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7th December 2009

Today I am turning my attention to the late and unlamented (at least by me) Director Jenny Shepard. I liked the character when introduced, but by midway through season 4, I found myself disliking the character more and more. Here are my reasons why.

  • Obsessive. How did a woman with such an obsessive personality make it to the top of NCIS? Her obsession with Rene Benoit's alleged involvement in her fathers death was probably the single most annoying factor in the character's personality.
  • Jealous. Doesn't want Gibbs, but flirts with him and deliberately hurts him. Is vicious towards any other woman he may be attracted to.
  • Vicious. This shows itself particularly in her attitude to Hollis Mann. Tries to sabotage the relationship by offering Mann a job with NCIS. Jenny knows Gibbs rules; Hollis doesn't. If Hollis had joined NCIS, Gibbs personal Rule 12 would have come into play and he would have broken up with Hollis. Takes every opportunity to rub Hollis Mann's nose in the fact that she knows more about Gibbs than Hollis does. Remember too the nasty smile on Jenny's face when she reads the article in the Stars and Stripes about Hollis Mann retiring to Hawaii.
  • Uses her sex/femininity. She breaks every rule in the book by using her sexual attractiveness to get what she wants, but reacts negatively when men respond to it. Witness the episode "Chimera". Made me wonder if she merely used Gibbs as a stepping stone to get higher on the ladder at NCIS.
  • Misuses her power. When Gibbs is injured in "Hiatus" she bullies the nurse. Never mind that there were sound medical reasons for keeping Gibbs isolated and calm. But Jenny's needs had to come first. Over-riding the poor nurse by ringing Condy Rice and scaring the nurse into submission.
  • Selfish. Gibbs didn't fit into her "5 Year Plan", so she dumped him. Never mind the hurt and misery she caused him. Jenny Shepard had to come first.
All in all, Jenny had a very unpleasant personality. The writers did us a huge favor by killing the character off.

ON 8th December 2009, 6.27AM AEDT


6th December 2009

I got a lot of response to my blog on my personal highlights of season 2. Enough of a response that I can give a list of highlights chosen by you, the fans of the show. These are in no particular order.

  • The exchange between Kate and Gibbs in "Meat Puzzle". Kate: What did Ducky look like when he was younger? Gibbs (smiling): Ilya Kuryakin.
  • The gym scene in "The Bone Yard". Gibbs taking down DiNozzo and Kate kicking McGee in his masculine parts. Need I say that the female fans loved the last part the most?
  • Gibbs at Tony's bedside in "SWAK" telling him he would not die.
  • The shower scene in "SWAK". The whole Honey Dust exchange is very funny. Needless to say that, once again, the shower scene was hugely popular with the female fans.
  • The scene in "Missing" where Tony comes out of the bar and realizes that he has been drugged.
My thanks to everyone who took part in the discussion from the original blog. I really appreciate your input.

ON 7th December 2009, 9.00AM AEDT


5th December 2009

This blog entry is certainly going to be longer than the one on my favorite episodes of season 4. Given that season 4 has been my least favorite season so far. So, let's take a look.

  • Shalom. Not so much Ziva in peril, but Gibbs with that awful beard. *shudders* Frankly, he looked like a bum.
  • Sandblast. Two words. Hollis Mann.
  • Sharif Returns. Gibbs poisoned and dying. Hollis Mann saving the day. That alone is enough to make "Sharif Returns" my most disliked episode EVER.
  • In the Dark. Same two words. Hollis Mann.
  • Angel of Death. Sniffing drugs out of a corpse! Ewwwwwwwwwwww. That was just revolting.
Do you agree with my selection? Disagree? Have other episodes that are not favorites? As always, I would love to hear from you.

ON 6th December 2009, 9.48AM AEDT


3rd December 2009

Time to visit opinions on Hollis Mann. I said why I did not like the character and I certainly got some good feedback. About the politest description of Hollis Mann I got was pain in the neck, with most locating the pain much further down!

It is interesting that the two love interests of season 4, Hollis Mann and Jeanne Benoit are almost universally disliked, but that is a subject for another blog.

Most of my respondents felt that the Gibbs/Mann romance was simply not believable. As HardKore71 pointed out, the characters were like oil and water. They were never going to be a good match. It is hard to imagine what the writers were thinking when they introduced the character of Hollis Mann.

Only one person actually liked Hollis Mann. Sect3Agent29 loved the character, saying that "she was about the only one who truly understood how his duty come first". I would dispute that, as his team certainly knows that Gibbs puts his duty and his team first, and himself very definitely second.

Many thanks to everyone who responded to the original blog.

ON 4th December 2009, 6.29AM AEDT