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15th November 2010

Abby is probably not the best with her interaction with kids on NCIS, but she's not the worst by a long shot.

Abby was good with the little blind girl in "See No Evil". Her major child interaction was in season 5's "Lost and Found" with the young boy, Carson.

Left to entertain him, he nearly drives her insane. Playing with the siren on the NCIS truck and wanting to see her tattoos. Carson came seriously close to freaking Abby out. You've got to admit that that is a pretty hard thing for anyone to do. Carson rattles Abby so badly that she eventually ropes Palmer in to entertaining him.
I do admit Carson wanting to see her tattoos and his interpretation of Palmer's drawing of a school house as the Playboy Mansion rather creeped me out. How old is this kid? I don't blame Abby for being rattled.

I think some of the problem is the fact that Abby is often so childlike herself. To kids she probably doesn't seem like an adult, so they don't react around her like they usually would with adults.

Abby has a childlike delight in organizing surprises. She ropes McGee in to arranging for the young nephew of her best friend to be able to talk with his mom on Christmas Day via MTAC. Abby is delighted to be able to do this, but keeps her contact with the boy to a minimum.

Maybe Carson rattled her more than we realize.

ON 16th November 2010, 6.33AM AEDT


14th November 2010

This episode is probably one of the worst of season 5 for one reason only. The dreadfully out of character behavior of Abby throughout the episode. To refresh your memory, Abby puts her career on the line to prove a dog that attacked McGee is not guilty of killing its owner.

From the moment Abby discovers McGee shot the dog she goes completely out of character and whines, sulks, shouts and pouts her way through the episode. I spent most of the episode wanting to shake some sense into Abby. It disappoints me that two good writers like Dan Fesman and Alfonso Moreno could get something so horribly wrong.

This isn't to say that "Dog Tags" didn't have its moments. Gibbs' reaction when Tony refers to the dog as "Semper Fido". The dog puns that litter the episode. The short comments from Gibbs through out that are basically commands you give dogs.

The best scene would have to be Jenny and Abby discussing Jethro the dog. On the surface they are discussing accepting that the dog may not be able to be saved, but the underlying current is Jenny struggling to accept her own impending death. Brilliantly down and almost makes up for Bratty Abby.

The savior of the episode is the lines. "Dog Tags" has some good ones.

Gibbs: Play dead.

Tony: That would explain why the dog went Hannibal Lector.

Abby: Good dog. Bad McGee.

Abby: Who's a good Jethro?
Gibbs: I'm a good Jethro.

Ziva: Your shoulders work better than your mouth.

McGee: I feel like a dart board. Which is better than feeling like a chew toy.

Abby: Did you meet Jethro?
Ducky: Quite a number of years ago.

Tony: If by bull crap you mean this is your worst freaking nightmare, then yes, this is bull crap.

Ziva: You found a clue, Tony. It does not make you Picasso.

Gibbs: All bark, no bite, just like the rest of my team.

ON 15th November 2010, 6.37AM AEDT


11th November 2010

It has come to my notice and that of my fellow Mods in recent weeks, that there has been a steady decline in civic behaviour on the discussion threads. The recent difficulties on Wetpaint sites appears to have propitiated this onslaught of rude, boorish, ignorant, puerile, degrading posts with an absolute disrespect of all and sundry.

To say I find this sickening is putting it mildly and I consider myself to be pretty tolerant, though considering the number of posts I have had to delete recently and in particular today on the discussion thread for last night's episode, no doubt there will be those among you who consider me despotic. Unfortunately, of late despotism is the only thing many of you seem to understand. Until quite recently our threads could be considered the epitome of good behaviour and civism, with just the occasional mildly offensive remark, a fact we were proud of, especially as it served to increase our membership.

However, current thread behaviour resembles a free for all, with people posting just for the fun of goading others, or to digress from the topic in hand for the sake of bashing somebody albeit a member of the cast, a character in the series, or fellow poster, on occasions with several posters ganging up against another.

For goodness sake people, grow up!!!!! This is not kindergarten!!! In theory, with emphasis on the word theory you are rational beings who think before taking actions, but with the mayhem encountered this evening I have serious doubts.

I strongly suggest each and every member of this site takes a few minutes to read the Site Code of Conduct and rumiate over what is written there and current behaviour in discussion threads.

No doubt some of you reading this will be pooh-poohing everything and calling me a stuck up prig, well tough!!! That is your problem not mine.

Just remember being polite and respecting the opinions of others goes a long way to keeping peace and harmony; and it is not so hard to do, but like anything life a little effort is required, and if you are not prepared to make this effort, then you all know where the door is.

I trust it will not be necessary to have to read the riot act again any time in the near future.

And just one last thing: regarding immigrants adopting a new nationality and obtaining a passport for said nationality - both questions are a big deal, since people rarely change nationality by choice but due to a series of circumstances, which force them to make this change. Furthermore, depending on your country of origin, obtaining a passport for your newly adopted nationality is not always a straightforward matter, so yes, it is a big deal, because until you obtain said passport you are more or less 'imprisoned' so to speak, in your country of adoption without any possibility of visiting other countries as a tourist. I have never ever changed (nor have I any intention a priori to do so) my nationality, however, I have first hand knowledge of many who have, along with the obstacles some have had to overcome to obtain a passport for their adopted nationality.

Agur gero arte

ON 11/11/2010 10:30 PM CET


11th November 2010

I got some really great response to the original blog. It seems that the relationship between Gibbs and Ziva is a firm fan favorite.

Most respondents agreed with my assessment that the relationship is father/daughter in orientation.

The complete trust Gibbs reposes in Ziva was commented on. a_giblet pointed to season 7's "Child's Play". Gibbs trusts Ziva to make the kill shot before the bad guy can kill the little girl. His confidence in Ziva is total. Gibbs knows there is absolutely no margin for error on this occasion.

Det.Beckett pointed out that Ziva is the only woman Gibbs' head slaps. He never head slapped Kate. He has threatened to slap Abby...but not on the back of the head!

Note to writers: We the fans would like there to be some sort of explanation from Gibbs to Ziva as to why he missed her citizenship ceremony. The lack of explanation is rankling.

I'll leave the final word on the subject to tara_persad: "Gibbs and Ziva's sort of father daughter relationship is unique and strong if they could go through all the went through, forgive each other and look the other way."

Thank you to everyone who responded to my original blog.

ON 12th November 2010, 6.31AM AEDT

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