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Let's have a bit of fun with photos and captions. Below you'll find a series of photos that will go up. Think of a caption and write it underneath. Put your name in front of it, and make sure each caption is a different colour so we can tell them apart. Oh, and please keep it clean. A little innuendo is okay, but please remember that we're an open site. A new picture will be added each day.

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MargyW: (Gibbs) Okay, so which one of you wants to tell DiNozzo he looks like a complete idiot in that hat?
MargyW: (Ducky) May I ask a question, Jethro? (Gibbs) What is it? (Ducky) That was my question!
Sorgiña: (Gibbs) Are you two gonna stand there all day gawking, or am I gonna have to start headslappin' the pair of you like DiNozzo?
Abbiefan1: (Gibbs) What are you two staring at? (Ziva) Palmer and Agent Lee just came out of the men's room, together. (Ducky) I'm going to have to have a looong talk with that boy.
MargyW: (Ziva) Have you ever seen anything like that before Ducky? (Ducky) Not since one night in Vienna when I met this beautiful girl and we... (Gibbs) Not now Duck!
MargyW: (Ducky) Is DiNozzo really going to eat all that? (Gibbs) They don't call it an 'All You Can Eat' buffet for nothing, Duck.
MargyW: (Gibbs) So it's true you two got married. (Ziva) How did you know? (Gibbs) The fact you came out of the registry office hand in hand was something of a giveaway.
SilverStar48: (Ducky) Jethro, why does Tony have two NCIS caps? He's wearing one forward and the other backward! (Gibbs) The twit! He has my cap! (Ziva) It looks like he's flirting with that young woman over there. I think I'll just go ruin his fun ... be right back with your cap, Gibbs.
MargyW (follow on from SilverStar48): (Gibbs) I want it washed first!
SilverStar48: (Ziva) I just don't understand it, Gibbs. People actually come to this place to camp for FUN? (Gibbs) Not everyone is in constant training, Ziva. Camping can be an enjoyable experience! (Ziva) Not the way my father tells it.
MargyW (follow on from SilverStar48): (Ducky) I remember camping when I was in the boy scouts (laughs) I remember this time when we... (Gibbs & Ziva) Not now Ducky.
SilverStar48: (Gibbs) Do both of you have the story straight? When Fornell finally gets here, there was a solar flare that caused his GPS to send him to the wrong address. (Ducky) Ok, Gibbs, but I don't think he'll buy it. (Ziva) Yeah, especially after the last time!
agentlucy: (following SilverStar48) (Gibbs) Nah, last time it was a worldwide GPS breakdown that stuffed it up. He'll buy it.
NCISlover161: (Ziva) "I thought Tony said he was interviewing the suspect not snogging her!" (Ducky) "Oh Ziva I'm so sorry he will you notice you one day!" (Gibbs) "A bit jealous are we Ziva?"
MargyW (follow on from NCISlover161): (Ziva) Be thankful I do not have a paperclip with me, Gibbs.
NCISlover161: (Following on from MargyW) (Gibbs) Oi DiNozzo get over here!..Right I'm just going to tear DiNozzo away from his new girlfriend..Ducky don't give her a paperclip while I'm away!
MargyW (follow on from NCISlover161): (Ducky) I don't have a paperclip on me, Jethro. Will a liver probe do? (Gibbs - exasperated) Ducky!
Ziva.and.Abby.Rock: (Gibbs) What are you two looking at? (Ziva) See for yourself. OH GOD! No do not look do not! (Ducky) What in heavens name is going on over there!
MargyW (follow on from Ziva.and.Abby.Rock): (Gibbs) It looks like DiNozzo and McGee are playing Twister. At least, I hope they're playing Twister!
VivaLaTiva: (Ziva) im not answering that (Ducky) i dont see why now (Gibbs) it's obvious (Ziva) still no answering

MargyW: (Tony) Probie, Come to Work Dressed like a Dork Day is next week!
Sorgiña: (Tony) Probie, you sleep with a skunk last night?
SilverStar48: (Tony) What, Probie, does this outfit have anything to do with your next book?
SilverStar48: (Ziva ... thinking) Tony, just leave him alone or you'll answer to me!
MargyW: (Ziva - thinking) McGee looks like a Ken doll in that outfit.
Sorgiña: (Tony) Told you before Probie don't let Abby dress you! (Ziva) Yeah, she means well Tim but...
Ziva.and.Abby.Rock: (Tony) Probie, you crossed the infact you're so far passed the line that the line is just a tiny spec in your world........(Ziva - thinking) If he does not shut up there will be more than one paperclip sticking out of his body.
Abbiefan1: (Tony) Whoa! McGeek, did you forget to take off your Elflord PJ's or what?
Sorgiña: (Tony) Probie, you have heard of soap and water, and deodorant, right? (Ziva) Tony's right you stink like hell.
SilverStar48: (Gibbs ... thinking) If those three don't get their eyes back on this screen, it won't be a paperclip they'll be feeling.
MargyW: (Tony) I didn't realise you were moonlighting as a pizza delivery boy, Probie.
SilverStar48: (Tim) "Ya' know, Tony, it wouldn't hurt you to do a little community service now and then. (Tony) "Probie, I help the community every time I go out on a date. Just think of all those girls ... so many girls, so little time. (Ziva) "I can't BELIEVE you just said that, Tony. Oh, wait ... yes I can."
MargyW: (Tony) Seriously, Probie, was there a deep psychological reason for coming to work dressed like a clown? (Gibbs) Maybe he just wanted to make you feel at home, DiNozzo.
#1hotchfan: (Tony): "Probie who picked out your clothes today your mother?"
MargyW: (Ziva - thinking) I can't believe how cute Tim looks in that uniform.
MargyW: (Tony) How can you be a scout, Probie, you get lost in the parking lot!
NCISlover161:(Tony) Probie me and you are going to have a little talk after this! (Ziva) Count me IN!
agentlucy: (Ziva) Shut up Tony. McGee looks very cute. He looks better than you would in that outfit anyway!
NCISlover161: (Carrying on from agent lucy)(Tony) "That hurt really did!" (Ziva) "Well maybe you would look a bit better than McGee!" (McGee) ZIVA?! (Gibbs) "Ziva when your done undressing and redressing Tony in McGee's costume maybe you can get me the contacts address!"
TrivetteLoverHeather: (Gibbs) Anyone else more interested in solving this kids case, than McGee's boy scout uniform? (McGee): Actually boss it's...uh nevermind.
MargyW: (Tony) Hey Probie, got any Girl Scout cookies for sale?
agentlucy: (following MargyW) (McGee) Yeah, they're $3.50 a box. (Tony) Wow, I didn't think you'd actually have any, Probalicious.
NCISlover161: (following on agentlucy) (McGee) "Well Tony you would be surprised to know I won the prize for most cookies sold in 2007! (Ziva) "Really McGee?" (McGee) "YES" (Tony) "McGee please never talk to me again! I speak for Ziva and Gibbs as well!"
agentlucy: (following NCISlover161) (McGee) I'll have you know that those two bought most of those cookies!
NCISlover161: (Following on from agentlucy) (Tony glares at them) (Ziva) "I felt sorry for him Tony! (Tony pouts) Don't worry I still like you best!"
agentlucy: (following NCISlover161) (McGee) But... but that's what you told me when I said Tony would probably tease the hell out of you when he found out you bought the cookies! That you liked me best!
vick53: (Tony) Who 'cut the cheese'?...and, no, it wasn't ME!
MargyW (following vick53): (Ziva) Someone has cheese in here?
stacefubar: (Tony thinking) OOOO! Someone really should tell Ziva that just because no-one else is looking doesn't mean it's not sexual harrassment!
VivaLaTiva: (Ziva thinking) do i say something or let Tony handle it? (Gibbs thinking) god i hope thoes two shut up already (Tony) but Probie i mean come on look at you (McGee thinking) DiNozzo i swear if you dont shut up soon.... god help me
omgxitsxemmerz: (Tony) Fine. If you don't believe me, McRangerRick-I'll show you. (grabs paper and begins writing) Ha! See, Tony backwards IS Y Not.

MargyW: (Kate) You look like the Fonz with that hair style, Tony. (Tony) Sit on it!.
Abbiefan1: (Tony) "The name is DiNozzho, Tony DiNozzho." (Kate) Oh Puleeze Mr. Connery! Get a life--a real one, that's r-e-a-l, not r-e-e-l."
MargyW: (Tony) I'm auditioning for a production of Grease, why?
agentlucy: (Kate) (following MargyW) Well you probably have enough of that stuff in your hair to play all of the T-birds.
Abbiefan1: (Kate) (following MargyW & agentlucy) "As well as ease the current oil problem in the US. No need to drill,they just need to wipe off your comb."
NCISlover161: (Kate) "Tony next time you go through my trash..I will call my good friend Ziva and give her a paperclip!"
Sorgiña: (Kate) Don't tell Tony, Fornell's made you an offer and you've accepted right? (Tony) Katie I'm offended (Kate) Well, then why are you dressed in black? (Tony) the Men in Black 3 audition is this afternoon
SilverStar48: (Tony) Katie, you didn't tell me you and Gibbs went out last night! (Kate) Gee, Tony, what a surprise.
Sorgiña: (Kate) Got a funeral today Tony? (Tony) Why? (Kate) Well, you know the black suit, black tie, white shirt, serious hairdo. (Tony) Just coz you've got no dress sense Kate, there's no need to pick on those of us who have.
Ziva.and.Abby.Rock: (Kate) I could laugh but that would be meaningless on the other hand. (Starts cracking up with laughter)
SilverStar48: (Kate) Tony, I BELIEVE that file was on MY desk. (Tony) Katie, I AM the senior field agent here. (Kate ... thinking) If I hear that again, I will just SCREAM!
MargyW: (Kate) That will teach you, Tony. (Tony) What? (Kate) To rummage through my personal papers. It's not me that likes guys to have the Blues Brothers look.... it's my cousin, Damien. (Tony) Arrrggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!
SilverStar48: (Kate) Tony, I'm going to ask Gibbs if you can be my grappling partner tomorrow. How about it? (Tony) Gee, Kate, what did I do to deserve THAT? (Kate) Oh, Tony, the list grows every day!
#1hotchfan: Kate: "Seriously Tony, I believe all those movie quotes are going to your head!!"
MargyW (Follow on from #1hotchfan) (Tony) You mean I'm not going to star in the remake of the Blues Brothers?
NCISlover161: (Follow on from MargyW) (Kate) NO!!!
agentlucy: (Tony) Okay, okay, I know what it is. You got... a haircut!
Abbiefan1: (Tony) Did you want something Kate, or are you just fascinated by my rugged good looks?
MargyW (follow on from Abbiefan1): (Kate - laughing) Rugged good looks? You are to rugged good looks what Rudolph Nureyev was to football!
Princess_Ila:(Kate) It seems like an llama had licked your head DiNozzo.
NCISlover161: (Kate) "Tony did you sleep with my sister last night?" (Tony) ummm...
SilverStar48: (Kate) Oh, wait! You DO remind me of an actor! Let me see, it was that guy that played Robert Wagner in "The Natalie Wood Story". What was his name ... ? (Tony ... Thinking) Good Grief, woman!
MargyW: (Tony) How do I look? (Kate) Like a used car salesman. (Tony) GREAT! That's what I'm going undercover as.
Abbiefan1 (following MargyW) (Kate) Make that a sleazy used car salesman.
MargyW (follow on from Abbiefan1): (Tony) Awwww, Kate, you say the sweetest things.
MargyW: (Kate) Bite Me, Tony! (Tony) Is that an offer?
samjaymc: (Tony) What you staring at me or Kate? (Kate) Just checking you out to see if you're good looking enough to be the father of my children
VivaLaTiva: (follow on from samjaymc) (Tony) and? (Kate) still thinking
HaeHae: (Kate) Look Tony, I know you're disappointed, but I am right. Rock will always beat scissors.

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