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7th October 2010

I got a lot of response to my original blog about the relationship between Leon Vance and Mike Franks. Even if a lot of people insisted on comparing them to Jean-Luc Picard and James T. Kirk!

Interestingly, rather than dwell on the differences between the men, most people chose to comment on how much alike Leon and Mike are. As HardKore71 put it: "Judging by outside appearances, one would conclude that Vance and Franks are nothing alike. That couldn't be further from the truth, but men are hyper goal oriented and are quite willing to do what it takes to achieve their goals. The only difference is where Franks is much like a bull in a china shop, Vance prefers to employ subterfuge in his approach and methodology for the task at hand, which in some ways makes him in some ways more of a formidable opponent than Franks."

Sammysoso agreed: "Both will do anything to get the job done, both will get their hands dirty, but with different methods. Franks with brute force and Vance with schemes and pawns. Vance has really learned how to employ his "wild cards" (Franks and DiNozzo) effectively..."

Thank you to everyone who took part in the original discussion.

ON 8th October 2010, 6.32AM AEDT


5th October 2010

Jeff Woolnough worked on NCIS during seasons 1 and 2. He directed several episodes. Unfortunately, most of them were pretty much run-of-the-mill and nothing to write home about.

  • My Other Left Foot. The severed leg of a Marine is found in a dumpster. We get to see Gibbs go goofy over a red head. Not a pretty sight.
  • Missing. Marines are going missing and when NCIS investigates, DiNozzo goes missing as well. Not a great episode, but the suspense over the disappearance of DiNozzo is well played.
  • Terminal Leave. A US Navy pilot on her terminal leave prior to exiting the services is the target of terrorists. Pretty good episode, if only for the small, aggro, female FBI agent. She's a match for Gibbs and he doesn't like it.
  • Caught on Tape. A man falls to his death. Was it an accident or murder? What will the evidence on his video camera show? Notable mostly for displaying Gibbs' gift with animals...and a small mongrel that Kate names Toni and feeds from Tony's baseball cap.
  • Conspiracy Theory. Plot didn't hold the attention, but the subplot of Tony and Kate blackmailing each other over photos was hilarious. Especially the end when instead of deleting the photos they accidentally email them to Gibbs! The look on Gibbs' face is a classic.
Reasonable episodes, but nothing that stands out in the mind of the viewer that this is an outstanding piece of direction.

ON 6th October 2010, 6.22AM AEDT


4th October 2010

Today I am going to take a look at Leroy Jethro Gibbs as a role model for others.

In many ways, Gibbs is the perfect role model for a Marine. He is brave, loyal and patriotic. His team comes first. He can easily be held up for young Marines to emulate.

From this flows Gibbs as a role model for young NCIS agents. He is certainly a legend within NCIS. His team has a remarkable success rate. Enough so to make it the envy of the other major crime teams within NCIS. Even if at the beginning Vance would have preferred his agents to be more like him than like Gibbs.

As a leader too, Gibbs stands out as a role model. He leads from the front. Doesn't shy away from doing the dirty work when necessary, and although he leads the team, he is part of the team. Gibbs is a boss you can trust. You know that there would be no knife in the back coming from his direction. He also has the welfare of his team members in mind too. Think how many times he has been there for them.

Gibbs is also a great role model for a mentor. And not just to his team. He helped Jimmy Palmer deal with being shot at in "About Face". He was quite gentle and understanding with him, and ultimately proud of him, when Jimmy stopped the villain from getting away.

One area where Gibbs fails as a role model is as a husband. Though perhaps he could be considered a role model for how not to remain married for any length of time to the same woman! Three failed marriages definitely do not show him in a good light in this particular area.

Generally speaking, a person could do a lot worse than take Leroy Jethro Gibbs are their personal role model.

ON 5th October 2010, 6.35AM AEDT


3rd October 2010

In this season 3 episode, an ambulance carrying the remains of a Marine mysteriously explodes, but the DNA recovered does not match that of the deceased Marine.

"Family Secret" is one of my all time favorite NCIS episodes.

This episode had some excellent scenes. We get to see the antagonism that exists between Gibbs and Cynthia, with Cynthia sweetly asking if Gibbs is the director's slave! The scene in Jenny's office with the father of the dead Marine. Gibbs all polite and formal...until he discovers the father was a Marine too. It goes from "Mr Danforth" and "Agent Gibbs" to "Bill" and "Jethro" within about 10 seconds. Much to the irritation of Jenny who has totally lost control of the situation.

Tony hurting his ankle whilst playing basketball and being roughly hauled away by Gibbs.

This is the episode that Gibbs draws a line in the sand over Jenny's meddling in his cases. When she comes down and sits at his desk (with coffee) and demands theories from his team, he takes his team upstairs and sits at her desk. Doesn't say a word, just sits there and looks at Jenny. Jenny gets the point almost immediately. Then, having left the director's office, Gibbs proceeds to rip his team a collective new one! Gibbs reinforces his point when Jenny comes to Abby's lab. She can observe, but she is NOT to say a word. Interestingly, Jenny seems to know she has pushed Jethro as far as he will take it. She obeys him! Shadowing him around the lab much to the bemusement of both Abby and Tim.

Gibbs does issue a sort of olive branch by bringing dinner to Jenny's office and using her as a sounding board.

The best scene has to be Gibbs switching the evidence to protect the deceased Marine's best friend, also a Marine. Having swapped the DNA sample out, you see the discomfort at his action on his face. Then, for the first time ever, Gibbs head slaps himself - hard!

"Family Secret" had some great lines as befits a great episode.

McGee: Trust me, I'm just as surprised as you are.
Tony: Trust me, you're not.

Ziva: I am Israeli. This is not my first exploding ambulance.

(Gibbs headslaps Ziva)
Ziva: Owwww. What was that for?
Gibbs: Alerting DiNozzo.

Gibbs: Not an accident.
Abby: Not unless the Angel of Death is going through a Rube Goldstein stage.

Ducky: I think he smells like my mother's fried chicken.

Gibbs: I think the hospital transported the wrong body.
Jenny: Bull!

Gibbs: Are you having fun, DiNozzo?

Tony: You have information I want. I have information you want. Shall we dance?

Abby: I have a better chance of getting McGee to wear a speedo to church.

Gibbs: The alibi was B.S. The grief was real.

Tony: Or die trying? Did you have to put that idea in his head?

ON 4th October 2010, 6.21AM AEDT

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I love NCIS, period! However, I think it is time to have Gibbs settle down somewhat and find a woman who he can share many things (work, life, peers, etc.) The woman that would be best suited should be someone he is familiar, maybe a friend of Shannon's from the past. If Gibbs were to visit his dad and have them meet (his dad being the one who gets them started someway), we might have an interesting relationship starting which may also add a little more dimension to this already complex man. The woman that I had in mind that would be perfect for him, would be his real-life wife, Pam Dawber. They have such a great chemistry! For sure, the writers could put together something really great. Gibbs definitely needs this anchor.....and it could be very interesting from the get go. Chew on that for a while!
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