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30th June 2010

One character was conspicuous by his absence in season 7 and that was Trent Kort. Admittedly the Gibbs-past-catching-up story arc that dominated season 7 really didn't leave room for Kort, but I do admit to being surprised that the slimy little weasel didn't make an appearance in at least one episode.

Not that I am complaining, you understand. Whilst Trent Kort makes a great "love to hate" character, he really doesn't fit that well into NCIS. This is principally because he was part of the Jenny/Frog/Revenge story arc which is now dead and buried. Much like both Jenny and The Frog. After that story arc ended, Trent Kort just seemed to hang around like a bad smell. Serving no particular purpose and annoying everyone, rather like some of my relatives.

His last appearance in the season 6 episode "Dead Reckoning" was rather confusing. Was it a CIA operation he was running, or had Kort gone into business for himself? The episode made very little sense and just added to the sense of bafflement that surrounds Trent Kort.

I would like to see the character return to finally put to bed who really did blow up Tony's car. Tony is firmly convinced that it was Kort. If it was, he was operating as a rogue. The CIA is forbidden by their terms of operation to run ops on American soil. Which is why I have a big question mark over the so called CIA file on Vance. Unless the file was planted with the CIA. Which gives us something else to ponder...but I digress.

Trent Kort needs to be brought back to clear up that little niggle...and then the character can comfortably be, in the CIA parlance of the Cold War years, terminated with extreme prejudice.

ON 1st July 2010, 6.43AM


29th June 2010

This season 1 episode is a landmark episode on NCIS. It marks the first appearance of what has become know as the Gibbs-slap. It also carried on the in-joke of tagging crew members as characters. In this instance Mark Schilz and Ted Martinez.

To refresh your memories a cargo pod from a Tom Cat is found in the forest by a hunter. Upon opening it he finds a mummified corpse.

This episode introduced NCIS Special Agent Owens who handled the original case of the missing officer....and a missing million dollars. Owens was one of the many one-off NCIS agents introduced during season 1. He was also one I would have liked to have seen return. He was a good foil for Tony.

Backed with a wealth of great lines and free flowing scenes, "The Curse" is one of those episodes where it is hard to chose any scenes that stand out above the others. That's how high the quality of this episode is. There is one scene that does always delight me. Ducky reminiscing in autopsy about the time Gibbs' third wife hit him with a baseball bat.

I mentioned a wealth of great lines above. Time to share the wealth.

Gibbs: Touch anything else?
Hunter: Not after I saw King Tut.

Tony: That's kind a touching, Gibbs, remembering the day you hired me.
Gibbs: Yeah, well it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Abby: Sailor on a half shell!

Kate: He's not wearing shoes.
Tony: I kick mine off when I fly.

Kate: Why do you need two B's?
Gibbs: The second one's for b*stard.

Tony: Was it something I said?
Gibbs: Not yet.

Kate: He does this just to screw with me, doesn't he?

Kate: Which schmuck?
Gibbs: Our schmuck. Unfortunately.

Gibbs: What did you say? I was passing by, dug the music and thought I'd drop in?

Kate: I believe him.
Gibbs: Of course you do. It's a chick flick.

Ducky: Don't yell Fore! when I have a niblick in my hand!

Abby: Niblick? It sounds like a sex act.

Gibbs: Do not "sir" me. I work for a living.

Gibbs: I'm going...
Kate: For coffee?
Gibbs: To the head.

Owens: Okay. You guys are crazy!
Gibbs, Kate & Tony: Yup.

ON 30th June 2010, 6.43AM AEST


28th June 2010

Jimmy Palmer has come a long way since he was introduced as a replacement assistant for Gerald. When we met Jimmy he was a little shy, geeky, somewhat strange and socially inept.

Under Ducky's tutelage Jimmy has grown into a competent assistant medical examiner. In season 7 he performs his first autopsy - on a squirrel. Then later, Ducky assists Jimmy to recover the ricin pellet that was the murder weapon in "Obsession". Professionally, Jimmy has taken great leaps and bounds.

Jimmy has matured personally as well. Especially since he entered a regular relationship during the course of season 7. His girlfriend, an embalmer, is a confident beauty who seems to be Jimmy's perfect mate. Jimmy seems to think so too. His confidence has grown immeasurably since meeting her. He no longer spends nights alone playing computer games. A trait which earned him the nickname from Tony of The Once and Future King of Dorkland.

Whilst still capable of the most appalling verbal gaffes, Jimmy seems to have reached a point where he doesn't feel the need to try so hard around his colleagues. I don't think any of us will forget the dreadful comment in season 3's "Head Case" when taking tissue samples for Abby from the decapitated head he inquires "White meat or dark?" The look Abby gave him said it all.

A personal turning point for Jimmy had to be season 5's "About Face". Shot at by a murderer, Jimmy had to face the fears and doubts within himself. When the crunch time came, Jimmy found the courage to disobey Gibbs and to crash his car to stop the murderer from escaping. It earned him a chewing out from Gibbs, but also Gibbs' respect. I think Jimmy valued both.

Jimmy Palmer has grown into a strong, confident man, without losing the charm and the slight strangeness that has made the character so well loved.

ON 29th June 2010, 6.39AM AEST


27th June 2010

In the season 6 episode "Cloak", the mole inside NCIS story arc starts to come to an end. We (along with Gibbs) already know that the mole is Michelle Lee, but in this episode the rest of the team find out, and they set out to trap her.

The episode has some excellent scenes. The scene in the squad room with Ziva, McGee, Tony and Michelle discussing ways to get into the "hypothetical" secure facility was a wonderful trip down NCIS memory lane.

All the scenes involving SecNav Phillip Davenport were excellent. The discovery that Vance had persuaded Davenport to make him director of NCIS sharpened our interest in Vance even more.

The scenes with McGee and Abby, especially the scene in the squad room and the ones in interrogation were brilliant. Sean Murray and Pauley Perrette work wonderfully together.

I know a lot of people like the scene with Tony and Ziva in the elevator. However, to me, the scene just feeling like padding. It makes little sense. As a lead in to the scene in autopsy with both Tony and Ducky castigating Gibbs, it works brilliantly. This scene in autopsy is, for me, the stand out scene in "Cloak". Powerful performances by Mark Harmon, David McCallum and Michael Weatherly.

As with any script by Jesse Stern, there are memorable lines by the bucket load.

Ziva: You have chosen to model your behavior on a man who throws up on a regular basis?

McGee: Got to ask this. Did you order a dead body?

Guard: What's your clearance?
Tony: Six feet, one inch. Why? You got low ceilings?

Gibbs: Just killing time, Duck.
Ducky: You want me to perform an autopsy on your watch?

Tony: Suddenly I see myself dangling from wires.

Tony: First thing we need. Pizza.

McGee: Stop acting weird.
Abby: I am weird.

Ziva: Nothing is real.
Gibbs: Just the threat.

Vance: Until this matter is resolved no-one is to leave the building. There is a traitor in this room.

McGee: Jimmy, I'm sorry your girlfriend turned out to be a cylon.

ON 28th June 2010, 6.39AM AEST

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