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1st August 2010

A highly classified robotic car is sabotaged and kills a Navy lieutenant who was working on it. The team has to find out who sabotaged the car and why.

This season 4 episode is a firm fan favorite for one reason. The Sexual Harassment Seminar scene. No matter how many times it is watched, it always reduced the viewer to helpless laughter. Ziva licking Tony's ear. Tony head slapping McGee, and getting a whack below the belt in return. Jimmy confusing and alarming the lecturer by talking about touching naked dead people. The on going comments throughout the episode as to yellow light and red light behavior only added to the fun.

The scene in where the car nearly kills Abby and her rescue by Gibbs is brilliant. As is McGee's horror and guilt when he thinks he should have realized and rescued her himself. McGee then working flat out to discover who and why. And the sweet moment when Abby cuddles McGee, letting him know she doesn't blame him for her close encounter with death.

Riding on that is Gibbs in autopsy. Furious at Abby nearly being killed, he almost tears the unfortunate suspect apart in the interrogation room. Only realizing he is wrong when the suspect breaks down and cries at the sight of the dead lieutenant, who was his girlfriend. A very powerful scene.

A scene that is wonderfully funny is Tony under cover busking outside the restaurant spying on Trent Kort and the rest of the dinner party. He sings all of the information back to Jenny in MTAC. Much to the distress of a small dog that will not stop howling.

Off setting this is probably one of the most cringe invoking scenes in NCIS history. I refer to Palmer musing as to how an IUD got into the womb of the dead lieutenant. The looks on Ducky and Gibbs' faces have to be seen to be believed. This is also one of the few times where Ducky has been genuinely angry with Palmer. He is furious. It shows on his face and in the furious dressing down he gives the young man.

This episode gave us some excellent lines.

Abby: I'm hugging you all in my mind.

Tony (taking photos of McGee and Ziva struggling inside the car): I believe this is a classic yellow light situation.

Tony: Curious to know what follows red light behavior, Ziva?
Ziva: Pregnancy?

McGee: Trying to decide if this is a yellow or red light situation.
Abby: Hah! You only wish I was still sexually harassing you.

Tony: Who's the guy molesting your neck?

Tony: Are you worried about me?
Ziva: You keep a paper bag full of crap in your desk. You tell me.

Ziva: University Hospital? Tests came back already?
Tony: I'm pregnant. McGee is going to be very proud.

Abby: Permission to hug?
Gibbs: You never need to ask, Abs.

Gibbs: We're screwed.

ON 2nd August 2010, 6.30AM AEST


29th July 2010

I got a massive response to my blog about what I would like to see in season 8. I lot of people loved my idea of Jonathan Frakes to play Tim's dad.

A number of people said they wanted to see both Eli David and Anthony DiNozzo, snr return in season 8. Well your wishes have been granted. It was revealed at the CBS TCA yesterday that both Michael Nouri AND Robert Wagner will be reprising their roles in season 8.

People also suggested some things they would like to see in season 8 NCIS:

  • The back story on how Gibbs and Tony met, and how Tony came to be working for NCIS.
  • A story arc involving McGee and Abby.
  • A story arc involving Palmer and Ducky.
  • The return of CGIS Agent Abigail Borin.
  • A serious girlfriend for McGee.
  • A Ducky and Gibbs episode.
  • A Tony and McGee in trouble and having to rely on each other episode. In other words, a "bromance" episode.
  • A serious girlfriend for Tony.
  • Guest appearance by Robert Vaughan.
  • Ziva to be the lead agent on a case. Possibly one involving a Jewish Marine.
Thank you to everyone who responded to my original blog.

ON 30th July 2010, 6.29AM AEST


28th July 2010

In this season 3 episode, Tony and Ziva assume the identities of two dead assassins and go under cover in a posh hotel to find out who hired the killers....and why.

This episode has a few really good scenes. One of the best would have to be an irate Fornell storming into the squad room and getting bounced by Gibbs. They take their argument to the "conference room" ie the elevator....where it immediately becomes apparent they were faking it. Very funny scene. They then proceed to work out an arrangement for the two agencies to work together on the case and save face for both directors. Who said Gibbs can't play politics? Fornell's pretty good at it too.

The scene with the assassin who arranged the abduction of Ziva and Tony discussing Ziva's "pregnancy" and families is very, very strange. He talks about the joy of pregnancy and families and how he hated his wife having to go through morning sickness. This has to be one of the most bizarre scenes in the history of NCIS. Both funny and creepy in equal measures.

For sheer unbelievability, the best scene has to be Tony beating up the assassin left to guard him...while he is still tied to a chair!

"Under Covers" is a good, solid NCIS episode, but not an outstanding one.

This episode has some really great lines though.

Ducky: I've waited three months to see Giselle.
Gibbs: Yeah, well, sorry about your girlfriend, Duck.

Ducky: It may be common knowledge that I talk to my patients, but to date none of them have talked back.

Jenny: We're looking at you, Agent DiNozzo. ALL of you!

Tony: See anyone you know, Sweet Cheeks?
Ziva: Not yet, but the night is just getting started, my Little Hairy Butt.

Jenny: Did you trace it?
Gibbs: Gee, why didn't I think of that?

Tony: What have we got?
Ziva: Sneaky people.

Gibbs: We're in position, DiNozzo. Give it the big finish.

Gibbs: You're not the only one around here who can play politics.

Gibbs: Big boys my ass!

Fornell: And people say we're b@stards.
Gibbs: Only because they know us.

Tony: Kids are expensive.
Ziva: And bullets are cheap.

Fornell: They aren't making a hit.
Gibbs: They are the hit.

Tony: I want a divorce!

Gibbs: I thought doctors weren't allowed to prescribe alcohol anymore?
Ducky: Well, it always works for you.

Gibbs (looking at hip flask from Shannon & Kelly): I miss you guys. Semper Fi.

ON 29th July 2010, 6.34AM AEST


27th July 2010

You probably couldn't get two people more diametrically opposite than Leon Vance and Mike Franks.

They first crossed paths in the season 5 finale "Judgment Day". By the book Vance is having difficulty coping with, not just his maverick agent Gibbs, but with extremely maverick former agent Franks. Though Vance is prepared to cover up what happened at Jenny's house and the circumstances of Jenny's death by saying Jenny died in a gas fire, rather than have to explain how Director Shepard was gunned down in an abandoned diner in California in the company of a retired NCIS agent.

When their paths next cross, in "Deliverance", the first thing Mike does is thank Leon for his help sorting out his pension problems. Vance says he would do the same for any retired agent, but it is hardly the sort of thing the director of a Federal agency would take a hand in. So, Vance is doing Mike Franks favors.

There is grudging respect for Mike from Vance at the conclusion of "Deliverance". Watching the shoot out with McGee in MTAC, Vance nearly has apoplexy when Mike shoots one of the villains. The look on his face when Mike quotes the form he needs to fill in for the incident is a classic.

In "Outlaws and Inlaws", when Leon really should have got someone else to handle it, he gives the case to Gibbs saying "Your boat. Your friend. Your mess." Gibbs was really too closely involved to be allowed to conduct the investigation. That Leon was prepared to have Gibbs do it suggests that he never seriously considered that Mike Franks had done anything illegal. Otherwise Vance would have been frantically trying to cover his own and the agencies collective asses.

At the conclusion of "Rule Fifty One" we see Mike Franks again when he accosts Tony in a Mexican market place. Now, I admit this is speculation on my part, but I think Leon contacted Mike and told him Tony was coming and to work with him. By that point in the episode the bodies had been recovered. Leon would have known that Mike wasn't dead. Vance wants revenge on Rivera who played NCIS for suckers. He can't get it officially, but Mike is a wild card. Much like Tony is. Hence Mike calling Tony "Probie".

When you think about it, Mike Franks must be something of a legend at NCIS. A legend that Leon Vance could not fail to be aware of. His style may not be Vance's style, but there is more than a little admiration for Mike Franks lurking in Leon.

ON 28th July 2010, 6.30AM AEST

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