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On this page we can write episodes, rather like a fanfic but with an episode type format although not really a fanfic.
Teamwork - Tony, McGee and Ziva
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LaGrenouille told Ducky that he had 3 children. We just know one of them, Jeanne. How would it be that only one of the children wants to take revenge? Maybe Jeanne could appear too...
An Episode that Ziva and Tony was getting ready to go home after work and they got stuck in an elevator and when the lights turned off Ziva hit her head on the railing and Tony is right by her side and then confesses his love for her.Meanwhile Abby gets kidnapped and she almost dies but just then McGee turns around and saves her by killing the kidnapper and tells her that he loved her since the day that he met her.. Meanwhile back in the elevator the lights finally turns back on and Ziva and Tony are saved and Ziva is rushed to the hospital because she almost died and that is when Ziva told Tony that she is pregnant and that the baby is his.. When Ziva gets better Tony and her get married and have a baby.. Meanwhile after being saved by McGee; Abby realizes that McGee is the one for her and McGee and Her also get married and they also have a baby..
I would love it if Allison Janney (C.J.Craig from West Wing) were in an episode. She and Gibbs could do double takes, and she could ask him if they'd met somewhere before...he was "Agent Sunshine" Simon Donovan, on her private protection detail on West Wing.
My best friend Bekah and I are both horse(and NCIS) freaks, so I would be thrilled if Donald P. Bellisario and the other writer/directors would make an episode based in Texas about horses (and if possible with me & Bekah in it [dream TOTALLY come true])
I'd like to see an episode where the NCIS building is being held hostage and the only way out is threw gibb's relative (friend, ex, whatever floats your boat ex would be funny). They want someone dead (put your least favorite character here). They have everything set up. There's no way to escape. Wait I forgot Gibbs works for NCIS
ABBY EPS: 1) Something to do with her family, and tell us whether she is actually an orphan (like she seems to be, because NCIS is her surrogate family) or a reason why she has so little contact with her family (contrast Palmer, who talks/writes to his mum all the time)
ABBY EPS: 2) Something that features the ten-pin bowling nuns, who must be quite feisty (nothing where they are soppy: just ninja nuns)
ZIVA EPS: 1) Something that shows the fall-out from Shalom (where she defied the Mossad bosses and escaped), and something that shows her enjoying something from her past (surely it cannot have been all guns and funerals?)
DUCKY EPS: I WANT MRS MALLARD??? (**Note: Nina Foch, the actress who portrayed Mrs. Mallard, died in 2009. During season 7 in 2010, it was explained that Mrs. Mallard passed away quietly 'off-screen'.)
DUCKY EPS: Ducky in London at his international conference, meeting up with other NCIS ME's from around the world and maybe getting into a challenge with the Royal Navy (British one) where he has to choose roots v chosen country...
GIBBS EP: There just has to be a time when he has to do a case in Hawaii (after all, it must have some naval bases, surely? Pearl Harbour?) And he will just have to run into Hollis who is surely doing freelance consultancy because she is bored with retirement.
DiNOZZO: down Mexico way...with Mike Franks, who always gets around him and outsneaks him.
McGEE: What is his third book, pray tell?
Tiva love:I would like to see a episode about Ziva (TIVA RULES) and maybe one where Abby's the star(because she is so under used)
Maybe an episode from Abby's point of view would be an interesting one.
I'd like to see an episode in which Abby kills someone in self-defense.
They should make an episode where they all get accidentally high on something (cocaine, perhaps?) and funny moments ensue...
I'd like to see an episode into Ducky's past. How he and Gibbs met...why has he never married? Did he ever come close? Family? I've started a series on Fan answering some of these questions on my own, but I'd love to see at least a side story in the ME's direction :). - TLH
Me personally would like to see a Ziva episode where her past comes back to haunt her, I want to find out what actually happened to her and why she's so .......Ziva like.
Another good episode would be maybe Ziva and Tony falling out so it would get complicated between them in a way that's hard to explain.
Tony and Ziva get drunk one Friday and end up together, then on Monday when they are sober and have to act normal
An episode where Gibbs starts building a boat called "The Abigail".
An Australian episode (with me in it?)
An episode where we see McGee with his new-found season 5 confidence. (All the others featuring him make him appear to be very unsure of himself. ) Maybe it is time he gets a nice girlfriend.
It is time that Mossad somehow finds out that Ziva killed Ari. I am not sure what would follow, but it would be a fantastic episode.
I know that Mister Mark Harmon likes to play harmonica and 4 strings guitar (he said that in an interview :). So I would like to see and hear him playing those instruments in NCIS and singing too. Also to see him and another member of the cast playing basket ball one to one =)
I would like to see the NCIS team have to investigate something in Ducky's past that has come back to haunt him.
Jeanne comes back to try and get back with Tony. But Tony goes undercover with Ziva to make her jealous and they realize they actually love each other (Tony and Ziva)(TIVA!!!)
This one's from my mom. She would like to see an episode where someone's in a comma or something and they envision everyone singing and dancing "Eli Stone" style.
I'd like to have an episode that follows the characters home after a tough day. It would be cool to see everyone's homes instead of just Gibbs's basement, Ducky's house, and McGee's apartment. I think it would be cool if everyone separated when they came home, and then maybe they could come back together again... maybe I should make that a fanfic.
An episode with all the members together on the same place - call it 'team development' - would be great. Maybe they walk over live coal or something like this .-)
An episode where we find out what all the different ways to kill people with paperclips.(by Ziva demonstrated on tony obviously!)( Hang on maybe not ...lets stay in the dark on this one! ) :D
In several early episodes, Ziva mentions that she is resolved to never be captured alive. An episode where she is captured, (using drugs to keep her ninja skills at bay,) and the rest of the team have to try to get to her before she has a chance to hurt herself.
Tony and Gibbs going out on the town together and getting roaring drunk, while undercover to catch some baddies and the rest of the team tries to hide the fact they're drunk from the director
An episode including memories of Kate would be quite good but also seen as Ari died at almost the same time the truth should be out that Ziva killed Ari and not Gibbs.
An episode that reveals Ziva's tragic past, Tony helps her move on and they start dating.... Then Jeanne comes back says that she was stupid and wants to get things going again but Tony says that he's really in love with 'this' girl and and Jeanne won't stand for it so she has Ziva kidnapped and held for ransom.
An episode where Abby Ziva Gibbs and Ducky get kidnapped because the kidnapper wants Tony because Tony witnessed a murder
I would love to see an episode with Ziva having friends from home come to the U.S. and she has to explain who,what where and how... and she could see how she has changed from being around her peers from NCIS and how they influenced the change. I know she would have to take stock of her own inner self. But, if they did this in a comedic way, it would really a great episode.
An episode where Abby and Tony go undercover. McGee and Ziva both get really jealous, and blurt out their feelings for the one they love. Meanwhile, Tony and Abby are taken hostage, and the only way for them to be saved is by 'the one they truly love' rescuing them...
An episode that shows Zivs when se was younger- her life in Israel, how her sister died, her mother, what was her relationship with her father and Ari like...
Taking off of one of the other ideas on here, an episode where Ziva gets drunk, perhaps because she's sad about something(So many things she could be depressed about...Ari, her sister, her mother(Whatever happened to her), et cetera, et cetera), and she finds condolence in Tony. That would be really nice...And a drunk Ziva...THAT would be interesting.
McGee has to go under cover but Ziva can't pass as his wife so Abby is recruited to play his wife. (Obviously, because Abby and Tim are so well matched, with similar scientific interests)
An episode where McGee is kidnapped/captured because of his computer knowledge and hacking skills, and the team has to find him.
An episode where Jethro the dog is brought in again
An episode where Mister Harmon plays Harmonica (in an interview he said to play it) :) and playing Basket ball :D (in another scene not the same scene!!!
An episode where we can see how Gibbs and Jenny met each other
more episodes with Muse and Mark Harmon together
An episode about Gibbs and McGee (where we could see the father's figure he can be to McGee)
you know most of the cast plays music/ sing... Mister Harmon : guitar, harmonica and sang in a 240-Robert :D , Sean Murray plays guitar, Michael Weatherly: plays piano and guitar, Miss De Pablo writes and sings, Miss Perrette was in a the band "Lo-Ball" and writes and sings, so what about an episode with all together singin' a song? :)
One guest-starring Chris Cooper as an FBI agent.
One guest-starring either Amy Lee, Hayley Williams, or Kate Voegele.
One where the whole team goes to Israel and Tony meets Ziva's father (okay, okay maybe that's not a good idea- Tony may not survive.)
One that shows the rest of Gibbs house or DiNozzo's apartment or Ziva's apartment.
One where the whole team travels to Leavenworth, Kansas (since it's going to be the new Gitmo) and work with the Leavenworth County Sheriff's Department. (If at all possible I would guest-star in this one- I would at least get to meet the cast!!!)
An NCIS, Big Bang Theory cross-over!!!!!
An NCIS, Scrubs cross-over where Ziva and JD hook up!!!
One where DiNozzo is watching the movie Wyatt Earp and notices someone that looks eerily like Gibbs is in it.
One where every member of the team reveals which political party they support.
One where Gibbs and Tony are kidnapped and it's up to the team to find them
One where Ziva and Abby are held hostage and it's up to Tony and McGee to save 'the one they love'
Abby goes undercover and gets to show off her shooting skills
An episode devoted to the 18 ways Ziva can kill you with a paper clip
Any episode with Corporal Damon Werth in it
I'd like to see Gibbs in an actual relationship. Maybe someone from his past who already knows about Shannon and Kelly, so he doesn't have to explain it and doesn't feel like they have to compete against it.
An episode where the Blue Angels (the Navy's aerobatics team) are involved. Maybe intelligence suggests they are at risk of being shot at, or something else. If the episode is set at an airshow in Canada, we could also see our Snowbirds and the NCIS could get help from the RCMP. If the airshow is at the Sherbrooke airport, Ziva and Tony would recognize the place from 4.14 - Blowback.
A crossover with NCIS and Cold Case, and we find out that Tony knew them when he worked in Philly and we find out his history with them and get an idea of what he was like before NCIS and Gibbs.
An episode where Ziva's in a coma due to a shoot out, and everyone's point of view of the shoot out. Plus seeing the teams reactions to Ziva when she's in the coma.
(Following from above) The team, including Gibbs could all take turns keeping her company in her room, each person having flashback about his/her relationship with Ziva (good and bad memories). Tony could finally tell her how he feels and she could come out of her coma at that moment. (Thanks to the person who made the suggestion of Tony being in the hospital a little further down this page for the inspiration)
Now that the new season started, I want to see something between Ziva and her dad. Also, something about her necklace being taken.
I would love to see an episode where Tony is seriously injured and gets put in hospital and everyone thinks he's not going to make it and Ziva finally tells him how she feels about him and then he eventually pulls through and tells her he feels the exact same way. It would be so cute
An episode set on a navy ship (other than a carrier or a sub, we already saw that).
I would love it if they could get anyone from The West Wing to guest star on the show. (Directors Morrow and Vance and, of course, SA Gibbs were all in The West Wing)
I would love for when they finally have the song Michael Weatherly wrote and recorded for the soundtrack (Bitter and Blue) premiere, have him performing it. Maybe be Tony's night off and he's playing it as part of a gig and someone in the Navy get killed outside or something, so that he doesn't realize that they are coming there, but close enough to have the team interview the people in the place. And they see Tony signing and either playing the piano or guitar part for the song. I'm just thinking that the looks on everyone's faces would be funny.
A crossover with "In Plain Sight." Mary McCormack's character is so much like Cote's, but their pasts and their angsty partners are so, so different. What would Ziva think of Marshall--and how would Mary react when Tony hit on her? Still searching for fan fiction on this one--I'm not a good enough writer, or I'd write it myself!
One were it turns out Tony was abused.
Gibbs in court. I am imagining it would be a very A-Team like story. Gibbs being charged for a crime he didn't commit and his team proving him innocent
What if Ziva screwed up and was gonna be sent to court and Vance was making Tony (who was there) testify against her but then Tony asks Ziva to marry him so that he doesnt have to testify.
I would like to see an episode where Ziva gets kidnapped by a murderous Marine. Tony comes to save her but finds that he may be too late. Ziva is unconscious on the ground inside a small warehouse, bleeding from several different limbs. Tony bends down and finds that Ziva is still alive so he calls an ambulance.

When Ziva wakes up in the hospital after being in a coma for four days, she tells Tony that she loves him and apologises for taking so long to admit it. Tony says that he loves her too and that he was terrified when the doctor told him that she had so many injuries that it was possible she may never wake up.

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