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Sam looked mournfully at the pile of files that Gibbs had thumped down on her desk. She rubbed her wrist and shot him an accusing look. Sam had known she was bound for her desk 10 seconds after she'd pulled the trigger of her sig. Pain had shot through her wrist, causing her to cry out. Her shot had gone wild. Gibbs had gently taken the gun from her hand, reholstered it, and then held her as she had fought to regain control. Gently, he had lead her away from the firing range and back to the office.

A second pile joined the first. "Is that all?" she asked hopefully.

"Nope." Gibbs thumbed towards his desk. "These will do you to start with. Then you can work on the others."

Sam gave Gibbs a reproachful look. "What am I supposed to do with these?"

He gave her a wicked grin. "Read 'em. Check everything. If they're okay, tell me and I'll sign 'em."

Tony sniggered. Roslyn shot him an evil look. "Better be careful, DiNozzo. The hand that holds the paperwork, holds the power. You annoy Sam and she'll have you rewriting your reports. In triplicate. With an extra copy in Sanskrit."

Tony shot a horrified look at Ros and looked across at Sam. "You wouldn't do that to me!"

Sam could not resist. Her grin was feral as she drawled "Ya think, DiNozzo?" Then she shot a guilty look at Gibbs. Gibbs sat back in his seat and grinned at her. "Not bad. Just don't make DiNozzo rewrite too many of his reports."

"Of course not, Gibbs." Sam tried to look innocent and failed.

"Gibbs. How come you still call him Gibbs?" Tony asked.

Sam looked at him. "It is his name, Tony."

"You sleep with him. Surely you must call him something when you're..." DiNozzo's voice trailed off as he remembered that Gibbs was present. Gibbs looked at Tony, his face expressionless.

Sam's cheeks pinkened. "That's at home, Tony. It would not be proper for me to call him anything but Gibbs at work. He is the boss, after all." Will you shut up, Tony?

Roslyn decided to change the subject. "What do you want me to do about your belongings? It's obvious you're not going to come back to the house. You've still got clothes in your room."

"I will get them for you and bring them to Gibbs' home."

Sam and Ros both turned to look at Ziva. "I do not think you will want to return to the house at all. I can collect everything and drop it at Gibbs' house." She smiled at Sam. "It would be a mitzvah."

"What's a mitzvah?" Tim asked.

"A blessing, a good deed," Ros replied.

Ziva nodded. "And the reward for doing a mitzvah is..."

"...the chance to do another," Sam finished for her.

The three women smiled at each other.

"Thank you Ziva. I will be happy to accept your offer."

"I will collect your things and bring them tonight." It will give me a chance to watch Amaia in her own environment, however briefly. Reconnoiter the situation. I must find a way to let Sam know that I too am watching her back.

Sam took the first file off the top of one of the piles and opened it. She settled down to read it. Gibbs watched her for a few minutes, then got up from his desk at Vance's signal from the mezzanine. He hurried up the stairs to join Leon. The two men went into the director's office.


Leon poured them both a drink. Gibbs accepted his, nodding his thanks.

"So Sam is desk bound?"

Gibbs nodded again. "Just holding the gun was painful for her. Firing it was worse."

Leon grimaced. "So I heard. I understand her shot missed the target entirely. Several agents were diving for cover."

Gibbs laughed wryly. "I think that upset her more than the pain did. I talked to Ducky when we got back in. He said not to even attempt it again for two weeks."

Leon nodded. He swirled his drink around in the glass. "I've heard from several of my Spanish counterparts. They have no knowledge of Amaia Bengoa as one of their own. I still have to hear back from several other Spanish agencies. However, it is not looking good. I have also spoken with Director Hutchins. He was concerned by the assault on Samantha. I have told him the cover story. He agrees it is the right move. They will concentrate on finding Mentxaka. We will concentrate on watching Amaia."

Gibbs nodded thoughtfully, and took a sip of his drink.


Sam got to the end of the ballistics report and swore.

Tim looked up. "What's wrong?"

"Abby hasn't signed this." She got to her feet. "I'll go down and get her signature on this, then this case file can be closed." Sam picked up the file and strode out of the squad room.

Gibbs came down the stairs to see Sam disappearing into the elevator. Tim had got to his feet and was staring after her with consternation on his face.

"What's wrong McGee?"

"Abby didn't sign off on a ballistics report. Sam is going down to the lab to get her to sign it."

"So?" Tony asked.

Tim looked from Gibbs to Tony, and then back to Gibbs. "Abby has probably only just found out about you and Sam. You kept a secret from her, boss."

Tony looked aghast. "Sam's walking into the lion's den!"

Gibbs turned on his heel and sprinted out of the squad room. After a moments hesitation, McGee and Tony took off after him. Ziva and Ros and Amaia exchanged looks. Then they too raced after the others.


Abby was working at her computer when Sam entered the lab. "Abby," Sam began. The Goth forensic scientist spun around and glared at her.

Sam took a step backwards. "What's wrong?"

"What's wrong? What's WRONG? You're sleeping with Gibbs and I have to find out about it from Palmer?"

Oh crap. Just what I don't need. A jealous Abby.

"Gibbs never keeps secrets from me. Except about Shannon. And about Kelly. Oh, and that his father wasn't dead. Okay. Maybe he keeps some secrets. But I knew about Jenny. And about Hollis. I didn't know about you!"

That's because there was nothing to know. But I can't tell you that, Abby. I so don't need this crap at the moment.

"You come in here and worm your way into his affections..."

Something inside Sam snapped. "Wormed my way? I do not have to take this crap from you Abby." She waved the file at her. "I came down here to get you to sign the ballistics report you neglected to complete." Sam threw the file at the desk. It skidded across the surface and fell to the floor.

"Sign it when you have a moment and return it to Gibbs. I frankly don't have the time or the inclination to deal with you in this mood. As far as I am concerned you can go..." Sam's voice broke and she turned away, raising her hand to brush the unwelcome tears from her eyes. Damn this pain. And my lack of self control.

Abby opened her mouth to retaliate, and saw the bandage on Sam's wrist. A wrist that, despite the bandage, was still badly swollen. Sam was stumbling towards the lab door. Abby intercepted her, placing her hands on Sam's shoulders. She looked into her face. Sam blinked away her tears and turned her face away from Abby.

Abby stepped back a little and reached out and took Sam's hand and wrist into her hands. She examined it closely. The bruises Mentxaka's fingers had made on the back of her hand were still visible, the others were buried beneath the bandage.

Abby looked up, her eyes blazing. "Who did this to you?"

Sam sighed. "Amaia's boyfriend."

"That's why you and Gibbs have come out in the open, isn't it?" Abby said softly. "Gibbs is sending a message to Amaia's boyfriend to leave you alone. That wasn't a chance kiss, was it? Jimmy was meant to see it."

Sam nodded. She was a little overwhelmed by Abby's rapid change of direction, and her perspicacity.

Abby pulled her into a close embrace and hugged her tight. "Don't worry. Gibbs won't let anyone hurt you." She stepped back and put her hands on Sam's shoulders. "I did wonder if you and Gibbs were... you know. When you stopped coming here at night. Ducky said you were going to Gibbs' place."

She looked deeply into Sam's eyes, her expression thoughtful. "There is something I have always wondered about, that you are in the position to tell me."

Sam looked at Abby, totally bewildered. "What's that?"

"Gibbs. Tighty whiteys or shorts?"

Sam looked at Abby for a long moment, and then began to laugh helplessly. A moment later Abby started to giggle as well and they crumpled down onto the floor convulsed with laughter.

Outside the lab, Gibbs paused, listening for sounds of violence. All he could hear were odd muffled noises. Behind him Tony and McGee shifted nervously from foot to foot. Behind them the girls were equally as nervous.

Cautiously, Gibbs entered the lab. He stopped just inside the door and stared in disbelief. Abby and Sam were both sitting on the floor giggling like school girls. He looked at them both. They looked back. Then they giggled harder. Shaking his head, Gibbs reached down and hauled Sam to her feet, followed by Abby.

Abby hugged Gibbs. "Look after Sam." she ordered.

Gibbs raised his eyebrows, "Yes, Ma'am."

Abby, looked past him to where the others had crowded into the lab. She glared at Amaia. "Keep your boyfriend on a leash or I'll neuter him. Without anesthetic!" Amaia shrunk back, wisely saying nothing.

Abby looked around at everyone. "Now get out of my lab. I have work to do!"

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