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Numbered Movies (i.e., 28 Days)
Movie Title
28 Days Later 4.06 Witch Hunt Tony: Ok! Enough! My point is zombies should be slow.
Abby: Tony, there's nothing scary about a zombie dragging its butt around.
Tony: A zombie's not a zombie unless it's dragging its butt around!
McGee: You liked 28 Days Later. Those zombies were really quick.
Tony: Ok! Enough with the zombies already!

A - C
Movie Title
A Few Good Men
5.11 Tribes


5.15 Into the Zone
Ziva: That was not the best Marine movie. 'A Few Good Men' was.

?: A Few Good Men.
?: What?
?: Jack Nicholson.
?: I knew he reminded me of someone.
5.07 Requiem
Tony tells McGee that this is NOT the A-Team.
Against All Odds
5.18 Judgment Day
?: A cruise down Sunset Boulevard.
?: 'Against All Odds', Jeff Bridges, Jimmy Woods
Air Force One 1.01 Yankee White Gibbs refers to this movie. One of the very few times Gibbs knows anything from movieland but it helps him prevent the bad guy from winning.

Another Bellisario production that Tony loves.
The Apartment
1.10 Left for Dead
Mentioned by Gibbs.
Austin Powers
3.07 Honor Code
Gibbs: "Are you saying Zack is a mini-me?"
Abby: "Gibbs! I am so impressed with your pop culture reference!"
2.22 SWAK
5.06 Chimera
Tony, Gibbs and Ziva are walking through the corridors of the ship when Tony mentions how it reminded him of Ripley (main character in Aliens) going through the ship while her companions are picked off one by one.
Austin Powers
3.07 Honor Code
Gibbs: Are you saying Zach is a mini-me?
Abby: Gibbs! I am so impressed with your pop culture reference!
Back to the Future
5.09 Lost and Found
Tony has to answer a question about "Back to the Future" in order to beat a kids record on the movie trivia quiz in the NCIS Competition. He misspells "Flux Capacitor."
Billy Nye / Mr. Wizard
3.11 Model Behavior
Abby: Wacky scientist with a kid's show?
Gibbs: Oh, like Mr. Wizard.
Abby: Who?
Big Fat Liar
5.07 Requiem
?: Look who I found.
?: Makes 'Maxie Bordais' a 'Big Fat Liar'.
Body Heat
3.12 Boxed In


5.05 Leap of Faith
Ziva: Best Sex Movie
Tony: Body Heat. William Hurt, Kathleen Turner. Smart noir. I like the whole sweaty, chairs-through-glass-doors thing.
Ziva: Yeah, I prefer the air conditioner on. And if anybody threw a chair through my door, I would probably shoot them.

Tony: She set him up just like Kathleen Turner set up William Hurt in Body Heat.
Bounce 1.05 The Curse Kate and Gibbs talk to a suspect who got the same situation as Ben Affleck in "Bounce."
The Bourne Movies
(Jason Bourne is the main character: The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, The Bourne Ultimatum)
5.17 About Face
Tony: It's like Jason Bourne. Should we put out a BOLO for Matt Damon?
Boy in the Plastic Bubble
2.22 SWAK
Tony: And do you know why I feel like Travolta?
Kate: I feel a movie coming on.
Tony: The Boy in the Plastic Bubble. Travolta plays this boy born with an immune deficiency. This is before AIDS. He lives in this giant plastic bubble.
Kate: Tony. Tony, please.
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
5.06 Chimera

5.11 Tribes
Tony: I always figured I'd go out like Cagney in White Heat. Fiery explosion. Or Redford and Newman in Butch Cassidy.

Tony: Hell, the fall will probably kill you.
Ziva: "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid."
The Chronicles of Narnia
4.01 Shalom
Tony: "So-so storyline, excellent special effects."
Agent Sacks: "They were certainly kickin."
Cocoon and Dirty Dancing
5.02 Family
?: My God.
?: It's like "Cocoon" meets "Dirty Dancing."
Tony: I wonder if Ducky has dreams like this.
Cool Hand Luke
3.09 Frame-Up
Tony quotes the line from this movie, "What we got here is a failure to com-mun-icate" as he is being released from jail.
The Court Jester 4.19 Grace Period Tony: "The vessel with the pestle holds the brew that is true"...
Gibbs (headslapping Tony): "DiNozzo! What is WRONG with you???"
Tony: "Just trying to lighten the atmosphere, Boss"
Coyote Ugly
4.24 Angel of Death
Tony: "Watch Out! It's Halloween at Coyote Ugly. Piper Perabo!"
The Crying Game 1.19 Dead Man Talking Abby: That reminds me of 'The Crying Game'.
McGee: Don’t know it.
Abby: It was such a cool flick.

D - F
Movie Title
Dancing with Wolves
3.24 Hiatus, Part II
Tony: Gibbs also thinks the Giants just won the Super Bowl and "Dances with Wolves" is an Academy Award nominee.
Abby: I loved that movie.
Ziva: Me too. Those Native Americans were so macho in their...
Dawn of the Dead 4.06 Witch Hunt Abby: 'Dawn of the Dead' was awesome.
Tony: "Cinematic blasphemy! Fast zombies?? There's a reason why you don't remake classics."
4.05 Dead and Unburied
Ziva: "Who is Darkman?"
Tony: "That is the question. Liam Neeson in the nineteen-ninety cult classic directed by Sam Raimi about a mentally unstable scientist who seeks revenge."
Gibbs: "You left out 'Who Shot Rebecca?'"
The Defiant Ones
2.10 Chained
Tony: I’m Tony. Did you ever see 'The Defiant Ones', Jeffrey?
Jeffrey: What?
Tony: The movie, 'The Defiant Ones', Tony Curtis, Sidney Poitier.
4.12 Suspicion
Instrumental Song "Dueling Banjos" by Erich Weissberg and Steve Mandel - Tony and McGee hum the theme music to this program.
4.16 Dead Man Walking
McGee: A movie I’ve never seen.
Tony: D.O.A. it’s called. Nineteen fifty film noir. Classic. This accountant goes to San Francisco and parties all night. Wakes up, finds he’s poisoned.
1.10 Left for Dead

4.24 Angel of Death
Kochifis: I thought she was alive.
Tony: Yeah, she woke up taking a dirt nap in Rock Creek Park and did a Dracula.

Tony: Bats don't come out in the sunshine. I hate bats - ever since I saw Dracula.
Jeanne: You're chickening out on me, aren't you?
Fight Club 2.20 Red Cell Tony: "First rule of Fight Club, never talk about Fight Club."
Friday the 13th
2.19 Conspiracy Theory
Abby: It's like the soundtrack to Friday the 13th. You know, the movie? There are like eleven of them. Oh, Gibbs. You really need to get out of your basement more.
Foul Play 6.02 Agent Afloat
The Fugitive
5.10 Corporal Punishment

1.18 UnSEALed
Tony gives the same speech that Tommy Lee Jones did while in pursuit of a fugitive.

Tony practices Tommy Lee Jones speech. McGee says he has the accent wrong.
Tony: So you telling me we should be looking for a one armed man.
Full Metal Jacket
5.11 Tribes
Tony: Well, I'll bet you weren't too busy to see the new Star Wars six times.
Carter: Careful with that Wookie. It's a prototype from 1978.

G - I
Movie Title
The Godfather (1)
2.05 The Bone Yard

The Gold Rush 5.06 Chimera Tony: Fiery explosion. Or Redford and Newman in Butch Cassidy - hail of bullets.
Gibbs: Or Charlie Chaplin in The Gold Rush.
Tony: How did he die?
Gibbs: Silently.
I Love Lucy
3.16 Family Secrets
Ziva: (into phone) Vehicle is a Tan Sierra, license plate D-P-H.
Tony: (into phone) Ricky Ricardo! You know, from "I Love Lucy!"
Invaders from Mars
2.03 Vanished
McGee: What are you talking about?
Tony: Invaders From Mars.
McGee: Wait, I take it that's a film?
Tony: Original 1953 version. Not the remake.
Halloween 1-9 1.22 A Weak link

4.24 Angel of Death
Tony: I watched a great movie.
Kate: Let me guess, a horror flick?
Tony: Halloween Eight. I think it’s the best Halloween ever. It makes Halloween Seven look like Halloween Five.
Kate: I can’t even believe they made one of them, much less eight. It’s gotta be a “Men are from Mars” thing.

Tony: Watch out! It’s Halloween at Coyote Ugly. Piper Perabo!
High Noon
2.21 Hometown Hero
Tony: One of the greatest actors of all time. Coop (Gary Cooper). High Noon. They Came to Cordura was one of his last pictures. Stay with me here. It's 1916, the war against Pancho Vila. Coop plays an Army Major escorting Rita Hayworth - ooh, what a body - and four Medal of Honor winners back to Texas for this ceremony. And along the way, he tries to determine what made them heroes.
The Hunt for Red October
5.06 Chimera
Tony: What about The Hunt for Red October? The saboteur... was the cook!

J - L
Movie Title
The Last Supper 4.22 In The Dark Ziva, while interrogating the photographer's assistant, accuses her of meeting the deceased for his Last Supper. Actually, Ziva uses the "Last Supper" phrase several times in the episode.
Lord of the Rings
4.15 Friends and Lovers

8.09 Enemies Domestic
Gibbs: Friends of yours Elf Lord?
Abby: No Gibbs, they are not characters from Lord of the Rings. They're compounds found in the oleander plant.

Ziva: Do you know what a golum is?
Creepy schizophrenic creature from Lord of the Rings.
Ziva: No, that’s Gollum. A golem is a supernatural being from Jewish folklore.

M - O
Movie Title
Magnum P.I.
3.09 Frame-Up
Tony adores this show and his favorite episode is the subject of his conversation with Agent Sacks.
1.18 UnSEALed
Agent Pacci asks Gibbs if he has a minute to talk about a cold case. Gibbs says they are pretty busy. Pacci asks if they are on a hot case and Tony replies "Smokin!"
Mr. & Mrs. Smith3.05 Switch
Tony: Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Identity mystery. Then there's our Smith. Identity. Mystery.
No Way Out
5.05 Leap of Faith
Nikki Jardine: Sort of an Arab version of Kevin Costner in No Way Out.
The Peacemaker 3.01 Kill Ari, Part I Fornell tells Gibbs to go see a movie.
My Cousin Vinny
6.14 Love and War
1972 Buick Skylark referenced several times by Gibbs & others.

P - R
Movie Title
Pacific Heights
4.05 Dead and Unburied
Tony: Kind of reminds me of Pacific Heights.
Gibbs: Don't tell me. A movie.
5.11 Tribes
Ziva: What if it's a book that's been made into a movie?
Gibbs: Patterns.
Tony: George C. Scott, 1970, won 7 Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Boss.
Gibbs: Patterns, not "Patton."
5.11 Tribes
?: Okay
?: "Paycheck"
?: Ben Affleck, Uma Thurman?
?: That's right.
Petticoat Junction
5.13 Dog Tags
?: ...and McGee's watched a hundred hours of Petty Officer Junction.
Pirates of the Caribbean
1.15 Enigma

4.14 Blowback
Tony: Yeah, for an extra from Pirates of the Caribbean.
Ducky: I heard that was very good.
Gibbs: The ride?
Ducky: The movie.
Kate: You know, Johnny Depp? Wow. Tony’s right. You really need to get out more, Gibbs.

Tony: A pirate is a person like Captain Jack Sparrow...
Ziva: Who's Jack Sparrow?
Tony: Johnny Depp.
Ziva: He's a pirate!?
Tony: No, he's an actor.
The Princess Bride
5.04 Identity Crisis
Tony: Not if he's the new Dread Pirate Roberts.
Abby: I love The Princess Bride.
?: No one would ever surrender to the Dread Pirate Westley.
1.11 Eye Spy

6.05 Nine Lives
The character "Norman Bates" from Psycho gets mentioned.

Tony: "My Mother isn't quite herself today" Psycho.
Ziva: You certainly have your moments
Tony: The movie Ziva, Norman Bates. Shower Scene (...) "Mother, blood, blood!"
Ziva: Psycho.
Gibbs: He has his moments.
The Right Stuff
1.10 Left for Dead
This reference is in the form of a poster on Stephan Brouwer's office wall.
Run Silent, Run Deep
5.06 Chimera
Tony: You ever see Run Silent Run Deep?
Gibbs: The run silent part sounds good.

S - V
Movie Title
Saturday Night Fever
2.22 SWAK

6.10 Road Kill

8.06 Cracked
*Tony snaps his fingers*
Tony: You know what this feels like?
Kate: I’m afraid to ask.
Tony: Like I’m the king of cool.
Kate: Elvis?
Tony: Elvis was the king of Rock and Roll. Travolta is the King of Cool.

Ziva: The Hustle?
Tony: The Hustle. Saturday Night
Fever. Travolta. You know.

Tony dresses like John Travolta and quotes the movie.
Scarface / The Fly / The Thing
4.06 Witch Hunt
Tony: Cinematic blasphemy! Fast Zombies?? There's a reason why you don't remake classics.
Abby: John Carpenter's The Thing?
Tony: Well, there's an exception to every rule.
Abby: "The Fly!"
Tony: Maybe two...
McGee: Didn't you say Al Pacino in "Scarface" was the best -
Tony: Okay! Enough! My point is zombies should be slow.
Shane 1.08 Minimum Security When Tony questions Gibbs concerning who drinks sarsaparilla. Gibbs answers "Shane." This is a reference to the movie "Shane", a 1953 classic Western starring Alan Ladd as the title character.
The Shining
3.21 Bloodbath
Tony explains the movie to Ziva while taping a dead suspects hands to the steering wheel of a car.
Silence of the Lambs 2.02 The Good Wives Club Abby: My guess? Somebody stepped on it. A piece of it got lodged in the shoe, and then it dislodged in Mister Sicko’s love nest. Very 'Silence of the Lambs', don’t you think?
She Wore a Yellow Ribbon
3.23 Hiatus, Part I
Tony *into phone*: Actually, he borrowed that one from the Duke.
Shepard: John Wayne.
*into phone*: Said it to Joanne Dru in 'She Wore a Yellow Ribbon'.
Sleepless in Seattle
1.14 The Good Samaritan
It scared Tony the first time he saw it. Abby also mentions it in Season 1 when she is talking to Kate about her relationship with McGee.
Sheriff Dupray: I can’t watch movies alone. I stopped by Blockbuster in case those are boring. Got “Sleepless in Seattle.”
Sleepless in Seattle 1.22 A Weak Link
Abby: I know! I mean, what’s next? Should I be watching “Sleepless in Seattle” on rainy Sunday afternoons?
Sleepless in Seattle 3.15 Head Case
Tony: Haven’t you ever seen Voodoo Island with Boris Karloff? The Believers? Martin Sheen? Serpent and the Rainbow? Sleepless in Seattle?
Ziva: That was about voodoo?
Space Odyssey
4.24 Angel of Death
?: The film that was made in 1968.
?: 'A Space Odyssey' directed by Stanley Kubrick.
3.18 Bait
At the end Tony takes the idea that they used in the movie Speed of copying a couple of frames from the video and just replaying them over and over while evacuating the kids. At the end they ask Tony what movie he got it from. He said he thought it up then Ziva says in a round-about way that it was a movie that Sandra Bullock was in.
2.17 An Eye for an Eye
McGee and Tony looking after the "he-she."
Star Trek
1.09 Marine Down

Tony: I’m guessing it’s not an alien on Star Trek?
Duck: It’s from the French trocar. Three quarts.

Star Trek 1.11 Eye Spy
Ashton Kugel: Greetings from NASA, NCIS.
Abby: Whoa, Ashton, that was so Star Trek.
Star Trek 4.06 - Witch Hunt Gibbs, Tony and Tim go get a suspect at an Halloween costume party. Their "client" is dressed as a Klingon warrior and speaks to them in Klingon, Tim translates (he speaks Klingon, although "not fluently").
Star Wars
3.06 The Voyeur's Web
Tony: Well, I’ll bet you weren’t too busy to see the new Star Wars six times.
Carter: Careful with that Wookiee. It’s a prototype from nineteen seventy eight.
Strangers on a Train
5.14 Internal Affairs

7.03 The Inside Man

Tony references this movie when they are arresting the suspect. The two suspects had no apparentconnection except for the fact that they rode the same train. Tony asks if one of the suspects has seen the movie.
The Sound of Music 3.23 Hiatus Part I Ziva loves this. Tony won't let her sing any of the songs.
They Came to Cordura 2.21 Hometown Hero Tony: They Came to Cordura.
McGee: What?
Tony: It’s a film.
McGee: Of course.
Tony: Gary Cooper.
McGee: Who?
The Third Man
3.10 Probie

Three Days of the Condor
1.11 Eye Spy
Kate asks Gibbs if he had seen the movie. It is one of the few movies that Gibbs admits to seeing.
The Transporter
3.05 Switch
Tony: It was called The Transporter.
McGee: Didn’t see it.
Top Gun 1.23 Reveille

3.22 Jeopardy
Marvin Atwood: How about pissing their pants? Smokey Sam looks awfully real coming up at you. Navy uses them at Top Gun.

Ziva: You! You’re insulting, you’re crude, and most of all you are extremely annoying.
Brian: I’m annoying? He was the one rambling on and on about Top Gun, giving me a freakin’ migraine! I didn’t realize I had to sit in silence the entire trip.
Under Siege 5.06 Chimera Tony: Just the cook? Yeah, that's what Steven Seagal said in Under Siege.
The Usual Suspects
3.23 Hiatus, Part I
It happened when Gibbs is on the boat before nearly getting killed. Tony is trying to explain the film to Probie and Ziva in the car as they wait.

W - Z
Movie Title
Weekend at Bernie's Part I & Part II
3.13 Deception

3.22 Jeopardy
Lafferty: The title's kind of embarrassing.
Tony: Back of the store? Triple X?
Lafferty: No.
Ziva: Weekend at Bernie's Part Two.
Tony: That's even worse.

Tony: They never had this much trouble with Bernie.
Ziva: Who the hell is Bernie?
Tony: Weekend at Bernies! A cinematic masterpiece. It's a, you know, blend of the comedic and the macabre - thumbs down from the Boss man.
The Wizard Of Oz 2.01 See No Evil

3.17 Ravenous
Tony: "I'll get that APB out on the lollipop guild."

Ziva: "Lions and spiders and bears, oh my! The Wizard of Oz, yes?"
Victor / Victoria
1.19 Dead Man Talking Abby give examples of different movies like the case they just had with Cmdr. Voss/Amanda Reed.
Tony: Abby, could you pick some other movie, please?
Abby: Oh, um… 'Victor, Victoria'.
Tony: That was a girl, pretending to be a guy, pretending to be a girl.
Zero Hour
5.09 Lost and Found
Ziva: Tell me what you see.
Tony: I... see... 'Zero-Hour'. It's a great flick.

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Tony talks movies (see CBS clips of Tony referring to the movies...)

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