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30th September 2010

This season 1 episode that introduced us to Timothy McGee is very firmly a fan favorite.

Several scenes collected a lot of comment. Our first sight of McGee, wearing a face mask and trying not to barf. Poor little Timmy.

Kate and Gibbs on the submarine when the emergency blow occurs. Kate: Wow! Gibbs: Yeah. That's what they all tell me. An exchange that is now so not typical of Gibbs. However, as was commented, at the time the actors and the writers were still feeling their way with the characters. Gibbs stopped being an over-grown Tony before the end of season 1. There really wasn't room for two predatory male characters.

McGee getting a tatt delighted everyone. As Think1959 put it: "I can not help but wonder if McGee getting a tat kind of set Tony on the path to one up him as often as he could. You have to admit not many people at that point had left Tony speechless."

The interaction between Gibbs and McGee in this episode set the tone for their future relationship. Gibbs: You think I can't be difficult, Agent McGee?

We've had the answer to that question MANY times since then!

Thank you to everyone who took part in the discussions.

ON 1st October 2010, 6.32AM AEST


29th September 2010

In this season 2 episode, Gibbs lets McGee run a case after NCIS is called in to investigate the possible murder of a sailor.

This episode is the first real 'growth' episode for McGee. He runs his first case and has to learn to trust his instincts.

"Witness" has some great scenes. Tony and Kate reconstructing the murder under the watchful eye of the witness. Kate gets annoyed with Tony 'strangling' her and promptly beats the stuffing out of him.

Several powerful scenes flow from one to the other. McGee in the apartment where the murder took place on the telephone to the witness in the apartment across the street, Erin. To his horror, he witnesses her being murdered. Coming to her aid too late, he is struck down as the murderer flees.

Kate comforting McGee in the aftermath of the killing. Tony being the one who finally gets McGee back on track.

McGee being hypnotized to try and remember details of what he saw. The realization that the apartment block manager is the murderer. McGee chasing him and catching him, and coming oh so close to murder in cold blood.

"Witness" had some good lines to remember it by.

McGee: What do you want me to do?
Gibbs: Investigate, McGee. That's what we do.

Abby: A little pain is a good thing.

Gibbs: You may not admire his methods, but you've got to love his results.

Tony: I'm never getting married. It's just not worth it.

Tony: You can sit there and second guess what you should and shouldn't have done. Or you can get back on the job and catch this b*stard.

Hypnotist: Being here where the incident occurred will help.
Gibbs: So will a good whack to the head.

Gibbs: McGee! If you're going to shoot him, you should have done it while he was running.

Gibbs: Any more food fights in here, I'm joining in with peas.
Kate: Frozen peas?
Gibbs: Nope. In a can.

ON 30th September 2010, 6.20AM AEST


28th September 2010

I was taken with the character of Fornell from the moment he was introduced in "Yankee White". Here was a worthy adversary for Gibbs. However, when they redrew the character, changing his name in the process, I found the character was even more likable.

  • Loyal. Tobias Fornell values loyalty as highly as Gibbs does. He expects loyalty from those he works with. He is also loyal to his friends. The number of times he has allowed NCIS to become involved in FBI cases purely because of his friendship with Jethro is almost uncountable.
  • Honest. His self honesty is one of his most endearing traits. In "Nine Lives" he tells Gibbs he is not sure of his motivations in not stopping the murder of the Mafia boss. He freely admits that a part of him hoped the former Marine would pull the trigger.
  • Playfulness. Fornell is definitely playful. His favorite game is baiting Jethro. Closely followed by baiting Tony. His playfulness can be seen in "Jack Knife", both when he is freaking Gibbs out when he is driving his car, and his excitement over the muscle cars when he is talking to Abby.
  • Sense of Humor. Best described as evil and is a huge component of the playfulness mentioned above.
  • Doggedness. Has been hunting mafioso for the best part of twenty years. Is like a dog with a bone. Will not give up. Which is why he understands Gibbs so well.
  • Loving Father. Adores his daughter, Emily. It is to be noted that he still gets on reasonably well with his ex-wife, Dianne. Unlike Gibbs.
These are the reasons I like Tobias Fornell. I would love to hear yours.

ON 29th September 2010, 6.42AM AEST


27th September 2010

We've known from the beginning that Leroy Jethro Gibbs had a darker side. He insists the second "B" in his name stands for bastard, commits serial matrimony, and spends most of his free time alone in his basement. But it wasn't until the end of season 3 that we learned how deep the darkness was. He killed the man who murdered his wife and daughter. Justifiable homicide, yes, but still homicide. Does this make him a villain, not a hero? No. He is still a hero, but a flawed one. No-one is perfect, and Gibbs is probably less perfect than most. This is what gives the character real resonance with the viewers.

In season 7 Gibbs' dark homicidal chickens came home to roost. The children of the man he murdered put into action their plan to get their hands on their father's killer. This story arc was probably one of the most "edge of your seat thrillers" in NCIS' history. We slowly watched Gibbs' life unravel. Ducky knew about the killing of Pedro Hernandez, he just didn't remember the name. Abby discovered Gibbs' secret. Gibbs gave Vance the copy of Abby's forensic report that Margaret Allison Hart left with him. So Vance knows his secret.

But what of their reactions to the exposure of Gibbs as a murderer? Abby's concern is purely for Gibbs, and to know that he will continue to love her, even though she was the one who exposed his secret. Ducky as previously stated already knew and, I think, approved of Gibbs' actions. Vance would both understand and approve. This is a man who loves his wife and children deeply and would have no problem mentally putting himself in Gibbs' place. In a similar situation, Leon Vance would do exactly what Gibbs did. Ziva is a pragmatist. She had no trouble understanding why Michelle Lee did what she did. Ziva will have no problems coming to terms with Gibbs' actions.

It is going to be interesting to see Tony and Tim's reactions. Tim will understand. He risked everything for his sister, Sarah. Tony may be a problem. He idolizes Gibbs. Suddenly his idol is exposed as having feet of clay. Is Tony empathic enough to understand that love and grief can drive people to extremes of action?

The character of Gibbs can sometimes seem to be too controlled. Almost less than human. The irony of the situation is that, by committing murder, an act almost universally perceived as inhuman, Gibbs has shown us just how very human he is.

ON 28th September 2010, 6.24AM AEST

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