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Music of NCIS Season 2 - NCIS

Collect your favorite tunes heard throughout the episodes.

Episode #/Title Song Titles Artist
Scene Description
2.01 See No Evil

2.02 The Good Wives Club "Tom Sawyer"
Rush Can be heard in Baums Headphones.
2.03 Vanished "Drown" Android Lust
2.04 Lt. Jane Doe "Fleeting Solace" Chris Griffin Abby tells Gibbs and Ducky that the DNA samples match
2.05 The Bone Yard "Complicated" Collide
2.06 - Terminal Leave "Outrageous" Britney Spears Kate singing in the shower
2.07 Call of Silence

Kate dances with Yost in the squadroom

2.08 Heart Break

2.09 Forced Entry

2.10 Chained "The Want" Android Lust
2.11 Black Water

2.12 Doppelganger

2.13 The Meat Puzzle

2.14 Witness "Soundtrack" Barbara Kessler Opening scene in Erin's flat
2.15 Caught On Tape

2.16 - Pop Life "Toxic" Britney Spears Club scene

"Sophisticated Lady" Mya Samantha singing at the club
2.17 An Eye for An Eye

2.18 Bikini Wax "Inside" Threat Level 5

"Jerk It Out" The Caesars
2.19 Conspiracy Theory

2.20 - Red Cell "Peter Gun Theme" Henri Mancini Abby playing with the paint ball gun

"I Don't Want To Know
(If You Don't Want Me)"
The Donnas Raid on slumber party
2.21 Hometown Hero

2.22 SWAK "Speek" Numeriklab Abby's lab
2.23 Twilight "Bleeding Out" Dishwalla

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