" She looks at him, then his hand and Tony removes his hand. Dana asks if the doctors couldn't have helped him at all and Tony tells her that there is no antidote. She asks what else he knows. Tony tells her about Charley Bascom's "Yuri" identity. He realizes she already knew this. She tells him after Charley died, she had a locksmith open the safe. Inside she found Russian documents, codes and she was baffled and didn't understand why he had them. She confided in her brother what she had found. Jeffrey used his top secret clearance to research the documents and she started researching old KGB. "You could have just gone to the FBI," Tony says. Charley was like a father to her and she didn't want to expose him as Yuri until she was absolutely sure. "Was the money in the safe?" Tony asks. "No, but I know where it is" she replies.

Obsession Recap - NCISGibbs is waiting outside the bookstore when Tony pulls up with Dana Hutton. Gibbs helps her out of the car and greets her. "Tony actually found Dana Hutton," McGee says from inside the bookstore. "She is even better looking in person, huh?" Ziva replies. The trio enter the bookstore and Tony tells everyone the money is hiding in plain site. Charley converted the money into something he treasured even more, Dana tells them. Dana puts on gloves as she handles a leather bound, first edition of the works of William Shakespeare, published in 1623. In today's market, in auction it could fetch $6 million dollars. The other item is the complete, first edition, Gutenberg bible of 1456, covered with a "Dictionary" cover to disguise it's true 'identity'. It's printed on Vellum. According to the Internet, this book was stolen by the Nazi's in WWII and sold on the black market in the early 1990's for $2.5 million and is worth 10 times that now. Dana points out that many of those books in that particular case are of significant value. "Helluva story," Tony says and Ziva just looks at him. "Too bad it doesn't have a happy ending, Jeffrey's dead," Dana says. "Who killed your brother?" Gibbs asks. "I don't know. Probably the same person that killed me," Dana tells the shocked team as she reveals the same round marking on her right forearm. Tony just stares at her as she looks at him and tells him, "I had to find out what happened to Charley. Sometimes I just get into a story, I don't stop."

Gibbs walks into Vance's office. "You made us look good with the FBI, Fornell says he owes you dinner," Vance tells Gibbs. Vance drops the file on the table and tells Gibbs the Microfiche was Yuri's accounting ledger. It contains dates, names and the amount of every penny Yuri dispensed for the KGB from the day the bookstore opened business until the last payment made in 1991. Most of the people listed are dead, in prison or were called back to Russia and all of them would have known about the money, maybe one of them is the killer, Vance says. The FBI is picking up the remaining few KGB members. Gibbs hands back the folder and says, "Yeah, we'll there is one name on there I'm gonna pick up."

7.21 ObsessionGibbs and Ziva meet Maggie outside the bookstore. "Need to get in again huh?" Maggie asks them. "Actually we found everything we were looking for. Dana Hutton, the money, Yuri's files," Ziva tells a shocked Maggie. Gibbs tells Maggie that she could have gotten her money after Charley Bascom died but she got greedy. In Russian, he tells her she is under arrest for the murder of Lt. Jeffrey Hutton. In Russian, she tells Gibbs his Russian is very good. They handcuff her and take her away.

Tony walks down into Gibbs basement. "How'd it go?" Gibbs asks him. "Well, she went peacefully," Tony says while picking up a hook and playing with it. Gibbs looks at him and asks if he's okay. "Not really," Tony says and sits down. Gibbs pours nuts and bolts out of a jar and pours a drink. "I broke Rule #10, again. Never get personally involved on a case" Tony says. Gibbs hands Tony a drink, and he sips it. "Yeah, that's the rule I've always had the most trouble with," Gibbs tells Tony.

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