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9th January 2010

Today I thought I would look at my favorite episodes of season 2. Season 2 was a good season. The cast had settled well into their roles and were obviously enjoying themselves.

  • The Good Wives Club. Interesting plot with interesting parallels between the killer and Tony. Had plenty of the quirky humor we have come to associate with NCIS.
  • The Bone Yard. One of my all time favorites. Fornell accused of being a Mafia mole. Gibbs sets out to clear his friend's name. Wonderfully cringe invoking scene with Kate and Tony pretending that Kate's pregnant, and arguing in the clinic. Kate: You slept with my sister! Tony: I thought she was you. Kate: She weighs 300 pounds!
  • Call of Silence. A beautiful, heart wrenching episode with the WWII veteran who, in his aging clouded mind, believes he murdered his best friend. The scene in interrogation where Gibbs is lighting sulfur matches to recreate Iwa Jima in Cpl Yost's mind is wonderfully done. Everyone is crying. Including Gibbs. His eyes are glistening with tears.
  • Heart Break. A possible death by spontaneous combustion turns out to be something else entirely. Ducky's idea of a romantic dinner is a bit of a worry though!
  • Doppelganger. Most notable for the almost perfect duplicate team of police officers that our team interact with. Great episode.
  • Bikini Wax. Another of my all time personal favorites. The scene with McGee chasing the suspect through the carwash...only to come out at the end to find that Gibbs has the suspect on the ground and is cuffing him. "Anticipate, McGee".
  • Red Cell. A favorite for me because of the ending. Gibbs locked in a room with the suspect who attacks him. We think Tony and Kate are going to be too late. But, hey, this is our Gibbs. He doesn't need back up. Tony and Kate arrive to find a bruised and batter Gibbs....and a restrained murderer.
  • SWAK. Probably the best episode of season 2 in my book. The shower scene evokes fond memories. *grins* Be that as it may, the episode had a strong plot, brilliant lines, and some of the strongest emotional scenes in NCIS. Kate walking out of isolation into Ducky's arms and beginning to cry. Gibbs telling Tony that he is not going to die. A great episode.
Those are my favorites. I would love to hear yours.

ON 10th January 2010, 10.02AM AEDT


8th January

Next week NCIS marks up another milestone or notch to their belt with episode Nº 150!! Their last big celebration was in S5 with their 100th episode, and here we are again 2 seasons later and 50 more episodes. In addition to all this audience ratings for the series have steadily increased, and in fact so far this season they have yet to drop below the 20 Million viewer mark or to put it another way 1st position in the audience ratings. And judging by how popular this week's episode was and the anticipation for next week's, it is to be supposed they'll hit Nº 1 again. I for one think it will be a particularly entertaining episode with the appearance of Robert Wagner as Tony's father, i.e. Anthony DiNozzo Snr. A grand actor Robert Wagner who's appeared in all different kinds of genre, and always giving an excellent performance rather like Ralph Waite who plays Gibbs' father, Jackson Gibbs.

Undoubtedly this episode will also have been quite an experience in the making since Michael Weatherly played Robert Wagner in the film based on Wagner's first wife Natalie Wood who died in a tragic boating accident many years ago. I imagine it must have been quite something coming face to face with the person you played in another film, since biopics tend to be filmed when the person in question is dead, although not always of course as in the case of Robert Wagner.

As you might suppose this week's poll revolves around this milestone episode, so do be a sport and vote. It would be rather nice to look at voting statistics, i.e. the number of people who voted, to see that all the board members here had voted or at least 3 or 4 thousand; would really make my day, not to mention making the results more realistic. Here's the poll link, click HERE.

Hopefully we'll see the series reach its 200th episode and many more afterwards - touch wood, fingers crossed, etc., etc.,

And don't forget to tune into the episode next Tuesday 12th January to 7.12 Flesh and Blood.

Y con esto y un bizcocho se acabó lo que se dió.

ON 8th January 2010 10:05 PM - CET


7th January 2010

The Season 1 episode "The Good Samaritan" written by Jack Bernstein, is one of my all time favorite episodes. A serial killer is killing men with a connection to Naval Air Station Oceania....but it is not what it seems.

The best part of "The Good Samaritan" has to be the sheriff Charlie. She's 50ish, solid, down to earth and has her eyes firmly set on the body of one Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Nothing, including the object of her affections obvious reluctance, is going to stand in her way. I LOVED Charlie. I so wanted her to become a recurring character. She was bold and sassy and slotted in so well with the rest of the characters.

Also loved the cast injoke with the grandfather of one of the dead men having made a fortune importing swiss army knives. This is how Michael Weatherly's grandfather made the family fortune.

Abby was at her best in the episode. Knowledgeable and quirky without being irritating. Loved the scene in the evidence garage with Gibbs. Each trying to bluff the other. Great scene. Summed up well by Abby saying that they really should play poker some time.

The only real drawback for me was Tony's hairstyle. That appalling slicked back style a la Grease. Every time I watch a season one episode I take one look at Tony and have to fight back the giggles. Thank goodness that hairstyle did not survive season 1.

"The Good Samaritan" has probably some of the best lines from season 1.

Tony: What's wrong with me?
Kate: Where do I start?

Kate: Why is he carrying two cups of coffee today?
Tony: I don't know. Probably has something to do with one of his ex-wives.

Charlie: Man you can talk.
Ducky: Perhaps over dinner?
Charlie: You're cute. But you're not that cute.
Ducky: Don't be too hasty, Charlie. Look how fate has brought us together.
Charlie: You might want to check those Tarot cards one more time.

Gibbs: Don't say it, DiNozzo.
Tony: I wasn't going to say anything.
Gibbs: Don't even think it.
Tony: Too late!

Charlie: Surprised to see me?
Gibbs: Oh yeah. Surprised is one word that comes to mind.

Abby: Ready to have your world rocked again?
Gibbs: I'm barely over the last time.

Gibbs: Identical twins. Identical killers. Identical DNA. One for the books.

ON 8th January 2010, 11.22AM AEDT


6th January - Epiphany

The Nielsen overnight ratings just in and NCIS did it again, Nº 1 in both east and west coast time slots giving a mean of 21.34 Mill. Viewers following NCIS (I didn't check out NCIS:LA - sorry!), and that's against sport (Fox Channel broadcasting the Orange Bowl).

Considering the anticipation of next week's episode: 1) We finally meet DiNozzo's father in the form of Robert Wagner - promises interesting to say the least. 2) It's the 150th episode of the series, which is no mean feat today with competition the way it is. Despite comments here and there about the drop in script/plot quality, it's clear quality is still in the top regions otherwise the series wouldn't continue at Nº 1. I have yet to see any of this season's episodes (disadvantages of living in Europe), I'm thoroughly looking forward to watching them when broadcast on Spanish TV or come out in DVD, whichever is the first.

Another interesting point is that in the last few days over 100 new members have joined the site, so obviously people have been waiting for yesterday's episode, and hopefully we'll be on the verge of the 7000 mark come next Tuesday, not that we're that far off now, we need less than a 100 new members to hit the 7000 figure, which no doubt we will before January's over.

Y con esto y un bizcocho se acabó lo que se dió.

ON 6th January 2010 6:40 PM - CET

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