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18th August

As you may have noticed we have a new site banner, which is a composite work between the graphics people of Wetpaint on the left and our fellow Mod. agentnics on the right. Wetpaint will be updating the picture on the banner by the way. So I decided to have a wander round the different art pages on this site, which are multiple, and you know, we really have got some amazing talent on this site, just take the 2 banners for this blog - one by Princess_Ila and the other by CatherineYetive, and agentnics contribution to the site banner, for example.

However, those who haven't already done so, and those who have, take a look round the different art pages: several members have their own sections to produce their own creations, namely: Princess_Ila, CatherineYetive, nathfromfrance, Poppygina, Miss_Lena, Polly, seanmcgee, NCISlover161, VivaLaTiva, Jrfan, etc. (apologies if I've missed anyone out); then on the general art pages (icons, banner, desktop wallpaper, miscellaneous fan art), we have work by other members, who have yet to create their own pages (if they so wish, there is no obligation to do so), work posted by members from other sites like LJ or fanpop.

All these pages really are quite a feast for the eyes not to mention admiration for the creations, particularly for those of us with zero artistic talent like yours truly, these mini works of art are quite something.

Do please take a look round and compliment those whose work or particular creation you like/admire, since all this work is simply "por amor al arte" (for the love of art) in its truest expression, since these artists receive no remuneration for their creations. Therefore, it's only fitting to give them a virtual round of applause and thank you for brightening up this site for all of us to enjoy.

And, just one more thing, if you wish to copy any of this artwork on to your own profiles or HD, then PLEASE ASK PERMISSION FIRST from the artist in question and CREDIT THE ARTIST. This is very important, because these people spend a lot of time creating these pieces of art, and not to do so is theft not to mention infringement of copyright.

Casi estamos en el ecuador de la Aste Nagusia

ON 18th August 2009 9:30 PM


17th August 2009

Having covered my personal high points of season 5, I thought it was time to express my opinion on the low points. Season 5 suffered in a major way from the writer's strike. The season was truncated to 18 episodes which meant the La Grenouille story arc had to be brought more abruptly to a close, as did the illness and death of Jenny. This made for a season with a disjointed feel to it.

  • The episode "In the Zone" was in itself a low point for me. I thought Tony couldn't carry the Baghdad end of the story well, and the sleezoid hitting on Ziva just irritated me. I did like her handing him back his completely flattened stress ball, however. Nice touch.
  • I know people are going to disagree with me here, but I did not like "Requiem". Gibbs apparently dead in the first few minutes of the show nearly gave me a heart attack and severely damaged my ability to enjoy watching the rest of the episode.
  • I felt "Recoil" too was a low point. The episode was unbalanced. I had no problems with Ziva's reactions, but I felt we needed to know why she was reacting like she did. Without explanations it was too far out of character for Ziva.
  • Hollis Mann in "Ex-Files". The appearance of that character spoiled any episode for me. Thank goodness we haven't seen her again. Note to writers: can we please have the news come through that she's been eaten by a shark in Hawaii?
Those are really the only low points I can think of for season 5. Do you agree with me? Have your own ideas? Please share with me via the discussion thread below or by PM.

On a different note, I love Sorgina's idea below. If only....If only....

ON 18th August 2009, 6.10AM Australian Time

I was just thinking.....

17th August 2009

Yes, I'm well aware that thinking on a Monday is perhaps not the most intelligent thing to do, but well hadn't got anything better to do (I have/had - just didn't want to do it - lol), wouldn't it be nice if this blog could be written in situ, i.e. on the NCIS set, where we'd be witness to all the goings-on, the anecdotes, practical jokes (and probably be the butt of the latter too!). I mean, it's highly unlikely this will ever happen, I perfectly aware of that fact, but can you imagine just being a fly on the wall there? As you can see I have time on my hands and well, my imagination ran away with me there, thinking what it could be like, you know, one month me, one month MargyW. Probably wouldn't be enough space here to write all the entries. Ahh! Such sweet dreams - a pleasant buffer for mundane reality - lol

Just a pipe dream, but thought I'd share it anyhow, and lighten up the day. So back to the fiestas of Bilbao until tomorrow.

Gora MariJaia!!

ON 17th August 2009 9:20 PM - CET


16th August 2009

One thing has continued to puzzle me. Why the continued dislike of Director Leon Vance?

Leon was introduced to us in season 5's "Internal Affairs" when he came to take over from Jenny when she was stood down while the La Grenouille murder investigation was underway. It was logical to bring in an assistant director from another office under the circumstances. Jenny was "cleared" and Leon returned to California never to be seen again.... or so we thought. Several episodes later Jenny is dead and Leon is running the investigation into her murder. Again, Leon was the logical choice. As he was to be promoted to Director of NCIS. No-one seriously thought Gibbs was going to be elevated to the role....did they?

Like Jenny, Leon is capable of bending the rules when it suits him. He takes off to Chicago with Gibbs' team to investigate the murder of an old friend, much to Gibbs' annoyance.

Season 6 also showed us new and interesting sides to Leon Vance. A loving father and husband with one heck of a question mark hanging over his past. Is he who he says he is? That file that he shredded in "Judgment Day" maybe could have told us so much....except.....the SecNav told Gibbs that the file was fake!

Is the reason for the dislike his abrasive relationship with Gibbs? There is mutual respect there. It is plain to see. However, Leon seems to feel very insecure in his position as director. On several occasions during season 6 he asked Gibbs if he wanted to sit in the chair. Interestingly, Gibbs never came out and denied it!

Personally, I think the real reason that so many fans dislike Leon is simply that he isn't Jenny. Which, when you think about it, is rather pathetic. There wasn't this animosity when Ziva replaced Kate, or Jimmy replaced Gerald. So why dislike a character because he isn't another character? Hopefully by the time season 7 starts next month this childishness will have been seen for what it is, and that the character of Leon Vance will be viewed a little more realistically.

ON 17th August 2009, 6.22AM Australian Time

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