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Gibbs' musings on "Yesterday" (before season 6 began)
Season 6 still seemed so far away
Now it looks as though its here to stay
Oh I believed Vance yesterday

N-CIS team aint what it used to be
Those new agents think they're gonna be
Replacements for our Giblets three

Why they had to go
I dont know
Vance didnt say

Jen did something wrong
Now we long for yesterday

Abs will fret
And she'll hug me and she'll be upset
Shed some tears and make outlandish threats
Director Vance, his pants will wet

Time unwinds!
Season 6 will mean the fans will find
Complications in the storyline
Let's hope my team returns in time.
(Or I will be in such a bind).

Gibbs musings on Yesterday, after episode 1 of season 6 (Last Man Standing)
Seemed like Gibbons were all here to stay
Now young Langer has been
Blown away
Oh life got strange since Yesterday

I have deep concerns regarding
Agent Lee
She's not quite the girl she
Seemed to be
(Good grief! Palmer did Agent Lee!)

Why a mole would sell all the secrets
I can't say
My red mist's so strong
they'll soon long
for yesterday

Vance seemed straighter, now I see he plays
Games with me and truth he
Hides away
Advantage Vance
since Yesterday.

to the tune of the Beatles song "HELP!"
A song by Gibbs, made up whilst varnishing his boat whilst waiting for the start of season 6.

When I was younger (so much younger than today)
I never needed anybody's help in any way
But now those days are gone
So I got myself a team
Now Vance is stepping in
and breaking up the dream

Help us Lord, our Tony D (the clown)
Has been sent to sea (I fear that he might drown)
Hope that ship-to-shore phone's never down
Won't you please please please help Tony

McGee will be ok, in a computer team
Sitting there, fixated stare
Upon computer screens
But he was coming on, his field skills were secure
Vance will have to change his mind,
or dumped in deep manure

Help me get McGee back on the ground
Or Abby will drive me bats when she has found
Every single reason to demand
Her McGee Gee Gee back in her lab

Ziva has gone away to Is-ra-el today
Never know the things she thinks
Or what weird thing she'll say
But she is strong and saved my life
I owe her everything
Got my mind to work again
I got to get her in

Help me get our Ziva back to town
In DC she can make the world go round
Help me get her feet back on our ground
Wont you please please please help me
Get our Zi-Zi-Ziva back to DC


Where do I begin
to tell the story of the mystic N-kiss team?
They seem so special that I watch them in a dream;
They seem so funny that they often make me scream and laugh out loud

With his first "hello", I thought that Gibbs would be the hero of the show
But soon the others I also began to know
And now its hard to say which one I love, although
Gibbs has the eyes

Gibbs' deep blue eyes, Are mesmer-ri-i-sing
One never tires (They're hypno-ti-i-sing!)
He has the eyes And, then, that hair!
It's silver and it's cut so very ba-ad-ly and yet it seems we love, quite madly, this ex-marine, this wounded heart.....

How long will it last?
Can shows be measured by the seasons they record?
Will all our favourite stars remain firmly on board?
Or should I start to pray each day unto the Lord
"Renew this show!"

How long will it last?
Can love be measured by the repeats we all watch?
By wiki traffic? by the wetpaint rankings got? By all the fanmail?
Who cares? Our Gibbs is hot!
And so we'll watch....
Tony went undercover as a busker, to watch The Frog's henchmen meet in a restaurant.
Here is Jenny's song about that incident (to the tune of "Killing me Softly")

Strumming their pain with his fingers
Killing their life with his words
Killing them softly with his song
Killing me softly with his song
Focussing my life with his words
Killing them softly
With his song.

I heard he sang a good song
I heard he had a style
And so I put him undercover for a while
I had him watch Grenouille's
Henchmen and report to me

Singing narration with his song
Going off key with his tune
Getting a dog howling at him
Tony was busking
While he watched
Seeing the bad guys
While I mocked
Him undercover:
My revenge

He wore some fancy glasses
That held a cam'ra lens
That let me watch from M-TAC
While Tony sang and then
The baddies looked right at him
And Tony thought they'd 'made' him

Strumming guitar with his fingers
Spying and guessing their words
Killing them softly with his eyes
Gathering ev'dence
Feeding my
Froggy obsession
Knew I'd try
Killing Grenouille
In the end.

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