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Zibbs_Fan_1: Hi! I'm AbigailCaitlin which that is my real name. its so ironic because my middle name is Jennifer. I am a NCIS addict. I do hate Tiva, but I LOVE Zibbs. I always watch NCIS on I am completly addicted. I speak Hebrew, Arabic, French, Russian, Spanish, and ASL. I learned all of them because I heard or saw them on NCIS. My PC, cell, and iPod wallpapers are of the NCIS cast. My ringtone is the theme song and I live in Beverly Hills, so I got to go to a cast meet and greet. I have an uncle who is a NCIS Special Agent and so I've actually been inside NCIS Headquarters in DC. NCIS is even doing another cast meet and greet and i cant wait to meet Cote de Pablo! Hi I live in sunny Nevada. I'm a huge NCIS addict I love all characters except the new director. I speak Spanish and Latin and a little Italian and English!!!

Cutii_Pii_wubz_Tony: Hii!! Im Cassie and I live in Australia. NCIS is wayy too addictive because the characters are wayyy too life like anf the show is funny. I have a habit of getting catch-phrases wrong just so that my boyfriend will correct me. He has even started calling me his little ninja and sweetcheeks!!!

4NS_CHIK I'm stephi and I firmly believe NCIS is more addictive than pistachios! I quote it all the time and my family knows not to bother me on tuesday night :D I've even considered joining the Navy/Marines to be closer to NCIS. :D

Xiatien Hi I'm poch and I'm addicted to ncis i do ncis marathons almost everyday. Love to learn languages so far i know Chinese, Japanese, a little Korean, Italian and as of the moment I'm trying hard to try to learn Arabic and Hebrew.

DeerinHeadlights Hey, I'm Taffie, and I live in Thailand. I absolutely love love LOVE NCIS and I try to keep up with NCIS via the internet because (to my GREAT disappointment) they don't have anything past season 5 on the cable here. I know that a majority of the Signs of Serious NCIS Addiction can be applied to me :] I wishI could speak a lot of languages and do some major kick-ass like SOMEBODY we all know. Sadly, I can't :P This show is my life!!

minibagel: Hi everybody, my name is Gillian, and I live in Michigan. For me life is really boring, so NCIS is my escape to something more exciting. I'm guilty of wanting to take lessons in knife throwing and wanting to go into practically every gun range we pass in the car and ask for a SIG, so I can join NCIS. I'm addicted in a serious way, and watch it whenever I get the chance. I'm in 10th grade and working on homework practically everyday so there isn't much time for NCIS anymore (it's driving me crazy!). My favorite character is McGee, and some of my other obsessions are, Lord of the Rings (both books and movies) and Harry Potter. Yeah, I'm such a dork. But hey, maybe I'll meet McGee one day ('blushes'man, I'm obsessed.)

ASIO-Archangel5225: I'm Salii, I live in Australia and stumbled across the glory of NCIS by accident (a brilliant accident that it was). Everything in my room is NCIS, I know Gibbs Rules by heart and pretty much every DiNozzo/Tiva quote. I have had the problem for three years. :D

(DiNutzo)- Hello, my name is Emily, I hail from Ireland, but now I live in America, do not be dissapointed in me, I speak no Gaelic. :( But I know sign language, and I have many friends who are deaf, And I LOVE NCIS VERY MUCH. I didn't know about it till i moved to the states, and I must say, I have not been able to quit my addiction since.

AndrewHines: Yeah, I'd say more addictive than pistachios is fair. I'm planning to go into the marines and then NCIS after I finish school. I currently go to CSUMB in California. Originally from Georgia, which is where they have FLETC. I even wrote down and follow all of the rules, Gibbs', DiNozzo's, most of McGee's and Abby's. I know the basics of shooting, with rifles, shotguns and pistols, even getting to shoot a friend's Sig Sauer 226. I also own all of the seasons, 1-6. I started watching at the pilot episode and haven't stopped, don't think I will any time soon either.

addicting_pistachios I'm Kyrah from the US, I've been watching-er- living NCIS for a while, but just recently have I REALLY become obsessed. I am fluent in military acronyms, am thoroughly convinced that headslapping is good for the mind, and contantly flub (?) my native language (ENGLISH!) 's idioms. I also find it incredibly sad that I can name every episode in order in the first two seasons... in two weeks. I tried the 12 steps, but no avail. *this tidbit courtesy of addicting_pistachios*

kaykina93: hi im kay & i have a serious addiction to NCIS.... I have dreams about the show, I am constantly working on fanfictions, I head slap people, I've begun to mix up idioms.. I've said driving me up the hall too many times to count.. lol. I watch it every day for like 4 or 5 hours a day.. 7 days per week.. i have the soundtracks... when i watch the show i say the lines & then im told that im annoying by my family when we watch NCIS.. lol.

Abbyscuito157: Hi I'm Stephanie and I'm seriously in love with NCIS I watch it everyday and dream about it every night! I'm from West Virginia and we are not hicks, well I'm not. lol. I love threatening people with paperclips, I'm even going goth=]. Ooh, I also scream if someone talks when I'm watching NCIS.

McCat: Hey, I'm Cat, and I have a teensy addiction to NCIS. My friend lent me the Season Four box set, and it kinda escalated into "Ooh, it's Friday, you know what that means? NEW NCIS!" and a borderline obsession with McGee... When I was on study leave for my exams, they were showing reruns on TV... Guess who didn't study? And I realised that the only reason I want to go to Edinburgh University is because Ducky did. It even affects my mum: she has Abby's haircut and shoes, and I got her accessories for her Christmas. :D

Tailsa: Hey there, I'm Ailsa and I absolutely adore NCIS and yes, I am the kind above friend who lent the box set. I could say I'm a little bitobsessed with Tony. Just a teeny-weeny bit. Haha, yeah... Repeats are the best thing ever. I get seriously scary if anybody says anything bad about the programme, a Gibbs slap is usually in order. Thank goodness for NCIS and all it's lovely awesomeness, without you I would be so very different. <3

Tiva_semper.fi9: im emilie and im from australia. i always sneek at new episodes.... we finally get 7.08 tomorrow, but ive already seen up to 7.13 =P i'm an addict (hense the page entry)... an absolute ncis nut, a pistachio to be precise!!! if something isnt done by 820pm tuesdays, it usually doesnt get done. i think tony is just SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hot and my best friend things am a loon... but NCIS FTW!!

1NCISfanatic: Hello my name is Delilah and i'm an NCIS adict. I no every quote possible and i annoy my family and friends by screaming all the time when they saw a quote, anickname or anything from NCIS. I launch randomly into NCIS scenes and i yell at my mom all the time asking her why she couldn't have had me a day earlier so i could celebrate cote de pablo's birthday and mine on the same day. (Born on Nov.13 only a day to late :( darn) I have dragged my friend lizzie into NCIS and it currently takes up are tuesday nights. If any one calls me during NCIS i pick up the phone tell them bye i'm watching my show and not to call me later but tommrow. (becuase i always spend the rest of the night figuring out whats happening in the next episode) I drive my friends and family insane but i'm not willing to ever stop. I have also made my life goal to become an M.E so i can pretend to be ducky. :)

iCranberry: Hey! I'm Anja and I'm from Switzerland. I watch NCIS since the second season startet in Switzerland (we've never seen the first season :( ) Scince then I always watch NCIS when it's on TV.(Tuesday 11pm. Sunday 7.15pm. and 8.15pm.) Also I watch NCIS on my PC when I can :D. In my town, there aren't lots of people how really know NCIS. So, that's why I'm here. I want to talk and read about NCIS all the time. It doesen't get out my head. And I don't want it to get out my head :0) hmm.. you actually can call that addictet, dont you?

Dovebyrd: Many name is Laurel and I live to watch NCIS every minute that I can. I didn't have TV when the show started but caught up quick enough once we got one. I'm a gypsy in my soul, from NY/NJ but currently stuck in Atlanta, GA (US) & will move as soon as I can; am open to suggestion. ;-) I don't have a favorite episode but I adore all the men in the show and would no doubt be good friends with Abby if she knew me. My Gemini sides have daily fights over whose sexier DiNozzo or Gibbs. I own the complete series and any time I'm not working or with my children (who ALL love the show as much as I do, esp. my 6 yr. old son), I'm usually watching the show while looking online to all things related. Not that I would want to, but I HAVE A SEVERE NCIS ADDICTION AND I CAN"T STOP! ✿ I'm GibNozGeedicted!

Lauragrubbe: Hi! Jeg er højst sansynlig Danmarks største NCIS freak ;D I´m probably Denmarks biggest NCIS freak ;D I´m from Denmark and I speak Danish, English, German, little French an Chineese - and can talt to people from Norway and Sweeden caus we are very simalar language (even though they are a little wierd ;D). I have all of Harmons movies, and some of Wetherlys, and I can´t go a week without seeing at least two episodes of NCIS - fortunately I am a little crazy, so I can remember every episode and play it in my head when I´m bored ;D VERDENS SUVERÆNT BEDSTE, MEST FANTASTISKE SHOW NOGENSINDE = NCIS!! THE WORLDS MOST OUTSTANDING, SUPER AWESOME SHOW EVER = NCIS

LittleGooseWalking: hey everyone, my name is Lilly and I live in Australia. I started watching NCIS the same time Ziva first appeared in Kill Ari Part 1. I was 13 so I didn't think to both watching the first 2 seasons[ but eventually did] Now, 5 years later I am still massively obsessed with Tiva. They are my favourite couple and I even started drawing their faces on my school books [which creeps out my teachers].
I've worn out seasons 3-4-5 and had to buy new copies twice. My DVD player has died several times because I just leave the discs in there so as soon as I get home i can watch them straight away. I've got posters of every cast member and my entire room [all four walls] are covered with them. My friends at school are really worried 'bout me because I always make references like 'oh that happened on NCIS last night' I've even head slapped my little brother for interrupting my during NCIS. I sit down to watch it with my boyfriend and the second either a repeat or new episode [i keep up to date] come son I can name the episode, the season and the episode number. I can even tell the plot line if its a repeat. My boyfriend is seriously worried and has offered to take away my computer and TV if I ever want to stop [not very likely]. I REALLY CAN'T STOP WATCHIN NCIS. I'VE GOT EXAMS IN A FEW MONTHS, SO IF ANYONE HAS ANY SUGGESTION TO HELP ME SLOW DOWN MY ADDICTION, PLEASE.

Tivaluv: Hi, im Christin, A fully addicted NCIS fan from Australia. My first Episode I watched was a repeate of the episode "Red Cell" in season two.
Ever since I first watched NCIS, I was addicted, I rented out all the seasons made, And have a freaksihly large amount of knowledge about NCIS, Seriously, it's scares my friends how much I know :P. As you can see by my user, I looove Tiva :) "Tony is rubber, Ziva is Glue, Some how they stick together perfectly <3"
I'm a aspiring actor, In a performing arts high school. and my role model is no other than Cote de Pablo, She is a fantastic actor and it would be a dream come true to meet her, even be in her pressence! Ever since they have aired NCIS on channel 10, I havent missed a episode. Seriously, Even if I am out in town, I look for a shop with a tv..... that's on channel 10.... :P My Ipod photo album is dedicated to NCIS, holding 330 NCIS pictures :P me and my friends even have NCIS maraphons! ;) (that end at 5am :P)

NCIS= Best show man has ever created <3

FelisMargarita: Shalom! Hola! Ola'! Hi! Chio! Kon'nichiwa! Okay, I have officially run out of greetings! My name is Amariah, but it is also Kat, and Katlynne (long story; I go by Amariah). I live in an extremely small town in North Carolina, USA. It's only half a mile wide! I speak a little Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Latin, etc... and I desperately want to improve my Hebrew, and my ASL is a little rusty. I used to live in DC, about a quarter mile from the Washington Navy Yard. My computer is filled with NCIS *things* (do not know how to explain it otherwise, ih! Stupid English!!!), I have seen every episode, and can quote every episode, some all the way through. I (sadly) use all of Ziva's malapropisms, but not just because of her (I always call contractions "contraptions", bugs "flies", etc..). have crocheted (is that how you spell it?) the rules on pillows, however, I included #6. :) My favorite characters are Gibbs, Abby, and Ziva. I am studying biochemistry with a concentration in forensic science starting next year. I have officially scared the living daylights out of everyone I know ( I carry knives on a regular basis, own a ninja sword [and know how to use it], and have broken the bones of multiple people with my bare hands. I still do not know why people think it is hard! :) Aclame ao Senhor! Amariah (Given by Yahweh) P.S. I love the pistachios quote because my mother is on Oxycontin! Ih! NCIS is WAY more addictive than them! :)

MrsDiNozoo=]: Hey I'm Sarah from good old Pennsylvania. And I am totally addicted to NCIS! I get frequent Gibbs' slaps from my older brother =], and have given a few to my friends haha. But there is nothing wrong with being addicted to NCIS. I love watching episodes and being able to quote what the actors are saying. I don't really have a favorite character, but I LOVEE Tony and Ziva. =] I prefer Ziva to Kate, but Kate wasn't that bad. We record every NCIS episode and watch them every week. And every Tuesday I am religiously parked infront of the TV waiting for NCIS to come on. =]

youllneverwalkalone: hey everyone, my name is Emily and I am from England. I've been addicted to NCIS (addicted is an understatement) from the start; not only do I own all the seasons but I still watch the repeats on the television - safe to say I can quote most episodes verbatum!! I don't speak any languages fluently (apart from English - and even that's arguable) but I do know a little of French, Spanish and Chinese and have been trying to learn ASL. I am a huge Tiva fan but also like McAbby and Gabby, not really sure who my favouraite character is I love them all!!

Hi, I'm Deb from northern California and I've loved NCIS for a couple of years now, started watching in Season 5, I think and then watched USA cable channel to catch up. Don't know why I didn't watch it when it started, but I've made up for lost time now! I have a DVR just so I can re-watch episodes constantly. Only have 1 season on DVD, will add to that as possible. I speak some Spanish, tiny bit of Italian and I know 2 phrases in Russian. And a smattering of geek-speak.
I love the whole team, I'm not a Tiva but I am a McAbby (I know in my heart of hearts they are together) and I love this wiki, has become a daily treat to visit and I feel I've made some new friends - from around the world, how cool is that!

Hello!! I am Nishtara from Trinidad, a little Caribbean Island. I love NCIS, totally addicted to it, it's my only fave show, I started watching from mid season 2!! I like Tiva a little, but I like the Tony and Ziva scenes - and I do wish that they might hopefully get together :D I hope NCIS last for about 5 more seasons with it's current cast - I accept that since Ducky/David Mccallum is a bit old he might wanna leave soon, but the others have to stay!! :D You rock NCIS!!!! Continue to be no.1 and get loads of viewers and succeed!!!!! :) I love all the current characters - (kinda except for Vance), other than that it's hard to pick a fave character, I love them all :)

sacsims: Hi I'm Chris, I commonly go by my internet alias "Jethro" because in real life I'm quiet, I like to get to the point of things and don't like to chit-chat about a lot of stuff in life unless I like the topic. I'm from Nor-Cal (northern California), and I started to watch NCIS beginning season 5 and worked my way back, and to this day I've seen every NCIS episode including the JAG spinoffs. I don't like to watch NCIS live or on the DVR so I get the season pass from iTunes every year and stay up til it's ready to be downloaded and then watch it (only because I despise commercials). I love to put funny quotes up on the "Addicted to NCIS" app on Facebook. I speak English, little French, I'm taking Spanish in college, and learning computer coding languages. I love all characters and I've made my own version of Gibbs' rules.

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