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- I'm Catherine and I've been addicted to NCIS for almost a year now. I got a laptop for Christmas and all of the pictures saved on here are NCIS pics, almost 2 Gigabytes worth of pictures! I love Mcgee, and McAbby stuff is my favorite to collect! =] I own seasons 1-5 that I bought all the way from Beijing [I live in AL] and it took me three weeks to watch all the episodes. I wish Deep Six were a real book so badly. None of my friends understood why I love NCIS so much, so I let them borrow my first season discs. now they fight over who gets them next! HaHa I guess that's it. =] I hope NCIS continues for a very long time!

EDIT: Recently my boyfriend and I got into an argument about how I never spend time with him [which is a lie; he was always over at my house watching NCIS with me!] He told me I had to choose between My "stupid show and my dumb friends" and him. I kicked his butt to the curb, and I got to keep NCIS and my best friends! =]

NCIS#1Fan- Hey! I'm Kally and I'm from the USA. I have been watching the show from the beginning and I'm obsessed lol. I love the characters and everything. I'm going on a Washington DC trip with my school class and I practically begged the teacher to go to NCIS headquarters but its not possibly and is not in the itinerary lol. I love the show and hope it continues. I love Mark Harmon, Michael, and Pauley the most. But all the characters I love of course. My wallpaper is the NCIS cast, my signature on my phone is NCIS and my friends get annoyed with me lol.

R Uboyle- Hi everyone! I'm Ursula and have been a fan of NCIS since the pilot. I love all the characters on this wonderful show, past and present. I won't bother mentioning my favorite episodes or my favorite moments because we'd be here all day- there are just WAY too many to mention! What I love most about this show is the ensemble acting chemistry. It's positively phenomenal! My hope is that this show continues for years to come.

cassierules- Hi everybody!!! this is Cassie from Canada and I am totally an NCIS addict! I started watching in season 3 with my mom and little brother and got obsessed from the first episode! Abby is my favorite character and I dressed up as her for halloween! Not surprisingly, I got my friends addicted too, so now pretty much the whole school plus some teachers watch the show/talk about it! GO NCIS!!!!

bourbon_bonbon: Hi! I'm Sarah from the United States, and I love NCIS (obviously)! XD I got obsessed pretty recently (I started watching because LOCI isn't going to be on until November and I needed something to fill my crime drama void), but I've seen all of the episodes and can quote them all... something which annoys my friends a great deal, lmao. I adore Mark Harmon and Pauley Perrette, but especially Lauren Holly, as I'm a diehard Jibbs fan. Paris never ended!!! XD

Ninja_Angel: Hi my name is Candice I am from Australia. I love NCIS I became obsessed after people in my Drama class were talking about NCIS and I decided I might watch it and the next day I went out and bought season 1-4. I couldn't buy five because it has not been released in Australia- very sad I know :( I am Tiva all the way and definitely McAbby and Jibbs. I have decided I am going to learn another language but don't know which one to learn any ideas?? Any way love NCIS woop woop

tiva4eva: Hi! my name is Stephanie and I'm an ABC (Australian born Chinese) I saw NCIS when I was 8 and fell in love. I'm now 13 turning 14 in less than 5 months and I'm still in love with NCIS. I'm absolutely in love with Michael Weatherly as he is possibly the hottest guy ever! I am a full supporter of Tiva and something needs to happen or I'm gonna burst! I have watched all the episodes at least twice and know nearly all the words nearly all the episodes which some people think is a very annoying trait to have cuz I keep quoting NCIS. I am totally and fully obsessed with NCIS but my dad won't let me get the box set so I'll just have to rely on good old youtube. I currently know French, Latin, German, Japanese, Chinese and a little Russian. One of my besties, nidhi, who is also obsessed with NCIS said I'm kinda like Abby and Ziva mixed together cuz I'm like always hyper but I know 6 languages fluently and I can kick ass like nobody's business. Plus there is this guy called Tony who is a skirt chaser, tries to flirt with me and is jealous when I go out with other people. Remind u of anyone? Ahoy with the Tivaness!! :) <3 tiva4eva!

manga-girl: Hallo, Ik ben Lizz en ik kom uit Nederland. NCIS is mijn favoriete TV serie!!!! (Translation: Hello, My name is Lizz and I'm from the Netherlands. NCIS is my favourite TV serie). I totally LOVE NCIS. I started watching NCIS when the serie I usually watched moved to another time, and was replaced by NCIS. Since then I LOVED NCIS!!

janedoe_6247:Mèlodie: Hello! I'm Savanna. My grandmother had me sit down and watch NCIS with her one night when I couldn't stop complaining about being bored. Since that day, I've never had another reason to be. I became addicted immediately. Now, I talk or think about NCIS 24/7! I often have to tell my family, "Deal with it! Now, did you hear that NCIS may..." and I start in on some new piece of news I'd heard that day. I am completely obsessed and I don't care!!! All hail NCIS!!!

SMARTALIENQT: Hello, my name is SMARTALIENQT (it's a long story, just call me Smartie, Alien, or QT, please), and I'm an NCIS addict. I started sometime in season 3, but I have seen some season 2 episodes at a friend's house, and have watched it faithfully since I started. Abby was my original reason for liking the show, but I'm a McGee groupie, I think Ziva and Abby are amazing and awesome, and support Tiva and McAbby (please don't kill me!).

BARBIEDOLLN13: Hey, this is Tiffany from Dominica, I am one of the few people in my country who watches NCIS, and try to get other people to watch as well. I love NCIS and it will always be my first favorite, 50 years from now, I watched one episode of it and was hooked from then, NCIS is my Caf-pow without I'll go insane. I'm an Abby, Kate and Gibbs fan all the way. At first I wasn't sure what I wanted to be, but Abby/Pauley inspired me to be a forensic scientist. I love NCIS and I'll always be faithful to it.

Ydnam96: Hi everyone! I'm Mandy, I currently live in Los Angeles, California but I've lived all over the US because my father was in the Navy. I didn't start watching NCIS until a few weeks ago. I got cable after 4 years without and then saw it on USA one afternoon while I was home sick.
What got me hooked on the show were the refereces to Fredericksburg, Quantico, and that area because that is where my family retired to when my father got out of the Navy. I think it's so cool that they use the actual geography of the Metro-DC area. I don't speak any other languages fluently- I can speak a little Spanish and a tiny bit of Swedish.

.Sammii. : Hey, I'm Samantha from England.My dad was watching it one night and I decided to watch it with him, it was the series three finale and ive been hooked since ... havent missed an episode :) I went round my whole school to see if anyone watched ! I got one of my friends hooked and Abby's style has really inspired me :) I love Mark Harmon !! Semper Fi

NCISgal: Hey everybody, I'm Katherine From Rhode Island, USA, and one day I was home sick and was flipping through channels and came to the show it was a marathon that day, ever since then I have been hooked to the show. Have Seen almost every episode. My aunt was hooked even before I knew the show existed. After that I got my Dad and my best friend hooked. I am a huge Micheal Weatherly fan I absolutly love him. I am also a huge Ziva fan, I just relized I am dressing, acting, talking like her, and just started quoting the whole show but mostly Ziva's lines. NCIS Has Really influenced my life. I now want to go into law enforcement, and maybe the marines. Nothing can describe what this show has done with my life (in a good way) LOVE THE SHOW AND THE MARINES!!!!!!! SEMPER FI!!!!

NCIShottie: Hello people. I'm Kate Gorman from Australia. NCIS is the best show in the WHOLE WORLD. I'm crazy about it and all ways will be. I love Ziva and Abby and all of the others too. I can't decide who I like. My friend Nikkie ( the most awesomish ever ) says I'm a totall NCIS FREAK. I don't blame her actually :) . NCIS is and always will be my most fave show ever. I started liking it after my sister's friend Hannah got me hooked. Ever since then, even if I miss the first few seconds I go crazy. Good job to the real NCIS, and Marines. Semper Fi.
ILY. Kate xoxo

Caf-Pow9495: Hi, I'm Megan from the U-S of A!! I love every single thing about this show!!!!!!!!!! No words can really fully express how much awesomeness this show has!!!!

McGeeLover: Hey everybody, I'm Jacqualine from NSW Australia. I am an ABSOLUTE addict of NCIS. lol you do not know how crazy I am about it . I watch it every Tuesday when it is on tv (Channel 10) , then every night on foxtel/cable. I've been watching NCIS for about 2-3 years now but was not a fan at the start. As I watched it more often I fell in love with all the characters, plots and awesomeness of the show. I am a big fan of Michael Weatherly/Dinozzo but am a bigger fan of McGee ! He is just too awesome. NCIS has also influenced my life as now when I grow up I would like to become a forensic scientist. Abby is one of the greatest role models. I have most of the seasons on dvd and am ordering merchandise soon. I can't wait till the new season! My friends get annoyed about how much I talk about it , lols. Well I better go in case I use up too much space here. Semper Fi .
iloveyouMcGee . <3

Ace301 Tervehdys itsekullekin säädylle. Olen nuori nainen Suomesta ikää on liikaa joihinkin asioihin ja liian vähän loppuihin. Kivaa eikö? No NCIS kuuluu lempisarjoihini, hei en kai muuten täällä olisi. Suomessa mennään 4. kautta, mutta erinäisiä kanavia myösten olen nähnyt 6. kauden 12 jaksoa. Rakastan kaikkia hahmoja, mutta Gibbs ja Abby jakavat ykkössijan. Gibbsillä ja minulla on yksi yhteinen piirre...ainakin yksi. Rakkaus kahviin. :D

NCIS_Lover: Hi Everyone! Ok I am totally Addicted To NCIS! My favourite episode is See No Evil and my favourite character is Abby! She Rules! I always have to see every episode. When we went to Disney I taped as many episodes as I could for our 9 day trip, but all I could tape where 7! I love NCIS but the only problem is that I talk about it at school and my friends get so annoyed at me! I just Love it so Much! I can't wait for Recoil to come on because from what I hear it is really good! Oh well I will just have to wait!
Semper Fi! From: NCIS_Lover