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If you're obsessed with NCIS, then you probably have something to show it. Here, you can let other fans know what you have in your NCIS collection! Whether it be autographs, NCIS hats, DVDs, CDs, etc.!
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What's in your collection:
5 custom made posters, seasons 1-6 on dvd, Mark Harmon's autograph, NCIS CD, The Gibbs rules T-shirt, a Bert, an " If you bother me while I'm watching NCIS, I will be forced to Gibbs slap you." t-shirt, HUGE 70x75 custom made poster, NCIS badge, a set of NCIS buttons, Cote de Pablo autograph, 13 NCIS scripts, an NCIS mug, Abby messenger bag, all 3 volumes of NCIS fanfiction, and a Team McGee beadspread.
Seasons 1-6 on dvd, an NCIS hat, an NCIS XXL Athletic Dept T-shirt like McGee wore a couple of times, a mini badge, and the NCIS CD - my kids will think I'm insane if I get anymore - but I need more!!
Seasons 1-6 on DVD (even though season 6 isn't out here), a NCIS wall full of cut outs from magazines, print outs of promo photos and quotes, 2 NCIS shirts that I were constantly and a choker that Abby wore once.
Seasons 1-6 on DVD, Season 2 Emmy Consideration DVD, Season 3 Emmy Consideration DVD, NCIS black hat, Season 4 crew hat (Signed by co-producer Chas. Floyd Johnson), Season 3 crew hat, 100th Episode crew hat, my Abby collection, lots of magazine clippings, CBS NCIS Special Agents t-shirt, NCIS Season 1 crew shirt (Probably more but I can't think of them at this time LOL)
Well, I can't think of ALL of them right now, but here goes what I can think of... a NCIS poster (Season 4 disc cover), NCIS black hat with white letters (Like the one they wear on the show), a "NCIS Naval Criminal Investigative Service" t-shirt, a "I ♥ Gibbs" t-shirt, a NCIS shirt with Ziva, Gibbs, and DiNozzo on the front, Abby's red and black striped shirt, another Abby shirt (Very hard to explain that one), Abby's black gloves (Showing fingers), Ziva's "Star Of David" necklace, NCIS DVD's 1-5 (I'm getting season 6 for Christmas because my allowance won't cover it :P), I made my own NCIS poster (Which is huge), all of my school books (Not textbooks, but like binders, notebooks, folders, etc') have a homemade NCIS poster on them (Including photos). I have personalized my very own special pencils and they say "NCIS & Ghost Whisperer" which I think rocks. My cursor on my computer is a skull (Abby) :)♥
ily_ncis Season 1-5 on DVD (season 6 has not come out yet in Australia, poster of ncis, ncis special agent t-shirt and I am right now in the process of making an ncis game!!
Season 1 -6. Poster of season 1 and 5 both signed. NCIS cap, collar that Abby wears, NCIS top, NCIS Jacket they wear,NCIS picture albulm, NCIS badges, Abbys boots, Season 1 scripts, Signed photo of Michael and Cote, NCIS bed spread + pillow covers, Bert, Poster with all of Gibbs rules. A wall covered in NCIS posters, all promos on DVD, uncut footage,
Seasons 1-6 DVDs, Season 6 cast signed photo, Ziva bookmark, eight NCIS episodes and an NCIS Fan App and Trivia App on my iPod, and the Sweeps Preview TV Guide Magazine with Cote de Pablo and Michael Weatherly on it. Plus all my technology stuff (phone, laptop, iPod) have NCIS pictures and wallpapers on them. My phone's ringtone is the NCIS theme song. And the only reason why I don't talk about it all the time and wear T-shirts and hats and such and hang posters and pictures and stuff on my wall is because my friends (and probably my mom) will make fun of me so I keep the expressed obsession to a minimum, but I'm always thinking about it and relating things from my everyday life to it and I've written and I read fanfiction on it.
Gabby_Tiva_Fan Black NCIS hat (Like in the show) and Black shirt that says "I'd rather be watching NCIS"
Soooooooooo many posters, magazine clippings, all 6 seasons and episode 1 from season 7 on DVD, bookmarks and I am currently getting a shirt that says "DO NOT DISTURB: Watching NCIS". My phone, computer and MP3 player are covered in NCIS photos and random stuff about the show and everyone in my class knows what I'm watching at 8:30 Tuesday. (I'm Aussie)
Seasons 1-5 on DVD (I want season 6 but I live in Australia nd it hasnt come out yet, nd I can't find anywhere to download it) =( moving on, custom made posters, an NCIS hat, an NCIS t-shirt, two iPods, one of which is SOLELY dedicated to all things NCIS, my ringtone is the NCIS theme song, my message tone is Ziva saying: Tony why are you here? and Tony saying: Well, I couldnt live without you, I guess, 8.30-9.30 tuesday I am 'in the shower' if anyone calls for me, my phone's also switched off and I am currently trying to convince my parents to let me buy a farting hippo =) oh and according to one of my friends, i look HEAPS like Ziva xD don't know if its true, but i'll take the compliment(:
shaelene.x Am actually passing up a new phone for 1-6 seasons dvds! I know I know! I think its gotten like a huge obsession. But im know for my obsessions. I'm always getting the farting hippo soon. And looking for shirts! and backpack! omg! haha..this show is so addictive! My week feels so long just waiting for it to be Tuesday. I'm beginning to talk like Ziva. and use some of her Ziva-isms haha. They drive my friends up the hall! haha.
deerinheadlights Well, I live in Asia so NCIS is like... incredibly scarce here. I can't even find the DVDs ANYWHERE. What I do have is a bunch of posters (printed out or handmade), a collection of 700+ photos, banners, wallpapers and other graphic images on my computer, a whole bedroom wall full of NCIS scribbles and doodles, 4 sketchbooks full of portraits and snapshots of NCIS cast and episodes, at least a notebook and a half of NCIS quotes (and Dark Angel quotes :P love michael weatherly) the NCIS Soundtracks (Abby's and The Team's), a TV Guide full of highlights of when NCIS is on (It's only on Season 5 in Asia!!) a lot of downloaded episodes, a hand-designed NCIS t-shirt, a Safari bookmark/history of lots and lots of NCIS websites and fansites, an unquenched thirst for an autograph (I don't know where to get it... TT.TT I'm the type of person who is afraid of sending something to the cast to send because I'm afraid I'm harassing them, and I'm shy about this stuff... I distance myself from contact with famous people in reality 'cause i'm always worried i'm bugging them) AND most importantly: an NCIS-centric mind that will never give up on them!! :]
NCIS_luver13 I have all the avail. DVD's, I have an NCIS t-shirt, hat, sweatshirt, in my locker it's covered with NCIS quotes and pictures, I have pictures all over my room, I have some autographed pictures of the cast (yay!), I have a 43 second video on my phone of NCIS that I recorded, NCIS soundtrack, NCIS pumpkin (which I had to get rid of, it rotted, but I got pics), and a whole lot more. Sometimes I say an NCIS quote without knowing, and I'm driving my friends up the wall.
kaykina93 Um I own the DVDs, the soundtracks, I want Bert though. I have these wonderful pictures of them on my computer, on my wall in my room & I've converted my friends to NCIS lovers. I write fanfictions all the time. Lol.
Tiva2121 i own the DVDs both CDs i have posters everywhere, i am always on fanfiction reading about it, my friends say im Mini ziva because im soo muh like her, i entered a literay fair using a fanfiction i wrote, my friend is teaching me hebrew so i can understand some of the things she says, im always giving gibbs slaps, using abbys "i can kill you and leave no forensic evidence" line i even made a tee shirt that says "screw team Edward and Jacob im on Team GIBBS!" i can relat or make any thing that happens in my llife into something from or for NCIS. It is one of the only things i watch. i have a Fanfiction, a livejournal, a channel 10 thing, a fanpop, and of course a CBS NCIS. Iv written a book that have the characters based off the ones in the show (like Mcgee) But its called The Mission. Almost all of my webnames are Tiva2121 because who doesn't want them to get togeather. Whenever there is a new episode i tell everyone not to bother me from 7:30 to 9:00 even though it starts a eight. I cried when gibbs left, threw a major fit when ziva was with rivkin instead of Tony. And Ssreamed OH MY GOD! to the TV when Ziva was being tourchered. And And cried when Jenny died. I wanted to walk to NCIS and scream at tTony when he was with J Janene. There is more but ../.
McCat & Tailsa We have our very own John Doe. A mystery worthy of NCIS themselves.
tiva101 nutin yet, but i have about 40 episodes recorded in my dvr =) an i started learning hebrew cuz i luv ziva soo much!
Fads16 right i have season 1-5 (6 when it comes out here not july:( though) soundtracl vol 1 and 2 and a ncis repicla black staff jacket, black cap which is on its way that all at the moi

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