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Welcome to limericks devoted to NCIS characters, episodes or incidents. Other pages you might enjoy include the NCIS Poems by AgentNCIS page, the Poems by Nathalie page, the NCIS Haiku Heaven, the NCIS Cinquain Game and the NCIS Villanelle page (these are all various types of poem page).
Limericks are normally humorous or absurd. You can be creative with words in order to achieve a rhyme. They work best if you are consistent with the metre (rhythm). Innuendo is ok but vulgarity is not (innuendo is in the mind of the reader, vulgarity is rudeness on the words on the page).

McGee is an author named Thom
Even though he did not go to prom
And though one fan was wacked
And our Abby attacked
We all want his writing phenom
Gibbs' friend, who is known as Tobias
Once said to Tony "don't you lie!" as
he took him to jail
But released him next day (I'll
be danged if I know reason why, lass)
The scalpel in Ducky's right hand
Gave him such a great air of command
That the new agents showed
The respect that he knowed
Was his due (it went just as he planned).
Gibbs' hair is so beautifully grey
I can stare at it day after day
If you add his blue eyes
You'll notice my sighs
Of delight from 10 miles away.
The man to the left of the photo
Is Agent An-tony DiNozzo
With his way with a pun
he's "a son of a gun"
He'd rhyme "photo" with words like "my goat's slow"
When thinking about season six,
We wiki fans hope that the tricks
The producers can play
Will make us all say
"What a show! Way to go! What's that?!?? Gibbs!!"
Ducky was telling a story
Ducky by Mcabbyshipper on LJAbout a sad death that was gory
Although it was graphic
It also was Sapphic
So all of the boys made "More! More!" pleas
The wiki fans watched a finale
That left many thinking, bizarrely,
That all the main stars
Would go off in their cars
(But relax! They'll come back on their Harleys.)
The law called Poss-ee Com-i-tatus
Says people with milit'ry status
Must work with N-Kiss
For civilian law bliss
Lest a milit'ry adm'ral dictate us

Tony had lost his DiNozzo
Tiva by wavex on LJBut Ziva soon found it in snow, so
she let it warm up
and then gave it a cup
of bourbon, which now makes it glow-zo
If Gibbs' silver hair were for sale
GibbsThe money he'd make could help bail
To-ny from the pen.
(That damn Fornell again!)
No frame-up this time: off to jail!

NCIS Limericks - NCIS

A man named for Fornell had a gun
He had married Mr. Gibbs' old hun
One day she met a bub
Who gave her a golf club
No Gibbs and Fornell will have a pain in each bun
When Cassidy wanted to trace
The villain who bombed up the place
Where her agents died
She was torn up inside
But then, in her death, she found Grace.
DiNozzo became a DiNardo
To date Jeanne, whose Dad was so hard. Though
he tried desp'rately
to keep in-teg-ri-ty
He hurt Jeanne and he broke his own heart. Oh!
"Fair winds and following seas"
are Gibbs' wish for sailors who please
his sense of decorum.
(The milit'ry forum
is full of greetings such as these).
Marines, who are milit'ry fellows,
Have no time for weak words such as "hello"
But say "semper fi"
They salute and will cry
"Semper Fi" to you back in loud bellows.

Jeth-ro was once wounded in battle

so bad that they gave him a medal,
yet he gave it away!
(That marine who can't stay
in the Corps due to failing that medical)
Pac-ci was the agent who found-y
That a woman had once been around-y
as a male marine
yet was stunningly seen
as kiss-worthy by Tony (astound me!)

The humour that Tony incurred
when all of the agents got word
he'd tongued with a man -
Well! They all made a plan
To tell him just what they "inferred".
Abby's friend, Bert (the fat hippo)
Was sleeping when gas gave him gyp, so
He let off a fart
that gave Abby a start
So she hugged him and sissed him some "hypno"
When Ducky tried headslapping Palmer
He suffered a minor alarm, for
Our Jim took it in
With a gobsmacking grin
Of delight! (which made Ducky no calmer).
Jenny faced up to attackers
With calmness and bullets and packed her
last minutes with valour
(so she's gone to Valhalla,
or Heaven) (Those baddies sure whacked her)
There was a young agent called Zivancis by daquien on LJ
Whose language would often impede her
Her use of slang words
Can be often absurd
But, given a gun, she's a diva!
Whilst working upon his computie
mcgee McGee met a girl with a bootie
So smooth and so round
It made Timmy fall down
So Gibbs slapped him back onto duty
there once was a dude named tony
who had a bright pink pony
sitting side saddle
with really long paddle
for a boat, (its a phoney)

In Washington D.C. there is a team of experts
On how to examine a crime scene
Without a doubt they're the best in the business
Across the Anacostia they wait
For the call to investigate

Ziva David is Israeli
She usually kicks butt daily
She likes Dr. Ducky
With Tony got lucky
And gets hugs from the Goth Abigaily

Gibbs went to the pictures tomorrow,
And took a front seat at the back,
He fell from the floor to the ceiling,
And hurt the front part of his back.

Gibbs has eyes of blue
But you doubt what you should do
His stare is burning you whole
Breaking down lies is his goal
Boy, it sucks to be YOU!

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