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What are our favorite characters' nicknames or code names?
Leroy Jethro Gibbs
  • Boss
  • Gibbs (Mainly by Abby, sometimes by Jen on rare occasion Tony and McGee)
  • Silver Fox
  • Bastard (By most women. We learn that Tobias Fornell is called a Bastard as well)
  • Bossman
  • El Jefe ("Iced" Season 3)
  • Probie (Franks calls him that in "Hiatus" Season 3) (Update: Also in season 6 episode 15)
  • Jethro (Normally only by Jen, Ducky, Tobias Fornell, or Mike Franks. And by Ziva in Hiatus part 2)
  • Captain One-Shot Gibbs ("Last Man Standing" Season 6)
  • Pa (by DiNozzo in "Last Man Standing" Season 6)
  • Dad (by DiNozzo in "Last Man Standing" Season 6x2)
  • Smokey ("Cloak" Season 6 Episode 8)
  • Gunny
  • High School Principal (Gibbs refers himself to as a High School Principal in Season 2)
  • LJ ("Heartland" Season 6 Episode 4)
  • Fearless leader
  • Daddy (when Gibbs and Jenny are arguing in "Twisted Sister" Season 4 Episode 9)
  • L.J. Tibbs (in McGee's book)
  • Sweetie (Ducky calls him this in "Broken Bird" Season 6)
  • El Magnifico (one of Abby's many pet names)
  • Alvin Thomas (undercover name in "One Shot, One Kill", 1x13)
  • Agent Interesting Name (Murder 2.0)
  • Gibblet

  • Abby Sciuto
    • Abby
    • Abs
    • Vampirestein8782
    • Little Lotus Blossom (By Ducky in "Twisted Sister" Season 4 Episode 9
    • HeLrAiSer32
    • Miss-Cold-Ember
    • B2Killerzs
    • Cyberskank1982
    • Hot Dark Angel (By Mikel Mawher on his web page for Abby in "Bloodbath" Season 3 Episode 21)
    • Deathstlkr49
    • Miss Gibbs ("Forced Entry" 2x09)
    • 4renschik (her numberplate in "Dog Tags" Season 5)
    • Abby-normal (Nine Lives 6x05)
    • 5 Finger Sciuto
    • Abigail (Mainly by Ducky that we know of)
    • Scuito ("Bait" season 3)
    • Miss Scuito (By Director Vance through out Season 6. Also by a doctor in "Haitus" Part 1 Season 3 Episode 23)
    • Forensic Scientist Extraordinaire (In "Judgment Day" Season 5 Episode 18)
    • Amy (in McGee's book)
    • Vampirestein
    • Energizer Abby (Voyuers Web)

    Anthony D. DiNozzo
    • Tony
    • Boss (By McGee on a few accounts and once by Gibbs in "Bait" Season 3 Episode 18 and in "Bounce" Season 6 Episode 16)
    • Big D ("Model Behavior" Season 3 Episode )
    • Spanky ("SWAK" Season 2 Episode 22)
    • Honeybuns ("Head Case" Season 3 Episode15 by Naomi (Tony's girlfriend at the time) and apparently by Gibbs!)
    • My little hairy butt ("Under Covers" Season 3)
    • Sex machine (Conspiracy Theory 2x19)
    • DiNutso (Fornell's way of saying his last name)
    • Gus Bricker (undercover name Split Decision Season 1)
    • Tony DiNardo (undercover with Jeanne, Through out Season 4 Ending at Season 5 Episode 2 "Family")
    • El Segundo
    • Dee-Nozzo (By Ziva not sure what episode)
    • Brad, Bruce ("Pop Life" Season 2 Episode 16)
    • Willard ("Chimera" Season 5 Episode 6)
    • DiNosey ("Capitol Offense" Season 6 Episode 3)
    • DiNoseyo ("South by Southwest" Season 6 Episode 17)
    • Bandit ("Cloak" 6x08)
    • Senior Field Agent (Mentions that to McGee when he doesn't want to do something)
    • Bone head (by Gibbs and a few others)
    • Jean Paul ("Under Covers" Season 3 Episode 8 )
    • Tommy (In McGee's book)
    • DiNozzo (Abby in "Bounce" Season 6 Episode16
    • Tango Eight (A code name Jen gave him in Seasons 4-5)
    • Wingnut
    • Trainee ("Agent Afloat" Season 6 Episode 2)
    • Bubba ("Hung Out to Dry" Season 1 Episode 2)
    • "That Italian Kid" ("Call of Silence", Season 2 Episode 7)
    • Very Special Agent DiNozzo
    • "Very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo, boy who cried wolf and who must now suffer from periodontal disease from it." (Season 5 Episode 2 "Family" Refers to himself as this as he's on the phone after announcing he needs to go to a Dentist appointment, but neither, Gibbs, McGee, nor Ziva believe him, because as we all know as he was on an under cover in Season 4 and an episode in Season 5. They don't let him go so when he answers the phone he refers himself to that.) **Sorry for super long explanation please don't delete**
    • Junior (by his father in "Flesh and Blood" 7x12)

    Timothy McGee
    • Aqua Smurf (“Dead Man Walking” 4x16)
    • Backstabber
    • Banacek ("Deception", 3x13)
    • Boss ("Last man standing" 6x01)
    • Charlie Brown ("Witch Hunt" 4x06)
    • Chucklehead ("Head Case" Season 3)
    • Daniel McBoone ("Hide and Seek" 6x19)
    • Dead Agent Walking (“Twisted Sister” 4x09)
    • Dork ("Black Water" 2x11)
    • Elf Lord
    • Gore Vidal ("Smoked" 4x10)
    • Inspector Gadget ("Family" 5x02)
    • Knucklehead ("Head Case" Season 3)
    • Ladder Hugger
    • Major McTom ("Requiem" 5x07)
    • McBarfbag ("Chimera" 5x06)
    • McBitter ("Guilty Pleasures" 7x19)
    • McCheat ("About Face" 5x17")
    • McChitty Chat ("Legend Part 1", 6x22)
    • McContrary ("Legend Part 1" 6x22)
    • McCranky ("Caged" 6x12)
    • McDetail ("Deliverance" 6x15)
    • McEgghead ("Broken Bird" 6x13)
    • McFlabby ("Witch Hunt" 4x06)
    • McFlower Power ("Bloodbath" 3x21)
    • McFreaky ("Stakeout" 5x12)
    • McGarnagle ("Broken Bird" 6x13)
    • McGeek ("Angel of Death" 4x24)
    • McGeekle ("Grace Period" 4x19)
    • McGeeko ("Requiem" 5x07)
    • McGenius ("Legend", part 2, 6x23)
    • McGiggle ("Corporal Punishment" 5x10)
    • McGnome ("Collateral Damage" 6x07)
    • McGnomer ("Power Down" 7x08)
    • McGoo ("Identity Crisis" 5x04)
    • McGoogle ("Requiem" 5x07)
    • McGoon
    • McGPS ("Dagger" 6x09)
    • McGruff ("Dog Tags" 5x13)
    • McGullible ("Dagger" 6x09)
    • McKilljoy ("Collateral Damage" 6x07)
    • McLawyer (“Smoked,” 4x10)
    • McLovin ("Deliverance" 6x15)
    • McLover ("Designated Target" 5x08)
    • McMotherboard ("Deliverance" 6x15)
    • McMuse ("Dog Tags" 5x13)
    • McNerd ("Corporal Punishment" 5x10)
    • McOz ("Judgment Day" 5x18)
    • McPanic (7x14 "Masquerade")
    • McPinkerton ("Road Kill" 6x10)
    • McProbie
    • McProbius ("Dog Tags" 5x13)
    • McRanger Rick ("Hide and Seek" 6x19)
    • McRomeo ("In the Zone" 5x15)
    • McRough
    • McScout ("Dagger" 6x09, "Hide and Seek", 6x19)
    • McShipmate ("Last Man Standing" 6x01)
    • McSmarty Pants ("Child's Play" 7x09)
    • McSnapper ("Legend", part 1, 6x22)
    • McSneaky ("Recoil" 5x16)
    • McSniper ("The Inside Man" 7x3)
    • McSofty ("Caged" 6x12)
    • McTardy
    • McTim ("Requiem" 5x07) ("Child's Play" 7x09)
    • McTimex (“Twisted Sister” 4x09)
    • McZero ("Internal Affairs" 5x14)
    • Michael Jackson (“Sub Rosa” 1x07)
    • Mr. Mildly Neurotic Introvert with a Highly Sensitive Ego ("In the Dark" 4x22)
    • Mr. Peabody ("Deception", 3x13)
    • Neanderboy ("Doppelganger", 2x12)
    • Picklehead ("Head Case" Season 3)
    • Plucky ("Light Sleeper" 3x14)
    • Probie
    • Probie Pan ("Tribes" 5x11)
    • Probie-san ("Leap of Faith" 5x05)
    • Probie Wan Kenobi
    • Probilicious ("Leap of Faith" 5x05)
    • Scout Boy ("Hide and Seek", 6x19)
    • Special Agent Goodwrench ("Lt. Jane Doe", 2x04)
    • Spider Mike ("Cloak" 6x08)
    • Sponge Bob ("Black Water" 2x11)
    • The Ghost of David Niven ("Deception", 3x13)
    • The McGee ("Caged", 6x12)
    • Thom E. Gemcity (mostly "Cover Story", 4x20)
    • Tiny Tim ("Silent Night", 6x11)
    • Tim
    • Timmy
    • Timothy (by Ducky)
    • Very Special Agent McGee
    Ziva David
    • Amadeus
    • Archangel
    • Bat Girl ("Boxed In" Season 3 Episode12)
    • Crazy Chick ("Under Covers" 3x8)
    • Crazy Israeli Chick
    • Crazy Israeli Chick With Impulse Issues ("Designated Target" 5x8)
    • Crazy Ninja Fighting Israeli Chick
    • David-o ("Legend Part 1," 6x22)
    • Gina ("Recoil", 5 x16)
    • Gretel ("Boxed In" 3 x12)
    • Lady Ziva ("Outlaws & In-laws", 7x06)
    • Lisa (in McGee's book)
    • Little Israeli ("Shalom" 4 x 1)
    • Pistol Pack'n Mama
    • Pocahontas ("Road Kill" 6 x 10)
    • Sick Chick ("Probie" 3 x 10)
    • Sweet Cheeks ("Under Covers" 3 x 8)
    • My Ninja ("Nine Lives" 6 x 5)
    • Widow Woman ("Cloak" 6 x 8)
    • Houdini ("Deception" 3 x 13)
    • Mossad Hunting Dog ("Dagger" 6 x 9)
    • la Bonita ("Deliverance" 6 x 15)
    • Sophie ("Under Covers" 3 x 8)
    • Officer David
    • Officer Ziva David
    • Probie (season 7)
    • Wingnut
    • Zee-vah ("Frame-Up, 3x09)
    • Ziver (by Gibbs)

    Jennifer Shepard

    • Jen
    • Jenny
    • Madame Director (Doesn't like to get called that. Normally snaps at people but not Gibbs. Was first called this by Gibbs in "Kill Ari Part 1" 3x1)
    • Ma'am
    • Director
    • Director Shepard
    • Mommy ("Twisted Sister", 4x09)
    • Fearless Leader (Tony "Judgment Day" 5x18)
    Donald Mallard

    • Charles
    • Doctor
    • Duck (only Jethro has permission to call him this)
    • Duckman
    • Ducky
    • Rubber Ducky ("Cloak" 6x8)
    • Doctor Mallard
    • Donnie (by Jordan "Broken Bird" 6x13)
    • Donald (by his mother)
    • Duckster ("Agent Afloat" 6x2)
    • Duckman ("Bete Noire" season 1)

    Jimmy Palmer

    • Autopsy Gremlin ("Model Behavior" 3x11)
    • Black Lung ("Shalom" season 4)
    • Jimster
    • Mini Mallard ("About Face" 5x17)
    • Baby Gibbs ("About Face" 5x17)
    • Love Machine ("Cloak" 6x8)
    • Pimmy Jalmer (from McGee's book)
    • Mr. Palmer

    Caitlin Todd
    • Kate
    • Secret Service chick (by Tony in "Yankee White" 1x1)
    • Katie (She hates to get called that)
    • Lulu ("Pop Life" Season 2)
    • Rosefern (secret service codename)
    • Todd
    • Special Agent Todd
    • Special Agent Caitlin Todd
    • Caitlin (Normally by Ducky that we know of)

    Charles (Abby's Assistant)
    • Chip
    • Chipper
    Director Vance

    • The Toothpick

    Mark Harmon
    • Quarterback
    • Papa Smurf
    • "daddy"
    • Ratings Whisperer
    Pauley Perrette
    • P
    Michael Weatherly
    • Hollywood (by his father)
    Sean Murray
    • Baby Duck
    Cote de Pablo
    • Cote (pronounced co-tee - that was how she pronounced it herself in one of the DVD extras) is actually a nickname. Her real name is María José de Pablo....
    • Cote De 'Problems ' (By Michael Weatherly in a DVD extra as well.)
    • cote de zur
    • Cotes (one of the many cast nicknames for Cote- pronounced coats)
    David McCallum
    • Ducky
    • Illya Kurayakin

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    Mcabby101 Sean's Nickname 0 Jun 3 2010, 6:28 PM EDT by Mcabby101
    Thread started: Jun 3 2010, 6:28 PM EDT  Watch
    I saw a video on Youtube with Sean and Pauley where she talks about Sean's nickname,"baby duck".but it has bad audio. Does anyone know where this clip is from so I may try to locate it to see it with better audio? Sean's giggle at the beginning is SO adorable! Thanks! Also, way to go on whomever put this list together. Something
    tells me next season Tony will have more names for Tim. = )
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    Gabby_Tiva_Fan El Jefe 3 Jun 1 2010, 1:43 PM EDT by Sorgiña
    Thread started: May 31 2010, 6:01 PM EDT  Watch
    I'd like to note this name.

    It is Spanish for The Boss or Boss man.

    I saw it in my cousins blog, her husband is in Afghanistan and his nickname if Heff from Heffe (real name is Jeff).

    I heard it in NCIS earlier today and was like Hey! I never knew why Abby called him this until now.
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    OliviaMaCa "Agent Interesting Name" 0 Jan 15 2010, 1:41 PM EST by OliviaMaCa
    Thread started: Jan 15 2010, 1:41 PM EST  Watch
    It was Murder 2.0
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