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Gibbs parked his car in his usual spot and looked across at Sam in the front passenger seat.

"You okay?"

"Yes." She smiled at him. "This is going to be an interesting morning."

"Interesting is one word for it."

They both got out of the car and headed for the elevator. They stood in companionable silence as they waited for the elevator to come down to the garage. Gibbs smiled and gently reached out for Sam. He drew her close into his arms, raising his hand to tilt her chin upwards.

"Palmer or DiNozzo?" Sam inquired softly.

Just before his mouth covered hers, Gibbs murmered, "Palmer."

Across the other side of the garage, Jimmy Palmer stared in open-mouthed amazement. He took his glasses off, polished them vigorously on his shirt and put them back on. The image was still there. Special Agent Gibbs was engaged in passionately kissing Samantha Wallace! Turning on his heel, Palmer shot down the corridor that lead to the stairs. Oh Boy. Wait till I tell everyone this!

"Palmer took off like he was jet propelled," an amused voice observed from behind Gibbs.

Gibbs raised his head and turned towards the voice. Director Vance was regarding the two of them with considerable amusement. "A very effective performance," he congratulated them. "Dr Mallard told me when I spoke to him on the phone last night what your cover story would be. It is certainly working. Though I think his estimate of an hour may be out. Given the speed Palmer was moving I think the story with be all over the building inside of 30 minutes."

Gibbs grinned. "That was the general idea, Leon."

Leon looked at Sam. "How is your wrist, Samantha?"

"It's sore, sir. Ducky gave me some painkillers." Her tone revealed her distaste at having to take them.

"You will take them won't you?"

"Of course, Director." Like heck. I deliberately left them in the bathroom cabinet.

Gibbs put his hand in his jacket pocket and brought out a pill bottle. "Yes, she will."

Sam looked at the bottle in Gibbs' hand and sighed. "Yes, I will."

"Good. Dr Mallard did ask if I saw you to ask you to go and see him. He wants to check on that wrist."

"Yes sir." Sam turned and headed down the corridor towards autopsy.

Vance and Gibbs watched her go. "How is she, Gibbs?" Leon asked softly.

"In some pain. Badly shaken by the assault and by Amaia's attitude."

"I'm not surprised. What are we going to do with her?"

"I'll take her out to the range and check her out. If she can't hold her gun properly, then I'll tie her to a desk until she can."

Vance grinned at Gibbs. "Means your paperwork will be up to date for the first time in months."

Both men laughed as they stepped into the elevator.


Tony and McGee were bickering amicably as they entered the squad room. Their banter stopped as both men realized that the atmosphere was wrong. There was an almost visible wall of ice between Ros and Amaia. Ziva was regarding both women with puzzlement.

"I told you, Ros, it is a cultural thing."

"That is bull crap, Amaia. He's a bullying little..."

Jimmy Palmer came sprinting into the squad room.

Tony grinned. "Whoa Jimmy. Where's the fire?"

"In the parking garage."

"There's a fire in the parking garage?"

"No! I mean, yes. I mean sort of."

Tony and McGee exchanged a look.

"Gibbs is in the parking garage."

McGee blinked. "Gibbs is on fire?"

"No. Well..."

Tony wrapped an arm around Jimmy's shoulders. "Why don't you take us a nice deep breath and tell us what is going on in the parking garage. I'm sure we're all breathless with anticipation."

"Gibbs was kissing Sam in the parking garage."

Five pairs of eyes stared at Palmer.

Amaia went white and slumped back in her seat. Just when I thought it couldn't get worse for Eneko. Ros is right. Sam does has a boyfriend. The boss. Oh crap!

Tony stared at Palmer. "Gibbs would never break Rule 12."

McGee grinned. "Oh, I don't know Tony. I mean, you just never know when and where Cupid's arrow is going to strike."

Ziva nodded her agreement. "They would make a good couple."

"A couple of what?" Tony retorted.

The elevator doors opened to admit Vance and Gibbs to the squad room. Gibbs headed away to track down the agent in charge of the scheduling for the firing range. Vance headed across the room to the stairs leading up to his office. Ros saw him coming.

"Director. May I have a word?"

Vance stopped, turning towards her. "Is this about last night, Agent Danvers?"

"Yes sir" How does he know about that?

"You did the right thing, Agent Danvers. You are to be commended for your quick thinking. Your actions saved Officer Wallace from severe injury."

Tony, McGee and Ziva looked at each other in complete bafflement.

Director Vance looked across at where Amaia was cringing at her desk. "Your boyfriend can thank his lucky stars that Samantha has declined to press charges against him. If Agent Gibbs gets hold of him, however, I would not give odds on his chances of survival."

He turned to go up the stairs. "Sir, where is Sam? Is she all right?"

Vance looked back at Ros. "She is currently in autopsy having her wrist checked again by Dr Mallard. Her wrist is badly sprained. Dr Mallard said it looked like he tried to break her wrist."

"He did," Ros said quietly.

"Wait. Wait just one minute." Tony walked up. "You're saying that Amaia has a boyfriend who attacked Sam? Tried to break her wrist?"



"I understand that Samantha was leaving the house, and Officer Bengoa's boyfriend seemed to think she should stay."

"What?" Tony stared at Vance and then at Ros.

"Why was Sam leaving the house?" McGee asked. Everyone looked at him. "Well, it's a valid question."

Vance smiled faintly. "She was going where she goes most nights, I understand. To Agent Gibbs' home. They spend most nights together." He continued up the stairs towards his office.

Tony spun towards Amaia. His face held anger. Sam is one of us. She's ours. No-one hurts one of ours and gets away with it. He slammed his hands down on Amaia's desk leaning forward into her face. "You tell that slimeball boyfriend of yours that if he ever touches Sam again I will..."

"...break every damn bone in his body." Gibbs' voice was cold.

"Oh, hi boss."

Amaia lowered her eyes. "I will tell him. I tried to tell Roslyn, it is all a misunderstanding, that is all." I have got to contact Eneko as soon as I can. This is all going to pieces.

"I don't think so. I think he knew very well what he was doing. I don't like men who hurt women." Gibbs' expression was hard as he looked at Amaia. She shrunk down a little further in her seat. Gibbs walked to his desk and picked up his telephone. "Duck. Is Sam still down there? She is? Tell her not to leave. We have an appointment at the firing range. I'll be right down." Gibbs hung up the phone and walked away. The rest of the team watched him go in silence.


Ziva exited the ladies room and headed back towards her desk. Down the corridor away from their desks she could hear an angry voice. It was talking in Basque.

Ziva stopped, turned and slipped into the shadows near the stairwell. I think I want to hear this. Only one person here speaks Basque and that is Amaia. She can only be speaking for secrecy. I think I need to hear this. It is good that no-one knows I also speak Basque.

Amaia was standing in a corner with her cellphone to her ear. "Listen to me, you imbecile. You have almost blown this operation with your stupid macho neanderthal behavior. She had a valid reason to leave. She was going to her boyfriend. Her boss. He is very, very angry with you. No. I will not use names. No-one else here speaks Basque, but a name is easy to recognize in any language. I do not want anyone taking an interest in the conversation."

In the shadows, Ziva smiled faintly. Too late. She frowned slightly. Hmmmm, Her boss. That is interesting. Amaia obviously does not consider herself to be part of the team.

"You will have to lie low. The operation will have to be postponed. At the moment there is too much interest in you. Even the Director is angry with you. If they investigate and find your name is false, find out who you really are, then all we have worked for will be destroyed. I will not stand for it. The High Command has been advised of the situation. We are in agreement. You will go deep underground for at least two months, maybe more. Members will sustain you. We need them pacified, not edgy before we finish this." Amaia paused. "What you think is immaterial." Her tone was harsh. "The High Command have issued their orders. You will obey them. Or you will be terminated. There is no room for sentiment with so much at stake." She snapped her phone shut and moved away.

Ziva drew further back into the shadows. Her frown deepened. This does not sound good. I think I need to keep an eye on Amaia. I could go to Gibbs, but I have nothing, just an overheard conversation. I wonder, are Gibbs and Sam a couple? Or does Sam know something and Gibbs is protecting her? Could this be linked with the meetings they had with the FBI? I definitely need to do some research. Keep a close eye on Sam too. From the sound of it she could still be in danger. Gibbs should not carry that burden alone.

Ziva moved out of the shadows and headed back to her desk.

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