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25th February 2010

A couple of months ago I did a blog on McGee and his interaction with children on NCIS. My original blog got a lot of feedback, so I thought another look at the subject was in order.

Most respondents thought McGee was the character most comfortable with children, apart from Gibbs. Mona92 pointed out that"...he takes them seriously and can put himself in the kid's position. That's the same thing with Gibbs. He is also good with kids for the same reasons."

Quite a few pointed out that having been bullied, McGee instinctively knows how to deal with both the bully and the victim effectively.

McGee's childlike qualities have endeared him to more than a few female fans. Latent mothering instincts, most likely. *grins*

Many came forward with favorite McGee and Kid scenes. His handling of Carson in "Lost and Found" was very popular, as was his telling the boys all about what you can get from scouting in "Hide and Seek". The scene in MTAC in "Faith" was also very popular. Though I think the little kiss and cuddle with Abby had more to do with that scene being popular.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the original discussions.

ON 26th February 2010, 6.26AM AEDT


24th February 2010

By now I am sure you are all aware that I don't care for romantic/sexual pairings or 'ships' in NCIS. However, I do consider it my duty to bring to your attention other possible ship pairings apart from those so beloved by fans and fan fiction writers. *grins evilly* Today I am going to take at look at what I call KIVA - Trent Kort and Ziva David.

Admittedly, we haven't seen any attraction between them. The only real interaction between Trent and Ziva was her pulling a gun on him in "Bury Your Dead". Of course, we don't know much about Trent Kort, so he may very well like a woman who does this to him.

They do have some similarities that could draw them together. Kort is currently an operative for CIA. Ziva was formerly an operative for Mossad. The CIA and Mossad have more operational points in common than NCIS and Mossad do. So both Trent and Ziva would understand where the other person was coming from, and the pressures the job puts upon them. I don't think anyone on the team, apart from Gibbs, truly understands just what Ziva did at Mossad.

Ziva has shown a preference for untrustworthy, unshaven slimeballs, to whit, one Michael Rivkin, so it isn't much of a stretch to suggest she may become attracted to Kort. Perhaps seeing something of Michael in him. Even if it is only the surface unshaven scruffiness.

As for Trent Kort, Ziva David may be exactly the woman he needs. One who will not hesitate to kick him in the butt when he gets out of line.

ON 25th February 2010, 6.19AM AEDT


23rd February 2010

"Faith" is the second script by Gary Glasburg, and with it he is rapidly moving up my list of favorite NCIS writers. This episode had an excellent balance of drama, warmth and humor. It was without a doubt one of the best episodes of season 7 so far. To refresh your memories, a Marine is murdered in a snowy park. It turns out the victim has recently converted to Islam. Queue a story of great depth and conceptual challenge. Gary Glasburg takes complex concepts, turns them inside out, shakes them a few times and then presents them in a way that really makes the viewer stop and think hard. Entertainment combined with intellectual stimulation is a winning combination in my book. I particularly appreciated the way he took the concept of honor killing and twisted it around so hard that it bit itself on the butt. Brilliant.

As well as food for the mind, "Faith" provided some wonderful scenes that showed the depth and talent of the cast. I make special note of Ralph Waite's performance as Jackson Gibbs. He was magnificent. His scenes with Mark Harmon and David McCallum were, in my opinion, worthy of an Emmy Award. Particularly the scenes where Jackson loses it at the sight of Jethro's gun, and the scene where he is telling Jethro what happened and Jethro is comforting him as much as he can. Not ashamed to admit there were tears in my eyes.

David McCallum was wonderful in this episode too. Going from drunk act to sober psychologist in seconds. His scene with Mark Harmon where Ducky is suggesting that Jethro contact the Sheriff in Stillwater, was probably one of the best Ducky scenes ever. I would love to see Gary Glasburg write a Ducky-centric script.

But humor wasn't sacrificed for powerful drama. The scene in the bar with Tony, Ziva and the "red throats" was very funny. You just knew, along with Tony, what was going to happen when the sergeant started making lewd suggestions to Ziva. The scene with Tony giving the present to his secret Santa was both funny and sweet.

The Christmas message was reinforced with the subplot of McGee trying to arrange the use of MTAC so a little boy could see him mom on Christmas Eve. I had a quiet chuckle at "Admiral Nicholas Whitebeard".

"Faith" did leave us one unanswered question. Just what exactly is wrong with Jackson Gibbs' stroganoff?

As always, there were some memorable lines.

Jackson: Old place looks good.
Could use a coat of paint.
Jackson: Couldn't we all?

McGee: I once wished her a happy Valentines Day and she accused me of sexual harassment.

Jethro: Hey Dad, stop making my team fat.

Jethro: Go ahead and take another one, Blubberbutt.

Jackson: You don't believe in Santa, but you do believe in hobbies. As long as you believe in something, I guess.

Ziva: Red throats.
Tony: Red Necks.
Ziva: Whatever.

Rev Ellis: If what I did led to my son's death, then God forgive me. And my son's god too.
Jethro: Same God.

Ducky: There is Christmas shopping to be done and a roost to be ghosted.

Ducky: Nothing personal, Jethro, but I don't think he came for your uplifting Christmas cheer. Martha Stewart you're not.

Jackson: I'll go warm up the sleigh.

ON 24th February 2010, 6.31Am AEDT


22nd February 2010

The rough and gruff character of Mike Franks would have to be one of the most popular recurring characters on NCIS. Below I've detailed a few reasons why I personally like the character.

  • Loyal. One word that really sums up Mike Franks is loyal. If his Probie needs him. He is there. He wasn't prepared to help Jenny in "Judgment Day", until he learned that Gibbs was in danger. His loyalty to Gibbs is unquestionable. His loyalty to his own flesh and blood is as strong. He would give his life to protect his grand-daughter Amira.
  • Protective. Goes hand in hand with his loyalty. Gibbs needs his back watched; Mike will watch it. In "Outlaws and Inlaws" Mike knows the only way to protect his grand-daughter and daughter in law is to get out of Mexico, so he brings them to Gibbs' home. In "Deliverance" it is revealed that he helped the Colombian woman Rose and her baby to escape to the USA. It isn't expressly stated, but it is hinted that Mike does this because he believes the baby is Gibbs' son, even though this proves not to be the case.
  • Independent. Prefers to do things alone and not have to rely on others. Placed under Tony's protection in "Bait" he whacks him on the head and slips away to follow his own course. Nearly gets himself killed, of course, but that's Mike Franks for you.
  • Curmudgeon. I really like Mike Franks because he is the embodiment of the word curmudgeon.
Why do you like Mike Franks?

ON 23rd February 2010, 6.19AM AEDT.

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