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Let's have a bit of fun with photos and captions. Below you'll find a series of photos that will go up. Think of a caption and write it underneath. Put your name in front of it, and make sure each caption is a different colour so we can tell them apart. Oh, and please keep it clean. A little innuendo is okay, but please remember that we're an open site. A new picture will be added each day.

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MargyW:(Ziva) Are you sure that's McGee? (Tony) Looks like it to me. (Ziva) What the heck is he doing?
Abbiefan1: (Following MargyW) (Abby) He's so---and he's got such--(Ziva) Yes, he does doesn't he? (Tony) Well for one, I'm shocked.
MargyW: (Ziva) Where did you get those photos of McGee, Abby? (Abby) Took them last night with my cellphone when we were playing Twister.
MargyW: (Tony) I can't believe that that is Gibbs! (Ziva) He was quite... athletic when he was younger!
TrivetteLoverHeather: (Abby) So the Duck man was right? We're really a TV show?
agentlucy: (following TrivetteLoverHeather) (Ziva) Yes, watching yourself hurl a knife at someone makes quite compelling viewing.
Ziva.and.Abby.Rock: (following on from agentlucy) (Abby) Do i really talk that fast? (Tony) Sorry what? I couldn't quite catch that.
NCISlover161:(Tony) "Abby have you been messing with morph-pro?" (Ziva) "My god Abby you have put 100 photos in this week!" (Abby) "I can explain!"
SilverStar48: (Abby) So, after you reposition the satellite, the angle gets clearer. (Ziva) What are we looking at? (Tony) I don't know what you can see, but there's a cute little brunette on the upper right of the screen!
agentlucy: (Ziva) Abby, out of all the morph-pro children you've made of Tony and I, I must say that's the best one! (Tony) You can so tell she's gonna grow up to be a crazy Israeli-Italian ninja!
NCISlover161: (Carry on from agentlucy) (Ziva) " Maybe we can make this work! Tony?
agentlucy: (following NCISlover161) (Abby) Whoa. My plan finally worked. (Ziva) THAT'S why you made all those morph-pro babies of us?? To get us together?? (Tony) That's sneaky Abs...
NCISlover161: (carry on from agentlucy) (Abby) "I must go and tell McGee! It finally worked!"
agentlucy: (following NCISlover161) (Tony) Of course. Did the great McOz come up with this too? (Ziva) Of course not. If it backfired, he knew we'd kill him.
ZivaAbbyMedrano8605: (Tony) mmm so that's what Gibbs when he's "sick" at home (Ziva) Very intrestine (Abby) I can't imagaine him in tights... wow I'm scared

MargyW: (McGee) I'm not really sure I believe what I am seeing. (Abby) Well, Gibbs in a tutu is a little hard to believe.
Abbiefan1: (McGee) That's Gibbs now coming to let us out. (Abby) False alarm. I told you guys hiding Gibbs' coffee cup was a bad idea. Now look at us.
x0julianna02: (Ziva) No way i am wearing that! (Abby) Me either. even if Gibbs tells me too. (Tony) Well I will. I think I'll look good with it on.
MargyW (follow on from x0julianna02): (McGee) Pink really isn't your color, Tony.
Scorpio-lady: Ok, Palmer. Let us out of here, and then you've got some expaining to do.
MargyW: Gibbs, this isn't funny, Gibbs! GIBBSSSSSSSSSSSS
MargyW: (McGee) I told you no good would come from hiding Ducky's liver probe, Tony.
MargyW: (McGee) Can FBI agents breathe when they're being held by the throat like that? (Tony) I think that's what Gibbs is trying to find out.
Sorgiña: (Tony) "Looks like Gibbs is really pissed off with this time if he's shut us in down here." (Ziva) "Wait till I get my hands on Agent Lee for tale-telling on us." (Tony+Abby+McGee) "Tattle-taleing Ziva" (Abby) I'll help you destroy the evidence Ziva.
NCISlover161: (Ziva) "Right Abby you know you said you could kill someone without leaving any forensic evidence? (Abby) "Well yeah Ziva." (Tony and Tim) "Do it!"
MargyW: When Gibbs said we were grounded, I didn't think he was going to do this!
agentlucy: (Abby) Maybe if we all do a joint Gibbs stare they'll get scared and let us out...
Ziva.and.Abby.Rock: And together they were......The Fantastic Four. (McGee) Where's that voice coming from?
SilverStar48: (Tony) I didn't realize that the Boss was a pick-pocket. (Ziva) Not so loud, Tony, he's almost got the gun. (Abby) He won't need the gun. I going to kill the guard just by giving him the stare!
TrivetteLoverHeather: (Abby) We are just going to stay here until you tell us the truth. (Donald P. Bellissario): It's true. You're just TV characters...but will it help to know you're one of the top rated shows on Tuesday nights? (Tony): Like, better than American Idol?
Ziva.4.lyf!: (Abby): What do we want? (Ziva+Tony+Mcgee): No head slaps, more caff-pows, more appreciation for other people.....(everyone stops but McGee) And more choice for probie snacks. (everybody looks at McGee) (gibbs - out of shot): O.K the answer to that last one is obvious but for the last time NO. and because you keep on asking your getting locked in here for the night!
samjaymc: (Ziva) Oh my Jesus! (Tony) It's oh my god Ziva. (Ziva) Same difference (McGee) I think he looks cute (Abby) Cute!? Gibbs dressed as an Elf-Lord looks cute!?
stacefubar: (Abby thinking) Just wait til they find out I covered that whole table in superglue.
stacefubar: (Tony thinking) Is Ziva doing yoga?! Eh, who cares, I've got a better view of Abby from here! Mmm.
Ydnam96: (Abby) This is going to make a sweet CD cover! (Tony) Why do I have to be in back? (Ziva) What did Gibbs mean when he said we looked like a "Boy Band"?
ZivaAbbyMedrano8605: (Abby) ummm guys I think Gibbs has really lost his mind (Tony) what do you mean? (Ziva) come on Tony can't you see it (Tony) see what? (McGee) he's going to read us a bed time story
sandbar17: (Abby) The kids don't like it when Mommy and Daddy fight.

MargyW: (Ducky) Gentlemen, we appear to have a problem. (Gibbs) No kiddin' Duck?
MargyW: (Gibbs) What the heck is that in his stomach Duck? (Ducky) Looks like a liver probe, Jethro. (Tony) How the heck did that get there? (Ducky) That is a very good question, my boy.
Abbiefan1: (Ducky) What do you think of the painting Mother bought at the auction? (Gibbs) What the heck is it? (Tony) It looks like a duck riding a bicycle or, wait--no, aww I give up! (Ducky) My sentiments exactly Mr. DiNozzo.
MargyW (follow on from Abbiefan1): (Ducky) Mother thinks it's a Picasso. (Gibbs) Looks like it was done by a drunken elephant. (Ducky) Which is why mother thinks it's a Picasso.
MargyW: (Gibbs) You sure that scan's correct Duck? It looks like his brain is in his.... (Ducky) Precisely, Jethro. It's long been surmised that some males actually do think with it, now we have the evidence.
Sorgiña: (Gibbs) So Dir. Shepard really was a man in disguise (Ducky) So Jethro how did it feel tonguing......
TrivetteLoverHeather: (Ducky) I'm afraid it's true...our whole lives are simply a TV Show...
NCISlover161: (Ducky)"What should I order from the Chinese tonight? You see I stuck the menu on the wall so it was easier to read!" (Gibbs) "Nice one Duck now what are you ordering?
Abbiefan1: (Follow up from TrivetteLoverHeather) (Ducky) It's true, there are hundreds of thousands of people on the other side of this screen watching our every move. (Gibbs) You mean--? (Ducky) Yes Jethro, we're just characters in a story. Not real at all. There is no Donald Mallard, or Anthony DiNozzo, or even a Jethro Gibbs. (Tony) Whoa! That's heavy!
Sorgiña: (Gibbs) "Well Tony? weren't you the one who was always bragging about knowing Klingon, here's opportunity" (Ducky) "But careful what you say, they look pretty pissed off."
Abbiefan1: (Following Sorgina) (Gibbs) Mr. DiNozzo, gather the away team and meet me in the transporter room in five minutes. (Tony) On it Captain!
Ziva.and.Abby.Rock: (Ducky) I told you there was a camera in here watching me! (Tony) Well, maybe if we all stare at it it'll figure out we've seen it and run away! (Gibbs) DiNozzo! Shut the hell up!
SilverStar48: (Ducky) Well, gentlemen, this is my new state-of-the-art scanner. But, there seems to be a glitch. (Gibbs) I'll say, Ducky. The thing is scanning us! (Tony) Gee, Boss, I didn't know you were a tighty-whitey man! (Gibbs) Shut up DiNozzo, or I'm tellin' Ziva about your bikinis!
Bakstage ~ (Ducky) Hmm, sorry chaps, looks as though we lost the connection. We won't be able to watch the closing ceremony of the Olympics now I'm afraid.
AbbySciuto77: (continuing the "not real" line...) (Duck) Yep. No real x-rays, I'm afraid. Just a cover-up for a TV camera. (Gibbs) Aw, after all this time... (Tony - thinking) do I look? If I'd known, maybe I could've slipped my phone number onto the camera in case any hot women are watching me. Yeah, I bet they watch the show because *I* am on it!
Melo_xx: (Ducky - thinking) I knew I'd regret getting the double serving of beans with my enchilada.. (Tony) Do you have som rotting bodies in here Ducky? Something doesn't smell quite right. (Gibbs) Tony! Wait... now that you mention it...
VivaLaTiva: (Gibbs) um Duck? (Ducky) i know i know (Tony thinking) if thats Ziva and Abby i want a copy (Tony) who is that ducky? (Ducky) my mother and director Vance (Tony+Gibbs) AH!!

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