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Let's have a bit of fun with photos and captions. Below you'll find the first of a series of photos that will go up. Think of a caption and write it underneath. Put your name in front of it, and make sure each caption is a different colour so we can tell them apart. Oh, and please keep it clean. A little innuendo is okay, but please remember that we're an open site. A new picture will be added as we exhaust possibilities.

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Gibbs reading
Amber: (Gibbs calling out) Very funny, Tony! (mumbles) extra large writing... my eyesight is not bad... (grumble)
BellsW: Dang it. Another note left by another wife. It's says almost the same as what the last missus said when she left me. What are they up to?
Think1959: Gibbs Thinking " I had almost forgotten how beautiful Shannon and Kelly were. They look so happy at the beach."
Abbiefan1: Gibbs to himself--"Well lookee here what I found. I'm surprised the Ex, didn't destroy this one. Boy, was she ever drunk that night!"
SilverStar48: "This reminds me of the time we rode horses at the beach. Great memories..sigh"
drduckymallard: Great, where do I sign?

MargyW: Honestly, Agent Gibbs, it's not what you think!
Abbiefan1: This is the best birthday gift ever, my very own cadaver. Thanks, Dr. Mallard !
BellsW: I promise you Dr. Mallard. Everything I learned, I learned from Autopseys R. Us.
SilverStar48:(following Abbiefan1) Did you get a good picture, Dr. Mallard? I want to send it to Mom ... she will be so proud of me!
Abbiefan1: This is way cool Dr. Mallard, come see where this guy has a tat.
Think1959: Oh, No! don't tell me I am going to have to sit through the sexual harrasment program again. All I did was ask him a question I did not touch!
BellsW: Palmer to Ducky: "Dr. Mallard, I think I'll start with his nose. I'm going to take it apart to see what makes it run."
Think1959: Mmm excuse me Dr. Mallard, what did you say the neck bone was connected to again?? I can never remember.
SilverStar48: Dr. Mallard! Look what I found waiting for us ... can I keep him? Can I, can I, can I?

MargyW: Sorry ma'am, but you're just not my type!
Sorgiña: Honey, you know how I feel about PDA, particularly with the team here.
Think1959: Yep, nurse that is where the pain in my neck is. On second thought it could be having to deal with Tony.
Think1959 : Honest Lady that is all me, I don't wear shoulder pads.
Sorgiña: Erm, look... I ...erm still haven't had a chance to tell Hollis yet, d'ya think you can wait for me a bit longer?
Hicksi: {Gibbs thinking} She's a red-head. I had better be on my guard
NCISlover161: I REALLY don't like you, when I count to ten you better have gone! One...two...three
Ydnam96: (Gibbs) You know, neck massages really aren't my thing.
SilverStar48: (Gibbs) Watch it, kiddo. You don't know who you're dealing with here.
BellsWebster: Gibbs: I'll give you to the count of 200 to stop doing that...1...2...3...4...41/2...5....6...61/2....7...
NCISlover161: Your not gone yet! SCRAM!
Abbiefan1: Lady, if you want to keeps those arms attached to your body, you had better move them NOW !
MargyW: Wow! That eggnog of Abby's really packs a punch!
Abbiefan1: (Ziva) If he sneezes without using a tissue, I am going to throttle him.
SilverStar48: (Ziva) Okay, so I forgot to put the sugar in the lemonade ... you'll get over it
Bells: McGee to Ziva! " Please be more carefull where you kick people! Oh, the pain, the pain! ! " Tony to McGee: Feeling McNutted Tim?
NCISlover161: (Tony) What did I tell you McGoo? Don't piss her off or you have to endure her ninja powers!
barbiedolln13: (McGee)this brings back the painful memories of my high school years.(tony)you always act like that in high school? no wonder you weren't able to pick up girls.
Scorpio-lady: (McGee) Well, if you guys won't help me with this zipper, I'll just have to go down and ask Ducky to unzip it. Oh...the pain!
Think1959: Ziva to Tim "I warned you what would happen if you did not make those pictures of me in a bikini disappear! (Tony thinking) If that is what she does to people she likes...what would she do to someone she didn't like??
NCISlover161: (Ziva) Now McGee what was that you were saying? (Tony) Even for you probie..I am sorry...
Agentlucy: (Tony) Ziva, you never told us about your telekenesis powers! That's amazing! (Ziva) Want me to try them on you?
bourbon_bonbon: (Tony) Uh... (Ziva) I will never understand Americans. Never.
Abbiefan1: (Tony) I told Probie he was using too much black pepper at lunch.
Ydnam96: (Tony) Probie you shouldn't have to try that hard to whistle. You're gonna hurt yourself. (Ziva thinking) I work with a bunch of crazy people!
Bellswebster: Ziva: You really disgust me McGee! Spitting out like that makes me sick!
NcisIsLikeCupcakes:(Ziva)Yikes! I told you not to over do the botox McGee!
omgxitsxemmerz: (Ziva) Now, Tony. This is what will happen to you if you don't stop snapping though my desk! (McGee) Snooping, Ziva. (Ziva) not push my gluttons.
Mulchahy: (Tony) Ziva what did you do to McGee? (Ziva) he is lucky Gibbs took my gun away.
3.08 - Under Covers - NCIS

madchick: (Ziva) If Gibbs finds out about us, we are dead (Tony) don't worry sweet cheeks, I have a feeling Gibbs has forgotten all about rule #12 (Ziva) what, you mean, him and the director ha ha ha, how did you find out? (Tony) from Abby, she saw them kissing on the staircase. Both start laughing.
NCISlover161: (Ziva) So what DVD do you want to put on my new plasma screen TV? (Tony) Your kidding right? No way! (Ziva) As long as its not that bear documentry again! (bear documentry from when Ziva was talking to Ducky about Tony..not sure of the episode!)
Scorpio-lady: (Ziva) Ah, please? (Tony) I'll let you wax my chest when hell freezes over, you crazy Mossad chick!
Think1959: (Ziva) OOOHHH Tony I have a tiny little favor to ask of you. (Tony) Anything you want love of my life.
BellsW: Ziva:" Now isn't this warmer and cozier than some cold old lizard thing snuggling up to youTony?" Tony: " Well, I wouldn't say ..much warmer..." Slap!
VivaLaTiva: (Ziva) it might be funny now but when Gibbs finds out (pauses) i dont want to be around wen he does (Tony) nah, dont worry Zee-vah, if he acts up we'll tell him about this then run for it
bourbon_bonbon: (Tony) You're so gorgeous, Ziva. (Ziva) So are you, My Little Hairy Butt. (Tony) Is that really an endearment in your country?? (Ziva) Uh... yeah.
Hicksi: madchick:- that should be rule #69. And Scorpio:- finish that with '(Ziva) Who said 'wax'. I was thinking tweezers
Sorgiña (Scorpiolady): (Ziva) I was thinking of using Epilady Tony (Tony to Gibbs) Heeeeellp Boss!!!!
Abbatansy: (Tony) And to think Gibbs made us do this!!! (Ziva) I don't think he wanted it that realistic...
Ydnam96: (Ziva) I have never seen you smile like that my little fairy bear! (Tony) Well, ah you know...(short silence) (Z) Wow, and you are speechless. (T) It does happen on occasion
Sorgiña: (Tony) Erm, this is kinda embarrassing, but I don't think we got properly introduced before we.. know... erm I'm Tony (Ziva) I'm Ziva, pleased to meet you hairybutt, erm I mean Tony
Abbatansy: (Ziva) I did not know this was in the cupboard in autopsy... (Tony) Yeah, Palmer and Lee sure did a good job!
NcisIsLikeCupcakes: (Ziva) DiNozzo!!What am i doing in a bed with you?Infact what am i doing in a bed smiling, with you?You din't drug me did you? (Tony) Just keep smiling..we're..erm..filming a Tv show...yeah thats it.

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